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it is taken off he will recollect the called Grace O'Malle min - 4.4 grooms who put it on; and he has Lunk, said she wo ?3; been known to bite and kick them in fent, than s:ffer (

i ::.sra a dark stalle, where they found it dif. so despicable : ficult to save themselves. He moves the race w 18 1242 at an ambling pace, with pricked up by John Bull, i r ears and fiery eye, has some bone and Soamstrissəsiri sinew, which make good judges think s're', Litigaturthat he is a cross by a thorough bred man great gre horse, but that is a mistaken opinion, No. 4H as he is a mere Jack Ass. The best Jack, unsound, race he ever run was against a famous will do anythi thorough bred Irish horse, called mon bridle on ! Doctor of the real padreen breed--they once put in his ran for the petition stakes, over the like the horse c. constitution courseemthere was not tho' the inferna half a neck between them until they bottom. He i came to a place called the jury bog mal, that there Doctor ran clean through the bog and he intends to kiga left Sarepole sticking in the middle of ran against a Jack Asscalleu ei', it. He was so much hurt in dragging the race was over the Union-heath ; for him out of the bog, that, he has been the insurrection plure, and Harlequin under a course of physic ever since, was barely discanced. He belongs to and is only now just fit to be seen. Val Percy, who gou him in the handia

His sire Jack, was the memorable cap, when the celebrated Ass called post obii-sire Ballyfinns- great grand Ingrate, was broke down, in the race grand sire Whiskey--great great grand' he ran against Bladderchops for the sire Confiscator who won the mulli. Emmet cup over the Sessions course. mast stakes, on the commons of cut. He has a fashon of backing, which throat, in the County Kildare. was ocoasioned by a Catholic Lawyer

No. 3-Lank- a thin rawney who rode him, and scalded his withers; Jack, bad chest and narrow behind, he won the Attorney stakes, froin á but stands well on his haunches, and Jack Ass called Banker--crossing and muves smoothly he was bred in Eng. jostling were allowed, and Harlequin land, and has a number of foreign got first to the post, by running out tricks, which the jockeys of this coun. of the old course. When Percy rides try are unacquainted with. He is so him he always strives to keep the whit quiet in the stall that the grooms call hard of, his competitor, but he is him the mannerly Ass ; he and Sore generally foiled in this attempt ; he pole were bought by an English brays loudly, and sets off from the jockey, called Val Percy, to run for starting post with great vigour, but the convention stakes, on the parliament comes in out of breath and fagged. course, but a groom having given all He was got hy Mongrel, upon a Jill the fagging to Soropole, that was pre- Ass, called Blackmuzzle.--Grand sire, pared for both ; Sorepole was sent off filien-great grand sire, Barber-great lo the races and Lank remained at great grand sire, Dogby. home!! Val Percy entered him once No. 5-STENTOR—this Jack Ass against the best blooded and most was so named on account of his extraspirited horse in Ireland, called George ordinary loud braying; he is appa

-the race was to be ran on the yeo. rently in good condition, but, thought man course, for the magistrates plate, by good judges to be rotten inside. but George's mistress, an old lady He ran over the Union-heath for the


Insurrection plate, at the same time that Catholic Cause never in Season. Harlequin did, and nearly won the

On the debate on the Prince Re. race, as the Ass heran against was lême of a fore ler: this Ass was gent's Speech, Messrs. Ponsonby, Per. called Heri he was then started from

ceval, and Tierney, exactly agreed the Anti union post, against Ingrate,

that this is no time for discussing the for the Solicitor's plate; and beat

: case of the Cathclics of Ireland. Hox Ingrate hollow-for Ingrate had been

in naturally the trade of Parliament is reviously broken down, in his race'

performed? The ministers and opposiwith Bladderchops. He has a good

tion have no dispute on the expedievcy Countenance. but, the groome say he:

