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$1,000,000), to be located as follows: One in the Isthmian Canal Zone, one on the California coast, one in the Hawaiian Islands, one in American Samoa, one on the island of Guam, and one in the Philippine Islands, $400,000, to be available until expended.

BUREAU OF NAVIGATION. Transportation, recruiting, and contingent-Transportation: For travel allowance of enlisted men discharged on account of expiration of enlistment; transportation of enlisted men and apprentice seamen at home and abroad, with subsistence and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof; transportation to their homes, if residents of the United States, of enlisted men and apprentice seamen discharged on medical survey, with subsistence and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof, transportation of sick or insane enlisted men and apprentice seamen to hospitals, with subsistence and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof; apprehension and delivery of deserters and stragglers; transportation of civilian officers and crews of naval auxiliaries, and for railway guides and other expenses incident to transportation.

Recruiting: Expenses of recruiting for the naval service; rent of rendezvous and expenses of maintaining the same; advertising for and obtaining men and apprentice seamen; actual and necessary expenses in lieu of mileage to officers on duty with traveling recruiting parties; expenses of shipping civilian crews of naval auxiliaries.

Contingent: Ferriage, continuous-service certificates, discharges, good-conduct badges and medals for men and boys; purchase of gymnastic apparatus; transportation of effects of deceased officers and enlisted men of the Navy; books for training apprentice seamen and landsmen; maintenance of gunnery and other training classes; packing boxes and materials; and other contingent expenses and emergencies arising under cognizance of the Bureau of Navigation unforseen and impossible to classify.

Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended in recruiting seamen, ordinary seamen, or apprentice seamen, unless in case of minors a certificate of birth or a verified written statement by the parents, or either of them, or in case of their death a verified written statement by the legal guardian, be first furnished to the recruiting officer, showing applicant to be of age required by naval regulations, which shall be presented with the application for enlistment; except in cases where such certificate is unobtainable, enlistment may be made when the recruiting officer is convinced that oath of applicant as to age is credible; but when it is afterwards found upon evidence satisfactory to the Navy Department that recruit has sworn falsely as to age, and is under 18 years of age at the time of enlistment, he shall, upon request of either parent, or, in case of their death, by the legal guardian, be released from service in the Navy upon payment of full cost of first outfit, unless in any given case the Secretary, in his discretion, shall relieve said recruit of such payment: Provided, That authority is hereby granted to employ hereafter the services of an advertising agency in advertising for recruits under such terms and conditions as are most advantageous to the Government.

In all, $1,005,000.

Explanation.-The above appropriation is a combination of the following appropriations: Transportation.

$850,000 Recruiting..

130,000 Contingent.

15,000 Maintenance, naval auxiliaries (transportation and shipping).

10,000 Total .....

1,005, 000 Each of the first three appropriations could be used as subheads, although this is not considered advisable.

Gunnery and steaming exercises: Prizes, trophies, and badges for excellence in gunnery and steaming exercises and target practice,

the competition to be held under such rules as the Secretary of the Navy may formulate; for the establishment and maintenance of shooting galleries, target houses, targets, and ranges; for niring established ranges, and for transportation of civilian assistants and equipment to and from ranges; and for the purpose of classifying, compiling and publishing the results of the competitions, $116,500.

Explanation:—This appropriation to take the place of the two appropriations: Gunnery exercises...

$110,000 Steaming exercises.

6,500 Total.....

116,500 Maintenance, naval training stations: Maintenance of naval training stations; labor and material, general care, repairs, and improvements; motor-propelled vehicles; an

all other incidental expenses; in all, $278,457: Provided, That the sum to be paid out of this appropriation under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy for clerical, drafting, inspection, and messenger service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1914, shall not exceed $50,254.96.

Explanation. The above appropriation is a combination of the following appropriations; the name of the station could be used as a subhead: Naval training station: California..

$70,000 Rhode Island.

85,000 Great Lakes.

98, 457 St. Helena.

25,000 Total......

278, 457 Of this amount the following amounts have been set aside for the payment of clerical force: Naval training station: California ..

None. Rhode Island.

$5, 701. 60 Great Lakes.

