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PERCY EDWARDS, Owosso, Mich.
D. H. PINGREY, Bloomington, Ill.
S. S. MERRILL, St. Louis, Mo.
D. R. N. BLACKBURN, Albany, Oregon.
NATHAN NEWMARK, San Francisco, Cal.
JOHN A. FINCH, Indianapolis, Ind.
M. C. PHILLIPÅ, Oshkosh, Wis.
J. L. HOPKINS, St. Louis, Mo.
D. M. MICKEY, Chicago, Ill.
CHAPMAN W. MAUPIN, Washington, D. C.
W.O. RODGERS, Nashville, Ark.
G. W. DUWALT, Chicago, Ill.
C. A. BUCKNAM, Minneapolis, Minn.
SOLON D. WILSON, Chicago, Ill.
D. B. VAN SYCKEL, Kansas City, Kas.
WM. ROGERS CLAY, Lexington, Ky.
ROSCOE POUND, Lincoln, Neb.
R. D. FISHER, Indianapolis, Ind.
Louis M. LARSON, LaCrosse, Wis.
H. S. PRIEST, St. Louis, Mo.
J. F. RAMAGE, Tacoma, Wash.





Hon. STEPHEN J. FIELD, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. JOHN M. HARLAN, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. ALBERT H. HORTON, Chief Justice of Kansas.
Hon. S. D. THOMPSON, St. Louis.
Hon. SAMUEL MAXWELL, Chief Justice of Nebraska.
Hon. R. R. BIGELOW, Chief Justice Supreme Court of

Hon. J. G. WOERNER, St. Louis, Mo.
Hon. ALEX, MARTIN, Dean of the Missouri State Law

School, Columbia, Mo.
Hon. JACOB KLEIN, Judge St. Louis Circuit Court.
WM. L. MURFREE, Professor of Law, University of Col.

orado, Boulder, Colo.
JOHN D. LAWSON, Professor of Law, Missouri State

University, Columbia, Mo.
HENRY WADE ROGERS, Northwestern University, Evan.

ston, INI.
JAMES BARR AMES, Professor of Law in Harvard Law

H. S. KELLY, St. Joseph, Mo.
W. F. ELLIOTT, Indianapolis, Ind.
L. HOCHHEIMER, Baltimore, Md.
W.W. THORNTOŃ, Indianapolis, Ind.
H. CAMPBELL BLACK, Willsamsport, Pa.
JAMES M. KERR, Rochester, N. Y.





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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1896, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.



This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Recent Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially—R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

Abt v. American Trust & Sav. Bank (I11.) Conflict of

Laws-Draft Payable in Another State-Assignment

of Fund, R. D. 321.
Adams & Westlake Co. v. Deyette (S. Dak.) Corpora-

tions-Ultra Vires-Purchase of Stock-Insolvency,

R. D. 240.
Ahlstrom v. Fitzpatrick (Mont.) Contract-Void for In-

definiteness, R. D. 152.
Alexander v. Trufant Com. Co. (Tex.) Duress-- Settle-

ment of Dispute, R. D. 347.
American Credit Indemnity Co. v. Cassard (Md.)

Credit Insurance-Death of Member of Firm, R. D.

American Waterworks Co. v. Farmers' Loan & Trust

Co. (U. S. C. C. of App.) Obligations Payable in

Gold Coin, Ed. 363.
Anderson v. Miller (Tenn.) Landlord and Tenant-

Leased Building-Damage by Fire-Insurance, R.

D. 259.
Banks, In re (Kan.) Legal Censorship of the Press, Ed.

Beach v. Sterling Iron & Zinc Co. (N. J.) Nuisance-

Pollution of Stream, R. D. 108.
Beers v. Boston & A. R. Co. (Conn.) Carriers of Pas.

sengers-Baggage, R. D. 516.
Belknap v. Schild (U. S. S. C.) Infringement of Patent

-Use by Government-Suit against Officers-In-

junction, R. D. 280.
Bessemer Land & Inprovement Co. v. Jenkins (Ala.)

Trespass-Removal of Body from Cemetery, R. D.

