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10 Janet Phillips, eldest daughter of the late Esq., late of the India-house, and of Herne-hill, Lieut.-Col. Burney, B.N.I., 2nd June.

Surrey, 12th June. Morgan, Henry C. Esq., Lieut. in the King's Dra- Skrine, Rev. Wadham Huntley, second son of

goon Guards, to Selina Louisa, third daughter of Henry Skrine, Esq. of Stubbings - bousc, co. Sir East Clayton-East, of Hall-place, Berks, Berks, and Warleigli, co. Somerset, to Clara Bart.

Mary Anne, eldest daughter of William Mills, Nicolson, Sir Fred. W. E., Bart., Captain R.N., to Esq. of Great Saxham-hall, Suffolk, 27th May.

Mary Clementina Marion, only daughter of James Smith, John Esq. of Bydorp-house, Hanwell, to Loch, Esq., M.P., 26th May.

Emily, only surviving daughter of the late Jasper Nind, Philip Pitt, Esq., son of the late Capt. P. P. Palfrey, Esq. of Finham, Warwickshire, 15th

Nind, Hon. East India Company's Service, to June.
Charlotte Jolinston, third surviving daughter of Springett, Robert, Esq. of Finchcox, Goudhurst,

the late Major John Maugham, R.M., 9th June. Kent, to Louisa, daughter of Robert Watkins, Oakeley, Henry, Lieut. R.N., fifth son of the late Esq. of Augusta house, Worthing, 27th June.

Rev. Herbert Oakeley, D.D., of Oakeley, Salop, Stevens, Henry R., to Florance Matilda, eldest to Emily Letitia, third daughter of the late Col. daughter of the late Charles Shannon, Esq. of Trelawney, R.A., and niece of Sir William Salus- Dublin, Barrister-at-law, loth June. bury Trelawney, Bart., 1st June.

Sutton, Thomas Esq., B.A., of Caius College, CamPalmer, William James, only son of James Palmer, bridge, to Mary, third daughter of the late John

Esq. of the Close, Lichfield, to Mary Spencer, Grace, Esq. of Whitby, near Chester, 8th June. daughter of Robert Onebye Walker, Esq. of Thomas, Rev. William, D.D., late senior chaplain Bedford square, 9th June.

at Madras, to Mrs. Williams, widow of the Rev. Park, Chas. Joseph, eldest son of Charles Park, Esq. Richard Williams, prebendary of Lincoln, and

of Henbury-house, Dorset, to Ellen Mary, second rector of Great Houghton, Northamptonshire, 3d dau. of the Rev. Charles Wicksted Ethelston, of June. Wicksted-hall, Cheshire, and Uplyme Rectory, Thompson, Thomas Kirkby, Esq. of MecklenburghDevon, loth June.

square, to Harriett Alice

only daughter of the Patient Ambrose, eldest son of Ambrose Patient, late J. Turner, Esq. of Ham-house, near Cow

Esq. of Corton, Wilts, to Henrietta Sophia, bridge, Glamorganshire, 5th June. youngest daughter of the late William Wyndham, Thrupp, Rev. Horace W., B.A., of Exeter College, Esq. of Dinton house, Wilts, 5th June.

Oxford, to Georgina Theresa, second daughter of Rawlinson, Sir Christopher, eldest surviving son of Dr. Pyle, of Barnes terrace, 12th June.

John Rawlinson, Esq. of Wimpole - street, to Thuillier, Henry Landor, Esq. of the Bengal Artil. Georgiana Maria, youngest daughter of the late lery, Officiating Deputy Surveyor-General of InAlexander Radcliffe Sidebottom, Esq. of Sloane- dia, to Annie Charlotte, eldest dau. of George street and Lincoln's-inn, 27th June.