44,553. 36 Total ......

.. 50, 254.96 Aviation experiments (no change): For experimental work in development of aviation for naval purposes, $10,000.

Outfits on first enlistment (no change): Outfits for all enlisted men and apprentice seamen of the Navy on first enlistment, at not to exceed $60 each, $882,070.

Naval War College (no change): For maintenance of the Naval War College on Coasters Harbor Island, and care of grounds for same, $25,250; services of a lecturer on international law, $2,000; services of civilian lecturers, rendered at the War College, $300; care and preservation of the library, including the purchase, binding, and repair of books of reference and periodicals, $1,300: Provided, That the sum to be paid out of this appropriation under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy for clerical, inspection, drafting, and messenger service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1914, shall not exceed $10,250. In all, Naval War College, Rhode Island, $28,850.

Naval Home, Philadelphia, Pa., pay of employees (no exchange): One secretary, $1,600; 1 foreman mechanic, $1,500; 1 superintendent of grounds, at $720; 1 steward, at $720; 1 store laborer, at $480; 1 matron, at $420; 1 beneficiaries' attendant, at $240; 1 chief cook, at $480; 1 assistant cook, at $360; 1 assistant cook, at $240; 1 chief laundress, at $216; 5 laundresses, at $192 each; 4 scrubbers, at $192 each; 1 head waitress, at $216; 8 waitresses, at $192 each; 1 kitchen servant, at $240; 8 laborers, at $360 each; 1 stable keeper and driver, at $480; 1 master-at-arms, at $720; 2 house corporals, at $300 each; i barber, at $360; 1 carpenter, at $846; 1 painter, at $846; 1 painter, at $720; 1 engineer for elevator and machinery, $720; 4 laborers, at $540 each; 2 laborers, at $360 each; total for employees, $22,288.

Maintenance, Naval Home, Philadelphia, Pa. (no change): Water rent, heating, and lighting; cemetery, burial expenses and headstones; general care and improvements of grounds, buildings, walls, and fences; repairs to power-plant equipment, implements, tools, and furniture, and purchase of the same; music in chapel and entertainments for beneficiaries; stationery, books, and periodicals; transportation of indigent and destitute beneficiaries to the Naval Home, and of sick and insane beneficiaries, their attendants, and necessary subsistence for both, to and from other Government hospitals; employment of such beneficiaries in and about the Naval Home as may be authorized by the Secretary of the Navy, on the recommendation of the governor; support of beneficiaries, and all other contingent expenses, $54,421; rebuilding river bulkhead, $5,500; total, maintenance, $59,921; in all, for Naval Home, $82,209, which sum shall be paid out of the income from the naval pension fund.

Ocean and lake surveys (no change): Hydrographic surveys, including the pay of the necessary hydrographic surveyors, cartographic draftsmen and recorders, and for the purchase of nautical books, charts, and sailing directions, $90,000.

Arming and equipping Naval Militia (no change): For arms, accouterments, ammunition, medical outfits, fuel, water for steaming purposes, and clothing, and the printing or purchase of necessary books of instruction, expenses in connection with the organizing and training of the Naval Militia of the various States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe, $125,000.

Battle compassés (no change): For the purchase of battle compasses for ships of the Navy heretofore completed, $120,000.

BUREAU OF ORDNANCE, Ammunition: For procuring, producing, preserving, and handling ammunition for issue to ships; for reserve supply of ammunition, powder, and shell, and for the purchase and manufacture of smokeless powder; in all, $7,738,254.62, to be available until expended: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for for the purchase of shells or projectiles except for shells or projectiles purchased in accordance with the terms and conditions of proposals submitted by the Secretary of the Navy to all of the manufacturers of shells and projectiles and upon bids received in accordance with the terms and requirements of such proposals: Provided further, That the unexpended balances of all moneys heretofore appropriated under the appropriations " Ammunition for ships of the Navy,” “Reserve ammunition,” “Reserve powder and shell," and "Purchase and manufacture of smokeless powder (ordnance and ordnance stores)," are hereby transferred to this appropriation.

Explanation.—The above appropriation is a combination of the following appropriations: Ammunition for ships of the Navy...

