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place before all, not merely the duties they may be called upon to perform, but the manner in which they are to be performed. The provisions referred to, constitute no inconsiderable portion of the code ; and in their arrangement as well as their style, the study has been to make them as plain and simple as possible. Where warrants have been prescribed or undertakings of bail required or allowed, their form has in every instance been given. In short the object has been to make the code a body of practical directions, intelligible in their character, with the addition of the proper means effectually to carry them out.

In submitting the result of their labors to the legislature, the Commissioners will not pretend to assert, that it is free from omissions and defects; for no human work can be without them. They have spared no effort to render it perfect, and in return, they ask for it the candid consideration of the legislature and the people.

All which is respectfully submitted.


Albany, December 31, 1849.

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