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beheaded the maid of honour for let. suasion, gentleness, good offices and cing her handkerchief fall at a tilting, great benefits, to have engaged the fola and two or three gentlemen with her, lowers of the benevolent St. Patrick to keep her company; threw her body to quit his opinions for the extravagaut into an old arrow case, and buried it absurdities of this beast? Alas ? in therein, and the very next day married stead of persuasion, it was new cruel. a third wife, and his parliament and ties; and the persecutions that had his ciergy made it treasco not to say exhausted inhumanity, seemed but to it was well.

revive under the more frightful auspi. He next proposed to Francis I. to ces of perverted religion ! Yet, the in. bring two princesses of Guise, and a terested and the intriguing, those who number of other pretty French ladies, traffic with the king's conscience, and that he might chuse a fourth wife the people's misery, affect to impute among them. The French king was all the disaffection of the Irish to reli. too gallant to bring ladies to market gious bigotry.—That the same war like geldings, so he fell in love with was carried on against them after as the picture of a Dutch lady, and mar. before the retormation, is certain ; the 'ried her without seeing her. When war-whoop was only changed. And she came, he found she spoke Dutch, the arrows that were prepared for and did not dance well. He swore she them' before, were only dipped anew was no maid, called her a Flanders in this fresh poison. The reformation mare, and turned her loose; and as he might be an amelioration, or it might had destroyed Cardinal Woolsey, when not, according to its effects. The "he was tired of his former wife, so he tree is known by its fruit. For my beheaded Cromwell when he was sur own part, I care as little for Pope Clefeited with this one.

ment as for Pope Henry - for Pope He married a fifth wife, with whom Pious as for Pope Geurge, if persecu. he was so delighted, that he had forms tion be all the benefit they bestow. of thanksgiving, composed by his bi- But upon this new topic I must hold shops, and read in the churches, and my pen short, for it is apt to run away then condemned her, her grandmother, with me. A few instances out of mauncles, aunts, cousins, about a dozen ny may suffice, to shew that the reforin all, to be put to death. Having mation, however good in its principle, done all this, and much more, he died brought nothing to the Irish but new of a rotien leg, in the 38th year of afflictions. This is the view of Irish his reigo, and the 56th of his life, a history, which best answers to your royal peep-of-day.boy, and a very me question as to the true causes of the morable brute.

troubles in Ireland.

Henry was not too busy disputiog

with school-masters, broiling young laOF THE POPES OF LONDON. dies, and murdering his wives, to have

Now, when we consider what kind time also for tormenting the Irish. He of person this Henry was, can we formed a parliament as corrupt and wonder that the Irish were not pre- servile as that of England, which, like pared to swear, that he was the elect it, first declared his first marriage void, man of God, the successor to St. Pe. and the children of it bastards; immeter that he kept the keys of Hea. diately afier, hearing of the murder of ven--that he was Clirist's vice-gerant Anne Bolein, repealed that law, de upon earth. In short, that he was the clared the issue of Anne bastards, and supreine head of the church, which, settled the succession upon the issue of in their idea, was the POPE ; would Lady Jane, with a power to the new it not at least have required time, per- Pope of disposing of ihe Irish by will.


But wicked and ruffian as Henry the stubborn support of ancient insti was, he was not blind : and after many tutions good or bad by English.en, violent attempts, he found it wise to is celebrated with unbounded commessoothe and flatter the Irish, inviting dation ; whilst if Irishmen refuse 10 them to his court, and treating their swear against their conscience and be. chiefs with marked distinction : by lief, there is no pain or ignominy tvo which artifice (for the Irish are too extreme; so hard a measure is that casily won by kindness, though obstis dealt at all times to them. nate against oppression) he was fol l t was in the reign of this Pote lowed up by a brigade of Irish tu the Elizabeth, that the rebellion of the

tiege of Bologne, who distinguished great Chieftain O'Neil raged, who was · themselves by their extraordinary cou. so treacherously murdered in a camp: tage and activity.'