Gordon Macpherson, Esq., 8th April. Rees, William, Esq. of Falcon Villa, Chelmsford, Tilt, Edward John, Esq., M.D., of 10, Norfolk

to Emma Jane, daughter of John Carne, Esq. of street, Park lane, to Dorothy Emma, daughter of Tresillion, Truro, 3rd June.

the late J. G. Sparrow, Esq of Gosfield-place, Renny, Capt. Thomas, of the Bengal Engineers, Essex, 27th April.

eldest son of Alexander Renny Tailyour, Esq. of Uniacke, Rev. Richard John, B.A., of St. Alban's Borrowfield, ew. Forfar, to Miss Isabella E. C. Hall, Oxford, rector of Newport, to Ann Jane, Atkinson, second daughter of the late Adam youngest daughter of the Venerable Robt. Willis, Atkinson, Esq. of Lorbotile, co. Northumber. D.D., Archdeacon of Nova Scotia, 1st June. land, gih June.

Wagstaff, J., Esq., of Lullington, near Burton-on Richmond, Daniel, Esq., surgeon, of Paisley, to Trent, to Fanny, fourth daughter of John Mee,

Henrietta Fullerton M Kinnon, daughter of Col. Esq. East Retford, 3rd June.
A. F. Richmond, C.B., Resident at the Court of Walker, Henry, son of Henry Walker, Esq. of
Oude, Lucknow, East Indies, 2nd June.

llampton-wick, to Sarah Ann, daughter of James Riddell, John Carre, Esq. of Melbourne, Port Phi. Payne, Esq., High-street, Marylebone, 27th June.

lip, one of the magistrates for the colony, third Wells, Capt. Francis Charles, of the 15th Bombay son of the late Thomas Riddell, Esq. of Camies- Native Infantry, to Barbara Emilia Susanna, town, Roxburgh, to Anne, eldest dau, of Sidney! daughter of Robert Thuroburn, Esq. of AlexanStephen, Esq. Barrister at Law, Melbourne, 22nd dria, 11th May. Oct. 1816.

Wickenden, Thomas, eldest son of Thomas WickRobarts, Rev. Alfred, only son of W. Robarts, euden, Esq. of Frindsbury, Kent, to Maria, young

Esq. of Burnham, Bucks, to Eliza, Glover Moore, est daughter of Charles Harries, Esq. of Fen-
youngest dau. of the late Rev. John Penketh church-street and Guildford - street, Russel-sq.
Buce, Incumbent of Cawthorne, Yorkshire, 2nd 5th June.

Wilson, G. V., Esq., of White- house, Killybegs, Robinson, Charles Edward, Esq., 10 Mary, daugh. co. Donegal, Ireland, to Sophia, youngest dau.

ter of the late Robert Brown Russel, Esq. of of S. Sheldon, Esq., 10th June. Streatham, Surrey, 3d June.

Wilson, Rev. Benjamio, to Fanny Sherard, second Rye, Hubert Barnes, only son of Captain George daughter of the late Caryer Sherard, Esq. 15th Hubert Rye, R.N., of Bideford, Devon, to Eliza, June. third daughter of Mr. George Daniel, of Canon-Woolley, Thomas, third son of William Willey, bury, 25th May.

Esq. of Peckham, to Sarah, second daughter of Santi, Chevalier Charles to Caroline Davie, the late Thomas Kingsley, Esq. of the Grove,

second daughter of Sir H. Ferguson Davie, Camberwell, 3rd June. Bart., 31st May.

Wyllie, Stewart Eaton, youngest son of the late Scott, John, Esq., to Isabella, third daughter of Alexander Wyllie, Esq. of Thames Ditton, Sur.

the late Robert Carnachan, Esq. of Stranraer, rey, to Jemima, eldest daughter of Samuel Kidd, Galloway, 5th May.

Esq. of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Shoobridge, T. B., Esq., Craythorne House, Ten. Zwinger, James, Esq. of Havre, to Leonora, youngderden, to Mrs. Ball, widow of James lline Ball, est daughter of A. A. Mierelle, Esq., of Gower

strect, Bedford-square, 8th June.

