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change of dynasty by violence occa- volumes were a part is preserved in sioned confusion and trouble, and they London in the custody of the Master remained, until presented to the Phila- of the Rolls. As the minutes clearly delphia Library, in the custody of his showed that the 'manuscripts were family, who did not consider that the given to the Library Company without succeeding government had any legal any reservation or trust, there seemed title to them. They continued to be to be a manifest propriety in restoring kept in the library in the original box them to the British government as a in which they had been sent; and were portion of their public archives. The entirely unappreciated, and in fact near- directors, therefore, through the libraly forgotten, when the librarianship of rian, made a formal offer to that effect the joint collection fell to the Logan to Lord Romilly, the Master of the heir, John Jay Smith, Esq., father of Rolls. The offer was immediately the present incumbent. Mr. Smith transmitted to the Lords of the Treasimmediately had the valuable docu- ury, and was by them gratefully acments properly arranged, bound, and cepted. catalogued.

In the course of his reply to Mr. One of the pages had contained the Smith, Lord Romilly says: “I cannot autograph of Queen Elizabeth, but it conclude without expressing to yourwas filched by some vandal collector, self personally, or without begging also with no more veneration in his com- through you to express to the Library position than the rogue who stole Company of Philadelphia, my deep Byron's note from the urn in Sir sense of the obligation conferred by Walter Scott's drawing-room. Sev- them on the British nation, and my eral other royal signatures met the conviction that this, and acts of a simisame fate, and figured but lately, it is lar character, will rivet more closely said, in a sale of autographs in New the ties of friendship and respect which York.

already bind our countries together." The thoughtful care of Mr. Smith, Thus the courtesy of the English in having the manuscripts properly Officers in 1777 was returned with preserved in volumes, effectually pro- interest to their whole nation in 1867. tected them from further depreda The manuscripts were transmitted in tions.

safety to London through the late During the recent visit of Mr. Hep- lamented Sir Frederick Bruce, who worth Dixon to this country his atten- deemed them of sufficient value to tion was called to these five volumes of induce him to forward them to his manuscripts by the present librarian, government by a special messenger. mír. Lloyd P. Smith. An examination in his letter to the Company Sir Fredmade it evident that they were a part erick remarked : “ The Lord Commisof the national archives of Great Brit- sioners request the acceptance by the ain. They consisted of four volumes directors, for deposit in the Philadelof official correspondence relating to phia Library, of a complete set of the Ireland, bearing the royal sign manual Chronicles and Memorials of Great of James I. and the signatures of the Britain and Ireland during the Middle Lords of his Privy Council, addressed Ages, and of the Calendars of State to the Lord Deputy of Ireland. The Papers, as well as of the several facfifth volume contained the original similes made by the process of photomanuscript of the Marquis of Clan- zincography, and published by their ricarde's Memoirs from October 23, authority under the direction of the 1641, to August 30, 1643. It was fur- Master of the Rolls.” ther ascertained through Mr. Dixon, This munificent gift, consisting of who was familiar with the state papers one hundred and fifty-six volumes, all in the Rolls House in London, that handsomely bound in levant morocco, the series of letters of which these was received on the 6th of May last;

and it will continue to be henceforth ing a gift, they (the directors) did not an object of the highest interest to the feel authorized to part with it to any jurist and the historical scholar. private person, but, as it appears to be

An unintentional error concerning also official in its character, and a part the Company's gift to the British Gov- of the Irish state papers, I am directed ernment crept into Lord Romilly's to add it to the manuscript letters, and letter of the 30th April last, addressed return the whole to the Master of the to the editor of the “ London Times." Rolls, in whose office you will be able In the course of that communication to consult it.” the Master of the Rolls said: “A case Within a few weeks the following has been received by me containing the memorials have also been presented to four volumes in question, and also the the library: An excellent oil painting original manuscript of the Marquis of of Stenton, “ Logan's Country Seat,” Clanricarde's Memoirs, from October 23, by Edmund Lewis ; a characteristic 1641, to August 30, 1643, mentioned in portrait of Dr. Franklin; and an adMr. Hardy's valuable Report on the mirable likeness of the Duke of Bruns. Carte and Carew Papers, and which wick, who first sold soldiers to George has long been supposed to be lost. III. Underneath the latter, in very This work was actually presented to appropriate propinquity, lies a thirteenMr. Dixon for himself, who as soon as inch mortar shell, which was fired from he discovered its contents, and that it the right batteries of General Washingbelonged to the same set of state ton's second parallel, during the siege papers, thought proper to restore it to of Yorktown, in October, 1781. it the series from which he considered it was exhumed three years since, under unfit that it should be separated. I the direction of the gallant Brigadierneed scarcely say that it is of great General Isaac J. Wistar. value.”

