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Prayers from the Evangelical Lutheran


Supremely exalted and adorable God, unto whom all hearts are open! I desire to worship thee as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. I adore thine unspeakable goodness in raising up this great deliverer from sin and death, for a benighted, guilty, and ruined world. I praise thee for the spiritual and heavenly blessings which thou hast bestowed upon me through his mediation, crucifixion and resurrection. What gracious instructions flowed from his tongue! What spotless purity marked his life! What love and zeal filled his heart! With what patience and kindness did he seek those that were lost ! What astonishing miracles attested his mission! What a miracle of benevolence was exhibited in his painful and bloody death on the cross ! How triumphantly did he conquer


grave and ascend to thy throne

in heaven! Gracious God, how complete is his redemption, how amazing thy benignity, how attracting and transporting the thought of my Saviour's compassion and victory! What could have been done for thy rebellious offspring, that has not been done? What light, what comfort, what encouragement, what hope can I need, which the gospel of Christ Jesus does not abundantly supply?

O thou who seest in secret! I confess that I am unworthy of my christian privileges, and that I have not adorned my profession in all respects, as I ought to have done, by an holy walk and conversation. Who can tell, how oft he offendeth ? My heart condemns me in many things; and I am grieved, when I consider, in how small a degree I possess the spirit and temper of my Lord. Help thou me to examine and judge myself, that I may not be condemned by thee. Lead me, I beseech thee, to a full acquaintance with the state of my soul, and prepare me for the holy exercises to

which I am called. Save me from all delusion, pride, and self deceit. Forgive, of thine infinite goodness, every offence which I have committed; and accept the renewal, which I am about to make of my vows.

Thou invitest me to the memorial of my Saviour's dying love; and blessed be thy name for this means of enkindling and increasing my affection and gratitude to him. Take me into thy holy keeping, and grant that I may experience no distraction of mind. Let me not be an unfurnished guest, to whom it may be justly said, “ how camest thou in hither, not having on a wedding garment? Let me approach the ordinance, with penitence, thankfulness, and faith, with love and charity to all mankind. Eating the bread and drinking the cup, which Jesus instituted, let me embrace and hold fast the covenant of mercy, and find redemption through his blood. Direct me to profitable meditations upon what he said, did, and suffered ; and let the remembrance of his love, his sacrifice, and his glory, comfort, support, and strengthen me, in life and death.

Heavenly Father! be thou with thy servant who ministers to me in the sanctuary, with my fellow-communicants, with all my christian brethren, and with every human being. Dispose all, who encircle thine altar, to feel and to act as friends, partakers of the same grace, and heirs of one blissful inheritance through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Father of mercies, and God of love ! thou hast caused thy goodness to pass before me this day. Follow with thy blessing what I have been permitted and enabled to perform, in obedience to the injunction of thy Son, my Lord. If thy pure eyes have seen any thing culpable in my religious services, I beseech thee to pardon me.

Let not the pious reflections which have occupied my attention, or the purposes which I have formed, in the company of my fellow-worshippers, and in showing forth the death of Jesus, ever be strange to my

heart. I have avowed thee, the Lord, to be my God, engaging to keep thy commandments and to hearken to thy voice. I have confessed thy Son before men, publicly receiväng his testimony, solemnly acknowledging him to be my divine Master and Guide, my Saviour and Forerunner in the path of holiness and glory.-O forbid, that I should ever make shipwreck of faith, by not holding fast a good conscience. Preserve me from the smallest degree of that spirit, which works in the children of disobedience. Preserve me from proving faithless to my vows, and from bringing reproach on the christian name. Help me to follow the Lamb, whithersoever he goeth; to abide in him, the true vine; and to stand fast in the liberty wherewith he hath made his disciples free. Enable me at all times to remember his new command, that


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