Annotated Obituary,

Abdy, Charlotte Georgina, wife of Lieut. Bellamy, Fanny Maria, youngest daughter

Colonel Abdy, late of the East India of the Rev. J. W. Bellamy, at Sellinge
Company's service, on their Madras es- Vicarage, 13th June.
tablishment, at Boulogne sur Mer, 2nd Bird, Lewis, only son of the late Rev. Lewis

Bird, at Pennington Parsonage, aged 4, Ashby, Harry, Esq. at Plymouth, aged 69,

30th May. 13th June.

Brackenbury, Sarah, relict of the late RoBarstow, James Maltravers, only child of bert Carr Brackenbury, Esq. of Raithby

James Barstow, Esq. Barrister at Law, hall, co. Lincoln, at Loughborough, 12th aged 11, 12th June.

June. Bates, Charles Chester, youngest son of the Buckle, Emma, eldest surviving daughte late John Henry Bates, Esq. of Denton,

of the late Matthew Buckle, Esq. of aged 32, 1st June.

Norton house, Chichester, 7th June. Bayne, William, Esq. J.P. and D.L. for Burrard, Philip James, Esq. Student, Clare

Middlesex, at Newgrove,' aged 86, 11th Hall, Cambridge, aged 21, 11th June. June.

Bush, Thomas, Esq. of Melbury terrace, Baynes, Captain Thomas, formerly of the aged 65, 11th June.

39th and 88th Regiments, at Brussels, Calmann, Dr. Ludwig, at Hammersmith, 27th May. This veteran served in the aged 41, 6th June. Peninsular campaign, and was present Campbell, Lieutenant-General Sir Colin, at Waterloo, where he acted as Aide. K.C. B. Colonel of the 72nd Highlanders, de-Camp to General Sir John Lam- and late Governor of Ceylon, after an bert, G.C.B.

illness of only three days, in King street, Beatson, Catherine B. C. C., second daugh- St. James's, 13th June. This distin

ter of the late Major-General Beatson, guished officer was fifth son of John of Henley house, Frant, and formerly Campbell, Esq. of Melfort, in Argyllshire, Governor of St. Helena, at Edinburgh, and brother of the late Admiral Sir Patrick 6th June.

Campbell. He was born in 1777, and Beckett, the Rt. Hon. Sir John, Bart. aged joined the army in 1799, when he almost

73, 31st May. Sir John was the eldest immediately entered on the active duties son of Sir John Beckett, Bart. of Somerby of his profession. His gallantry in the Park, co. Lincoln, and grandson, mater. Peninsula soon won for him the notice of nally, of Dr. Wilson, Bishop of Bristol. his illustrious Commander, and his name He received his education at Trinity Col. and exploits occupy no inglorious space lege, Cambridge, and there greatly dis. in the official despatches. For a continguished himself, taking a wrangler's siderable time he held the appointments degree in 1795. His first return to Par- of Assistant-Adjutant-General and Assisliament was by the Borough of Cocker- tant-Quartermaster-General; and for his mouth, in 1820. He subsequently sat eminent services at Talavera, Busaço, for Haslemere, and, finally, represented Fuentes d'Onor, Badajoz, Salamanca, the populous town of Leeds. In the Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nives Duke of Welling'on's administration he and Toulouse, he received a Cross and held the appointments of Judge-Marshal Six Clasps. At the consummating vicand Advocate-General ; and during Sir tory of Waterloo, Colonel Campbell Robert Peel's short-lived Ministry of commanded the Royal Scots : and so 1834 resumed those offices. Politically, conspicuous was his conduct on that mehe adhered with firmness to Tory princi- morable occasion, that the officers of the ples, and voted against the Reform Bill, regiment testified their admiration by the the Municipal Corporation Bill, and the presentation of a sword valued at seventy Irish Tithe Measure. He had been a guineas, and the Sovereign conferred, in Privy Councillor since 1817. Sir John recompense, the insignia of the Bath. Beckett married in that year Lady Anne Sir Colin was also invested with the orders Lowther, daughter of William, Earl of of Maria Theresa, St. George, the Tower Lonsdale, K.G. but has died without and Sword, and Maximilian Joseph of issue; the title devolving on his brother, Bavaria. Subsequently, after acting for now Sir Thomas Beckett, Bart, the cmi- several years as Lieutenant-Governor of nent banker of Leeds.

