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ficing all, even life itself, for us, the praise of thy transcendent merits in behalf of mankind, and to rejoice in the enjoyment of that light, of that liberty, of that blessed hope, for which we are beholden to thee! Willingly and entirely I surrender myself to thee, my master ! With alacrity may I obey thee, resolutely and cheerfully walk in thy footsteps, readily, according to my ability, prosecute thy great work upon earth, and advance the interests of thy kingdom, the kingdom of truth, of love, of liberty, of happiness! Never, never can I be too zealous to testify my gratitude in deed to thee! I am thine, whether I live, or whether I die, may I be ever thine.


O God, thou knowest my heart. Thou art here, thou art every where present! Thee no specious appearance deceivest, no idle professions satisfy. Let me not draw nigh unto thee only with my mouth, with

promises of obedience, while my heart is far from thee. Earnestly do I desire, O God, to do thy will and be acceptable to thee! Earnestly do I desire more and more to experience the efficacy of christianity, to make continual progress in the new and divine life, to become more holy and perfect ! earnestly do I desire to resemble more and more, my blessed master and Lord, in doing good to others, in being their pattern, their helper and benefactor ! O let my desires proceed onward to deed and reality! May I never forget the obligations incumbent upon me, the vows that I have made to thee and am now publicly to ratify!

O God! Let me always, let me now be actuated by these sentiments and emotions, that thus the participation of the holy supper may prove a lasting blessing to me! Amen.


Here then I am, in a place consecrated to the public worship of our heavenly Father, there to celebrate in his presence, together with a part of his family upon earth, the feast of his Son who has done so much for us! The happy, the wished for time is come, but will quickly pass. Let me faithfully and diligently improve it that it

Let me be all attention and reverence, my thoughts united and elevated, every power engaged, and all my affections present, to wait on my Lord and minister at his table.

may not be lost.

Assist me, O Lord, with thy Holy Spirit in the great duty and service I am about to perform; grant that nothing, during all the time of this holy action, may make me unmindful of that reverence and

respect which I owe to thy divine Majesty, or that attention which becomes the celebration of this sacred rite. Fix my wandering thoughts, cause every good seed thy hand hath sown to spring up, perfect thy own work, speak peace to my soul, bid every vain and every tumultuous passion be still. The sacrifice is ready, send down the sacred fire, and help me, in the same act, to honor the Father, and the Son, that I may have fellowship with both !

Before receiving the Bread.

Thus was the body of my Lord broken. It pleased the Lord to bruise him, and put him to grief! He was bruised for our iniquities ! —Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world !-He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before his shearer is dumb, so he opened not his mouth.-Do I profess myself his follower ? Let me learn of him to be meek and lowly in heart, alike averse from doing or deserving evil, and ready to suffer it.

Blessed Jesus! didst thou give thy sacred self for me on the cross ?-I give, I consecrate myself, without reserve, to thee.Such as I have and am-0, how unworthy thy acceptance !-I give it heartily to thee. God of mercy! make me a more worthy offering to my Saviour,-to thyself. Give me repentance unto life, not to be repented of. Endow me with a lively faith, a perfect love, and an universal charity. Pity my weakness and forgive my infirmities, for thy mercies sake, Amen.

After receiving the Bread.

Blessed Jesus! Thou art that bread of life which came down from heaven. Olet me, by faith, eat and live forever!

O thou who vouchsafest to afford us all needful supplies both for the body and the soul, nourish my soul to life eternal! Give me to hunger after righteousness, and let this act of obedience to thy holy will instill into my weak and languid soul new sup

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