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No 1.--continued.

Queen Elizabeth frees the State from that eating corrosive, a Debt running upon


Of what Queen Elizabeth made greater account than of ten Subsidies.

Debate respecting the Assessment of a Tax upon Property in the Time of the


Different times that the great Question of Parliamentary Reform was brought

forward, previously to Mr. Charles Grey's motion of 1793.

Reform in the Commons House of Parliament. The three Resolutions moved

by Mr. Pitt, 7th May, 1783.

The Ladies interrupt the business of the House of Commons for two hours.

Laws of this Country described-Seventeenth Century.

What, not being comprehensible to Persons of ordinary intelligence, is a technical

System invented for the Creation of Costs.

When the Lawyer will remain quiet in his Cabinet. In defence of what the whole

body of Lawyers will rush out.

Lord Chancellor Truro.

As to a new Law, three things to be considered.

Going to Principals for Instructions and Ballotting Boxes.

Parliament of 1523. Nothing done or spoken there but that it was immediately

blown abroad in every Alehouse.

What Topic the House of Commons hears dwelt on with the most Impatience.

In what Case the Wealth of the Public will be diminished by a Tax.--Extract

from Sir William Petty's Political Arithmetic, first published in 1687.

Resolution of the House of Commons that the High Court of Chancery should be

forthwith taken away.-Reference to a Committee to consider how Chancery

Causes might be determined.

Protection in 1815.

The Popish Religion as described in a Petition and Remonstrance, 1621.

Growth of Popery, 1670.

Extract from Lord Chancellor Clarendon's Observations upon the Pope's usurped


The Church and Commonwealth two Twins.

Protestant Dissenters and Roman Catholics.-Opinion of the Marquis of Lans.

downe, A.D. 1791.

Divorces confined to the Higher Classes by the Expense.

UPON PARTY. By the Right Honourable EDMUND BURKE,
and Lord John Russell. Edited by CHARLES PURTON COOPER,
Esq. Pickering. 1850.


APPENDIX A.-Lord John Russell's Reign of Queen Anne.

Notes of a Conversation with the late John Allen, Esq., Ampthill Park, Autumn

of 1834.

of November 1812.

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