So much matter has crowded upon This statement is calculated to cre- my attention in the review of the hisate an erroneous impression, owing tory of the Library Company of Philadeldoubtless to a misapprehension on the phia, that this sketch has outrun my part of Mr. Dixon, who in fact asked intention. If, however, I have really for the manuscript; the directors, succeeded in awakening an interest in however, declined to give it, except this venerable institution, the following to the British authorities; and in- words of one whose accurate learning structed the librarian to embody their is proverbial will be readily appreciviews in a letter, which was forwarded ated : “No library I have ever seen, to Mr. Dixon on the 14th of Decem- not even the Bodleian, has left such ber, 1866. The following paragraph traces on my imagination as the Old from that epistle clearly defines their Philadelphia, which I want to see position : " The Diary of Clanricarde be- again."



I FOLDED up the sheet, and laid it sky. Then, as the most trivial things I on the Doctor's little table.

will swarm into the mind after any long It had grown late while I read and or serious strain, I fell to considering thought and remembered ; and the whether or not the rain had hurt my sound of a church-clock striking eleven ivy, not yet brought within doors ; if it came swelling and sinking on the wind. would be followed by a black frost ; if It was enough like a knell to make the pears I had wrapped in paper and me shudder. And I began to think of laid in a drawer were mellowed yet. I the same sound with the foam rushing wished the Isabellas had been gathered over the Inch Cape Rock, and all the before the weather changed; I brought time the ghastly procession of the pris out the great globe of a decanter for on-bell marshalled itself before my eyes. the firelight to set a flame in, and

One or two growls of distant thunder piled the basket with the little red-jewbetokened the clearing-up shower. In elled clusters of the new vines, shedall the tumultuousness of the earth ding their sweet-spiced savor as soon and heaven resounded still the great as they felt the fire. So much for monotone of the surf. I went to the beauty. And then I considered that window and looked out, for a night- a gallop through the storm would give storm always makes me as restless as it a man keen relish for more substantial does a cat; and I can quote the witty things than dainties; and as Elizabeth Adolphe d'Houdetot with feeling when, had long been in bed and the fire in in remembering that the deluge took ashes, I laid a little gridiron on the parplace in order to punish men for their lor coals, and proceeded to toast the iniquities, he asks himself if we have side of a chicken with the best art I always been wise enough not to experi- had. ence a secret apprehension while it While I still bent over the fire, toastrains. The only light to be seen was ing my own face as well, there came that of a distant corner-lamp flickering the clatter of wheels up the street; I and flaring windily over the blackness did not think it could be the Doctor, for of its desolate region; everything in the he had gone on horseback; but, while house was still, even to the mouse of I was telling myself so, the door was the wainscot; the rain ran in rivulets thrown open, there were voices in the down the cold pane against which my entry, I ran forward, toasting-fork in forehead was pressed. I wondered if hand, in time to see the Doctor and Lucian Jouvency heard it beat against some one else assisting a third person his prison-window, or if little Joey Haz- up stairs, by the light of the hanging ard looked out, as I did, at the night, lamp, and into my best bedroom. While and shivered at the wild, sad cry of the I looked after them, and stupidly conwind. All the pressure of others' troub- gratulated myself that the place had les lowered my moral temperature till been freshly set to rights that mornI seemed to feel the habit of misfortune ing, the Doctor called to me to mull upon me, till I grew nervous, and fore- some wine; one of the strangers — it boded a hundred ills to befall the Doctor. was the man that had called the DocWhen I turned, I found the fire had fall- tor - came down with the lantern, by en, and the room was cold ; to give the whose help they had steered through grate again its cheerful blaze required the outer darkness, put Chestnut up me to bestir myself, and the movement for the night, -- he having been led quickly swept all the cobwebs out of my home by the bridle, - got into his

once more.

wagon, and drove off at a rattling

“Now I've seen all I want speed. The Doctor then appeared for to of my wife to-night, and off with the wine, and by the time it was ready you !” And though after my head the chicken was scorched to a crisp; at was on the pillow I heard him come which vexation overcame me, and I told up stairs whistling his favorite air of him I was no more born for a cook “Deep-Sea Dredging," than he for a gardener. “Never mind,"

* I early take me to the shores, said he, “ I can pull enough off it for him.

Along the ripple edging, Don't believe it will hurt him; don't

And shoot away with daring oars care if it does. Keep him alive till to

To deep-sea dredging.

But let the bitter waves arise, morrow; he may die next day for all of

My dory darkly hedging, me.”

And I myself must be the prize “But the chicken was for you!” said I.

Of deep-sea dredging,". “ Never mind me, I say. I'll find a the whistle softened into mere tuneful bite in the buttery. Where's the knife? breath, and was silence itself before he O, here."

entered the opposite room, where the “How gay you are ! One would think dimly burning gas lighted his labors till a ride of three miles in water up to your long past midnight. knees was a tonic."