ů of again, and again postponing the is not eas de depended on ; he was

is season of inquiry which would promise purchased sotisme back by Val

any hopes of extending redress to the Percy, who rode him several races.-

people of Ireland. Mr. Perceval says, The first race was against a country

it is not prudent to enter into an in. Ass called Pedlar, who was knocked

vestigation of the subject ; Mr. Pon. oo the first heat, and has been ever

souby agreed, and Mr. Tierney, as since in close keeping-he then ran

the Reporter expresses it, nodded apagainst an Irish horse, called Shanavesi,

probation; and yet, Mr. Perceval. and whom he so terrified by the loudness

his agents, and creatures in Ireland, of his braying that, Shanavest died of

Messrs. Saurin, and Bushe, do not

think it unscasonable to drag the same the fright.--Percy was so elated by

Catholics in the character of felons winning those two races, that, he

before the King's Bench, and there entered him for a race against an old

exhaust all the stores of vituperation, Irish thorough bred horse, called Dele.

slander, and ignominy, against the gat-the race was run upon the Judges course, for the nisdemeanouir.

same people. .

Our Parliament having sold us to a stakes.--Stentor, just as he sett off from the starting post began as usual,

foreign legislature, under whose que to bray most hideously, but, Delegate

thority we have been near I3 years, and

the new Parliament in all that period, being high rettled, was not frightened by the braying, buț, took up from

could never spare' us one season to in

vestigate our claims, or administer any the post with such vigour and speed that he distanced Stentor

relief; the season of redress is not yet

in a few minutes--Stentor then ran backe over

to come, and the season of persecution

and insult, iş unceasing in its vigour, the course, braying all the time, to

and unlimited in its duration. the very great amusement of the spec.

Our chapels are burning, our peo. tators ; many of whom bad large bets depending on the race. Pirry since

ple are butchered, and our gentry are rode him through Council.court, (near

s dragged from their families, to the Castle-market,) where he started at

a judgment seat, to hear themselves ac the sight of the Anti-union post, which

himcused by every expert adventurer, of

every species of treasonable criminality. was used as a prop against a Silk

The bar is sorted for the most joWeavers house that was falling -He Aung Percy in the diri, who is become

genious and skilful in its ranks, to so displeased with him, that, he sent

exercise their industry and talents, to him to Mr. Cox's Mews for sale.

ridicule and abuse the Catholic people He was got by Schemer, upon Slama.

of Ireland ; the Ermine and the Co. kin-grand sire, Proctor- great grand

ronet, are held up as the rewards of sire, Bell ringir-great great grand

superior address; and through every sire, Oystermun.

gradation, every assortment of lovers

and emoluments, are distributed dow .. (To be continued.)


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to the dullest scribbler, and the meanest Lord Liverpool undertakes to jus "thief.hunter.

tify the recent measures used in IrePoverty and vice, are sought for land against the Catholics. We know among the Catholic body; and the if the approbation of Parliament is a wretch who wants courage and in- proof of justification, the noble Lord dustry, is inlisted to betray his bre- is justified. thren. The sacred rights of hospi. The Irish members who sold their

tality are violated, and the man who country, and the English members 'fed and clothed the vile informer, is who unanimously approve of the bar. sold into the Castle like the beast of gain, will justify Mr. Perceval, the the field.

Duke of Richmond, and their subor. The Brenans, Huddlestones, and dinate agents; but will Ireland, sufReynolds of the day are exchanging, fering as she is, by the suppression of 'the tears and blood of their brethren her industry, and the absence of her for an infamous subsistence. I gentry, justify the degradation of five

While one set of miscreants are pre- millions of men, and the vile agency . paring the rope on the hearth stone employed to augment their sufferings? of the unsuspicious host, iu the me. Can it be justified, that a system of tropolis, privileged murderers are burn- Espionage so extensively and ingenj. ing our chapels, and shooting our ously organized, as to be made acceso peasantry in the North ; and Messrs. sible to the most private recesses of Ponsonby, Tierney, and Perceval, agree domestic concerns, in violation of all that the season of inquiry and redress the duties of gratitude, and all the is not yet in season !