Bever v. Bever (Ind.) Parol Evidence-Admissibility

to Explain a Reservation in a Deed, ann. case, 55.
Beverly v. Barnitz (Kan.) Retroactive Effect of Mort;

gage Redemption Law, Ed. 107.
Blum v. Van Vechten (Wis.) Garnishment of Receiver,

R. D. 408.
Bradley v. Fallbrook Irrigation District (U. S. S. C.)

Constitutionality of California Irrigation Law, Ed.

Bradley v. Reppell (Mo.) Collateral Defense of Non-

corporate Existence after Expiration of Charter,

Ed. 211.
Branch v. Augusta Glass Works (Ga.) Corporations-

Action on Subscription for Stock, R. D. 49.
Bratton v. Ralph (Ind.) Mechanic's Lien upon Land

for Materials Placed in Building Destroyed by Fire,

Ed. 319.
Bridges v. Stevens (Mo.) Oral Waiver of the Statute of

Limitations, Ed. 389.
Brown v. Walker (U. 8. C. C. Pa.) Constitutional Law

-Self-Incriminating Testimony, R. D. 48; Ed. 493.
Buckley v. Gray (Cal.) Negligence of Attorney-Lia.

bility to Third Persons, ann. case, 139.

Burke v. Shaver (Va.) Breach of Marriage Promise-

Consideration, R. D. 241.
Campbell v. People (III.) Criminal Law-Homicide-

Corpus Delicti-Circumstantial Evidence, R. D. 154,

Ed. 389.
Case v. Smith (Mich.) Action for Seduction by Affianced

Husband, Ed. 107.
Central Land Co. v. Laidley (U.S.S.O.) Federal Courts

-United States Supreme Court-Appeal from State

Court-Constitutional Law, R. D. 24.
Central Nat. Bank v. Spratlen (Colo.) Assignment-Or-

der on Fund in Bank, R. D. 391.
Central Union Tel. Co. v. Swoveland (Ind.) Telephone

Company-Public Station-Duty to Furnish Mes.

sengers-Negligence-Damages, R. D. 408.
Chitty v. Ohitty (N. Car.) Attachment-Non-residence

-Horrestead - Fugitive from Justice, ann. case,

Cincinnati, D. & A. Ry. Co. v. Metropolitan Nat. Bank

(Ohio) Negotiable Instrument - Bank Check - AC-

tion, B. D. 214.
City Electric Street Ry, Co. v. Conery (Ark.) Negll.

gence-Electric Street Railway-Trolley Wire-De-

tached Telephone Wire, R. D. 152.
City Electric St. Ry. Co. v. First Nat. Exch. Bank

(Ark.) Corporations-Officers - Authority to Exe-

cute Notes, R. D. 321.
City of Huntington v. Mahn (Ind.) Interstate Com-
merce, ann. case,

City of Indianapolis v. Wann (Ind.) Municipal Corpo.

ration-Contracts—Statutory Restriction, R. D. 280.
City of St. Louis v. Von Phul (Mo.) Municipal Corpo.

ration-Contract-Privity, R. D. 436.
Commercial Bank v. Sherman (Oreg.) Foreign Corpo.

rations-Statutory Requirements, R. D. 320.
Commonwealth v. Rubin (Mass.) Criminal Law-Lar.

ceny-Conversion by Bailee, R. D. 434.
Connell v. McLoughlin (Oreg.) Principal and Agent-

Authority to Execute Note-Presumption, R. D. 68.
Consumers' Oil Co. v. Nuppemaker (Ind.) Contract in

Restraint of Trade, R. D. 49.
Copeland v. Browning (U.S.O. C. Ind.) Federal Courts

-Jurisdiction-Suit to Determine Validity of Will,

R. D. 364.
Costello v. State (Ala.) Nuisance-Municipal Corpora-

tion-Streets-Obstructions, R. D. 212.
Coulter Manufacturing Co. v. Ft. Dodge Grocery Co.

(Iowa) Evidence-Parol Evidence-Usage and Cus.

tom, R. D. 495.
Crain v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Technicality in

Legal Defenses, Ed. 511.
Dailey v. Superior Court (Cal.) Power of Court to Re-

strain Production of Play which may Interfere
with Administration of Justice, Ed. 433.

