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which was very short, frankly owned himself to be a priest, and that he returned to England purposely to confirm Catholics in their faith, and to reconcile others to it.


THOMAS HOLLAND, Anglus Londini, 22 Dec. 1642, a Puritanis suspensus et dissectus in quatuor Partes, ed qudd Sacerdos esset Ecclesiæ Romanæ ; a small oval.

Paulus a S. Magdalena, alias HEATH, Convent. F. F. Minorum Recoll. Anglorum, Duaci, Guard. &c. small 4to.


R. P. F. Paulus, alias HEATH; in an oval ; small 4to. W. Richardson.

Henry Heath was born at Peterborough, in Northamptonshire. He studied at Cambridge, and afterward at Douay, where he became a Franciscan. He was sent a missionary into England : and soon after his landing, was apprehended, condemned, and executed, as one of that character. He suffered at Tyburn, the 27th of April, 1643. His head was placed on London-bridge, and his quarters on the city-gates.

FRANCIS BELL, a friar; a rope about his neck, and a knife in his breast ; executed 1643.

R. P. F. FRANCISCUS BELL; in an oval; small 4to. W. Richardson.

Francis Bell, who was born at Hanbury, near Worcester, was a member of the English college at Valladolid, in Spain. In 1618, he became a Franciscan. He was sent by the general of his order to Douay, to assist father John Gennings in his design of erecting a convent of the same order in that place. He was twice chosen guardian of the convent. He was also provincial of the English and Scottish Franciscans. In 1643, he was apprehended, con

demned, and executed, for acting here in his ecclesiastical charactér. He suffered at Tyburn, on the 11th of December. It is said, that he was master of seven languages.

RODOLPHUS CORBIE, Societatis Jesu ab Hæreticis pro Fide suspensus et dissectus, Londini, 2 Sept. 1644; a small oval.


THOMAS COLMAN, a friar. He died in prison, 1644.

He is, in the “Certamen Seraphicum,” called Walter Colman and is said to have been of the Franciscan order, and a missionary in England, and to have been condemned to die, but was reprieved by the favour of the king.

HENRICUS MORSE, Soc. Jesu pro Fide suspensus et dissectus, Londini, 1 Feb. 1646; a small oval. This print, and those of Holland and Corbie, are in the Certamen triplex à tribus Soc. Jesu ex Provincia Anglicana Sacerdotibus,&c. Antv. 1645.

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Eamus et nos ut moriamur cum co. Toun. 11.16.

Pub Dec 11706by Wichardfon. Uprk Horufe 31Strani).

Missionarius: Lancastriæ, in Anglia, Martyrio coro-. natus, 1646; small 4to.

V. P. F. MARTINUS WOODCOCKE; in an oval, small quarto. W. Richardson.

Martin* Woodcocke, who was born in Lancashire, studied at St. Omer's and Rome, and afterward at Douay, where, in 1631, he entered into the order of St. Francis. In 1643, he was sent hither in the character of a missionary, and was seized and imprisoned soon after his arrival. He was detained in prison two years before he was brought to his trial, when he readily owned himself to be “ a priest of the catholic church," and was condemned in consequence of that confession. He was executed at Lancaster, the 7th of August, 1646, together with Reading and Whitaker, who were also priests of the church of Rome.t

The condition of a missionary, in the beginning of this reign, was very different from what it was in the latter end of it; when religious zeal against popery was heightened and inflamed with all the

rage of faction. If a Turkish dervise had then preached Mahomet in England, he would have met with much better treatment than a popish priest.

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