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Bacon, Esq., of Redlands, Berkshire, | Elliott, Captain H., E.L.C.S., at Wormand became, on the 4th of August, ley, Heris., 9th Nov., aged 73. 1842, the third wife of the present Earl Elsgood, Mrs. Martha, of Brook-street, Cornwallis, by whom she leaves an only 15th Nov., aged 63. child, the Lady Julia Mann Cornwal Enony, Mr. John William Joseph, jun., lis, an infant of three years old.

Student of Medicine, University, LonCourthope, the Rev. William, Rector of don, 25th Oct.

Westmeston, &c., 29th Oct., aged 79. Escombe, William, Esq., Bombay Civil Coverdale, Mrs. John, of Bedford Row, Service, at Marseilles, 23d Oct. 16th Nov.

Fagan, Maria, widow of Major-General Crawley, John Richard, only son of Am Christopher Fagan, E.I.C.S., and se

brose Crawley, Esq., E.I.C.S., Madras, cond dau, of the Rev. Charles Gibbon, at Rochlitz, Saxony, 26th Sept., aged of Lonmay, N.B., 5th Nov. 30.

Flood, Valentine, Esq., M.D., formerly of Crompton, Claude Alexander, son of Dublin, 19th Oct.

Joshua S. Crompton, Esq., of Sion Hill, Fortescue, Hester, Dowager Countess of, co. York, 18th Nov., aged 9.

13th Nov., aged 87. The Right Hon. Cruden, Robert Peirce, Esq., at Milton, Hester Countess Fortescue, was third

next Gravesend, 30th Oct., aged 72. daughter of the famous politician, Deason, Margaret, relict of the late Rev. George Grenville, and sister of George,

Thomas Deason, Rector of Whitworth, first Marquis of Buckingham. Her co. Durham, 5th Nov.

Ladyship was born the 30th Nov. 1760; Detfell, John Henry, Esq., of Upper Har she married the 10th May, 1782, Hugh, ley-street, 28th Oct., aged 70.

third Baron and first Earl Fortescue, Dennet, Captain C., E.I.C.S., 16th Nov., by whom she had three sons and six aged 45.

daughters. The present Earl is her Dibdin, the Rev. Thomas Frognall, D.D., eldest son, and among her daughters

Rector of St. Mary's, &c., Bryanstone are Lady King, Lady Newton Fellowes, square, 18th Nov., aged 72.

Lady Ann Wilbraham, Lady Williams, Dick, Frederick Lacy, Esq., Magistrate and Lady Courtenay. The Countess of the Court of Negombo, Ceylon, se Dowager Fortescue died, after a procond surviving son of Samuel Dick, longed illness, at Meare Gifford, the Esq., of Upper Mount Bonchurch, Isle family seat, in Devonshire, at the adof Wight, 27th Aug., aged 32. He vanced age of nearly 87. was shot by an unseen hand, while in Fourdrinier, Mr. Sealy, one of the patenpursuit of a notorious burglar.

tees of the paper machine, and the chief Dickenson, the Rev. Robert, M.A., Rec introducer into this country of the pre

tor of Headley, Hants., 1st Nov., aged sent manufacture of paper, 27th Oct., 78.

aged 76. Dillon, the Rev. R. C. Dillon, D.D., 8th Freeman, Mrs. Margt,. eldest dau. of the Nov., aged 52.

late Arthur Freeman, Esq., of the Dizi, F., Esq., of Albert-street, Regent's Island of Antigua, 8th Nov.

Park, at Paris, 23rd Oct., aged 67. Gardner, Isabella, relict of the late RichDobull, Richard John, Esq., at Plymouth, ard Gardner, Esq., of Mecklenburgh13th Nov, aged 60.

square, and of Stokeshall, Essex, 20th Dorme, Edward John, only son of E.

Dorme, Esq., of Woodlands, Sussex, Gibb, Lieut. H. W., Bombay Artillery, and Upper Harley-street, 15th Nov., second son of H. S. Gibb, Esq., of aged 28.

Rugby, 3rd Sept., at Kuralee, Scinde. Dorville, Lieut.-Colonel Philip, C.B., Gillmore, Capt. John, Bengal Engineers, 10th Nov., aged 74.