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Davis v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Burden of Proof as

to Sanity or Insanity in Homicide Cases, Ed. 151.
Dempsey v. Dobson (Pa.) Master and Servant-Trade

Secrets- Detention of Employee's Books, R. D. 514.
Denny v. State (Ind.) Constitutional Law-Legislative

Apportionment-Power of Court, R. D. 390.
Dowling v. Livingston (Mich.) Libel-Book Review-

Criticism, R. D. 390.

Dresser v. Traders' National Bank (Mass.) Contract

by National Bank-Ultra Vires, R. D. 134.

Eden v. People (111.) Constitutionality of Acts Pro.

hibiting Barbering on Sunday, Ed. 473.

Egan v. Oakland Home Ins. Co. (Oreg.) Insurance-

Policy-Condition-Limitation-Construction, ann.

case, 221.

Ellerson v. Westcott (N. Y.) Will-Inheritance by

One Causing the Death of Testator, R. D. 133.

El Paso Nat. Bank v. Fuchs (Tex.) Attachment in Ac.

tiong Ex Delicto-Validity, R. D. 864.

Everett v. Los Angeles Consol. Electric Ry. (Cal.)

Electric Street Railways-Liability for Negligence

--Contributory Negligence-Bicycle, R. D. 242.

Fairchild v. Hedges (Wash.) County Treasurer-Lia-

bility for Money Deposited in Bank, ann. case, 418.

First Nat. Bank v. Collins (Mont.) Executors and Ad-

ministratorg-Personal Liability on Contract, R. D.


First Nat. Bank v. Foote (Utah) Negotiable Instru.

ment-Banks-Knowledge of Cashier, R. D. 108.
Foley v. elps (N. Y.) Dead Body-Rights of Widow,

Ed. 407.

Frey v. Calhoun (Mich.) Criminal Law-Trial Verdict

Rendered in Absence of Accused, R. D. 192.

Fuchs v. St. Louis (Mo.) Municipal Corporations-

Sewerg-Negligence, ann. case, 327.
Gay v. Murphy (Mo.) Principal and Surety-Rights of

Sureties--Implied Promise, R. D. 455.
Geer v. State of Connectiont (U. S. S. C.) Constitu-

tional Law-Interstate Commerce-Killing of Game

--Sale Outside of State, R. D. 408.
Gill v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Royalty on Inven.

tions-Recovery by Employees -Claim Against the

Government, R. D. 212.

Girardi v. Electric Imp. Co. (Cal.) Liability for In-

juries Through Electrical Appliances, R. D. 320.

Glidden v. Mechanic's National Bank (Ohio) Collat-

eral Note-Right of Pledgee to Buy in, Ed. 407.

Goldpamer v. O'Brien (Ky.) Torts-Right of Action-

Consont, R. D. 262.
Gould v. Monlohan (N. J.) Married Woman-Funeral

Expenses, R. D. 193.
Griswold v. Hutchinson (Neb.) Malpractice-Physi-

cians and Surgeons, R. D. 494.
Guetzkow Bros. V. Andrews (Wis.) Sale-Breach by

Vendor Extraordinary Profits -- Damages, ann.

case, 305.
Haag v. Ruston (Ind.) Contract-Sale-Damages-

Failure of Principal to Perform Contract by Broker,

R. D. 109.
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co. V. Saxey (Mo.) Injunction

-Strikes, ann. case, 74.
Handley v. Janesville & W. R. R. Co. (N. Car.) Car.

riers of Passengers-Failure to Supply Train-Ex.

emplary Damages, R. D. 300.

Harmon v. Old Colony Railroad Co. (Mass.) Damages

to Married Woman for Incapacity to Labor, Ed.

239; ann. case, 247.

Hearne v. Waterbury Hospital (Conn.) Charitable

Corporation-Liability for Negligence of Servants,

R. D. 240.
Hedin v. Minneapolis Med. & Surg. Inst. (Minn.) Lia-

bility of Medical Practitioner for Deceit, R. D. 88.

Hines v. Wilcox (Tenn.) Landlord and Tenant-Dan.

gerous Premises, R. D. 411.