and the title she set up to his estate is Edward VI. was a virtuous, or what quite amusing. It appears in the prethie bistorians call a weak prince; and amble of the statute-XI. Eliz, ch. i. if he signed any instruments of intoler- in these words : ance or cruelty, it was with tears in his “ And first, that at the beginning, cyes!

and before the comming of Irishmen into Queen Mary (the bloody) was a tho sayd land (Ireland) they were bigoted Papist, but Ireland fared all dwelling in a province of Spain, called alike; and the “ commodious" liabi. Biscan, whereof Bayon was a member, tations produced new rebellions. and the chief citie; and that at the

POPE ELIZABETH repealed all the said Irishmen's comming into Ireland, laws of her sister, confiscated the com. one King Gurmonde, son to the noble modious habitations without mercy King Belan, king of Great Britaine, sent commissioners to exercise ecclesi. which is called England, was lord of astical jurisdiction, and passed the oath Bayon, as many of his successouri of supremacy, of which this may be were to the time of Henry the Second, observed that it was now not enough first conquerour of this realm, and to assent to the doctrine, that the therefore the Irishmen sliould be the kings of England were the popes of king of England his people, and IreIreland: but for fear that should not land his land. Another title is, that be effectual in provoking revolt, they at the same time that Irishmen came were forced, under pain of treason, fors of Biscay as exiled persons in sixtie feiture, and præmuniere to swear to it. ships, they met with the same King This was not the pitchcap-torture for Gurmond upon the sea, at ile Yles of the head, but the torture for the con- Orcades, then coming from Denmark, science and the heart. It was es!a. with great victory, their captaines blishing God Almighty by law, after called Heberus and Hermon, went to the fancy of the wickedest of his crea. this king, and him told the cause of tures. When, in old times, it was at. their comming out of Biscay, and him tempted to force the Norman laws up- prayed with great instance, that he op the English, the Barons cried out would graunt unto them, that they with one voice . We will have no might inhabit some-land in the west. change in the English law!Nolu. The king at last, by advice of bis mus leges Anglice mutare. This escla- counsel, granted to thern Ireland to mation, so extolied, was in opposition inhabit, and assigned unto ibem guides to a humane law proposed by the Can. for the sea, to bring them thither!" nonists at the parliament of Merton, ihe "Then follow nearly twenty such rea. object of which was, to rescue from sons, equally pleasant, all which satis. innocent disgrace, children whose pa. fied the Queen's conscience, that O'Neil's rents married after tveir birth. But estate belonged of sight to her!


Need any man want a title to ano. KILKENNY NONSENSE AND ther's land, if he be strong enough to

. WRETCHEDNESS. take it? Is there but one King Gurmond? This was an old title to be ! One of those trifling tricks to deceive sure, but nullum tempus occurrit regi. the public and divert it from the gene. Kings have long heads; and Pope ral state of misery, of civil distrace Elizabeth's hands were longer than her tion and famine, the consequences of feet ; for she could lay her hands upon the war, the emigrantion of the landed many a commodious seat where she proprietors, and the malignant rivalry never could set her foot. . :: : of British monopoly, was played off

on the 21st of April, in the decayed This title of King Gurmond was

city of Kilkenny, by a party of gen. turning the joke upon the three sons

tlemen of the real English breed, cele. of King Milesius, and the descendants of the

brating the anniversary of a book.

club. The description of their folly I suppose King Gurmond gave her

was well painted in the wretched leave to plunder the churches, for she

newspapers. Notwithstanding all the : did it roundly; still there was no

consequence given to the nonsense, the forcing the mere Irish, por the dege.

writer, in his courtly cant, admitted nerate English to quit Saint Patrick

the decay of the wretched city in for the Pope of London. The Roman these words :

these words :