When I woke the next morning the “ A shrewd little woman. The best Doctor was already absent. I started of tonics. I would n't change places in a panic, fearing I had overslept with the man that rules Christendom myself, and should, after all, lose my to-night!” declared he, rapidly sepa- Eve's apple, but was soon reassured rating the most delicate morsels, and by a hearty voice below, rehearsing seasoning them.

the breakfast's bill of fare, and bid“ I believe you are a little out of your ding Elizabeth make the coffee strong head. What have you got up stairs ?” enough to hold up


spoon. I pulled “You had better ask me whom. Now aside the curtain to look for the vane. go to bed, - I shall be up half the night. It was still east, though the storm was I don't speak another word to you, my over, but it seemed as though the dear; for if you once get excited there'll weather, having had its crying-fit, must be no sleep, and I want you to take a yet take a spell at pouting before the sun trip with me bright and early to-mor- could shine again ; still the vane vacilrow.”

lated and had an eye to the south, so “A trip? Where? For how long? I made up my mind that it would clear What shall I need to take?

by noon, and I should ride in my best A trip, — yes. Where, no mat- rep. Having finished my arrangements ter. How long, - more time or less. I prepared to descend; and the first I shall put a tooth-brush in my pocket. thing I saw on opening my door was I suppose you 'll want that slatted Elizabeth bringing up a tray to the treasury-chest that has given the spine- occupant of the best room, followed by complaint to every porter that ever set the hovering Doctor, who, with singular eyes on it and you together.”

politeness, turned about and waited on “ How absurd you are! As if por

me down.

Then, having previously ters had any spines !

satisfied his own hunger, he carved for Popular fallacy. Hark! The storm's me, and was off up stairs again. Just begun to fall, — pleasant day to-morrow. as I put the cream to my second cup That was a good idea of yours, the a coach stopped at the curbstone, the drum in the chimney overhead, — takes stranger was helped down the stairway off all the chill. What are you hanging and into the coach, and the Doctor about me for ?” suddenly asked the opened the door and looked at me. Doctor, looking up at me in a savage “Still in your cups ? ” said he. “I am way, and then stooping and kissing me going now. Martin has put Chestnut quite as if we were silly young people in, and will drive you to the station. I

We put

give you just fifteen minutes," and he before I knew it I was wedged into a was gone.

seat, patted on the shoulder (a favorite At that, my spirit being up, although emollient application of the Doctor's), I love to take my leisure, I determined and left to my own devices. to be beforehand with him.

Little did I think last night that I old Chestnut to his mettle, and I was should be here this morning! I conon the steps ready to welcome the quered my giddiness, and surveyed my Doctor when the coach drove up. I strange surroundings. They were just stood there, proud and smiling, look. bringing in the prisoner. I should ing up street and down, but no coach have known his stalwart and imposing came; I heard the first bell ring, and the aspect among a thousand, if there had second, and the snorting of the impa- been nothing else to mark him. That tient engine, still no coach; then the yellow woman not far away, working her third bell began to toll, and with its hands and her face perpetually, must be sound the inquiring head of the Doctor Mrs. Hazard; she had not been in court peered round the corner. “Where did before, probably Joey had insisted upon you come from?” exclaimed 1. “I her hearing what plea there was to have been waiting here all of the fifteen make for Lucian. Was that Joey Hazminutes."

ard by her side, who had just thrown “I dare say,” answered he with surly back her thick veil in order to return triumph. “I came from the cars. You Lucian's smile ? It must be she, behave twice as many seconds to reach cause there was the piquant little nose, them in,” and he seized my arm. the rippling, bright hair, the shy, be“What is in that ?" looking at my witching air, — but the eyes full of light innocent leather bag.

in the Doctor's story were to-day dull “My night toilet.”

and heavy, not as if sodden with tears, " And that box?” with a terrible eye. but as if they had become blind to

“Why, I can't travel in my silk, you sunshine ; and that being she, where know, and these are my muslins, and was all the changing color gone? There your dress-coat and — "

were no roses now; it was winter there; The Doctor tossed it into the chaise and I even imagined that in the red for Martin to take home again, and gold of her hair one could see silver swept me away the cars, settled me threads. with a book, and betook himself to the All had grown quiet in the court, preother car, in whose private apartment liminaries having been despatched while he had made his patient comfortable. I looked at Joey and her two companHowever, I found somebody to talk to; ions, and I was startled from my mediand in good season we reached our des- tations by the voice of Lucian's counsel tination. Then the Doctor unceremo- as he rose and stated that he was about niously hustled me into one coach and to ask a favor of the court which he felt his charge into another, gave the coach- sure would be granted him; and that man his directions, – he had on bis although he was aware it was entirely business face, and I dared not ask a irregular to introduce testimony in that question, – the door was slammed, and stage of the proceedings, yet he begged I was whirled away. On my feet once to do so, as the opportune arrival of a more, at last, and by the Doctor's side witness, since yesterday's adjournment, again, I called my good genius to aid had put him in possession of facts that me, -- I could but be killed, -- and gave an entirely new aspect to the case, humbly demanded whither he was tak- and which, while they did away with ing me.

the necessity of his own plea, would " Into court," answered he. “We prevent the court's wasting any further are going to hear what they have to time upon the matter. say in Lucian Jouvency's defence." To this, of course, the prosecuting

Then struggling through a throng, attorney, running his hand through his

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