$3, 850, 000.00 Purchase and manufacture of smokeless powder.

1, 150, 000. 02 Target-practice ammunition..

2, 588, 254. 60 Modernizing projectiles.

150,000.00 Total......

7, 738, 254. 62 New and improved ordnance: For new batteries for vessels to replace batterie obsolete or worn out in whole or in part; for renewing and modernizing armaments for ships of the Navy as required to keep them in condition of highest efficiency; such as improvements in guns, mounts, breech mechanisms, sights, and turrets; for manufacture of reserve guns; for new small arms, machine guns, landing guns, torpedoes, and appliances; new mines and mine outfits; fire-control instruments; in all, $1,415,000, to be available until expended: Provided, That all spare guns which have been procured under the appropriation “Increase Navy, armor and armament” shall be available for general use as though procured under this appropriation: Provided further, That the unexpended balance of all moneys heretofore appropriated under the appropriations "New batteries for ships of the Navy” including all subheads, “Modernizing batteries Massachusetts and Oregon," "Modernizing turrets, ships of the Navy, ** "Reserve guns, ships of the Navy, Reserve guns for auxiliary cruisers," "Fire control," "Small arms and machine guns," "Torpedoes and appliances, "Reserve torpedoes and appliances," " Torpedoes and converting torpedo boats,” "Mines and mine appliances,” are hereby transferred to this appropriation.

Explanation. The above appropriation is a combination of the following appropriations and subheads: New batteries for ships of the Navy:

Modifying or renewing breech mechanisms (3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch guns):

$75,000 Replacing Mark VI 6-inch guns with Mark VIII and repairing and modernizing the Mark VI guns for issue...

150,000 Lining and hooping to muzzle 8-inch 40-caliber Mark V' guns.

40,000 Liners for eroded guns..

125,000 Modifying 5-inch 50-caliber Mark V guns

75,000 Torpedoes and appliances

850,000 Mines and mine appliances.

100,000 Total....

1, 415,000 Experiments, Bureau of Ordnance (no change): For experimental work in the development of armor-piercing and other projectiles, fuses, powders, and high explosives, in connection with the problems of the attack of armor with direct and inclined fire at various ranges, including the purchase of armor, powder, projectiles, and fuses for the above purposes, and of all necessary material and labor in connection there. with; and for other experimental work under the cognizance of the Bureau of Ordnance in connection with the development of ordnance material for the Navy, $200,000.

BUREAU OF EQUIPMENT. Appropriations under this bureau have been distributed.


Navy yard, Portsmouth, N. H. (no change): Fitting up room for storage of cranes, $9,000; garbage crematory, $6,000; central administration building, rebuilding building No. 86 (to be immediately available), $20,000; roadway to hospital, $7,000; in all, $42,000.

Navy yard, Boston, Mass. (no change): Paving, to continue, $15,000; electrical system, extension, $5,000; railroad system, extension and equipment, $10,000; fireproofing of pattern shop, $22,000; remodeling building No. 40, $12,000; remodeling building No. 77 for boat storage, $15,000; improvement of coaling plant, $65,000; power-plant improvements, $3,900; dredging, to continue, $10,000; sewers and drains, $3,600; enlargement, buildings Nos. 42 and 43, $75,000; additional oil storage, $5,000; extension to yard dispensary, $2,800; air compressor, power plant, $35,000; in all, navy yard, Boston, $279,300.

Navy yard, New York, N. Y. (no change): Paving and grading, to continue, $25,000; yard railroad, extension and equipment, $40,000; dredging, to continue, $100,000; improve ment of water front, to continue, $125,000; raising freeboard of floating crane Hercules, $30,000; centralizing offices, to be immediately available, $55,000; in all, navy yard, New York, N. Y., $375,000.

Navy yard, Philadelphia, Pa. (no change): One hundred and fifty-ton crane (to cost $350,000), $100,000; complete rebuilding building No. 7 for central offices (immediately available), $50,000; electric system, extensions, $15,000; sea-wall protection, $12,000; water system, extensions, $15,000; sewer system, extensions, $5,000; gasoline storage plant, $10,000; paving, to continue, $10,000; railroad system, extensions and equipment, $5,000; dredging plant, to build, $40,000; quay wall and piers, $50,000; dredging, to continue, $50,000; pattern storage building, $50,000; runway for crane, building No. 10, $10,000; in all, navy yard, Philadelphia, $422,000.