Hopkins v. Nashville, C. & St. L. Ry. (Tenn.) Trial-

Demurrer to Evidence-Constitutional Law, R. D.

Howes v. Rose (Ind.) Negligence-Draggist-Sale of

Wrong Drug, R. D. 89.
Hughes, In re (N. Mex.) Contempt of Court by Newg.

paper Publications, Ed. 453.
Isola v. Webber (N. Y.) Statute Taking Away Limit

of Damages for Death by Wrongful Act not Retro.

spective, Ed. 67.

Japsen v. People (III.) Criminal Law-Evidence of

Other Offenses, ann. case, 351.

Jentzsch, Ex parte (Cal) Constitutionality of Acts

Prohibiting Barbering on Sunday, Ed. 511.

Jersey City & B. R. Co. v. Morgan (U. S. S. C.) Tender

of & Silver Coin Cappot be Refused Because of

Natural Abrasion, Ed. 67.

Johnson v. Milwaukee & W. Inv. Co. (Neb.) Principal

and Agent Authority of Agent-Notice, R. D. 172.

Kaufman v. Louisville Gas Co. (Ky.) Corporation

Consolidating with Another Liable for the Torts of

the Latter, Ed. 211.

Kaufman v. Shain (Cal.) Courts-Record Minutes-

Amendment after Judgment, R. D. 282.

Kennedy v. First Nat. Bank (Ala.) Homestead-Con-

veyance in Fraud of Creditors-Estoppel, R. D. 88.

Kern's Estate, in re (Pa.) Gifts-Notes-Death of

Maker, R. D. 2.
Keron v. Cashman (N. J.) Rights of Finders of Lost

Articles, Ed. 319.
Lehigb Mining & Manufacturing Co. v. Kelly (U. S. 8.

0.) “Tramp" Corporations in the Federal Courts,

Ed. 279.

Lewis v. Terry (Cal.) Sale of Detective Articley--Lia.

bility to Persons Injured, R. D. 263.
Leyson v. Davis (Min.) Gift Causa Mortis-Suff.

ciency of Evidence, R. D. 108.
Lynch y. Rosenthal (Ind.) Contracts for Sale of Lots-

Allotments by Chance-Public Policy, R. D. 435.
McDonald v. Pittsburg, C., C. & St. L. Ry. Co. (Ind.)

Death by Wrongful Act-Bastard—“Child," R. D.

Mahoney v. San Francisco & San Mateo Ry. Co. (Cal.)

Verdict of Jury Obtained Through Duress on the

Part of the Court, Ed. 345.

Marshall v. Sherman (N. Y.) Corporations-Stock.

holders-Epforcement of Laws of Other States-

Kangas Statutes, R. D. 192.
Minnesota Title Insurance & Trust Co. V. Drexel (U. S.

C. C. of App.) Guarantee and Title Insurance,

ann. case, 443.
Missouri Pac. Ry. Co. v. Meeb (U. S. C. C. of App.)

Federal Courts-Jurisdiction -Diverse Citizenship

--Corporation of Several States, R. D. 23.
Morgan v. Andrews (Mich.) Malicious Interference

with Contract, R. D. 22.
Morgan v. Kennedy (Minn.) Liability of Husband for

Slanderous Words Uttered by the Wife, Ed. 151.
Moore v. Missouri (U. S. S. C.) Validity of “Habitual

Criminals Act," Ed. 67.
Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Phenix Furniture Co. (Mich.)

Foreign Judgments – Conclusiveness, ann. case,

Newberry v. Carpenter (Mich.) Seizure of Private

Property-Custody of Police-Criminal Evidence,

ann, case, 178.

Newman v. King (Ohio) Negotiable Instrument-Prom-

issory Note--Alteration by Payee, R. D. 410.

Page v. White Sewing Mach. Co. (Tex.) Principal and

Surety-Distinction Between Suretyship and Guar.
anty-Notice of Default - Bonds-Conditional Sig.

nature, ann. case, 480.
Pearsall v. Great Northern Ry. Co. (U. S. $. C.) Rail.

road Company-Control of Parallel Lines-Vested

Rights, R. D. 474.

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