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mon goal, out of which he iolisted These rebel republicans manage with Tobias Dillon, in 1805, then re. matiers just in their own way; they cruiting for his commission in that re. still continue the hateful practice of gimeut commanded by colonul Doyle, reading Tom Jefferson's declaration of an Irishman, and James Plunket, who independance, having orations delive raised the greater part of that regi- ered, and drinking patriotic toasts on merit, in which he was major, has this hateful day. Our good friends been obliged to quit his native coun- the Federalists, have done their best try silice 1798 and reside in England, to prevent the declarations being read, for being a liberal man, although he but they found it would not do ; and has in that one county (Roscommon) have actually come to a determination at present about 3000l. a year, will of reading it themselves, drinking not be allowed to live in it by his go. toasts, and baving orations delivered vernment, and the governors of that This is all to gull the swinish multicounty knowing him a spirited man, tude, for I assure your Lordship they have thus removed him from his na. don't care a brass farthing about the tive country to spend his fortune in day. I should be extremely sorry this England, in a country he abhors, al. double game would be discovered, for though Masterson and Keogh were de- our true friends have had numbers to fenders in their native country, (but join their ranks since they began to that was for their just rights, being practice it: but it is such a difficult both Catholics) it is a pleasure to find thing to affect merriment when the they were defenders of their honour in heart is sad, that I am fearful those the field of battle. Pat. Masterson hateful seventy-sixers will find them was born in or near Strokestown, eoun out. ty Roscommon, by profession a tai. The increase of newspapers friendly lor.

X. to our cause is quite pleasing. Their

editors deserve great credit for their Mr. Cox will oblige by re-publishing present artful management, heretofore the following, which was published

They were highly hurtful; and with

they were highly nurtu; here in the Public Advertiser.” the Liberty boys lost all credit for The first is a correct copy of a et is correct copy of


Americanism letter which accompanied an engrav. " we have not something done here ing sent to (your particular friend)

soon it will be too late ; the rabble Lord Norbury.

are getting wonderous wise. The MacTWOLTER.

prese groans with newspapers, pamph

lets, and books; and the poor have New York, July 4, 1810. an opportunity of perusing them, for To the Right Honorable Lord Nor- they cost httle more than the blank

paper does with us. They have no MY LORD,

tax on newspapers

It is painful to mention the great This is a sorrowful day with us

improvements in machinery and mana. royalists ; never was there seen in this factories, as they have both much far. 'city, or perhaps any other on the

ther advanced than I ever expected to continent, such a splendid celebration see them. of American independance. - The The legislature of Virginia * have houses fairly shake with the cannons

come to a determination of appearing thunder. There will be more powder

next wasted this day, than was gloriously spent in the ever memorable Copen

Since the above was written, the Lehagen cause.

gislative Bodies of several other States have come to the same determination.

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next session in complete suits of home. And whereas the aforesaid letter is spun. How far this foolish example signed " Heppristal,and introduced in will be followed by the people of that the Public Advertiser, as a correct state I cannot say—but in one or two copy, by an old offender against royneighbouring states, I am grieved to alty, of the name of Maciwolter ; this find, that there is no legislature, no seditious person is strongly suspected Swift necessary to recominénd the use of being the author of said letter, and of home-made, for all the patriotic not the person whose name is added Yankees wear nothing else'. .

to it ; for the only good subject we These plebeians have even attempted, ever had of the Heppenstal family, 'the re-publication of the Greek and was a lieutenaut, and he is long since Latin classics ; and also the designing dead. Froni all which it mamfestly and engraving new plates to our : n. appears that he intended to hurt the cient and modern books of merit. feelings of our good cousin Norbury.

