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Are they

ebrate, sufficiently important and present to thy mind? Do they frequently employ thy understanding and affections ? never entirely foreign from thee? Are they connected with thy usual, governing thoughts and sensations, with thy ordinary habits of life? Does it never prove difficult to thee to call them up to thy recollection, and to do so with interest and satisfaction ?

Dost thou really exult in the wise, gracious provisions which God has made through his Son, for the instruction, the improvement, the consolation, and salvation of mankind ?

Dost thou apprehend and feel the worth of christianity, and the incomparable merits of its founder in behalf of thyself and the whole human race, fallen into the deepest declension and ruin? Is his

dear to thee? Is it associated with real, heartfelt gratitude to him? Dost thou love him, and exult in him, though thou hast not seen him, with cordial delight ?-Art thou striving in all points to form a nearer and brighter resemblance to him?



O God! I am ashamed of my negligence and of my numerous defects, and humbly implore thy paternal forbearance and lenity. May thy mercy pardon what is past, and give me grace for the time to come, to consecrate my life to thee.

I feel that I want encouragement and strengthening, that I must provide more and better nutriment for my soul, lest it should be drawn off from its destination and appointment, and at last sink into a dangerous indifference and torpor. Oh may these solemn religious exercises in which I am to engage, be blessed in that view to me. May it please thee, merciful God, to shed new light, life and energy into my languid, perhaps expiring soul, and thus draw me nearer to that perfection after which I am taught to aspire. I would open every avenue of my heart to the influence of divine truth, attend to its voice with docility and obedience, and endeavor to comply with its dictates with renewed diligence and fidelity.

That I am invited to partake of this spiritual feast, is not because I am worthy, but because thou are infinitely good. Pity my infirmities, which are known to thee, and accept my imperfect obedience of thy commands. I sincerely purpose to lead a christian life, and to use all diligence henceforth to make my calling and election sure. With these purposes I approach thine altar, trusting in thy mercy for the pardon of all that is past, and for an increase of those

graces, which are necessary to make me more worthy to eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.

I behold, by, faith, my crucified Lord dying for me, and I receive him as my only saviour and redeemer. O Lord, increase and enliven this faith by the comfortable assurance of thy Holy Spirit ; grant that through his mediation, who died and rose again for me, I may receive remission of sins, and when the time of my appointed change shall come, may be made partaker of thy heavenly kingdom forever and ever. Amen.


Blessed be to me this day which invites me to celebrate the feast of my Lord. May light and energy from above animate and fortify my mind upon it! May attention and devotion, confidence and joy actuate all its thoughts and emotions, and direct them all to him whose feast we celebrate. Blessed be


all to me who with me revere and love him, our master, and solemnize his memory in company with me! Let us rejoice and be glad together! Exult in his love and our felicity, and with hearts overflowing with gratitude and mutual love, appear at his table !

Yes; I come, O God, with filial reverence, to worship thee as the Father of me and of all mankind, and to exult with all thy children in thy parental tenderness and love!

I come as sick to the great physician of life. I beseech thee, O Lord, to cure my infirmities.

I come as a sinner to my kind and compassionate Father. O receive me, and relieve me by thy favor.

I come as blind to the source of eternal brightness. O Lord, enlighten my darkness, that I may behold the wondrous things of thy law.

I come as a poor frail creature, to the Lord of heaven and earth.

Supply my wants, and do abundantly more for me than I am able to ask or think.

Praised be thy kindness and love for the inestimable gift of thy Son Jesus, and for all that, with and through him, thou hast bestowed, and art willing yet to bestow upon

us !

Glorified Jesus ! I come to proclaim thy holy, beneficent life, thy innocent and efficacious death, and thy triumphant resurrection from the dead; openly to declare the praises of thy disinterested love, sacri

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