Memoirs of the Archbishops of Dublin

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Hodges and Smith, 1838 - Ireland - 492 pages

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Page 7 - Highness's commissioners, hath endeavoured, almost to the danger and hazard of this temporal life, to procure the nobility and gentry of this nation to due obedience, in owning of his Highness their Supreme Head, as well spiritual as temporal...
Page 8 - Highness's commission, which your Lordship sent us over. This island hath been for a long time held in ignorance by the Romish orders, and as for their secular orders, they be in a manner as ignorant as the people, being not able to say mass, or pronounce the words, they not knowing what they themselves say in the Roman tongue.
Page 6 - God, ne frame yourself to stand us in any stead for the furtherance of our affairs. Such is your lightness in behaviour, and such is the elation of your mind in pride, that, glorying in foolish ceremonies, and delighting in ' we' and
Page 9 - How can they, since they know them not? For the Irish bishops have their clergy in such awe and subjection under them, that they dare not complain of them ; so as they may do to them what they please. For they, knowing their own unworthiness and incapacity, and that they are therefore still removable at their bishop's will, yield what pleaseth him, and he taketh what he listeth...
Page 7 - son or daughter, husband or wife, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece, " kinsman or kinswoman, master or mistress, and all others, nearest or " dearest relations, friend or acquaintance whatsoever, accursed, that " either do or shall hold, for the time to come, any ecclesiastical or *' civil power above the authority of the mother church, or that do or " shall obey, for the time to come, any of her, the mother of churches, " opposers or enemies, or contrary to the same, of which I have here " sworn unto...
Page 13 - Patrick's,, a proxy was infifled on from the Dean, the vifitation adjourned, and a rule entered that a proxy be exhibited within a month. If your Grace can find, in any of your old records or of ours, that a proxy was ever demanded for a Dean of St. Patrick's, you will have fome reafon to infift upon it : But, as it is a thing wholly new and unheard of, let the confequences be what they will, I mall never comply with it.
Page 9 - Church livings, they are in a manner mere laymen, saving that they have taken holy orders : but otherwise they do go and live like laymen, follow all kind of husbandry, and other worldly affairs, as other Irishmen do. They neither read the Scriptures nor preach to the people, nor administer the Communion ; but baptism they do : for they christen yet after the popish fashion.
Page 8 - I send to you, my very good Lord, these things, that your Lordship and his Highness may consult what is to be done. It is feared...
Page 2-35 - Majesty's present indisposition, and no longer, and under the style and title of Prince Regent of Ireland, in the name, and on...
Page 7 - Ireland, who then was called Pope, is now by God's law justly, lawfully, and upon good grounds, reasons, and causes, by authority of Parliament, and by and with the whole consent and agreement of all the bishops, prelates, and both the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and also the whole clergy both of England and Ireland, extinct and ceased for ever, as of no strength, value, or effect in the Church of England or Ireland.

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