A priut has lately made its appears. We, therefore, being desirous of ance, called Emmett's Urn, which, for taking vengeance of said writer, do, impudence, and want of respect, I in the name of our liege lord, his Macant't say I ever saw its equal. This jesty the King of Great Britain, prothing I find stuck up in the first tector of Ireland, defender of the true kouses, as also in the coffee and porter church, supporter of Spanish inquisihouses, and barber shops of this city. tion, &c. &c. &c. offer as a reward, There is something like ingenuity in a commission in our brave army in Porthis print ; but then it is so insolent tugal, to any person or persons who that it is not to be born with.

will lodge said Mactwolter on board They have introduced your Lord- our good frigate the Venus, which ship on the left of what they call the now waits at the hook. Urn, in a very unbecoming attitude ; Given under our hand and seal, this my loyalty and love for my country, 31st day of August, 1810. induced me to send your worship a

FRANCIS JAMES, copy, as also an explanation that your

who is the son of JACK. Lordship might be pleased to say, what punishment the impudent author merits.

American Prosperity. With the greatest submission, I The following state of the rapid have the honor to be your Lordship's and extensive progress of American most obedient humble servant,

industry we copy from a New York HEPPENSTAL. paper. The readers of the Irish Ma· A PROCLAMATION.

gazine will feel with us the highest de

gree of gratification on.the perosal of Whereas our trusty and well be

this valuable article, as it furnishes the loved cousin, Lord Norbury, has re

most pleasing prospects of the growceived from the United States of

ing prosperity of a country dext to our America, an engraving, entitled, “ Em

own the most beloved by an Irish mert's Urn,” accompanied by a let

heart. It is the refuge of our dear ter, the writer of which professes to

countrymen, it is the asylum of the be one of our loyal subjects.

alave, and the parent of the af. And whereas the said letter, and

Aicted. engraving, has been submitted to our trusty and well beloved friends Lord

STATE OF NEW YORK. Castlereagh and Mr. Canning, who give The following abstract of the poit as their opinion that the engraving pulation, resources, &c. of the state is seditious, and the letter ironical: of New York is extracted from a


Brief Topographical and Statis'ical 205,300: 00. Air do. 10; val. dolls. -A1anual of the State of New York, 156,720:00. Cut nail factories 44 ; which comprises within 36 pages a val. dolls. 276,932:10. Forges 48; great mass of information very inte. val. dolls. 185,240 : 00. Trip ham. resting to those whom business or spe- mers 49; val. (return of work from culation requires to attend to its inte. two of them only) dolls. 1,600: 00. rior concerns. If we had a similar Rolling and slitting mills 1 ; val. dolls. manual of each state in the union, it 33,120: Total value-dolls. 19,085, would add much to our stock of geo. 525 : 62. Also, 413 Carding magraphical and topographical know. chines-value included in cloth above : ledge of our own country, in which at and 26 cotton factories, not included present we are generally very defi. above, the cloth there mentioned be. cient.-- [Nat. Intel.]

ing the manufacture of families only. " L 1731 this state contained 10 The above returns (except for Onta. counties and only 50,291 souls- in rio, Columbia, and Washington coun. 1771, same counties and 163,338 ties) are moreover believed to be short souliin 1786 (25 years ago) 12 of the real amount—no tow cloth was counties and 238,896 souls-1791, returned, except for two countiessixteen counties and 340,120 souls- instead of one there are teu or twelve and in 1800, thirty counties, 305 rolling and slitting mills in the statetowns (including 3 cities) and 586,000 the nail, hat, paper and rope factoinbabitants. Now (1811) the state ries, furnaces, &c. much exceed the contains about 300 villages, of from number returned. All the woollen 15 or 20, but generally from 30 or factories were omitted. The single 40, to 600 houses ; 452 towns (in- county of Rensselaer will this year cluding 4 cities ;) 45 counties ; and manufacture of the above articles tlie (in 1810) 960,000 inhabitants; give value of dolls. 600,000, though reing an increase of 15 counties, 147 turned last year at dolls. 458.000. towns, and 374,000 people in the last And many new factories, in Oneida 10 years ! ! And the militia of the especially, and in the Western counstate regularly enrolled amounted to try generally, are just going into ope. 102,068 in 1809.

