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*. Å N ORANGÉ MURDERER. : Loyal man, by mistaking his game at

. -000- .. a cock fight. These murders form The world may formi some just idea not one tenth of the nuhuber he corn. of the unbridled, or rather licensed, mitted when out with his armed cosi. au:hority which the Exter.nina 0's ex. rades scouring the country, when nej. ercised over the unhappy, unarmed, thier age or sex were spared. Among Peasantry, in the years 197, 1798, others of his nu nerous atrocities, while and 1799, by the following facts, per on an excursion of domiciliary depreforined by a Rushan, now living in dation, the party met an aged beggas. Dublin, and who lately held an official man on the road, who very humbly situation under the Corporation.--He solicited their chårity, which was an killed Thomas Byrne, at Nugent's, in swered by a loud laugh , after amnsing Newcastle, county Wicklow, by cut themselves with the pauper's credulity, ting his head in pieces with a light they turned their horses tails towards horseman's sabré. At another time he the petitioner, and continued to press beat the brains out of James Reynolds, on hiti, till they drove hi . into the with the butt end of a musquet, in the ditch. After floundering a while in same house ; for he made it a practice the mud and water, to the to visit the house kept by Nugentz for of the company, the aged 'vistim apthe purpose of insulting and killing af proached the bank, and piteously repleasure. In about two months after quested the hand of some gentlemán to the murder of Reynolds, he drove a assist him to get out. « Yes," said fleshfork into the eyes of Michael our hero, leaping down from his horse, Neill, and repeated his blows, until he “ give me your hand, old fellow ;”. killed the poor man on the spot. ' He which the beggar speedily done, and murdered two other ien, whose names while in this posture, the murderer we are promised, in the same village; presented his pistol with the other but at length he was obliged to remove hand, and terminated the creature's to Dublin, for stabbing James Fox, a life and sufferings.


Dick Headen, turnkey of Newgate, Larry Tighe, Beggar Dresser to is appointed measurer of old women, the Major, has accepted a new suit of under the regulations, for that purpose, black from his Honor, on the credit introduced by Sheriff Harty.... of the House of Leinster affair.

Doctor Brennan's new publication The Gentleman who trafficed in has been selected by a society of the blood of the Irish Nobility, has School-masters, who meet in Truck- been reduced, by his Honor, to the street, to perform a certain-pari, in a post of Beggar Catcher. , new Temple, the literary gentlemen Col. Littlebales, nephew, by mar. have dedicated and erected to Closcina. riage, to the lamented Lord Edward

Bellingham's pistol has been re- Fitzgerald, has had the approbation moved from his pocket, to fill a niche of Major Sirr, for taking twenty acres in the British museum, or Westminster of the Phænix Park under his pro. abbey.

tection, Sheriff Harty's counter boys, James - Phil Snuffle has been appointed by and William, are to be Joint Weighó his Honor Deputy Guager, in Larry masters of Old Women, soliciting Per. Tighe's new maid Brewery in James's. mits to visit Newgate.

street. For June, 1812, VOL. V...

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Browney's Cow has accepted an ap- park by the Act of Union, vice pointment in the gift of Gen. Ludd, Holmes, the builder, evicted by the

Commander-in-chief of the Hungry Commissioners of Bankrupts for the -Hosiers in the co. of Nottingham. high crime of attempting to increase · The American Yankees have ap. the widows light revenues. pointed a committee of Mousetrap. Mr. Wynne's big bullock, Robin, makers, vice the Birmingham profes- has been sent on an embassy to the sors superseded by the “ Orders in Birmingham savages by the Farming Council.

Society, as an example of the care :' The Mass-lane Army have unanie taken for the co.nfort of Brutes in mously determined that the late legal Ireland. Editor of “ The Patriotshould be The Misses Carrols, convicted of removed to the Sheriff's Stores, in shop-lifting, are sentenced to one Green-street, vice Huddiestone, pro- year's hard labour at the piano of Mrs. vided for in the Stamp-office.

