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Equity Cases, decided in the Coun.
States, from sho

Standard Law Books.




Gould, Banks & Co., Halsted &. Voorhies, Collins, Keese f. Co., New York; Nicklin & Johnson, Grigg & Elliott, Desilver, Thomas & Co., Philadelphia ; Wm. & Jos. Neal, Baltimore; Hilliard,

Gray & Co., Boston, and other principal Law

Booksellers throughout the United States.

1. CHITTY'S PLEADINGS. A Treatise on Pleading : with a collection of practical Precedents, and Notes thereon. In three volumes. By JOSEPH CHITTY, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. Seventh American, from the sixth London edition. Corrected and enlarged; with Notes and Additions, by John A. DUNLAP, Esq. and additional Notes and References to later decisions, by E. D. INGRAHAM, Esq.

“It is to a writer of our own day that the honor is due, of having first thrown effectual light upon the science of Pleading, by an elaborate work, in which all its different rules are collected, arranged in convenient divisions, and illustrated by explanation and example. The work here mentioned, is the well known treatise on Pleading by Mr. Chitty, which no person competent to appreciate the difficulty of the task performed, can ever peruse without high admiration of the learning, talent, and industry of the author.”—Mr. Serjeant Stephen,

II. CHITTY ON BILLS. A Practical Treatise on Bills of Exchange, Checks on Bankers, Promissory Notes, Bankers’ Cash Notes, and Bank Notes. By Joseph CHITTY, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. Eighth American from the eighth London edition, newly modelled, and greatly enlarged and improved; and with References to the Law of Scotland, France, and America ; and new chapters on Agents, Partners, Consideration, Stamps, Requisites, Loss, Times of Presentment, Non-payment, Protest and Notice, Evidence, Bankruptcy, Forgery, Larceny, Embezzlement, and False Pretences; and an Appendix of Precedents. Containing the American Notes of former editions, by Judge Story, E. D. INGRAHAM, and THOMAS HUNTINGTON, Esqs. To which are now added, the Cases decided in the Courts of the United States, and of the several States, to the present time, and the decisions of all the English Courts in 1833 and '34. By PIERRE OGILVIE Beebee, Attorney at Law.

ICPA new edition just published, from a new English edition, "newly modelled and greatly enlarged and improved” by the author. The present American edition contains the Notes of former editions, by Judge Story, E. 'D. Ingraham, and Thos. Huntington, Esquires, with more than eighty pages of new Notes, closely printed, the whole work comprising over 1000 pages.

Mr. Warren, in his “ Popular Introduction to the Study of Law," giving directions to the student for selecting a Library, mentions on Bills of Exchange, the Treatises of Joseph Chitty, Sen., Joseph Chitty, Jun., Bayley, and Roscoe, and then adds, “The first of these, and the edition of 1833, (from which the last American edition is taken) WILL BE FOUND IN COMPARABLY THE MOST USEFUL FOR THE PRACTITIONER." VOL.I.


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