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a great mind to cominit you-silence, me calculated to injure my unfortunate, . Sir, sit down--I have a very great but much loved country. mind to commit yoxlosit down-(he . In the following observations I mean paused) If it was not for the respect to show that you, Sir, have brought I have for the Bar, I would commit forward and supported one of the most you to the dock.—The Foreman then mischievous factions that ever cursed said, “ I wish to know why Mr. Moore the Catholic Body-a faction at least asked that question?"_Baron M.Cle.' equal. in point of ambition to the land turned to the Juror, and said, Heads of the 68 Addressers, although * Mr. Juror, don't trouble yourself devoid of rank, consequence, or family about the question; it is as unworthy connexion-a faction, to whom nature as the most unworthy object that pro. has not given one particle of common posed it.”-I sat down in silence his sense-a faction, who, since the estabLordship left the Court.


l ishment of Maynooth to the present These are the circumstances which hour, have incessantly laboured, by I think call on your attention. They praising themselves and slandering their can neither be contradicted or contro. honest fellow.citizens, to puff them-' verted. To you I submit them, with. selves into a false consequence, without out comment. I have the honour to even the slightest pretensions to learn-' be, &c.

ing, except of that dark, barbarous, VERNER MOORE. Unintelligible kind, which forces its 9; Rutland-street, Dublin. scribbling retailers to render themselves

M i ridiculous in society. to the Rev. Doctor HAMILL, V. G. For nearly the whole of the last 16 of the Diocese of Dublin, Sc. years, this murderous work of calumny

and detraction has been in full play ; SIR,

and now that their vindictive tongues It is with extreme reluctance I sit are no longer listened to, they are putdown to address you on a subject likely ting forward « The Monster of the to excite in your mind sensations of a Milesian" in print as their executioner. very unpleasant nature. For the Ca . Yes, the bolt is shot--the explosion tholic Clergy of Ireland, I have, in has taken place—the infernal machine common with every unbiassed man, eyer of the faction, filled with the foulest entertained sentiments of profound re- materials of 16 years colection, has spect; indeed their virtues must com- been discharged by the unhallowed mand the veneration of every one hand of «s The Monster," who, in his who is not a prejudiced brute, or an parricidal aim, spares no age, sex, or incurable ideot. But it is not as a condition, except amongst the No.' Catholic Pastor I adulress you in this popery Paymasters of his fellow-la.' Letter--no, Sir, in my present commų. bourer, H-ddlst-e, and the connication I abstract entirely from your clave of Francis-street; his hypocritical official situation, except as far as you and cowardly prompters behind the may have made use of that situation curtain. In his instigated attacks on to forward your temporal projects, or our best public characters, the prompthose of your favorites. I consider ters may, for a short time, rejoice; you merely as a politician ; and it is the runners, the terriers, the mischiefin that view of the subject I exercise making tale-bearers of Mt. Jerome, a right which I shall never forego of Eccles-street, of Francis-street, of namely, that of bringing before the Ashe-street, of Castle-strect, and of þar of public opinion any man, whether the whole struggling fraternity of Ecclesiastic or otherwise, whose inter. Cooke-street, &c. may exult at the erence in public matters may seem to bawdy lampoons of “ The Monster."


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They may invite him to tbeir table. But the letter is about it and laugh and screech at his unrivalled In my next, I intend to of effusions of wit; they may hand over system of keeping spies **** the best friends of the country to be to thwart the Professors, " dissected by the scalping-knife and to not bot produce insubores mahawk of an infamous public in. riot, such as we have made former ; they may derive exquisite witnessed the levying oi pleasure from this patriotic scene, and the public for one of the Bros hug themselves in the idea ţhat they der a false pretence and the are to remain unnoticed. But, if I of the Faction towards the le live, this shall not be the case-appear Committee, for a long series they must before the public in all their down to the establishment 3 deformity-the ugly and disgusting " Queen of the Waters," azc 12 > orators of Mt, Je and Eccles-street, siness of the Fish-market, sa s the shoulder-shrugging tattling little be touched upon by Priest of Francis-street, the pompous Your humble Serratt, little Grocer of Castle-street, the more

WALTERCE pompous bi: Widow of Ashe-street, April 30th, 1812. and the Strugling fraternity of Cook. street, with others who entertain and defend the monster," shall be exhibit.

PROMOTIONS ed in their proper colours. The na. Lord Jingle, late deputy to the . tion shall be made fully acquainted with jor, has been elected president de the characters who compose this hap- phy's House of Lords, rice the las py conclave, that they may judge them of Brittle-ware, who is engaged with impartiality. But this ! shall re. tling a Book Account with the si serve, in a great measure, as a subject Patt Hart's Sister, Mrs. Dilicants for a future letter.