Portsmouth, and holding the command of the South-West District, he was ap- water Treatise,” and his “ Lectures on pointed Lieutenant-Governor of Nova the Romans." Altogether his published Scotia, and finally, in 1840, made Go. works form twenty-five (volumes : their vernor of Ceylon, in which island he circulation has been very large. In 1843 remained until the recent appointment the Doctor resigned his Professorship in of Lord Torrington. In 1836 he became the University, and became Principal of Colonel of the 72nd Highlanders, and in the New College. The death of Dr. 1838 reached the rank of Lieut. General. Chalmers was very sudden. He was found At the period of his decease, Sir Colin on the morning of the 31st ult. dead in Campbell had just completed his 70th his bed, to which he had retired the preyear. He married Miss Harden, dau. vious night in apparent health. As the of Henry Harden, Esq. but was left a intellectual leader of the Free Church of widower in 1838, with three sons and Scotland, as an able writer and preacher, three daughters : the former are Col. and as one of the best of good men, Dr. Fitzroy Camphell ; Lieut. A. Campbell, Chalmers leaves behind him an undying Aide-de-Camp to Sir Charles Napier in reputation. The spiritual and earthly India ; and Capt. F. Campbell, R.N. welfare of all men was the mainspring of Of the daughters, the eldest, Maria his thoughts and actions. His love and Louisa, married first to Hon. C. F. Nor- care extended to every class, but his heart ton, and second, to the Hon. Edmund was chiefly with the poor of his people. Phipps.

He devoted his great and comprehensive Campbell, Dougal, Esq. M. D. half-pay powers to their enfranchisement from sin

Surgeon, Royal Artillery, at Boulogne and suffering. Under his influence, virtue sur Mer, where he had been practising as and happiness have become the inmates physician for upwards of 25 years, aged of many, many cottage homes in Scotland. 67, 22nd May. He claimed the earldoms Chandler, William Botsford, Esq barrister of Annandale and Hartfell, and his bro. at law, eldest son of the Hon. E. B. ther, the late Colonel William Claud Chandler, of Dorchester, in the province Campbell, had claimed the earldoms of of New Brunswick, 11th June. Crawford and Lindsay.

Chichester, Sir Arthur, Bart. of Greencastle. Capher, the Rev. George, Vicar of Wher- Accounts from Ireland announce the de

stead, Suffolk, aged 30, 14th June. cease of this gentleman. He represented Chalmers, the Rev. Thomas, D.D. This a branch of the noble house of Donegal,

eminent divine was born in 1776, and and resided at Greencastle, in the county towards the beginning of the present cen- of that name.