Kilkenny, heretofore Pope excommunicated the she Pope, the seat of Parliaments, and the resi. and Gurmonded all her lands ; but dence of Princes, by an unacountable she cared for him as little as I do for 'concurrence of circumstances, through her. She managed so well by her the vicissitudes of centuries, has noc deputies in Ireland, that she made a kept pace in improvement with cities, sufficient number of rebellions, and ex- 'inferiorly gifted, and unmarked by terminated so many, and Gurmonded such honorable distinctions.". Here 60 many estates of O'Neils, Mahons, is an evident testimony of the ruin of Geraldines, and others, that she had a city, more than 700 years old, and now more commodious habitationsthan at this moment the inhabitants who inhabitants, and began what was called have not courage to abandon it, are the planting. She planted new men immersed in the most disgusting state in the place of the old ones living in of poverty. The elegant register of her the place of the dead, and sent over decay has not honesty enough to acmy Scotch, Welsh, and English an- knowlege, there must be some political cestors to be planted. This was like evil existing that prostrates a city and the Dutch farce, of Adam going to starves its population, in the midst of be created. Some of us throve pretty one of the most fertile conntries in well, and some of us grew old before the world, no, the hired panegyrist we grew good. As the plantations of tyranny flies to a round of toasts, were of London Papists, the Roman and buries in Grunken Fapists were lopped root and branch, calamity that crushes industry, and to let us grow,

marches away with a brave population. However, these weedings and plant. He does not ask what is the cause of ings cost this lady so much money this great evil ? 'He does not throw and trouble, the more so, as they his eye over other cities, that in less were connected with the disgrace and than twenty-five years' have arisen execution of her lover, (Essex) that from deserts ; he does not quote the she is said to have died of it, and there thousands of new cities built in that Let her rest.

short period, in United America Ś

filled with a happy race of men, vend. For May, 1812, Vol. V. 2 E


ing their industry in every harbour on “ The Lord Lieutenant, and pros the globe. He does not ask, why is perity to Ireland.” this, unprecedented prosperity ? He i We are at a loss to know, how a whines over Parliaments and Princes; man could contribate to the prosperity he dare not acknowledge that Parlia of Ireland, who has used every measure ments and Princes have been swallowed to keep five millions of its inhabitants up in the gulph they 'dug for their under the interdictions which fanati: respective countries ; no, the pen of the cism, from the earliest periods of Anglo slave is the dagger of a paracide ; it Irish history, has marked her gloomy conceals public opinion from power, steps by intrigue, confiscation, and until both are necessarily driven toge conquest. ther into conflict, and revolution' re. « The Dubļin Society.-May the stores order by revenge. He does not noble spirit of its founders animate their acknowledge that the happiness of the successors in the promotion of agrical whole is the best security of States : ture, and the fine arts." ' he. would rather the people were ". This noble spirit, which we vader. perishing, than allow that levelling stand draws twenty thousand pounds principle to be admitted into society, a year from the taxes, is manifested to the prejudice, of his Parliaments by expensive establishments, of do and Princes. “ Our farmers,” (says an real utility to a country like ours, American writer) - are our nobility.” depressed by the extinction of inde. This Irish Anglo gentleman, would pendence, plundered by absentees, call this blasphemy, and though he and its industry prostrated at the feet allows Parliaments and Princes have of British monopoly.'- Men of the abandoned Kilkenny, . as they had most vulgar taste directing the funds betrayed Dublin, he would not inter of this Dublin Society ; Major Sirr, rupt the course of misery, least one Captain Sharkey; and John Claudius step towards civilization might betray Beresford the principal directors, and the duty he owes to political fraud nothing national forwarded either to and proud oppression.

promote trade, manufacture's, com. He describes the meeting by calling merce, or education. A petty affecthe entertainmedt “ a joyous festivity," tation for chemistry, botany, natural, and gives a list of the company. We history, and painting ; of which the are not surprised that a want of feeling managers know as little of either threar for che deplorable state of industry utility or elegance, as a native of should express such lauguage, by teil Otaheite does of measuring a degree ing the world, that joy and festivity of longitude. Major Sirr, a man could be manifested among ruins. whose taste is as barbarous as any