Navy yard, Washington, D. C. (no change): Water-front improvements, to complete, $35,000; fireproof general storehouse (to cost $225,000), $150,000; paving, to continue, $2,500; sewerage, to extend, $5,000; railroad, extension, $2,500; heavy gun scales, $8,000; in all, $203,000.

Navy yard, Norfolk, Va. (no change): Railroad tracks, extensions and equipment, $10,000; repairs, buildings, St. Helena, $25,000; improvements to water front, to continue, $50,000; paving and grading, to continue, $15,000; heating system, extension, $5,000; 150-ton crane (limit of cost, $350,000), $150.000; yard wall extension, $12,000; remodeling buildings Nos. 28 and 29 for boat shop and shed, $30,000; dredging, to continue, $40,000; remodeling building No. 36, $20,000; water system, extensions, $7,500; sewer system, extension, $5,000; lavatories and toilet facilities, $5,000; compressed-air system, extensions, $5,000; telephone system, extensions, $5,000; record vault, administration building, $5,000; in all, navy yard, Norfolk, Va., $389,500.

Navy yard, Charleston, S. Č. (no change): Paving and grading, to continue, $5,000; two sets officers' quarters, $18,000; locomotive and crane shed, $5,000; remodeling dispensary, building No. 19, $3,000; lumber and boat shed, $8,000; torpedo slips (to cost $300,000), $150,000; in all, $189,000.

Naval station, Key West, Fla: (no change): Toward construction of breakwater, limit of contract, $600,000, $100,000.

Navy yard. Mare Island, Cal. (no change): Grading and paving, $10,000; railway system, extensions, $5,000; salt-water flushing and fire-protection system, $25,000; reconstructing quay wall, $20,000; modernizing electric power and light distributing systems, $20,000; water-system extensions, to continue, $10,000; in all, $90,000.

Navy yard, Puget Sound, Wash. (no change): Main gate and gatehouse, $35,000; ship-filters' shop, mold loft, and structural steel storage, to cost $275,000, $120,000; power-plant extensions, $75,000; pier No. 8, to extend, $10,000; paving and walks, $15,000; linseed-oil storage tanks, $4,000; sewer system, extensions, $35,000; telephone system, extensions and renewals, $10,000; heating system, extensions and renewals, $10,000; berthing space for Pacific Reserve Fleet, $75,000; rebuilding pier No. 1, $10,000: in all, navy yard, Puget Sound, Wash., $399,000.

Naval station, Guantanamo, Cuba (no change): Recreation building for enlisted men, $30,000.

Naval station, Olongapo, P. I. (no change): Steel pontoons for approach to Dewey, $30,000.

Naval station, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (no change): Water-front development, $100,000; water system, $30,000; power distribution, mains, and conduits, $65,000; railroad equipment, $30,000; boat landings, etc., $5,000; two officers' quarters, $24,000; torpedo-boat slips, $50,000; ice plant and miscellaneous improvements, $50,000; one dry-rock crane, $100,000; marine railway, $100,000; in all, $554,000.

Buildings and grounds, Naval Academy (no change); For the purchase of the necessary land for the location of the Naval Academy dairy, at some point in the

vicinity of Annapolis, Md., convenient for communication, and for the transportation of dairy products from the location of the dairy to the Naval Academy, and for the transfer to new dairy site, and reerection thereon, of buildings belonging to present dairy, the repair and alteration of such buildings as may be found on the land to be purchased, and for all other necessary purposes connected with establishment of dairy on such land, $100,000; sea wall, complete, around power house, $50,000; wharf and approach (to cost $125,000), $50,000; in all, $200,000.

Naval training station, Rhode Island, buildings (no change): Repairs to barracks "A," B,” and “C.” $6,000; power plant and distributing systems, extension, $10,000; improvement to water front, to continue, and ferry slip, $10,000; in all, $26.000. Vaval training station, California, buildings (no change): Water pipe, $10,000.