24th August, at Mhow, India. Drinkwater, Mary Anne, late of War- | Glenie, the Venerable Archdeacon, 23rd

rington, dau. of the late Peter Drink August, at Ceylon, aged 64. water, Esq., of Latchford, 2nd Nov., Grassett, Williain, Esq., late Capt. 7th aged 75.

Hussars, eldest son of the late William Dunn, Robert, Esq., at Howden, 29th Oct. Grassett, Esq., of Ovenden House, Dyer, John C. W., Esq., Surgeon, eldest Kent, 31st Oct., aged 34.

son of Captain G. L. Dyer, formerly of Grissell, Thomas de la Garde, Esq., late the 65th Regiment, and of Alnwick, of the East India House, 28th Oct., 15th Nov., aged 38.

aged 70. Edwards, Edward, Esq., 14th June. Grover, Capt. John, F.R.S., &c., 6th Egelstone, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the Nov., at Brussels.

Inte James Egelstone, Esq., of Wind Haggard, Elizabeth, relict of William sor, 17th Nov.

Haggard, Esq. of Bradenham Hall,


Norfolk, and dau, of the late James

Meybbon, of St. Petersburgh, ist. Nov. Haines, Parton, Esq., of Devonport, 26th

Oct., aged 71. Hall, Walter, E., of James-street, and

Ruffside, co. Durham, 14th Nov., aged

81. Hall, Benjamin, Esq., of Buxted Lodge,

near l'ckticlu, Sussex, loth Nov., aged

66. Hall, Robert Willis, Esq., of Ravens.

bourne Park, Lewisham, 9th Nov.,

aged 64. Hamilton, J. J. E., Esq., only son of Ad.

miral Sir Edward 'llanilton, Bart.,

K.C.B., 2nd lov., aged 39. Harrison, Mary Beale, second dau, of R.

Tarrant Harrison, Esq., of the Middle

Temple, 17th Nov., aged 14. Ilay, Mrs. Anne, of Upper Seymour.

street, Portman-square, 11th Nov., agid

54. Hester, William, Es., late of Eton Col

lege, J. P. and D. L. for Bucks, sth

Nos., at Cheltenham, Aged 76. Hibbert, Lieut.-Col. George, C.B., com

manding 40th Regt., 12th Nov., aged 57. Hick, Mary, relict of William Franklin

Hick, El. of Lewes, both Nov., aged

MI. Hinrich, Sir IIcnry Bromley, of Court

Garden, Marlow, 19th Oci., aged 56. Sir Henry was won of Charies Robert Hinrich, E.. by his wife, Anne Char. lotte Thwaits. The honour of knighthond be received 13h Sept., 1831, at the coronation of Williun IV., being then Lieutenant of the Band of Gentle men-at-Arms. He married in 1828, Min bluza Susanna Dent, and had is. *u* two pong and five danghters. The Wirthy Knight residel, chiefly, at

Bisham (ottage, near Marlow, Bucks II , Jane, relict of the late F. L. Holt,

E- Q.C.. Vice-Chancellor of the co.

Palatine of Lancaster, 25th Oct. 11. rugh, the Rev. James, M.A., Minister

of Ham, Surrey, 2nd Sov., at llast.

Johnston, Maria, relict of Sir William

Johnston, Bart., of Hiltown, co. Aber.

deen, 27th Oct. Kay, Thomas, eldest son of the late Tho

mas Kay, Esq., Merchant, Antwerp,

aged 29, at Alexandria. Keene, Charles, E-, of Suxxx-place,

Regent's l'ark, 26th Oct. Keluart, Fanny Sophia, wife of Dr. Edw.

Frederick Kelaart, Medical tail, dnu. of the late Phineas llumsey, E ., of Wrixley Grove, co. Suatlonil, agrii 31, Oct. 31. Her intant son died two days

previously. Kinderley, Georse, C., at Whitechurch,

Oxon., 30th Oto, audal. Lake, Rev. Atwill, Kector of West Wal

ton, Norfolk, sth Nov., aged 72. Lake, Clara Montau, dau. of (apt. A.

