The Portfolio, Or, a Collection of State Papers: Illustrative of the History of Our Times, Volume 3

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James Ridgway and Sons, 1836 - Political science

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Page 143 - payment of the interest and sinking fund of the " instalments of the loan, the first revenues of the " state, in such manner that the actual receipts of " the Greek treasury shall be devoted, first of all, " to the payment of the said interest and sinking
Page 566 - de Russie et la Sublime Porte, les deux hautes parties contractantes sont tenues de se prêter mutuellement des secours matériels, et l'assistance la plus efficace pour la sûreté de leurs états respectifs. Néanmoins, comme sa Majesté l'Empereur de toutes les
Page 570 - The present Separate and Secret Article shall have the same force and value as if it was inserted word for word in the Treaty of Alliance of this day. Done at Constantinople,
Page 570 - any foreign vessels of war to enter therein under any pretext whatsoever. The present Separate and Secret Article shall have the same force and value as if it was inserted word for word in the Treaty of Alliance of this day. Done at Constantinople, the 26th June, 1833; (the
Page 561 - their Majesties engage to come to an unreserved understanding with each other upon all the matters which concern their respective tranquillity and safety, and to afford to each other mutually for this purpose substantial and the most efficacious assistance," the two high contracting parties are bound to afford to each other mutually substantial aid, and the most efficacious assistance for the safety of their respective dominions." " Nevertheless,
Page 384 - the southern states of Europe and Asia would not be one whit diminished. Still the delight of a wanner climate, the riches of long established civilization, the fruits and wines of the south, the women of Italy or Circassia, would attract the brood of winter to the regions of the sun. The various tribes of the German race, the Gothic and Vandal swarms, the
Page 559 - confirmed throughout all their tenor by the present Treaty of defensive alliance, as if the said transactions had been inserted in it word for word. Thus the whole of the arrangements which remain to be concerted between Greece and Turkey, resulting from the delay in the settlement of the boundary, viz. the rights of emigration and the sale of Turkish and Greek property in Greece and Turkey respectively,
Page 270 - toute nécessité qu'une telle revolution ne nous prenne pas au dépourvu, et vous aurez bien merité, Monsieur, de votre souverain et de votre patrie, si vous nous faites connôitre les signes precurseurs de cette catastrophe, assez à temps, pour que l'empereur puisse preparer ses mesures et exercer une influence analogue à la dignité et aux besoins de la Russie sur les combinaisons politiques qui
Page 564 - OF JANUARY, 1834.) Au Nom de Dieu tout puissant. SA Majesté Impériale le très haut et très puissant Empereur et Autocrate de toutes les Russies, et sa Hautesse le très haut et très puissant Empereur des Ottomans, également animés du sincère désir de maintenir le système de paix et de bonne harmonie, heureusement établies entre les deux empires, ont résolu d'étendre et de fortifier la parfaite amitié et la confiance qui
Page 1 - result were founded, on the one hand, on the incompatibility of the "interests of the two countries, and on the other, upon the error of " the two Cabinets of England and France —that of England in not "•pronouncing itself favourably on the fate of Don Miguel,

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