He was only son of the tury he commenced his distinguished Rev. William Chichester, by Mary Anne, theological career as Minister in the parish his first wife, daughter of George Harvey, of Kilmany, in Fifeshire. He remained Esq. of Malin Hall, and obtained the there for twelve years, and was translated patent of Baronetcy in 1821. to the Tron Church of Glasgow in 1815. Clarance, Louisa, widow of the late C. During this time he produced his work Clarance, Esq. of Lodge hall, co. Essex, on Natural Theology, and his “Sketches at No. 14, Billiter street, the residence of Moral and Mental Philosophy.” His of her son, aged 83, 5th June. “ Evidences of the Christian Revelation ” Colvin, James, Esq. of 71, Old Broad street, were originally published in the “Ency- and of Little Bealings, co. Suffolk, at his clopædia Britannica,” under the manage. house, 55, Manchester street, Manchester ment of Dr. Brewster. In Glasgow his square, aged 80, 25th May. astronomical and commercial discourses, Cooke, Mary Anne, wife of the Rev. Wm. so sensible, so profound, and so Christian, Cooke, Vicar of Bromyard, 28th May. proved of incalculable benefit to the moral Cotton, Louisa Decima, youngest daughter and social improvement of his fellow of the late Joseph Cotion, Esq. of Layton, citizens—aye, and to many thousands of Essex, 9th June. his fellow men, both in and out of Scot- Creed, Frances Gwynne, wife of Captain land. His work on the civic and Christian Henry Creed, Hon. Company's Artillery, economy of large towns is of inestimable and youngest dau, of Lieutenant General value. In 1823 Dr. Chalmers accepted Sir David Ximenes, K.C.H. at Bombay, the Chair of Moral Philosophy in the aged 21, 11th April. New College of St. Andrew's, where he Cutler, Clara Eliza, wife of Frank Cutler, remained until 1828, when he received Esq. Her Britannic Majesty's Vice Con. the appointment of Theological Professor sul, at Le Bocage, near Bordeaux, 30th in the University of Edinburgh. From May. the period of his settlement at St. Andrew's Dagley, Mrs. Mary, at Connaught square, until his removal to Edinburgh, he pub- 3rd June. lished his works on “ Endowments," and Dalton, Charlotte Amelia, wife of Mr. on “Political Economy,” his “Bridge- Francis Dalton, surgeon, and third dau.

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of the late John Bott, Esq. Secretary to Longueville, Norfolk, at Mattishall hall, the Privy Purse of his late Majesty Wil- in his 83rd year, 29th April. liam IV, aged 31, 25th June.

Graham, Mrs. Penelope, at Belgrave house, Debenham, John, Esq. Com. R.N. aged Turnham Green, 22nd May. 76, 15th June.

Gyll, Grace, youngest dau. of Wm. Gyll, De Brett, Mary Isabella, second surviving Esq. of Wraysbury, co. Bucks, aged 84,

daughter of the late Capt. De Brett, of 1st June. the Bengal Art. 8th June.

Hagerman, the Hon. Christopher Alexander, Diggens, Francis, Esq. late Banker at one of the Judges of her Majesty's Court

Chichester, at Upper George street, 26th of Queen's Bench, Upper Canada, at May.

Toronto, in the aged56, 14th May. Ellerby, Mrs. Elizabeth, of Whitby, aged Harriott, the Rev. Wm., Vicar of Odiham, 92, 13th June.

Hants, aged 57, 11th June. Elton, Lieut. Col. late of the 1st Dragoon Herbert, the Hon. and very Rev. William, Guards, aged 63, 1st June.

L.L.D., Dean of Manchester, died on Essington, William Webb, Esq. of the Firs, the 28th May, at his residence in Here.

Great Malvern, aged 61, 13th June. ford-street, Park lane. He has been Eyston, Jane, widow of the late Basil somewhat of an invalid during the last

Eyston, Esq. of East Hendred, Berks, at two years, but his decease occurred unex

Overbury, Worcestershire, 7th June. pectedly. On the morning of the day he Farrant, Thomas, Esq. of Torsted house, died, he appeared better than usual, and

Kent, and Great Hale, Lincolnshire, at went out; but about a quarter of an his house, 17, Montague-street, Portman hour after his return home, he suddenly square, aged 74, 6th June.

fell back in the chair and expired. Dr. Fawkes, Maria Sophia, relict of the late Herbert was born in 1778, the third son

Walter Fawkes, Esq., of Farnley hall, of Henry first Earl of Carnarvon, by Yorkshire, at Malvern, 4th June.