Lake, Madras Engineers, 2nd Nov.,

aped 10 months. Laughton, Ann Agnes, wife of Richard

Laughton, E ., East India Company's

Service, 5th Nov., apud 60. Lewes, Altred Thomas Saver, son of the

late Samuel L.wes, E .. of Deptford,

26th Oct., at Penzance, aged 30. Lewis, Mru, of Peckham Rye, 6th Nov. Ley, Mary, dau. of John Herry Lee,

E... of Richmond Terrace, Whitehall,

4th Nov. Lindsoll, Henrietta Sarah, youngest dau,

of W. B. Lindsell, Eme of Dane John

Grove, (...terbury, 26th Oct. Lloyd, llenry, E-.. of lasting«, formerly

of the East ludia lliure, 12th Nov., aged 43, Long. John, youngest son of the Into

James Lang, Eq, of the Royal Ex

change, 16th Nov., aged 46. Lowrey, Canilla, relict of the late Robert

Lowrey, Esq., at Farnham, Surrey,

22nd Okt. Luke, John, eldest son of the late John

Luke, E., of Camberwell, ith Nov.,

aged 26. Mt'ullagh. James, LLD. The melan.

choly death of this learned and distin-
guished profest, who perished by his
own hand, at h14 towns, in Dublin
Collex, on the 2'Ird Okt, has cant a
deep kloom over the literary and mine
titic (aries in which he moved. Ir,
Jit'ullagh, who was only forty years
of age at the period of his decrase, was
formerly Mathematical Professor in the
U piversity of Tulin, and succeeded,
in 1N43, on the cletation of Dr. Lluid
tu tlor Setakat Felow sun to the (wr
of Natural Plulosaphy. It would ap-
[war frut the evil nee at the inte at
that he has had been unsettled by
intense applx atjen te wone mencate
Hallistui, und>"pallid by that due

11. shton, George Martay, only son of (eorke lighton, km. of Leinster,

13th lov., aged 27. llubbock, licken, dau. of the late The mas lubbeck, Esq. of Wellekse-suare,

Tith Now Harit, Miss Mary Carine, oof Wadenhe,

co. Surtl.nmuti f1, 303h 00 Hunter, Mis barah, relict of Thomas

Hunter, Le of Jerky, 5th Num.

and 76. JA R$ 119, Thomas, E., of t'pper Park.

stret, Tim11, 5th Nov, JokerMi. Pietro l' tilator of the

drwm in Juutal, th , 6%.

regard to the regulating of his health, | Metzler, Miss, at Capt. M. Seymour's, rendered imperative by his sedentary R.N., Honduras, 26th Oct. habits and mental labours.

Mendelssohn. This celebrated composer Mackenzie, Mrs. Alexander, of Woolwich, has shared the fate of Mozart and 28th Oct., aged 42.

Bellini; he has died before the prime Macleod, Margaret Gambier, wife of Ro of life, in the fulness of his glory. This

derick Macleod, Esq., M.D., and dau. greatest of recent composers, whose of the late Rev. Roderick Macleod, death has caused & gcneral lamentaD.D., Rector of St. Anne's, Soho, 10th tion, was born at Hamburgh, on the 3d Nov.

Feb. 1809. His grandfather was an Mahon, Major Denis, of Strokestown, co. eminent Hebrew philosopher; his fa