Stoker, keeper of the penitentiary Lord Castlereagh, United Irishman prison. and Union Maker, has been restored Mr. Clarendon, the Barber, and by Bellingham's pistol to a stat among Common Council-man, has been nomi. the opposition, and consequently raised . nated one of the Delegation from the to the rank of Advocate to the Ca. Corporation to carry their address and tholics.

condolence to the Prince Regent, on John Keogh has nominated one of the lamented exit of Mr. Perceval. his feather beds to poise Doctor Sixty-seven of the educated English, Brennan, vice the Doctor's bed sold now starving, have been promoted to by auction at the suit of Mr. Balfe, the comforts of regular living in the Attorney.

Chester Goal by the benevolence of The petticoats of Mrs. Brennan, the neighbouring Magistrates. mother of the Wrestling Doctor, have The English militia have been ap. been raised to an upper peg in Plunket: pointed to protect and civilize the wild street, where they are offered to the Irish, in the place of the Irish militia, best bidder, to new-suit her nediealson. sent to enjoy the rights of Old Eng.

Mark — has, very judiciously, lish hospitality, in Hull and Gosport. accepted the place of Head Carver The Irish Rebel, General Thomas at the Supper-table of Crow-street Wild, has been appointed by the suc. Gambling: house, in the gift of Mrs. cessful rebels of America to command Thornton.

a company of Irish traitors, who es. Barney Coile has been appointed caped from their burat cabbins to Electioneering Agent to Luke White America. the Flying Stationer, preparatory to One million and eighty-four thou. the dissolucion of Parliament.

sand of the modera Britons have acMr. Jugsmelling Pasley's gaiters cepted places in the workhouses, under have been superseded through the in- and by,“ Orders in Council." terposition of the Evangelist, by a pair His Lordship, Baron Cheltenham, of new boots.

has appointed Mr. Scourge Papist, of Alderinan Exshaw and Carleton Long Acre, London, to be coachhave very handsomely nominated Bar, maker to the house of Cheltenham, in ney Burgess to be Clerk in the Crown the room of his Irishcoach-maker, disoffice in the room of Jack Weldon, missed for his incivilization. Kişissed for holding an intimacy with Jack Keogh, of Mount Jerome, who women of loose wenners.

realized a fortune by retirement, has .. Lord Mountjoy has been pleased to appointed little Father Byrne, literary appoint Mr. Norman to be chief ma: caterer to Dr. Brennan, to be second nager of his waste grounds in Dorset. Chaplain to the house of Jerome. Elrcc!, to be converted into a deer



A Mr. Devar has announced to his

countrymen, by an advertisement in the • The Duke of Brittleware, of Mur. En

English papers, that he has nearly phy's Smoking Club, had the patriot.

ready for publication a book, which is ism in the year 1803, to conceal in his

contain observations on the character, house Mrs. Dillon, of Thomas-street,

customs, and superstitions of the Irish, as the poor woman was implicated in

• and some of the causes which have rethe insurrection. After barrowing,

Fowing, strained the moral and political im.

strai under various pretexts, all the money provement of Ireland. she had saved from the wreck of her We have had no opportunity of seehouse, the Duke very hospitably turn ing this man's book, as it is not pubed her into the streets.

lished; but we anderstand by what he

promise, it is written for rhe amuse. English Refnement.

