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In their celebrated list of the hundred grievances,^
which they imputed to the. Court and Church of Rome,
they complained, (inter alia multigena,) that the members of the Priesthood were
unceasing in their attempts upon female virtue ; that they were found to have often availed themselves of the opportunities, afforded by auricular confession, in order to effect their purpose ; that, relying on the impunity secured to them by their ecclesiastical immunities, they frequently seduced, or forcibly detained the wives and daughters of the laity, whom they set at defiance and persecuted with their vengeance, if they attempted to recover their relatives, or to procure redress ; that the episcopal
Officials, for the payment of a certain annual sum, permitted " both the regular and secular clergy publicly to cohabit with their concubines, kept mistresses and harlots ;"J that " in many places the Bishops and their Officials not only tolerated priestly concubinage, provided a certain sum was paid them, but also compelled continent priests, and those, who were living without concubines, to pay the tax of concubinage, alleging that the Bishop was in want of money, on payment of which, the Priests were at liberty either to remain single,
or to keep concubines.
"Jesuit Missionaries in the East", page 172.

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