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18 Cox, sir,

Bu allowing the following lines on the death of Lord Clare, a place in your Patric atic Magazine, you will much oblige


They were writen come time back, by a Lady long admired for wit, beauty and virtue-her juvenile works were held in much esteem all over Europe, her accomplishments were many, but her beanty in particular was so transcendent, that tho' in the clecline of life, she captivated the most illustrious person in those realms, whose ancestors were of Hanoverian extraction, and to whom she was united in marriage, in the memorable year 1800; and what is not mure surprising than true, at the ceremony, by a premeditated design, the ring, (which may be called a magic one) was slipped on her neck, instead of her finger; from this circumslunce, and a breach in the marriage promise, or rather more riage articles, she became alarmed, suspicious and unhayly, she indulges her melancholy at times, by performing a few parts in tragedy, two of which, no actress that ever trod the stage could paint the scenes more faithful, namely, Isabella, which she acts annually every January, and the Mourning Bride, almost every night, except the seventeenth of March, on which night, by way of relaxation from grief, she gors through the Comedy of Errors. Such watches as this are frequently the occasion of separate beds, and is often followed wilk disgust and infidelity on the part of the wije, nay, they sometimes and in a total separation. This puls me in mind of the answer an Irishman made his wife, l'un Englishwe. man,) when she asked why he looked so sad and he so lale'y married ?

“ Why the Devil take myself,” said he, “ my good girl, but I think we would live better together if we were asunder."


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. ELEGY, In dust beneath yon monumental stone Though his dark soul provoked the Obscurely placed, unnoticed-and un- ' sprightly sound, known,

While scenes of horror mark'd the city Lies the remains of one imperious Clare : round, His soul immortal-is, the Lord knovs And piles of smoaking temples strew'd where!

the groundNay, even his passing friendse and they Yet was this savage monster less severe were few,

Than thou, detested sacraligious Clare.Cannot with pity's tear his grave bedew. Mercy, between his stirrup and the In merited obscurity he lies,

ground A lawyer once, political and wise

From heaveu perhaps was craved-pen He whose inferoal machinations plann'd haps was found: The total ruin of his native land ;.:. Yet if his spirit reached the promised skies In whose maternal bosom he was purs'd, Why need we fast-or pray-or sacrifice! Became her foe-her latest and her worst. But let the auctioneer of Erin rest, Thus the fell viper of obnoxious brood, And heavy lies the clay upon his breast. Stung to the heart the friend that offer'd Reader, tread cautious on Fitzg bbon's clay. food:

Disturb his spirit not he had his daySo the fierce ruler of unrival d Rome, For should he rise in this tremendous hous, Rent with poluted hand his mother's United Ireland scarce could stand his wonib;

power. And tho' the wretch amused himself with Beneath his lash her patriots should groan, play,

And even the monarch tremble on his While her imperial towers in ashes lay:


d wise

In long oblivion let the traitor sleep, But native treachery is always worst, A wretch but born to make his country Abhorred by heaven, and even by marweep!

kind curst! Yer can we pass his cold sepulchre by, And that renown that should have març'd Without a pain ? recollective sigh?

the brave, Tbai he, of all Hibernias envy d race, Is bury'd w'th Fitzgibbon in the graveWas doomed to seal our.loug aud last dis- 0 heaven! are all our virtues now no grace!

w more, Yes are, though Chatham did with thee And all that fire that glow'd in days al combine,

yore. The dreadful deed was Castlejeagh's and If this is civilizing-beavenly powers, thine!

What an alternative alas! sour? But tho' your arm discharged the mortal Yes heaven ordain'd it so-our former dart,

fame, Which drank che vital blood of Erin's Rest on the page of history as a dream! heart;

May the loud trumpet of recording fame, Tho ber great andals for so many years Through ages yet unborn the deed pto. Are marked with wocs, and blotied with claim; her scars,

Through every empire-kingdom--state She can forgive you yet-yes injured isle, and clime, Your children bears their sorrows with a Till the last struggle of espiring time.

stile. Weations leagued, conspired her over. throw,

O'Connor. Ene foult--she conquered--- and furgave ber luc!

diorgave Freshford, December 5th, 1811.

FROM THE SHAMROCK-A NEW SONG, in commemoration of the eruction of the city of New-York, by the British Croops, on the

2501) November, 1789, entitled

Dedicated to GEORGE CLINTON, V. P. V, s. A. -by the Author, J. J. S.

Air,' The modes of the court se coumon are grown,' alias, Lyllibullera Bullonala.
THE glorious day let us never forget, That ENTXY TRIUMPHAL recorded by
When victory crown d the American Fame,
bovs ;

Placed great Washington first on the Apd the foe march d away in terrible roll :

The Goddess delights to sing of his name, • Thor ears were so tickled to hear us In concert with his country and each revice.

honest soul. Wpicome, welcome, blessed day wel. Welcome, welcome, blessed day, well come;

come .