Naval Observatory (no change): For cleaning, repair, and upkeep of grounds and roads, $16,000.

Naval proving ground, Indian Head, Md. (no change): Addition to facilities, $29,000; storehouse for nitrate of soda, $15,000; purchase of additional land, $200,000; in all, naval proving ground, Indian Head, $244,000.

Government landing, Narragansett Bay, R. I. (no change): Water-front improvements, $2,000.

Naval coal depot, Melville Station, R. I. (no change): Extension of wharf, $10,000; sea wall, $10,000; quarters for machinist, $5,000; paint and oil house, $1,000; in all, $26,000.

Naval magazine, New York Harbor (Iona Island), (no change): Lunch room and lockers, $2,000; blacksmith shop, $2,500; quarters for gunner, $6,000; in all $10,500.

Naval magazine, Fort Lafayette, N. Y. (no change): Extension of wharf, $6,000; auxiliary pump house for fire protection, $1,000; dredging channel, $15,000; in all, $22,000.

Naval magazine, Lake Denmark, N. J. (no change): Fire and boundary wall, to continue, $2,500; pump house, $1,000; in all, $3,500.

Naval magazine, St. Juliens Creek, Va. (no change): Wharf and approaches, $40,000; extending buildings 17 and 18, $12,000; fire protection system, extensions, $2,500; railroad system, extensions, $4,000; shed for repairing damaged powder tanks, $2,000; in all, $60,500.

Engineering experiment station, Annapolis, Md. (no change): Concrete sea wall and pavements, $65,000.

Naval magazine, Mare Island, Cal. (no change): One magazine building, $15,000; two filling houses, $2,400; extension of sea wall, $2,500; in all, $19,900.

Naval magazine, Puget Sound, Wash. (no change): One building for storehouse and cartridge-bag factory, $15,000; clearing and grading ground, $3,000; quay wall, $15,000; one filling house, $1,500; one set of quarters for gunner, $6,000; one magazine building, $15,000; in all, $55,500.

Naval torpedo station, Newport, R. I. (no change): Repairs to old machine shop, $8,000; seamen gunners' quarters, $60,000; railroad, Rose Island, $20,000; improvement, water front, $10,000; in all $98,000.

Naval magazine, Hingham, Mass. (no change): One magazine, high explosives, with railroad approach, $12,000; magazine for smokeless powder, with railroad approach and extended fire main, $16,555; railroad track to filling house, $1,890; 1 detonator house, $1,250; 1 gun-cotton house, $1,250; 1 filling house, $1,500; in all, $34,445.

Naval magazine, Olongapo, P.'1. (no change): "Two sets of quarters; chemist and subinspector, $6,000; extension magazine, $1,300; filling house, $4,000; renewal of dock, $4,000; in all, $15,300.

Naval magazine, Kuahua, Hawaii (no change): Two magazines, $50,000; railroad tracks and scales, $15,000; 1 gunners quarters, $7,000; machinery and tools, $20,000; 1 shipping house, $60,000; building for torpedoes and mines, $50,000; 2 filling houses, $16,000; 1 segregation house, $10,000; 1 bombproof, $1,500; 1 unfusing roof, $500; build ing for marine guard, $2,500; compressed air locomotive plant, $18,000; in all, $250,500.

Marine barracks, Boston, Mass. (no change): Barracks, $100,000; officers' quarters, $48,000; in all, $148,000.

Marine barracks, Philadelphia, Pa. (no change): One set double quarters for officers, including foundation piling, $20,000; 1 set quarters for 8 bachelor officers, $35,000; central heating plant for Marine Corps establishment, $35,000; roads, walks, sewers, and distributing systems, extensions, $15,000; in all, $105,000.

Marine barracks, Mare Island, Cal. (no change): One fireproof barracks, $200,000; officers' quarters, $75,000; in all, $275,000.

Marine barracks, Puget Sound, Wash. (no change): Improvements of disciplinary barracks, $6,000; shooting gallery, $2,500; 1 set bachelor quarters for 8 officers, $35,000; in all, $43,500.

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