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the comforts of life, and frequently be the object of au unparalleled system of scourged by famine. Potatoes are testimony, so ingeniously settled, that now fourteen pençe per stone, or a the best cross-examiner at the bar, penny a pound. An Irish labourer would not be able throw a blemish on has but six pence a day, so that it the evidences to be produced. Bible. will, at the present price of the pota. mouth, has undertaken the training of toes, require two days, and one-third three evidences, and is to give persoof a days labour to purchase one meal, nal testimony himself, to facts he that is, he and his family can eat but witnessed from his own window in every second day, and only one meal Copper-alley, at the very moment on that day, without having any means they were committed, at the 16th to obtain salt, the only thing, even in Lock of the Canal. times of abundance, that ever accom, panies the potatoes at an Irish peasants

MAJOR BINGHAM. table.-The English tradesman earns This gentleman was liberated from six or eight shillings a day, so that the Kilmainham Goal, on the 28th of very advanced price of Irish potatoes, February, and notwithstanding the can be no great inconvenience to him, industry of our face makers, we have and the high price tends to answer the not been able to procure his likeness. intention of a premium to add to his en. If we are not in possession of it before joyinent, as the vile system of Canal' the 10th of this month, we will order making in Ireland, cheapens the road our Magazine agent to surve 14 days to the English market.

notice, for a surrender of the pisage, BATTALION OF TESTIMONY- op a penalty, . EXCHANGE.

LARRY TIGHE. The “ perturbation," the treason Yesterday, Larry Tighe, Deputy of canal breaking, by hungry peasan.. to the Town-Major, as Governor of try, has given existence to considera. Bridewell, attended, for the first time. ble speculations. The gentlemen of at Newgate, since his appointment, to Westmeath having resolved at Mul. take charge of eleven females, assignlingar, to make loyal war, on the to his care by the Recorder, on the last offending evil doers, by the agency of trials:

of trials. The clerk counted over the a subscription purse of four thousand female merchandize to Larry, and the pounds, has had such an effect on the

effect on the Governor placed himself in a sand. bible hands of the metropolis, that, an cari, with his pigeons, and drove off extraordinary meeting took place on in great style to his cage in St. James', Sunday, on change, to consider of street. the best plan for commanding operations, and special messenger sent to

OLD ENGLISH HOSPITALITY. Tipperary, for the attendance of Mr. On Patrick's day the privates and Kiley, and the intire mission of caravat non-commissioned officers of the Dub. makers, and pike finders, in that lin and Cork Militia regiments, sta. perturbed district. Biblemouih, tioned at Gosport, indulged them. Gibbins, Limberlip, Fire thatch ard seļves in the usual meriment, in com. Bulbrookri, set off in the course of memoration of the day. Every man the evening, 10 arrange matiers and had a shamrock in his cap, and as far mark nen, for the next special com as his finances afforded, a pot and a mission. As there are good re- song to the honor of poor Ireland.wards ffered fy the underwriters, Those marks of Irish barbarism excit. there can be no doubt of victims, as ed nothing among the generous Bri. no ingenui:y can be able to frvatrate tons, but marks of ridicule and ha.

tred, ered, and to make their sentiments do not know when the whipping sea. intelligible to the brave fellows who son may be revived, in the defence of travelled so far to defend them. The the state ; swori, on the English edi. English gentlemen and ladies mounted tion of the Evangelists, before the carrots, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, and Irish House of Commons, of which other vegetables, in their caps and he was a member, in the year 1795; hats, and at every step, derided and that he had no interest, dealing or ex. insulted the militia. Roused at length pectancy in the grounds purchased to anger, at the pains taken by every from the Commissioners of wide individual in the town, to make them streets, of which commissioners lie objects of contempt and laughter, was a member. The grounds are situ. they proceeded to retaliate, and, in a ated in Sackville.street, and subsefew minutes. they drove the mag- quent to this swearing, he became a nanimous and thinking Britons before bankrupt, and agairt swore before them in every direction, until the the commissioners of bankrupts, that, streets were fully discharged of the ho faithfully surrendered all his pro. cowardly rabble, with the exception of perty, real and personal, for the use a few, who were detained on the and satisfaction of his creditors. pavement, by the length and breadth Now, we will ask Mr. Maley, who is of their honourable wounds. So thun. now building four houses in Sackvillederstruck were the beasts at the rapi- street, and Christopher M.Daniel, of dity and vigor with which they were the North Strand, who built two attacked, that the boats riding at the houses last summer on the grounds, beach were crowded with fugitives, who gave them money, bricks, timber, and the masters of the ocean took re. apd titles to build on, and occupy fuge in the usurped element, from the said grounds. enraged sons of Erin.