ration. So that it may be safely afIn manufactures the late census has formed, that our presept annual value furnished data, for the following state of the above named manufactures exment:

ceeds dolls. 16,000,000! Looms 33,068; yds, cloth(all kinds) There are now made anuually 9.099.703-value dolls. 5,002,891 : 525,000 bushels of salt ; viz. in Onn 82. Tan works 867 ; val. of leather ondaga 453,840 (though in 1800 only dolls. 1.299.512: 16. Distilleries 591; 42,754;) Cayuga 54,000; Genesval. dolls 1.685.794 : 40 Breweries see 1,400 ; Seneca (at least) 25,000: 42 : val. dolls, 340,765 : 68. Fol and Ontario about 8,760-total value ling Mills 427 ; enhanced val. of cloth at the works dolls, 147,000. In dulls. 679,126 : 87. Paper mills 28; Cayuga 2, 240 skeins of silk. To all sal. dolls. 238.268:00. Hat facto. which may be added dolls, 60,000.-. ries 124. val. dolls. 249,035 : 00. the value of articles annually made by Glass works 6 ; val. (besides bottles, convicts in the State Prison &c.) dolls. 716,800: 00 Powder I have not suflicielit ilata to calcumills 2 ; val. dolls. 10,400:00. Rope late the quantity of the aslies, maple walks 13; val. dolls. 538,000 : 00. sugar, four, &c. made, or the grain, Sugar houses 10--val. dolls. 420,706: cattle, sheep, beef, pork; &c. raised 00. Oil mills 28 ; val. dolls. 49, 289: annually, so as to make a valnation of 25. Blast furnaces 11; val. dolls. Our products or lands. But as the · For JANUARY, 1812, Vol. V.


sheep returned for Dutches were some small unliquidarad demandé, dolls. 83.855 --- Albany 34,342 - Cayuga 880,000 (in 1800, dolls. 346,234 49,872-Onondaga 44,193...and Jef. 98.) Which (exclusive of the School ferson 20,000we may conclude, fand and land, and of the 1,000,000 judging from the population, (exclu- acres public lands above named) gives sive of New York Cw.) that the whole about 30,000 annual excess of revestate contains 1,280,000. Dutchess nue over expenditures, and a perma. contains 14,341 horses and 51,650 nent fund exceeding the public debt neat cattle, which in like manner (N. dolls. 3,311,803 25. Y. omitted) gives 247,000 of the There are established in the State furtner, and 886,000 of the lacter ; two colleges aod upwards of forty but probably 300,000" horses and academies ; also, 364 post offices, 1,000,000 neat cattle would be nearer being more than 1 7th of the whole the true amount in the whole state. (2 440) in the United States, and 60

The provisions made for roads and different newspapers; and (in all) about bridges, besides the numerous roads 90 printing establishments. The shipand bridges aathorised to be laid outg ping owned in this state, in 1809, trade and built, at the risk of indivi. was 251,525 tons, (besides that on duals or expence of the counties, the the three lakes,) being 1-5th of the state, or the lands benefited thereby whole owned in the United States. are 36 bridge companies with dolls. Amount of exports in 1807, dolls. 509,000 stock, and 135 turnpike (26,357,963 ; and revenue on im. companies with dulls. 7,558,006 ports, &c. more than 1-4th of the stock, extending their roads over a whole paid in the Uoited States (from length of 4,500 miles about one-third 1.4th to 1.3d of which two last items which is completed.

. is however derived from the trade of The capital stock of the several other states.) i incorporated banks is dolls. 11,690, In addition to the goodness of our 00. The fund set apart by the state soil and excellence of our timber, we for the benefit of Common Schools have plenty of iron ore, slate, plaistet now amounts to dolls. 483,326,29 of paris, and inexhaustible salt springs, the last year's revenue of which was the most valuable in the world. There dolls. 36,427 64-besides which have also been found coal, copper, 314,770 acres of unsold land still lead, sulphur, zinc, marble, isinglass, belong to this fund.