Roscommon. The barbarous murder ther was a wealthy merchant of Berlin. of this unfortunate gentleman stands From his earliest youth, Felix Mendelsforth in dark relief, even among the sohn Bartholdy was a musician. Eduatrocities which have of late years cated pursuant to the anxious care and thrown so black a shadow over the hope of a mother, by the first profesdomestic annals of Ireland. A good sors and masters of Germany, he at landlord, an upright magistrate, and a eight years of age, played with marvelmost active benefactor to the poor, lous execution and facility; in his ninth Major Mahon has fallen a victim to the year, he performed publicly at Berlin. treacherous aim of the concealed assas His first published compositions apsin, Just two years since he succeeded, peared in 1824; and soon after that at the decease of his first cousin, Mau period he rose up to the eminence rice, Lord Hartland, to an estate of which he subsequently enjoyed. Need the value of £12,000 per annum, and we enumerate his productions, familiar fixed his residence at the family man as they are to the delighted ear of sion of Stroksetown, devoting his time Europe? Need we do more to register and energies to the benefit of his te his fame than to mention that he was nantry, and the improvement of his the author of the music of the “Midland. Early in life he had served in summer Night's Dream.” “Fingal.” the British army, from which he retired “Melusina,” “St. Paul,” and “Elijah ?” with the rank of Major. He was born In this country Mendelssohn was a 12th March, 1787, the second son of the cherished favorite, and the affection Rev. Thomas Mahon, younger brother was mutual : he loved England as of Maurice, first Lord Hartland; he heartily as his home. He had been married, 17th September, 1822, Hen frequently amongst us from the time of rietta, daughter of Dr. Bathurst, late his gifted boyhood. His triumphant Bishop of Norwich, by whom he leaves reception in London, last spring, now a son, Thomas, born 30th October, 1831, brings a melancholy feeling in its recoland a daughter, Grace Catherine. The lection. On the 5th of last October, family of Mahon was established in Mendelssohn was struck with apoplexy; Ireland, by Nicholas Mahon, Esq., a and, although, as younger patients usudistinguished personage in the Civil ally do, he struggled against the malady; Wars, and, from the period of its set it gradually overcame him, by frequent tlement, it has ever held a high posi repetition, and he expired on the 4th tion among the landed proprietors of instant, in bis 39th year; thus bringing the Sister Island, intermarrying with to an untimely termination a life graced the most eminent houses, and frequently by every private virtue, and illustrated giving members to the Irish Parlia by talents that class him among the ment.

greatest of his era. Marr, Mr. Charles, many years in the East Mensdorff, Count Hugh Ferdinand. The

India Company's Service, 25th Oct., at Court has just been placed in mournLower Edmonton, aged 79.

ing by the death, at Gödfenberg, of Markham, Osborne, Esq., late Captain Count Hugh Mensdorff, the Queen's 32nd Regt., 13th Nov., aged 34.

cousin. He was a Bohemian Noble, Marriage, Mary, relict of William Mar the eldest son of Emanuel Count Von

riage, of Bromfield, a Member of the Mensdorff, G.C.B., by the Princess Society of Friends, 12th Novem., at Sophia Frederica Caroline Louisa of Chelmsford.

Saxe-Coburgh, eldest sister of H.R.H. Maule, Elizabeth, sister of George Maule, the Duchess of Kent. Count Hugh

Esq., of Wilton Crescent, 9th Nov. had only just completed his 41st year. May, Mrs., relict of William May, Esq., He held military rank under the Em

Consul General of the Netherlands, peror of Austria; and, at the period of 4th Nov., aged 87.

bis decease, was Colonel-Commandant of a regiment of Cuirassiers. He leaves son of the late Right Hon. Sir Lucius three brothers, Alphonso Frederick, O'Brian, Bart., aged 67, 22d Oct. Major in the Austrian service, Alexan O'Brian, Miss, only dau, of the late Adder Constantine Albert, and Arthur | miral Edward O'Brian, R.N., 9th Nov. Augustus, both Captains of Hussars in Ogier, Peter, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, the same army.

Barrister-at-law, 18th Nov., aged 97. Middleton, Mrs. Alfred, of Finsbury O'Malley, St. Clair, Esq., second son of place, 27th Oct.

the late Charles O'Malley, Esq., of Miles, Lewis Charles, Esq., of Lewisham, Lodge, co. Mayo, 11th Nov. Kent, 11th Nov., aged 52.

Palmer, George, Esq., of Upper Woburn Miller, Joseph, Esq., of Bootle, 30th Oct., place, 15th Nov. aged 80. at Madeira, aged 55.

Parr, Thomas, Esq., of Lythwood Hall, Milles, Elizabeth, wife of Major Milles, at co. Salop, aged 78, Nov. 12th. This Chudleigh, 21st Nov.

gentleman was fourth son of John Parr, Naylor, Sarah Jane, youngest dau. of Esq., of Elm House, co. Lancaster, who

Elisha Naylor, Esq., of Mornington descended from the ancient Lancashire place, 16th Nov.

family of Parr, of Parr (see vol, iii., p. Neale, Bridget, wife of the Rev. Thoinas 106). Mr. Parr was, early in life, a

Neale, Rector of Sibson, 8th Nov., aged merchant of great eminence in Liver69.