ment of his countrymen, to whom a When the news of the assassination amore gratifying treat could not be of. of Mr. Perceval arrived at Notting- fered, than a ridiculuus and lying aca ham, the populace there in every dis- count of us and our country. trict evinced the greatest demonstrations Our superstitions are in England unof joy; never was an event in Eng- derstood to be an invariable and fixed lish history marked with more unre. attachment to the Catholic faith. strained approbation. The populace Were we adle to extend the liinits of appeared in raptures, and their joy our pages, we could prove our supewas manifested by songs and bonfires. riority io religious afiairs to our Eng. Had the Irish even conducted them lish masters, as we are superior to them selves so on any similar occasion, our in every man'y and mental character. preaching neighbours would not have If our religion is superstition, it is a fail to have us shot and hanged as superstition that is dressed in classic Irish Savages," the Majors would elegance, and administered by men of be let loose, our villages in ruins, and education, polished manners, unremitthe trembling gibbets would be the cer- ting industry in the exercise of every tificates of our turbulence. “ The duty that can soften the cares of life, Patriot," excuses the Britons, and at. and diminish the terrors of the grave. tributes their barbarous revelry to a A superstition that worships with digFrench party. We are obliged to nity, and teaches humility and forgivediffer from this chaste publication, by mess; a superstition that has the sangsaying, it would require all the optical tion of ages, and the character of inta discoveries of Mr. Grattan himself to variable consistency. Let the eye turn prove to the world the existence of a round to the enligntened English, and French party in England. No; the what is to be discovered, but the most suffering wretches are too illiterate, too disgusting and numberless exercise of beastly to perceive any abstract princi. every superstition, that the most caples of Govertment; they have no pricious, beastly, and ignorant fancy higher ideas of wrong, than that of could invent. Nothing is more free animal feeling; it is hunger only that quent through the entire island of Bristimulates them to excesses. In intel- tain, than to see a crowd of illiterate lect much below reasoning beings, and brutes bellowing and swooning rouąd little raised above the brute, they are another wretch in the character of a maddened into rage by famine, and are Preacher, as ignorant as his audience, easily driven into acts of revenge, when with the exception of knowing how to they cannot gratify their appetites. In read; for every miscreant among then

short, it is a bread party, not a French who has any knack at reading, becomes * party, that moves the polished Britors.

2 M 2 * Public a Public Lecturer, and in defiance of Newgate, the prisoners in gratitude to tase, education and talents, by trying their humane benefactor, have unanithe effect of two or three swooning mously agreed, that the Iron Gallows, ing site, and a belief that he has made in front of the building, shall hereafter as many excursions to the other life, be calied « The Stocking Frame." his holiness is certified, and absolution follows. The visions, bawlings, and ' Shoé Society. singing, are so many mechanical assist.' 0.1r Correspondent, in Ballinasioe, ants to a state of grace and forgiveness, informs us, that the Shoe Society That the superstitious brutes :nistake a formed in that town in February, for weakness and debility brought on by the purpose of bestowing brogues oa such exertiont, as a communieation the poor, was dispersed as a seditious from the Deity. Madness frequently association, tending to encourage follow these ravings and ofreh as their « superabundant population," and natural powers are restored, the natu- contributing to injure the Farming Soral unréssrained passions appear in full ciety in their severnt businesses of streplay, and frequently the gibbet or sui- building, hog-breeding, and bullock cide expiate the most shockingcrités faftening. We have not learned the as lately happenedl; where a Preacher names of these di persed Gentlernen, in Kent was hanged for attempting except Counsellor M'Donogh, the tò poison two youths, his biothers-in Fresident. . law; and another in Truro drowned Popish Chapels and Doz Kennels. hirself, after being thirty years on the The Parliament of 1786, was a mission, to avoid a more shameful death Farming Society on a large scale. In fór an English vice. Mr. Devar, as that year, the Attorney General, John the promises to shew, what retards the "Fitzgibbon, afterwards Earl Clare, moral and political improvement of brought a bill into the House « for Ireland, we hope will not omit the pulling down Popish Chapels," and English Statutes, for the encourage- another bill for the better protection of ment of killing the mere Irish, for Dog-kennels. ' - shaving their upper lips, for hanging * Priests, and for extending education by

Razor Making the execution of school-maštet's ; and the people of the city of Bostas, latterly, by the Parliamentary munifi. in Americi, have declared hosuliges cence of 8900l. for educating five mil. against the people of Sheffi id, ia Eng. Lions of people. We will leave Mr. laria, by establishing a cutlery manu. Devár for the present, to resume the factory on an extensive scale. This is subject when his book appears before not the first time this celebrated city the public.