sacred rights of hospitality? What Lord Liverpool, in the same de- will justify a minister, or å governbate, told the House that if his Ma- ment, who seek the aid of the fraud jesty's ministers were forced into any of vile informers, and the legal assagdiscussion on the affairs of Ireland, sin, to excuse coercion and perpetuate they were prepared to justify every a system of proscription against an measure lately adopted there, with the intire nation? The eloquence of a coucurrence of the noble Duke at the Hutebinson, is to be combated by bead of the Irish government.

the perfidy of a Brenan, and the manly 'We hope this plain avowal of the expositions of a Mathew, by the perFaction who govero, will have its due juries of such apostate wretches as a weight on the decision of the public Reynolds, or a Huddlestone; and afmid, so much diverted from a rational terministers balance she honesty and and united effort, as to hope redie$s policy of the senator, with the perfrom any other source than a domestic juries of the traitor, are the Irish peglegislature. A repeal of the Union, ple to be placed under inilitary law, or and Catholic Emancipation, are the judicial persecution ? On the agencies two questions which comprehend the of such monsters are we to be told our fate of every man in the country, and claims are not in season, while perse. every man's prosperity, are the only cution, glowing in all the riotous li. objects worthy of our notice. A pre- cense and plenitude of unrelenting sevious union of sentiment, and idengity perity blossoms in eternal spring, and of interest, should be made obvious to unaltered succession. the Irish mind, before it submits its couutry to the mercy, or even the juga

TO THE tice of a distant community, coming

Irish Catholic Tradesmen and before the e.npire, and Europe in such

Peasantry. a dignified attitude; Who dare refuse COUNTRYMEN, to the Irish people, what the Irish It appears from high and unquestion. people demand?

able authority, that, there exists an


ingeniously contrived conspiracy to the County of M.yo, who was cono divert you from your honest and quiet victed of gross oppression, produced pursuits, into treasonable associations, two witve,ses on the 28th of Noveinfalse friends and profligate adventurers ber last, to prove his loyalty and acti. are the hired instruments, who are to vity in the years 1797 and 1798. lead you into premature excesses, on Sir Simon O'M. ley and the Hoo. the pretence of assisting you to remove Denis Brown, swore that Major Bing. thoge political and civil disabilities, ham had extirpated a very considerable the immediate effects of a provincial number of the peasantry in his neigh. government and extinguished legisla. bourhood, and su intimidated :he surture.

vivors that they were compelled 10 Your numbers, or as Earl Grey seek refuge in the fasinesses of Cunie. says, your superabundant population, is mara This evidence was given as a a lasting object of jealousy and alarm proof, not of the Major's humanity I to your enemies, yet, however formida presume, but of his patriotisn), as good ble you may appear by your numerical and sufficient recommendation to the strength, you are more so by pursuing bench for a mitigation of punishment. a steady, silent, pacific and dignified A late decision of a jury was such course of tranquillity, you then can an unexpected disappointment to your furnish no excuse for the adoption of enemies, that, they have suspended martial law and subsequent extermina. legal assassination, and have adopted tion. It is a melancholy duty that a anothen plan to check the progress of great and numerous people are to be your remonstances, and to disgrace you advised to give no colour of justification in the opinion of your protestant to their destruction, which appears to countrymen. Your credulity, your be a favorite wish with those whose passions, and your intrepidity, are cal. duty it is to protect them.