The London papers, informs us The late proprietor of the Triangle that the swajling preachers, in the establishment, who had been deprived Island of Otaheite, have become disof his situation as a representative of tillers in the Island, as they could not he people, by the commission of bank. inculcate the Gospel spirit, the object upts, is, we understand, about to ap- of their mission, they have underta. pear in the military world as an Army ken to vive the wordly one. The Agent. He has secured the agency people whom their prayers could not of the Armed Nailors, of Kevin-street, make converts, they are making drunk, he Upper Cross Fuzileers, the Dun. and so far has this spirit overcome the irum Infantry, the Mountrath Priest, incorrisible watives, chat the Baccha: Lillers, and the Armagh Rackers ; nalian loysteries have so far triumphed and is promised the regiments of infan- over English christianity, that the ry under Marshall Beresford, when Preachers have thought it much plea. hat gallant and illegi.inate hero t.kes

sanier and safer to be drunk with che ossession of Madrid. Mr. Hall the

converts, than to run the hazard of Soy-killer, was promised the Rotunda

having their bruins beat oui, with their com inry to his friend, as soon as he owu bio bibles. esum:s his rank, which is to be on

CAPTAIY HUDDLESTONE. he first day of the next shooting erm, the 12th of July next.

This loyal gentleman has been apa

pointed to a place in the Post Office in BUILDING AND SWEAR ING.

Dublin. The Post Office is a favouA certain gentleman, whose name rite place under Mr. Perceval, for pru. e are afraid to mention, because we viding with renegado papioss and pa


pist killers. Tom Reynolds is head fol, of a man, who once told the of the Post Office in Lisbon, Shields, government, he would not protect the who shot a boy in Kevin Street, is government, if the government would guard to a Mail Coach, and Browne not protect him. Vide the history of ute Breeches maker, who shot the toy Hevey's Mare. at the Pigeon-House, is now a letter Justice COONBE DRURP's Hospital. carrier, avd it is expected, that Mr. Hall, who was convicted of shooting

The opening of Abbey.street has yuang Byrne, will be shortly intro

made it indispensibly necessary to pull

down that beautiful new structure in 6:eed as a letter sorter, until some oppartunity for placing bim higher

Marlbordigh-street, a few years ago

founded by the benevolence of Justice occurs.

The late learned Editor of the Patrict. Drury, for affording surgical relief to This eloquent gentleman was very

the poor. Yesterday the admirable unhandsomely interrupted a few days

marble figure of charity, executed by ago, at the Pigeon House, on the the chisel of that Irish Praxiteles, the precise moment he was embarking for late Counsellor Adams,) which stood England, for the purpose of looking

over the western gate, was taken for come official remuneration under

down, and deposited in Larry Tighe's the Regent, for abusing the papists, cepot,, "

depot, in Jame's street; at the same alias, the separatists, conventionists, time, the m

tiine, the medicine chests made of an &c. Ttre persons who assailed the 'old bat case, and a leinon box, were literary gentleman, were a party of the conveyed to the same custody, until Massl-ane army, commanded by the some cligible scite 13 obtainid, on Major's money lender, Harry Walker, which they can crect another proper the conqueror of the Cock of the building. North, who very readily restored the

Mr. Srrar, the Singer's liberality. author to his native City, by deposit.

Calir, an Irish Harper of eminent merit, ing him in the Sheriff's hotel, in Green

a native of Portadown, being some time

ago in Dublin, was requested by Sir Joha St. where he is in little danger of be. Stevenson, to go to Mr. Doyle's in Mounting sea-sick. The person who was joy square, that he might have an oppor. the instigator of this interruption to tunity of taking some Irish airs froin him. place-hunting, and emirration, is one Mr. Spray, the singer of Christ's Church Dangan, a baker, in Dor: i-strect.

happened to be there. After delighting

his auditors with the superior skill with There was a period in our hero's lis. which he executed every piece he touched, tory, when he would punish such au. he was asked by Sir John to play Plearaca dacity with the triangle, but Züme flies na Ruurca. When he had finished and Swift an: Swift lost lixie.

every one had done paying him a well-zne POLICE BANKING.

rited compliment, what was the euloge We have witnessed three systems of

of of Mr. Spray? guess 'trwuld just fit the

Irisk when Bonaparte would arrive afways Pulice in Dublin, in succession), Al' them, and then began to sing it, po ating derman Warren was the Fouche of the out the passage where it rises, as peculiarly first, and realized a princely fortune, formed for the ungrateful rebellious pur. by the in renuity with which he pose. I don't care said Sir John, it is a managed the duties of his office. Ano. 8

good tune and I'll take it down from him.