and some silver. Our territory, conT'he Revenue and Expenditures of taining 55,000 square miles, of which the state are in the abstract, as fol. 4 or 5000 are water, stretches from lows :-Lands, about 1,000,000 acres the Atlantic the whole length of New. unsold ; and state funds dolls. 4,194, England, and spreads along the St. 803 35 (in 1800 dolls. 2,900,000 Lawrence and three great navigable 00) the annual revenue of which Lakes. Embracing the head-waters is now dolls. 278,486 96-besides of the Ohio, and two other large which the receipts at the treasury from rivers which pass, southerly through various other sources were. for the other States the whole course of the year 1810, dolls. 626,042 18 (for best river in the United States and 1791 dolls. 127 649; for 1800 Jolls. Perhaps in the world together with 192,028 71)and during same time twenty other rivers navigable by boats were paid out dolls. 606,328 22 (in and rafts, this State affords the best 1791 dolls. 143 417 64 ; and in 1800 passage in the United States both by dolls. 261,765 03.) Estimated ex. land and by water, from tide-waters pences for 1811, dolls. 268,366 22. to the extensive navigable Lakes of Debts which the state owes, besides the west. There is not a mountain or


any great unavoidable hill to pass be- Brother. We opened our case to tween Albany and Lake Erie. It is the talk you lately delivered to us, at the only state, too, (except at the nar, our council fire. In doing important rov and N. E. extremity which ex. business it is best not to tell long stotends across the whole width of the ries, but to come to it in a few words. United States territory ; and the only We therefore shall not repeat your spot on which the Atlantic and the talk, which is fresh in our minds. We Lake can be united by sloop-naviga- have well considered it, and the advantion. This peculiar situation, with tages and disadvantages of your offers. its other advantages, renders this State We request your attention to our anhighly interesting to the politician, the swer, which is not from the speaker man of business or enterprise, the emi. alone, but from all the Sachems and grant, and the traveller. With the Chiefs now around our council fire. latter especially, the ready and safe Brother-We know that great men conveyance up the Hudson, and to as well as great nations, having dif. Lower Canada, and the good roads ferent interests, have different minds, and accommodations westward, will be and do not see the same object in the additional inducements to visit a coun. same light but we hope our answer try of this description, which more. will be agreeable to you and your emover furnishes Mineral Waters more ployers. efficacious and valuable than the best Brother---Your application for the medicinal Springs of Europe, and purcbase of our lando is to our minds which, besides many intermediate sub yery extraordinary ; it has been made lime natural views and objects, con- in a crooked manner; you have not tains on its western confines the great- walked in the straight path pointed est natural curiosity in the world, a out by the great council of your na. country interspersed (exclusive of the tion. You have no writings from your great waters before named) with more great father the President. In makthan fifteen laken, from ten to fortying up our miods we have looked back, miles in length, and numerous smaller and remembered how the Yorkers purones, exhibiting as great an extent, chased our lands in former times, variety, and beauty of inland water They bought them piece after piece, scenery as all the other States toge. for a little money paid to a few men in ther.

our nation, and not to all our brethren,

until our planting and hunting grounds From the new Albany Balance. have become very small, and if we sell NATIVE ELOQUENCE.

them, we know not where to spread

our blankets. I do not offer the following docu. Brother--- You tell us your employ. ments to the public as confidential or ers have purchased of the council of important “ State Papers,” but as li Yorkers, a right to buy qur lands, terary curiosities. The reader may We do not understand how this can rely on their genuineness ;

be. The lands do not belong to the The speech of Sagoua Ha, which Yorkers; they are ours, and were given signifies The Keeper Awake, known by to us by the Great Spirit. the white people by the name of Red Brother-We think it strange that

Jacket, in answer to a speech of Mr, you should jump over the lands of our · Richardson, who applied to buy the breshren in the east, to come to our · Indian rights to the reservations lying council fire so far off, to get our in the territory commonly called the lands. When we sold our lands in the Holland purchase. Delivered at a East to the white people, we deter. Council at Buffaloe Creek, in May, mined never to sell those we kept, 1811,


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