" A thousand times welcome, whenever Viva la welcome, whenever you come : you come ;

Here's to Washington, Lincoln; For re'll always remember, the day of Not forgetting George Clinton, Norcinler,

And all the bold HEROE6—that follow'd When the British !-san 07, from th our Drum. ii


Tho' Dlontgom'ry and Mercer, both fel! Tho' years thirty-five, have rolled along in the tight, Since we crew off the yoke of a ty. And Greepe, Gates, and others have rapts st2v: .

gone to the tomb; Hith hearts i ull of glee, and a giass and Theii mem'ries for ever shall live in qut 2 8011,

• sigiu, . : Let us hail each return of thia happy bil nature and time shall have closed day.

the womb. Helcome, welcome, blessed day, wel. Come, welcome, blessed day welcome, come; .

A thousand times welcome, whenever you * Kravi- Mile Faltagh, whenever you come come; o the skin was so tender,

Tho'the British may brag of, bestear To see them surrender,

ing the Flag-staff, When our Yankies'-nurchd in with it. Like skunks !-ihey slunk off, from the AMIZICA: DRUM.


On our banners unfurlid and fourish'd on Welcome, welcome, blessed day, welhigh,

come, They turn'd back their moist eyes, to A thousand times welcome, whenever look at the stripes ;

you come ; The sight was so galling, they were ready Like the great Doctor Dwight, in to die,

Their motions of fighting, Excepting the few that got cured of The toe curs’d the sound on th' Amerithe gripes.

CAN Dkum. Welcome, welcome, blessed day, wel. May we ever united and happy remain come,

b'hilst the sun rules the day or the stars A thousand times welcome, whenever shine by night,, you come;

In fair or foul weather, in heat, frost of When we made our entry,

rain, They got the dissent’ry

Let Feds and Republicans (at) this time And sullied their trowsers !--at the sound u nite. of our DKUM.

Welcome, welcome, blessed day, wet Tho' monarchiał preachers call it a come, « curse,"

A thousand times welcome, whenever To celebrate any such jubilce days;

you come. Yet preaching false doctrine is surely (Then) Secula, Seculorum, much worse,

Push about the brisk jorum, So we'll turn a deaf ear to all hypo. (And) Viva! Huzza for ch' AMERcrite lays.



blishment. Al the talents of both parties The exasperations which the merchants were employed on the great inquiry, and and farmers of America, feel every day we are proud to hear, We have been at impressing of their countrymen, and nearly acquitted by the House of Comspoilations of their properties by the Brio mons of the late minders in the British tish, have had ito due effect on the Con. Capital. We were on the very precipice gress. A warlike attitude is at length of conviction, were it not for the unriadopted, and an army appointed in case valled eloquence of our countryman Mr. hostilities are indispensably necessary, to St eridan, Play-actor and Law-maker, seize upon the two extensive provinces of who proved to the apparent satisfaction Canada and Nova Scotia, where there of the house, that Williams, who murdere is no adequate force to make any res st- ed himself was not an Irishman. We are ·ance. The Irish in the State of New afraid the pains taken by Mr. Sheridan York, will form a very considerable ma. to acquit US, in this case, may bring on jority if not the entire force, that is to

entire force, that is to him and his countrymen out of America add the last remnant of British America,

int of British America. the indignation of Mr. Perceval and his to enlarge the area of Republican em. swaddling ministry, and whenever the nopire, and increase its citizens. Thus the popery mob of London in their wisdom Orangemen are recruiting the American and piety, revive the spirit of 1780, by armies, and lending an indirect hand to burning all the Irsih chapels in Lonthe diminution of British power at home don, that Mr. Sheridan, will be counted and abroad. The men they have burnt in, among the burnt offerings. out of their dwellings, are upon the point

DOMESTIC. of retaliating one jujury for another, they The shooting season has been rather dull are preparing to pull the British standard this winter, there were only two pavisis from the walls of Quebec. The Marquis killed in the metropolis. One in Hanoverof Abercorn, Mr. Brownlow, and the lane, (a very proper name for a shooting other great landed proprietors of the district,) another in Aun, ier-street. The Counties of Tyrone, Armagh and Down, two gentlemen who performed the cereand leaders of the Orange faction, in those monies, are not yet, either hanged, or populous districts, may one day be ac- promoted. Sheilds the yeoman, who shot countable to the empire for the misfor the poor boy in Kevin-street, was aftertunes which their bigotry, have almost wards promoted to the place of maila rendered inevitable.

coach guard, and Brown, the yeoman, ENGLAND.

who shor the boy at the Pigeon-house, has · The Legislature of this country is site becn appointed a letier-carrier to the same ting, and among other important subjects, establishment. Thus four murders com has been engaged debating on the laws, mitted in our dying metropolis in the and constitution of the night watch esta. open day, in the presence of hundreds of


witnesses, and not one word of horror, had the sense of taking this last gotice about them was ever expressed in the quit in proper time. Had they the preHouse of Commons, or " hospital of incuda caution of transporting themselves to .. ables." . Williams' murdered in the wrong merica, after the PARSOX balf haogcu place, if he done a small party of killing tbem, in 1797, they could have preserved in another country we know, he night be their child. Some people will not leara, a post-naster, or Sexion before now. by any warning, umat it is too late. !!