The toasts were as expressive of Vandal, to have the disposal of the deficiency of moral character, 39 twenty thousand pounds for the cultithey were' void of honesty ; among vation of useful and elegant arts, is them were the following:

such a libel on patriotism and economy, “ The Earls of Ormond and Desart, that it must excite disgust as well 19 the promoters of every institution for contempt, for men who would waste the advantage of the county and city the public money on such preteners, of Kilkenny.!! ! it;;?

while the people are languishing in all · It would be difficult to show how the poverty and inertness which eter3 man like the Earl of Ormond could nał war and baniskied trade eventually promote the interests of the places produces. " . mentioned, who refuses to live on hie But the criminal deference to soch estate, and spends 180,000 a year, the an istitution as the Dublin Society rents of it, in anotbor canalry. H ie's which the higher ranks appear to pay it on every occasion, is, we know, not American citizen after this release, is the resulc of ignorance, but that of authorised to charge thirty, dollars for the most studied fraud; they are each month's service, against his will, eternally talking of agriculture, but and may sue and recover the full never promise the fruits of it to the amount of his bill from any American wretched cultivator. They never exmerchenf, or tradesman, who owes press one idea of commerce, for which any money to any English house ; 80 we are better situnted than any other tháť in future, the wages of the injured nation. Commerce is to be kept out of American are to be posted into the view, to leave it exclusively to Eng- books of the purchasers of any British laid, and agriculture is countenanced, wares or produce, and debited to the only as it contributes to the comfort English gentleman, who may go seek and grandeur of the same country. compensation viherever he can get re.


COCK, QE THE NORTH. On the debate when Mr. Bennet Henry Walker, the conqueror of proposed to the English legislature this Coach, and Treasurer to his some modification of the punishments Honor,” is about to resign his shoulder inficted by order of Court Martials, trade in the Mass-lane army, to take Sir Francis Burdeti recapitulated seve. a situation in the Battalion of Testiral affecting circumstances of military móny ; this alteration is at the suggese punishment. We would wish the tion of the Twin Brothers of the Honourable Knight had consulted the Hibernian Journal, the Wrestling flogging part of Irish history, from Doctor, and Captain Huddlestone, it he might have extracted examples who have advised “his Honor," to of cruclty far beyond any of those he encrease the physical and book-hand cited. Major White, of the County force of the Battalion, aş no man has of Dublin Militia, son of Luke White, greater personal powers; or a harder the Flying Stationer, and a Candidate mouth than Harry. for the representation of the County ON THE ENCREASE OF THE ORANGE of Dublin, could furnish a whipping

ARMY. . anecdote, of unusual complexion : The sentiments of the new Govern. The affair of Spence the soldier, who ment modelled under the administra. was sentenced to 1000 lashes, for tion of the Prince Regent, have been refusing to join the Protestant worship, expressed in such a cone of intolerance he being a Catholic.

towards the Catholics, and such a AMERICAN LAW AGAINST IM number of their enemies have been PREŞSING.

called in to reinforce the bigots, alrea. The American legislature has dy in power, that the Catholic People enacted two laws to restrain the pracó have sunk as much as the arrogance of tice so universal in the British navy, of their persecutors has risen, which we impressing American seameti. One believe had not assumed a higher tone declares it a capital offence, and of contempt and exclusion, since the punishes with death any persons found year 1795. War has been formallý guilty of the piratical outrage. declared by the Orangemen, and their British officers may laugh at this, as numbers considerably encreased since vain and impotent, while they are the 18th of February, their disposable sneering from their quarter decks, and force has been extended to Scotland repeating the offence. The other act and England and already have com. is so well and efficiently constructed, menced operations. A division of the that it reaches into the Englishman's Scotch Orangenen, on the 4th of Counting House, the very place in March, attacked a body of poor peo. which he is to be conquered. The ple who were si suspected of idolatry,"


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