Black Bull in Thomas-street, 121
You will, perhaps ask, why couple paner business with Alderman Rasmi
your name with this beautiful groupe? * The Wrestling Doctor has been part
Because, Sir, you bare, by your late sented the dagger, vacant brike

compelled me to probe the wound poisment of Biblemouth to the
to its source. Did you
influence, shortly after he

phy's smotis Or B
ment of Maynooth, was


thers promoied to " was too
that Collere, where writy, aod.

kearned to noin in conc other soo

conceal fron President, as to the proc cal attendance since the mome House, what good

me Duke orn
pelled me to probe the worst

& smoking club,
** of Bririleware of the

has appos phen Lord Kilfoy, late manager of Oats the was too the Commissariat departient, to be

Woly, and the Assay master to the Duke's silver mind c o nceal from the on the Strand of Clontarf.

LO CON misconduct of the Lord Jingle has accepted the place of FOTO ile procuring of medi. inspector of Noddymen's beards, rice pblicoFor the Students ? And, Suds, the Police Baiber, appointed

iment of their quitting the, Joint Ambassador with Major Sort, 0? Chat good Professor or Presi-, the mission to the police pole in London scaped the yengeance of the Lord Waterford's prix Gainboda

er or where is the refractory have been raised to the upper shelto dent to be found, who was not em Jack Stevenson's deposit Bank, CE aced and praised by them. The Pro- Captain . Huddlestons's sword remosssors were all brutes, or mere igno- ed to the Marshal of Dublin's Auction ránt pedants, while, according to the Room. Conclave, the refractory boys were all Doctor Brennan's mother, has been pure as apgels-was this a way to sup. removed from her place in the pong port discipline ?"


dent escaped the Conclave-ori


1 x fice, in the dominions of his Majesty Johnston, the Play Actor, from his

I enjamin the II. king of the beggars, retreat at Dundee, to take the Benefit :: ) join her princely ancestors of the - - of an Act, in the Four Courts

jouse of Idoagh, in the 40 Body Marshalsea Theatre.
jrave, Hospital Fields.

The report in Wednesday's Gazette
Alderman Darley, of the Police Are of Manning the Jugsmeller's appoint-
siy, has undertaken the literary em- ment of the Goalership of Newgate,
loyment of Letter Maker to Grand is incorrect.
uries. .

The like report of General Suds is *** Justice Axletree has nominated unfounded, as were those of Larry

Vill Snack to the Jugsmeiling district

Tighe, Dooley, the Orator, Tod, the af Ballybough and Artane, vice Pas. Scotchman, Simon Hatch, the Free * sy promoted to the Hen-hunting diCook, and Paine, the Ex-police man. ision.

Mark Magrath's Ink Bottle, has Larry Tighe, lately concerned in the been removed to the left hand window of . : Jouse of Leinster, has been appointed, the Police Office, Vice Manning's Bi

3. Jy his honor the Major, to be Joint ble, appointed to the right hand. : shift-maker with Mrs. Warren, to The removal of the Widow Farrel

Channel-row Porrige Prison. , the Publican's thirty shilling note to a - Luke White, the Flying Stationer, certain man's pocket, has not taken has been nominated to the representa, place, until the dispute between Jug

tion of the county of Dublin, by Ma. hunter and Whiskey-seller, is finally ;-jor Sands, in the place of Mr. Hamil. settled by a Mill Trial, alias Fiery Eston, who the drunken Major is to Ordeal. ; dismiss.

Lord Grenville has accepted the i Major White, Divinity professor place of Advocate to the Catholics, in is to the county of Dublin Militia, has, the House of Lords, until Lord Livere

been elected an honorary member of pool is enabled to take the situation on is the Bible Society, vice unflogged the next change of Ministers.

i Spence, the soldier, dismissed for being Mr. Giffard has been confirmed in his a papist.

place, for drubbing Catholic Officers Counsellor O'Connell was appointed in the Army, while Mr. M'Auley is de to be shot at the last shooting season, tò devote his labours to drubbing Pac

but this preferment was superseded, as pists in the Civil department."
Hall the operator was under sentence Mr. Biblemouth, the Shepherd of
of death during the term.

the Police, and assistant to Capt. Hud. Mr. Woulaghan, the county Wick- dlestone on the prosecution of the Ca. low Boy-killer, has accepted the like tholics, has been appointed Chief Conplace in Enniskillen, vacant by the stable of James's-street division, vice transportation of Serj. Sneezer, sent Bourne, elected Gaoler of Newgate. abroad for debauching one of ļais fe. "The West India planters have been male hearers.

preferred, by the English legislature, · His Majesty the King of Prussia, vice the Irish distillers superseded. Turnpike-man, and burner of British . Leahy, the Barber, has been re. goods to Napoleon, has accepted ano. stored to the place of Chin-chopper ther place from the hands of the Cor to the Dublin Theatre, by the will sican, that of Cook to the French Sol- and pleasure of Mr. M.Nally the Boxdiers quartered in Berlin. . . keeper.

· Adjutant-General Gunn, late acting 'Sir Reubens Legboard is to act as Collector to the firm of Kinshelah and Locum Tenens to Major Sirr, as Company, has made himself a partner Chairman of the Committee of Tine in the establishment.