pool, and resided in Colquitt street, in Neale, John Preston, Esq., author of the house, of his own erection, now

“ Westminster Abbey," * Gentlemen's occupied as the Royal Institution in Seats," &c., 14th Nov., aged 68.

that town. In 1804 he retired from Nelme, Samuel, Esq., of Grove place, business; and having purchased the Hackney, 27th Oct., aged 74.

mansion and cot. of Lythwood, he Nelson, William, Esq., at Clive House, resided there during the last forty-three Alnwick, 8th Nov.

years of his life. He married, in 1803, Newbery, Lieut.-Gen. Francis, Colonel of Katherine, dau, and co-heir of Capt.

the 3d Dragoon Guards, 9th Nov., Robert Walter, R.N., by whom he has aged 70. This distinguished officer left four sons and one daughter. The entered the British service in 1794, and eldest son is the Rev. Thomas Parr, rose through the various grades to that Rector of Westbury, Salop, J.P. of a Lieutenant-General in 1830. In Paterson, Cordelia, relict of the Rev. 1842, he also received the Colonelcy of Charles John Paterson, Vicar of West the 3d Dragoon Guards. General Hoathly, Sussex, and dau. of the late Newberry acted in Ireland during the Edward Cranston, Esq., of East Court, rebellion of Ireland in 1798, and was Sussex, 13th Nov. present at the engagement with the Pauncefote, Robert, Esq., Barrister-atrebels, and the French at Ballinamuck. Law, eldest son of the late Robert In 1816, he commanded the first cavalry Pauncefote, Esq., of Preston Court, co. brigade at the siege and capture of Gloucester, 14th Nov., aged 28. Huttrus. Again, in 1817 and 1818, he Peacocke, Sir Nathaniel L., Bart., 1st superintended the proceedings of the Nov. This Baronet was eldest son and cavalry of the left division of the Mar heir of the late Sir Joseph Peacocke, quis of Hastings' gallant army, which of Barntree, co. Clare, on whom the was the first engaged with the Pinda title was conferred in 1802. At the rees, and he took the whole of their bag period of his decease, he had just comgage and camp. He was subsequently pleted his 78th year. By Henrietta, removed to the command of the cavalry. his wife, eldest dau. of Sir John Morris, with a light division, under Major-Gen. Bart., of Claremont, whom he married Sir Thomas Brown, and captured at 20th June, 1803, he leaves a son, the one fort nine pieces of artillery, and present Sir Joseph Francis Peacocke, took prisoner the Artillery General; Bart., and one dau. Elizabeth. Through he was afterwards present at several his mother, the deceased Baronet desevere and successful attacks on the scended from the ancient family of enemy's troops. The whole period of Cuffe, of Grange, co. Kilkenny; and General Newberry's service comprised through his great grandmother, from 53 years.

the Ponsonbys, of Crotto. Normann, Harriett Jane, wife of H. Bur- | Peane, Charles Thomas, Esq., Chairman

ford Normann, Esq., of Duchess street, of the Committee of the Stock Exand dau. of the Rev. Samuel Alford, change, 6th Nov. of Henle House, co. Somerset, 13th Pickering, William, third son of the late Nov.

William Pickering, Esq., of Deanham, O'Brien, Donough Acheson, Esq., fourth co. Northumberland, 24th Oct.

Pollen, the Rev. G. P., Rector of Little | Skottowe, Mrs. E. C., relict of George

Bookham, Surrey, 7th Nov., aged 49. Augustus Skottowe, Esq., R.N., and Radley, Mrs. John, 31st Oct., at Herne daughter of the late Admiral Robinson, · Hill, aged 54.

8th Nov., at Notting-hill. Redwood, Mary Anne, daughter of the Sloane, William, Esq., late of Torhoot,

late Thomas Redwood, Esq., of Llan East Indies, 9th Nov.

dough, co. Glamorgan, 17th Nov. Smith, Mrs., of Jordan-hill, co. Renfrew, Richardson, Robert, Esq., M.D., of Gor 26th Oct. don-street., 5th Nov., aged 68.