The reader will naturally be surprised ther loyal gentleman succeeded him on to hear of so great a musical amateur as the second improvement, and from a Mr. Spray, treating the performance of very limitted fortune, so conducted the miastrel with such contempt. But himself, that, he retired to take a nick when we reflect that his n ble British anname, and become a banker. A third C

cestors have inade laws to deprire this

order of man in Ireland, of their lives and Bouche, is as active and industrio:is,

properties, we can hardly be astonished as his family or patrons could wish; that a remnant of their pure enlightenu dupi. We luibcar lo 67 y any thing disrespect. rit should have descended to their wiring

Mathemari al


MR. EDITOR, Several Problems proposed by me some months ago, and published in your learned Biscellany, have never since been answered by any of your numerous Correspondents; nor does it appear that any attempt whatever towards solving any of my Problems have reached your office.

Under these circumstances, I feel it my duty, in justice to my learned brethren, the Irish mathematicians, and in conformity with a solemn promise I made yourself of furnishing the Solutions (in case they remained for any length of time unanswered), to send the investigations. You'll therefore have the goodness to make room in your next Number for the solution of the first of my Problems, published in the Magazine for July last, which I send you herewith. The investigation of the other Problems of mine unanswered have particular formulae, which I inay safely aver, if once hit upon, will lead directly to the solution of the whole.

Now, Sir, as it is not my wish to perplex, but much more so to instruct and encourage juvenile talents, I propose a premium of the fifth volume of your Magazine to any of your Correspondents who shall furnish the best answers to my Problems before the first of June next, provided they bear the test of being collated with my som lutions, or in other words, if they appear to be answered conformable to rules of the Algebraic art.


Solution to the Question, page 328, Irish Magazine for July, 1811.

BY MR. MORAN, THE PROPOSER. ASSUME x and y for the Numbers sought, then per Question x+y= om 2-y=12 and x-y2=(2=a? 12, the sum of these three squares is evidently 22 12+a%+1%, which, by the conditions of the Problem, must be a square, Also = suppose (a bmbta)2, which, being expanded, compared and re

26+1 duced, gives a=6+1, of course x= 2


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whence x+y=12+26+1=a2 : x-y=12 and xxyy= 12 X8+12=c% Now a2+12+(?= 14 +213 +362+26+1=dl= (12+6+1)2; the sum of the three Roots is 62+36+1, which must be a square by the conditions of the Question. The difference of every two of the Roots are evidently squares, except lil, which must be a square also. Hence this Duplicate equality.



Having now brought the Problem under the jurisdiction of the Diophan. 145

24793 tine theory, we easily find b= 24 wherefore, by substitution, x= ,576

3768 which is
which is one Answer, out of an infinite number, that can be

an auto
and y= 576
given to this Problem W.W.D.

Scholium.--The sum of the four Squares is evidently = 21%; the four Roots, = 2(6+1)2; whence the former being multiplied or divided by the latter, the result must evidently be square numbers.

Mount Byrne Loilge, Dundalk, 2

17th March, 1812. For April, 1812, Vol. V.

JOHN MORAN, Surveyor and Valuator of Land. 2 A



How much to Mathematic art is due, .
Is known to none but those whom it pursue.
Here enters, Watty, in your page,
A work which did me long engage ;
By mathematic art to scan,
Or find a worthy gentleman,
Quite free from all the base alloy,
Which would a noble mind destroy.
The lower lines, when solved true,
In part the wok is done by you.
Then in the alphabet with ease,
Each letter by its number place.
To shew you're skilled in mathematics,
Go on higher than quadratics :
And then his name you'll surely find,
As well known as his generous mind.
@ 22.422. -145

*+,% -19


= 28

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I asked my love to marry soon ;
She said that she would grant the boon,

Provided I'd shew straighi-
(If a silver ball, four pounds or near,
Was elevated in the air,

'Till it lost half its weight,)
66 How high it was, I wish to know?
66 And that's the thing you are to shew :

“ So tell it and prepare.
" The youth who knows things so sublime,
* Must sure be rational and fine ;-

“ I'll wed him, I declare.

· New Problems for the Irish Magazine,

PROBLEM FIRST. Required two Numbers whose sum and difference are rational square Nute bers, and their product plus and minus, tbeir sum are rational square Numbers wniversally by the most concise method possible ?


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