Arts, in the Dublin Society, during Jack Stevenson has invited Harry

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the the Major's mission in London, where pledged their honor, they would be he is getting instructions in the POLE present the condition of the sufferers exercise, preparatory to the new im- to the Lord Lieutenant. From the provements for the regulation of the high respectability of Mark and Man. Police Army.

ning, and their respective knowledge Mr. Bradbury, the Anvil Actor, , in trade, jugs, and commerce, we have late of the Sheriff's prison, and now no doubt of th, impression their influ. . among the damned Hirish,' has taken ence must have on the Vice Regal a benefit according the statute. Mind.

The Nailors of Birminghrm have a become clerks of the markets, under AMERICAN STATES. and by the authority of “ Orders in

It appears, by a message from the

T Council.

President to the house of Representa. General Hunger has taken the command of the Mouse Trap Makers, and

tives, and from documents laid before has opened the campaign in the manu.

the assembly, that a plot had been in facturing districts, among the “ edu.

existence, fabricated by the English

4. Ministers, for the purpose of subverta cated English." Mr. Pollet, the Yeoman and Boy..

ing the liberties of the American killer, has been removed from his re.

people, by fomenting a civil war and a

Po treat in Manchester to Newgate in

separation of the Union. The deveDublin, to be Halled.

.. lopement of this detestable conspiracy, Doctor Duigenan has been restored

will have the effect of uniting the jar. to the use of his mouth in the English

ring parties that have distracted the Legislature, by the gracious, leave of

American Councils, and by converting the Wellesleys.

their animosities into materials against . The British Ministers, about re

England, war will be necessarily adopt. opening a Tragedy-house, in America,

ed as a measure of defence, and the have been superseded by their Deputy:

expulsion of the British from the Con. Manager, Captain Henry.

bepay. tinent will take place as indispensably Moyvournagh, the brother of the

necessary for the future safety of this boy who was killed by the Orange.

rising Empire of the New World... men of Enaiskillen in the last shooting

'. We are frequently told of the mag.

W term, has been ordered by the Ameri.

u nanimity of the Queen of the Waters, can Government to march to Quebec.

of the protection her Aag affords to co nations 'oppressed we have as often

denied the assertion : the histories of STARVING MANUFACTURERS. Ireland and Denmark are existing • A procession of the wretched work, evidences on our side--the barbarous men of the Liberty, to an immense system of wartare Britain carried on amount, preceded by a fleece in mourn. against her revolted Colonies, express ing, paraded the streets a few days more of the savage character of the ago. The appearance of want was, in tyrant than the magnanimity of the the highest degree, expressed by the advocates of Freedom; and the recent countenances and garments of the poor attempt on the free and happy people men. They were met by a party of of America, places the character of the Police, under the command of Mr. England so unequivocally among the Manning and Mark Magrath, who de- niost avowed adversaries of public trane manded then to surrender their ensign quillity and social order, that we have or standard in his Majesty's name.' no hesitation to say she will have the To this request they very peaceably monopoly of her praise hereafter, ex. submitted ; which had such an effect clusively within her owa island. on the two Officers of Order, that they


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Humbly addressed to his Worship the Lord Mayor,

§ WHEN you, my Lord, Grecain the civic seat,
Brimful of business as an egg of meat;
When you alone reign Monarch absolute,
O’er swords, eggs, case-knives, justice, spurs, and fruit;
When you, like scare ctow, hunt from all the stalls,
Regencrate Acth that, with new vigour crawls;
When Chine the task atlias to afford
Repafts, to cram the Aldermanic Board;
That damo'd Charybdis, whose enormous paunch
Diftends with custard, turtle, venison haunch,
Filh, foal, and fauces, jellies, fjups, sagouts,
Blanc-maage, polloni, fricasees, and fewsj.
Till all furcharg'd, like Maelstrom's greedy food,
The fated moniter disembogues its food;
And bloated Aldermen, with doughy knllo,
Decp mouth'd,“ dew-lapped, like ThefTalian bulls,"
Piled chcek-by-jole, in snoring clusters lie,
Like frok.nipt grunters huddling in a stye;
When you, my Lord, these coilsome duties know,
“ Curl be the verse how smooth soe'er it flow,"
Whose long preamble can detain your time,
When knives and forks in sweet copenedance join ;
Whose crabbed longitude of words* pose
The fpecs, broad saddled on your worship's nose:
So now fall tao, left expectation starve
Short grace! keen stomachs! and a ramp to carve !

From climes where grease-anointed beaux behold
Broad bottom'd beauty caft in Cheshire mould,
Who prize not rosy cheeks and smiling lips,
But the broad plenitude of brawny hips;
Where, Aurh d 'wich modefty, the swarthy fair .,'
Buudle their bulk of graces « en arriere
Fresh from there realms the beauteous Sargce cames
Blefs'd with that huge preponderance of frame,
Which, like the Catapulta's direful crash,
The frozen ramparts of thc brcad can imala.


§ Cum tot fußinees & tanta negotia folus, &c. &c.-Hor:ce, Lib. Ik Epiftolorum-I ER

* Sefquepedalia verba. -Hor.

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