Smythe Robert, Esq., of Methven Castle, Riddell, the Right Rev. William, D.D., co. Perth. Recent accounts from Scot

Catholic Bishop of the Northern Dis land bring the intelligence of the death trict, 2d Nov. Dr. Riddell is one more of this respected gentleman, a great addition to the ever-glorious list of landed proprietor in the county of pious and devoted priests whose lives Perth, and one of its Magistrates and have been sacrificed in the performance Deputy-Lieutenants. He was son of of the sacred duty of attending and the late David Smythe, titulary Lord solacing the poor in the hour of suffer Methven, by Elizabeth, his first wife, ing and sickness. His Lordship died only daughter of Sir Robert Murray, on the 2d inst., of typhus fever, which Bart., of Hill Head, and represented he had caught in his parochial visita the ancient family of Smythe of Braco, tions among the poor of his commu which was founded by Thomas Smith, nity. Dr. Riddell was third son of the a distinguished Physician of his day, late Ralph Riddell, Esq., of Felton and and Apothecary to King James III of Horsley, in Northumberland, by Eliza Scotland. Traditionally, the Smythes beth, his wife, eldest daughter of Joseph of Methven trace their origin to the Blount, Esq., and grandson of Thomas famous Clan Chattan, being descended, Riddell, Esq., of Swinburne Castle, who it is asserted, from Neil Cromb, third was engaged with his father in the son of Murdoch, of that Clan, who rising of 1745, and was carried up to flourished in the time of William the London; where, being arraigned for Lion. Mr. Robert Smythe, whose death high treason, he pleaded guilty, and we record, was born 10th Feb., 1778, experienced the Royal mercy. The and married twice. His first wife was family of Riddell is one of high stand Mary, daughter of James Townsend ing and large estate in Northumber Oswald, Esq., of Dunnekier, co. Fife, land-is of Norman origin, and the and his second, Susan Renton, eldest name of its patriarch appears on the daughter of Sir Alexander Muir MacRoll of Battle Abbey,

kenzie, Bart., but by neither had he Roberts, Jemima, widow of Joseph Ro any issue. His estates devolve, conse

berts, Esq., of Queen Square, 4th quently on his half-brother, William Nov.

Smythe, Esq., now of Methven Castle. Rutter, Mary, wife of Henry Rutter, | Smithell, Mrs. Elizabeth, late of Hawley

eldest daughter of the late Charles square, Margate, 6th Nov. Sanders, Esq., of Stokeferry, Notts, 5th Solomon, Dr. Henry, eldest son of the Nov,

late Samuel Solomon, Esq., 18th Sept., Sandeman, Anne, youngest child of Major at St. Helena

R. J. Sandernan, 33rd Regiment, Ben Soulby, Eleanor, second daugher of the gal N.I., 18th Sept.

late Anthony Soulby, Esq., of CrouchSannoman, Anne, widow of Henry Chris end, 8th Nov.

tian Sannoman, Esq., 10th Hussars, 6th Spicer, Mrs. Rebecca of Somerford Nov.

Grange, Hants, 8th Nov., aged 69. Savage, Mrs., late of Bath, 6th Nov., at St. Clair, Major-General Thomas StaunMontague Place.

ton, C.B. and K.H., 23rd Oct., aged 60. Scarlett, Laurence Peter Campbell, infant This distinguished officer was youngest

son of the Hon. Peter Campbell Scar brother of Captain David Latimer St. lett, 16th Oct., aged 21 months.

Clair, R.N., of Staverton Court, county Shaw, Jane Anne, wife of Mr. T. C. Gloucester, being son of the late Colonel Shaw, New street-square, 3rd Nov.

William St. Clair, a descendant of the Sherwood, Mrs. John, daughter of R. ancient Scottish family of St. Clair.

Morton, Esq., of Bayswater, 15th Nov. | Steele, Mrs. Henry Perin, daughter and Shultz, Anne Josephine, eldest daughter co-heir of the late John Bangor Russell, of Captain Shultz, R.N., 12th Nov.

Esq., of Beaminster, aged 53. Simpson, William Wooley, Esq., of Mon- Suckling, Catharine Webb, second daugh

tague-place, Russell-square, i9th Nov., 1 ter of the Rev. Alfred Suckling, o aged 64.

Barsham Rectory, Suffolk, 7th Nov.

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