culated oil, by an infamous gang of That an uniform wish for your ex. conspirators, as the probable materials termination, and various plans to carry most likely to fire you into a system it into effect, have had its advocates of insubordination, which was to bring betore this eventful period is undenia- you before the country as a restless ble, we need not go back to Cecil, or and ungrateful body, on whom mercy to old Sir C. Coote, compared to whom is thrown away, and indulgence only the revolutionary monsters Couthon, invites to anarchy and depredation. Le Bun, or Carriere were angels; for Thus, a disappointed gaug rendered criminal as Lord Castlereagh may infuriate, whose situation in power appear as a political character, we depends on public calamity, are es. know he resisted an efficient plan of hausting every device that ever bell or massacre, submitted to a certain body tyranuy invented, to commit you with of men, 'by a certain man now alive. your Protestant brethren, and by code * In the Irish Parliament his lordship victing you of treason, of which you hinted to this in the presence of the were innocent ; reconcile your coun: author of it, in the following words. trymen to be the unpitying and idle “ Were the people of Ireland who you witnesses of your extirpation. are now cajoling by apparent patriot. I have not quoted these recent cin ism, as incimately acquainted with cumstances to arouse your wrath, they you a: I AM? You are the last states. are only intended to awaken your disman in the country to whom they cretion, lo reconcile you to your conwould give their confidence."

dition, to teach you patience, loyalty The principle of extermination seems and submission. The moment you to be so well understood and valued, are trepanned into violence and conspithat a Major Bingham, a magistrate of racy, you are the guilty dupes of your


enemies, and your children then intemperance, they are the works of becomes the legalees of lasting misery your most inveterate enemies, who are and legal infamy.

so exasperated, that, a Protestant jury Remember, that the person who in. refused you as victime, they wish to vites you to premature insurrection is prove your criminality by leading you the agent of arrogant pride, and of into disgraceful excesses. If you es. desperate adventore.

teem your country, if you seek for jusYour silence, your industrious, tice, do not seperate your cause from though unrewarded pursuits, and your that of your country, and the Protessensible resistance to every species of tant will forget the prejudices of edu. agitators, are the best guarantees for cation, by demanding what the arro. your inevitable happiness.

gance of Britain dare not refuse-che The vilest bireling furnished with restoration of a resident legislature.. legal consequence,aspires to distinction Time is on the wing, old fashioned by your sensibility, and as long as follies and state quackeries have been you can suppress it, and as often as detected ; a new form has been given you can resist those intriguers the to Europe, and neither your rashness stronger you must be, and the weaker nor the temerity of your enemies, can your opponents

urge its progress or delay its force. Attorney Generals, Solicitor Gene. Your resignation is the best guide rals and Army Generals, and all the to success, your enemies are perishing higher rabble, must be disappointed in in their own ruins, and your character, their plans of provoking turbulence, numbers, and geographical situawhilever an upar med people refuse to tion are known to the civilized world, seek redress' by an indiscreet exertion, and are the best materials to form a founded on the presumption of their great nation. I have little more to numbers; philosophy, right and justice, say, but let your conduct be so reguare but feeble arguments with the cap- lated that 10 man can betray you, nor tive, and only laughable ones with the any party have an excuse to coerce oppressor,

you. I do not call on your indignation to

WALTER COX. be exercised outside of your cabbins, let it, if it exists, be domesticated,

Newgate, Feb. I, 1812. teach it, if your consciences or your sufferings justify it to your children,

o your children. Sigh of Sorrow ! of an unfortunate but never let it be the ladder to the

O'Neill. elevation of your insulting and unre- (Continued from page 6 of our last.) lenting persecutor. Be resigned, bei cautious and patient, HE that regu And it shall rise in its greatness : it lates the destinies of nations has as shall scour the pirates of the world off much mercy for an Irishman as he has the face of the land, as the Northern evinced for the new inhabitants of en- blast before a storm sweeps the groanfranchised America. The crimes of ing waves of Neagh.” “I know it statesmen and the cant of bigots must shall,” (returned the Prince,) and disappear in Ireland, the youngest ever should the genius of Innisfail among you who can read, may discover slumber still in the embrace of death, on the page of modern history, the - The power of the tyrant of the lesson of chastisement, in the disgrace · frozen heart shall dwindle and grow and punishment of cotemporary tyrauts. " weak, and his name be forgotten, like

I conjure you to be aware of the the old withered reed of the loch.-machinations, now working under the Ruin already chases his steps, the disguise of patriotism, to betray you into a storm of its anger is dark o'er his For FEBRUARY, 1812, Vol. V.


• land,

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