Eliza Alicia Maria, his wife, daughter of Fitzgerald, Sir William, Bart. of Carrygo- Charles Earl of Egremont. Thus, pater

ran, co. Clare, at Dublin, 30th May. He nally and maternally, he derived descent was son of Edward Fitzgerald, Esq. of from two of our most eminent families— Carrygoran, M.P. for the county of Clare, the Herberts and the Wyndhams. By to whom Col. Augustine Fitzgerald, of Letitia Dorothea, his wife, daughter of Silver Grove, left a considerable portion Joshua fifth Viscount Allen, he leaves of his large property; and succeeded to two sons and two daughters. the Baronetcy in 1834, at the decease of Hewrett, Emily Jane, second dau. of Henry his brother, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Augustine William Hewrett, Esq. at Chatham, 9th Fitzgerald. Sir Wm. married, in 1805, June. Emilia Cumming, youngest daughter of Hodges, George, Esq. late of Felton, Salop, William Veale, Esq. of Trevayler, in aged 84, 3rd June. Cornwall, and niece of Sir Alexander Hously, Samuel, Esq. of Gloucester terrace, Penrose Cumming Gordon, Bart. by whom Regents Park, 9th June. he has left issue, three sons—the eldest Hurst, Thomas, Esq. formerly of the firm Sir Edward Fitzgerald, the present Bart. ; of Longman and Co., aged 73, 2nd June. and one daughter Emilia Mary, wife of Hutton, Richard, Esq. Barrister at Law, the Hon. James Butler, 5th son of Lord at Newcastle on Tyne, 11th June. Donboyne.

Innes, John William, Esq. of the Admiralty, Flockton, Thomasine Mary, only child of aged 68, 23rd May.

the late Thomas Flockton, Esq. of Twick - Irton, Lieut.-Col. Richard, of the Rifle enham, 13th June.

Brigade, aged 49, 9th June. Fraser, Lieut.-Col. K.H. formerly of the Johnson, Barbara, third daughter of the

83rd Regiment of Infantry, and for 23 late Charles Johnson, Esq. of Camberyears Fort-Major of Jersey, at Hounslow, well, 13th June. where he had gone for the benefit of his Jutting, Margaret, wife of John Henry health, 12th June.

Jutting, Esq. formerly of London, at Frome, Harriet, widow of Wm. Castle Jersey, 13th June.

Frome, late Lieut.-Col. 22nd Regiment, Kent, Frances, wife of the Rev. Anthony 29th May.

Kent, of Oriel College, Oxon, 30th May. Galloway, Margaret Bridger Goodrich, wife Koch, Geo. Peter, eldest son of Peter Koch, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Joseph Maclean, K.C.H., ing out the formation of the Somerset. 10th June.

of the Rev. James Galloway, at the Esq. at Frankfort, aged 4 years, 6th June. Rectory, Spaxton, Somersetshire, in the Lawson, John, Esq. of Shooter's hill and 43rd year of her age, 8th June.

Bexley heath, Kent, second son of the Girling, William, gentleman, of Yaxham, late John Lawson, Esq. of Bowness hill,

youngest son of the late William Girling, in the co. of Cumberland, 5th June. Esq. of Twyford lodge and East Dere. Little, John, Esq. at Walthamstow, aged 87, ham, and Catherine, his first wife, dau. 2nd June. of Christopher Andrews, Esq. of Weston Maclean, Allan, eldest son of the late John Murphy, of Malaga, a Knight of House, Torquay, aged 66, 12th June. Alcantara, &c., at Montagu-place, Russell Sir Richard Plasket was the third son of square, aged 58, 24th May.