There has been no shooting in Ennisa 'any but an Irishman, or Irishwoman, were killen, since the 12th of July last, when half hanged, by the way of woiice of ejeci. the boy, Mayvournagh, was killed. This ment, they would have absconded in promay bé sitributed to the discreei move. per time, and not have increased the pnab ment of the boy's father and mother, who iy levied for disobedience and contempl.

OBITUARY. On the 5th of January, at Johnstown, brethren to attend the society to request eo. Kildare, Mary Molony, a poor paye. 99 Bibles for the use of as many of the per, v hose only subsistance was such can brethren, who have undertaken the care sual relief as the charity of the inhabitants of souls, in the vicinity of the j quarters, of the village afforded. Her meaus of in the villages of Glassneven and Fiaglass. living for many years, was by remittances. He had performed the object of his jous from her brother John Farrell, on boarri ney, and had reached the canal bridge of the Royal Nary, who allowed her haif his return, with his sacred bundle ixed his pay as a man before the mast, which on his horses rump, when he unfortu. terminated at his death in the year 1798, nately got in contact with a car loaded as he was executed on. board the Sand- with turf, his horse cook fright, and galo wich of 74 guns, for having taken an ac- loped with sucli velocity, that poor Kufa tive part in the mutiny at the Nore. Far- tles, who was a stranger to such speed, rell was well educated, and at the death was flung off and killed on the spol. The of his father became possessed of 20001. affrighted instrument of ths act of mare which he giddily dissipated, and wis tyrdom continued his Night until stopped, obliged to seck a livelihood by entering with the remainder of ins holy freight at himself in the British fleet. He was a de. the turnpike of Drumcondra. The te legate from the Brunswick, commanded mains of the deceased were deposited on by the late Lord Lecale, and obtained the ensuing day in Glassaevia church-yard, leave from the mutineers for bim to pass attended by the 38 survivors, who chaude. through the feet, which was proved fed a valuable collection of Birmingham against him on the court martial.

hymus to the place of interment, where In York-street, 18th of Jan. Mr. Thos. the body was giveo to the earth urdt Pointon, a man highly esteemed for his chree well-directed vollies. A funeral upright cbaracter and most excellent dis scrmon commemorate she Apostolic and position

military labours of the lamented modern On the 10th of last month, of a fall Bricon, was preached in the evening by from his horse, which he bore with chris- the Rev. Mr. Crowley, to a numerous tian patience, Mr. Jameson Kitties, one company of soldiers, their wives and side of the s9 English Civilizers, m ntioned arms. in the report of the Hibernian Bible So l a Townsend-street, in her 92d yeur, ciety at their late sitting. Mr Kitties Mrs. Ann Taylor, daugbrer of Mr. Talbot was deputed by his musket missionary Fyan, of Poolbeg-street.

MAJOR BINGHAM. We are obliged to apologize to our nion, whose appearance is above the Rumerous readers, for not giving them rank of a dairy-man. Mr. Duon Trust the promised portrait of Major Binghan, be not only an enemy to the fine arts, DUw comined in Kilmzinham Goal ; our but, at variance with the law; Mr. Bog face maker in the Kilmainham district, ham, was by wisdom of the * Unsportal assures us, he has made use of every Ermine," decreed as a public exampk, stratagein, to catch a glimpse of the and so far has th's Goaler, inverted the distinguished gentleman; but, like Lord course of justice, he will not allow us to Louin, he is so cautious of appearing place the gallant Major, in our historical outside of his aparunents, he has con- PILLORY. We will let Mr. Dunn, and trived to balle the most industrious. His our readers know, we are so determined cayners to avoid weging to our gallery, to preserve the property we have in is to be attributed to the very criminal Mr. Bingham's face, that we have of assiduity of a man of the name of Dunn, dered our painter, Mr. Muns, to the the graier, who, we know is instructed County Mayo, on a Magazine circuit, ** by the enchantment of pecuniary under. bring up the face alive, or dead, whesstanding, to contrive to exclude any ever it appears in that County. pereon from an entrance into his domi.

buvu vil arise from it; the pub. they want the merit of rapidity.-starve lic force will be encreased, and the ing us oif, may be ranked the second

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