raised the standard of revole again it the

parent country, and we appre iepd uns Killing off . . . Second circumstance will be as Fatal ta By letters from Manchester, dated 'Sir Charles Mordant's razor-inakers, " the 15th of May, we learn, that the " as the first has been to the British Err

Scotch Greys have drawn'off sone of pire. Perhảps the Republicans base the superabundant 'English population, taken this hasty step through a spurit to the aino: nt of 167 weavers. We of revenge, on hearing of Sir Charles's hope this experiment will decer hungry · assertion in the House of Commons · Fellows from acts of insubordination that the Americans 'could peither share

themselves or catch their mice, with. : The Stocking Frane. out applying 10 England. Whatever

Since the passing of Sheriff Harty, has driven them to this desperate expe'the hozier's act, for the "regulation' of 'dient, we are afraid if it succeeds

! will encourage some other disaffected INSTABILITY OF HUMAN GRANDEUR. city to venture on mouse-trap making ,

On Saturday, the 9th of May, Mr. GOAL TYRANNY." Perceval was defending the policy of The cruel restrictions invented for the Orders in Council, under which Newgate, by Sheriff Harty, are not Orders his Countrymen are starving ; peculiar to Dublin. a fellow of the and on the subsequent Tuesday, Lord name of Fitzsimmons, lately presented Castlereagh applied to the House of to the goal of Galway, by the Hon. Commons for a provision to maintain le Poer French, has been pleased to the orphan children of Mr. Perceval. refuse admittance to any visitor, either We would venture to say that one of to felon or debtor, without a written the Button-makers, or even one of pass from some magistrate. To the Sir Charles · Mordaunt's Mousetrap credit of Mr. Fitzsimmons, he does Engineers, have contributed more to not attempt to weigh or measure, either the comforts of life, than all the lazy male or female visitors, like Mr. Harty. Percevals that ever existed ; and those Fitzsimmons is insolent without being Button makers and Mousetrap-makers, indecent.

with their families, are all starving, Columbuis, who discovered a world, and no one Castlereagh is to be found by the strength of a great miod and to propose any adequate remedy more invincible perseverance, never took than the enactment of a hanging stą. more pride in the comprehensive re- 'tute for their reliela flections that enlarged the range of human industry, than Sheriff Harty . i. . plumes himself on in the regulations

SIMILAR CASES. he has introduced for tormenting the inhabitants of Newgate. The varia. Mr. Perceval, at his death, left tions in the structure of the human twelve children to lament the loss of • mind, are among the designs of Pro. a parent. In point of children, Ma. vidence; one man is calculated for one guire, of Mount Kennedy, whose eyes sphere of social duty; and another for were dug out from his skull by the a different pirpose - get every creature spurs of some ancient Britons, in 1798, is a link on the great chain that cor. is exacily equal to the dead premier rect society. Robbers are as neces. We have another fanily, parallel to sary to exercise the wisdom of the Mr. Perceral, in our eventful history, bench, as fools are to give reputation that of 'Tom Welsh of Naas, whose Lo' the satyrist. Though aspiring heart was roasted and ate by a detachtalents were ever so industrious to ment of the ruffolk Fencibles. Poor obtain distinction, they would be un. Walsh had ebirteen children, who were "heeded, were not human infirmity a present when the “ Educated Eng. material, ready on every occasion, to tishmen'? were breakfasting on their lend its aid to the exhibition of human father's body, and we never heard that perfection. Men are distinctly allotted the Irish Legislature, on their knowdifferent capacities. A Curran would hedge of these facts, closed the House, not be qualified to be a Sirr, nor would adjourned their Sittings, went into

a Sirr be fitted to be a Curran ; one Mourning, or made any Provision for · man is to be an evidence of the vast- the Orphans. No ! our Senators were

ness of the human mind, the other an so much hurried, whipping us in every evidence of its degradation, Columbus corner, and negociating the sale of could not be a Harty, nor Harty a themselves with the British Minister, Columbus; one was to enlarge the that the care of the orphan was left to world, the other to circumscribe a che mercy of the murderer. dungeon.


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