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OGDENSBURGH, St. Lawrence Co.,

} DEAR SIR, -Observing by the papers that you have been collecting information relative to the early occupation of this country by the French, I take the liberty of sending you a copy of the inscription on the corner stone of the barracks at this place, (called I believe Fort Presentation,) and which was found at the base of one of the stone buildings.

My father was one of the early settlers here (about 1800) and it was given to him as being the “oldest inhabitant.' the stone is now in my possession and corroborates your history.

In nominet Dei amnipotentis
tulic habitationi initio dedit

Frons. Picquet 1749

Yours respectfully,



I. Papers relating to the Iroquois and other Indian Tribes. II. Papers relating to the First Settlement at Onondaga, and the Discovery of the Salt Springs at Salina, III. Papers relating to De Courcelles' and De Tracy's Expeditions against the Mohawk Indians, 1665-6. IV. Reports on the Province of New York, 1669–1678.

V. Papers relating to M. De La Barre's Expedition to Hungry Bay, 1684.
VI. Governor Dongan's Report on the State of the Province, 1687.
VII. Papers relating to Denonville's Expedition to the Genesee Country and Niagara, 1687.
VIII. Names of the Male Inhabitants of Ulster Co., 1689.
IX. Papers relating to the Invasion of New-York and the Burning of Schenectady by the French, 1690.

X. Civil List of the Province of New York, 1693.
XI. Papers relating to Frontenac's Expedition against the Onondagoes, 1696.
XII. New-York, Army List, 1700.
XIII. Census of the Counties of Orange, Dutchess and Albany, 1702, 1714, 1720.
XIV. Cadwallader Colden on the Lands of New-York, 1732.

xv. Papers relating to the Susquehannah River, 1683–1757.
XVI. Papers relating to Ogdensburgh.
XVII. Papers relating to Oswego.
XVIII. Papers relating to the Oneida Country and Mohawk Valley, 1756, 1757
XIX. Papers relating to French Seigniories on Lake Champlain.

XX. Boundary Line between the Whites and the Indians, 1765.
XXI. Papers relating to the city of New-York.
XXII. Papers relating to Long Island.
XXIII. Statistics of Population, 1647-1774
XXIV. Statistics of revenue, Imports, Exports, etc., 1691-1768.

XXV. Papers relating to Trade and Manufactures, 1705–1757.
XXVI. Report of Gov. Tryon on the State of the Province, 1774.



I. Papers relating to Lt. Gov. Liesler's Administration,
II. Early Rate Lists of Long Island,
III. Manuscripts of Sir Wm. Johnson,
IV Early Steam Navigation,
V. Păpers relating to Western New-York,

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