House School of Design. His work on M.Pherson, Elizabeth, second daughter of Garden and Rural Architecture, were the

the late William North, Esq. of Chelsea, result of his experience in Landscape and widow of the late Alexander M.Pher- Gardening, which he joined as a professon, Esq., at her house, in Cadogan- sion with his other art. Amongst the place, 15th June.

clients to whom he owed an extremely Magendie, Stuart, eldest son of the Rev. varied practice, he numbered several of

Stuart Magendie, Vicar of Longden, 4th the late branches of the Royal Family, June.

especially the Princess Charlotte : and Marriott, Sarah, wife of T. Marriott, Esq. also the present King of Wurtemberg,

at Papillon hall, co. Leicester, 13th June. from whom he, having designed the Martin, Selina, wife of the Rev. Samuel English Park and Palace at Kaunstadt,

Martin, Rectory, Warsop, Notts, 2nd received the appointment of Architect to June.

his Maiesty. Mr. Papworth was highly Martin Thomas Byan, the eldest son of respected, not only by his private friends

Capt. William Fanshawe Martin, Royal and by his clients, but also by those Navy, at Anglesey, near Gosport, 6th severer judges, the members of his own June.

profession. Milner, Col.,, late of the 18th Dragoons, Perry, John, Esq. Bencher of Gray's Inn,

and brother of Sir William Mordaunt 12th June. Milner, of Nun-Appleton, in the co. of Phillips, Thomas Bentley, Esq. at Beverley,

York, at Mickleham, on the 31st May. aged 40, 10th June. Murphy. Mary Ann, widow of the late Col. Plaskett, Sir Richard, K.M.G., of Hampton

Mr Thomas Plasket, of Clifford-street, Odell, John, Esq. at Carreglea, co. Water- London ; he was born in 1782, and early ford, 26th May.

in life filled an appointment in the ColoPearson, Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas, nial Department. He was subsequently

K.C.H., at Bath. This gallant' officer, employed as private and public Secretary son of the Rev. Thomas Horner Pearson, to the Governments at Ceylon, Malta, entered the army in 1796, and served and the Cape of Good Hope. The imagainst Flushing, in the Helder Expedi- portant duties of these official places he tion, in Egypt, North America, the West discharged for a period of twenty-six Indies, and Portugal, and throughout the years with so much satisfaction to the last American War. He received several Home Administration, that, in considerasevere wounds, and was one of the tion of his eminent sevices, he was nomi. general officers who enjoyed rewards for nated a Knight of the Order of St. Midistinguished services. He wore a medal chael and St George, on its institution and one clasp for his conduct as Major of in 1818. He married in 1836. the 23rd Foot at Albuera, and as second Preston, Lady Baird, of Valleyfield and in command at Chrystler's Farm. He Frentown, widow of General the Right was born in 1782 ; and married, in 1810, Hon. Sir David Baird, Bart. G.C.B., a daughter of General Coffin.

At the K.C. In the absence of issue by her period of his decease, he held the Colo- marriage the estate of Valleyfield and nelcy of the 85th regiment,

Frentown descend to her sister, Miss Paine, Wm. Pinke, Esq. at Farnham, aged Preston, at Valleyfield, Perthshire, 28th 64, 4th June.

May. Papworth, John Buonarotti. The death of Rankin. the Rev. Francis John Harrison,

this gentleman, late Vice-president of the B.A., Her Majesty's Colonial and GarRoyal Institute of British Architects, rison Chaplain, at the Gambia, West occurred recently, at his residence, Park Coast of Africa, aged 41, 28th March. End, St. Neot's; whither he had retired Reed, Catherine, the wife of Assistant Com. from London, after more than fifty years missary-General Reed, at Corfu, lonian of professional practice. Early in life, Isles, aged 45. his excellent judgment and kind heart Richards, John, Esq. of Wassell Grove, acquired for him the intimacy of the Worcestershire, and of Calvert's-buildleading artists ; and, also, the confidence ings, Southwark, formerly High-Sheriff of many wealthy amateurs as to the for the county of Worcester, and member direction of their patronage, and as to the in two successive parliaments for the decoration of their mansions. In his borough of Knaresborough, aged 67. practice, he originated and accomplished Robertdean, Lieutenant Colonel James Wm. the adoption of the tasteful style of late of the Bengal Cavalry, last survivmodern furniture, which led to his selec- ing son of the late John Peter Roberttion by Government for the trust of carry.' dean, Esq. of Chelsea, aged 58, 15th June

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