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part of the question they also agree, for the discovery of the assassins, who, 80 far, that, the present is not the as the paper asserted, bad destroyed time. Whether on the next jubilee or the Hunter, (worth 100%) of a loyal tbe jubilee after, is not ascertained; and active man, as a retaliation for bis not withstanding this favorable under- vigilance. He was rioting in a'l the standing which affairs have assumed, certainty of patronage and remunera. we have heard, that, the Musquet tion, when be received a note, warp. Judges in Ulster, have not been disc ing him to be more discreet, as bis armed, as they were pleased a few riding-whip and a pistol, both bearing dars ago, to strike out a shooting cir- bis crest, and initials, were found cuit in the County of Tyrone ; and under the beily of the fallen animal : to avoid Musquet Law proceedings, this salutary hint eaused him to with. josivad of going to “ Hell, or Con draw the complaint, and the public naught," inore than two-hundied never heard any more of the martyr. young men shipped themselves at dum of his Gelding!!! Warren's point, for the United States

MOUNT HORISH. to get the 16 dollars and 160 acres of land Bounty, forjoining the American Mr. John Claudius Beresford, Al. army, in'a proposed excursion to derman, and ci-devant Banker, lately Quebec. The Musquet Judges have representative in Parliament for the pot lost their arms, nor have the City of Dublin, and since representa Crown Lawyers their promotion, by tive for the Couuty of Waterford, the impartial feeling expressed for us which he resigned by the advice of the in Britain as Mr. Bushe, one of the commission of bankrupts, he taken persons who managed the late prosecu. the beautiful mansion-house and de tions, is appointed Chief Justice of mesne, Goose-green, Drumcondra, late King's Bench.

the residence of Sir John Cagbill, of

Coghill Hall, in the county of York, - THREATENING LETTERS, &c.

for the purpose of converting it into a The threatening letters, (said to be. Vauxhall and pleasure gardens, for the writtin by the police,) to the Jury that accommodation of his late constitu. tried Mr. Kirwan, puts us in mind of ents, the whipped, and unwhipped another ruse de office, by a certain citizens, freeholders, and mob quality medical justice, to excite the sympa- of Dublin. As he has not given any thy of government. This up and name to the new establishment, we down gentleman put his horse, valued submit the propriety of allowing it to to be worth two guinças, to graze in be called Mount Horish, in compli fields belonging to Christie, near the ment to the memory of his late res Orplian House, Circular-road; and pected friend the Sweep, of that pams, after allowing it to remain a few who formerly held a triangle situation nights amongst other cattle he very in the riding-house, under him, the judiciously took the advantage of a aforesaid banker, &c. Know ye, thes; dark nighi, siole into the field, and all nations aad languages, that Mount with his knife cut the sinews of the Horish will be ready for the reception hind lege of his Bucephalus. On the and entertainment of all the world, ensuing day it was made known to on the 29ch day of May next ensuing, him, the shocking ontrage which on being the anniversary of the flogging the first inspeetion, was attributed to of William Horish, chimney-sweepers be the act of some mischievious rebels. who was there and then punished, for This was what was expected by the assuming the title of Earl of Charle. worthy, who immediately issued his mont, making pikes, introducing the proclamation, offering a reward of 50! French, and intending to separate us


from our dear and enlightened brethren for every prince of the line, with the the nailors, and hinge makers of Bir- exception of the Doctor, who was mingham. Given at our Magazine piously serving the state, while his Office, this first day of March, 1812, mother the Princess, was left to ex. being the 13th of the United Empire, pire, without ove warm potatoe, to one and indivisible.

. interrupt the conquest of death.


The public have been frequently

told, of the prodigal encrease of MOTHER.

places, and the consequent waste of On Friday the 11th ult. being St. public property for the purposes of Valentine's day, celebrated in Irish patronage. If ministers were as ecos, history, by the confiscation of the prin- nomical in every instance as in one cipality of Idoagh, in the county Can we can quote, when they make oue terlough, according to English survey gentleman exercise cight or ten offices, and conquest, was celebrated in the Damagogues would not have so many dominions of Benjamin che IId. king plausible arguments to prove the corof the beggars, Channel row, by an ruption in every department of the universal display of affection to the state. The case we allude to, is the house of Brenan, so well known in Honorable and Reverend Lorenzo." the manufacture of potatoes, before Hutchinson, brother of Earl DoroughWalter Raleigh introduced such food more; this gentleman is Rector of into these countries. The ragged Chapelizod and Ballyfermo', a Colonel subjects of the Houghtanian Dynasty in the army, a Dean, a Justice of

assembled, after taking a full meal of Peace, and expects the office of - leek soup, and bearing in their hands Chaplain to the artillery barracks..

their emptied noggins, in the manner Island-bridge. to the antient Roman armies carried their 1. broken arms to the tomb of a dead

o STRATAGEMS. General, proceeded to erect a pile of The Head of Police Office informs 19 . Print the timber vessels, to the memory of by public advertisement, that, the men * their lately deceased fellow-subject who composed the Jury on Mr. Kir.

Mrs. Brenan, mother of our medical wan's trial, have received threatening, E friend and brother statesman of Hude letters from some persons untuowa,

dlestone, and in less than an hour, by which those gentlemen, as the Police * formed a mausoleum, that was never gazette call them, are put into great

surpassed for architectural proportion terror of their lives ; we have knowa s and elegance, since the decline of the so many stratagems to be used by . fine arts. The Peak or Head iernii- loyal men, to attract government pas.

nated with a vase, or what modern tronage, that, we do not believe one barbariem would term a large black word of this letter writing, as it is, Staffordshire pitcher, charged to the represented, because, we are so col top, witli some of the boiled descen- scious of the spirit and intelligence of

dants of the identical potatoes, culti- the Irish character, we know no pero', · vated by the ancient Princes of sou but an enemy to it would descend Ideagh.

to so weak a device as to write such After the perfection of the monu- notices. We know gentlemen can ment, each person drank copiously write letters just as well as rebels, and from a mether of thin broth, saved for we know that there ale some of these the purpose, to the memory of Princess gentlemen Jurors, that would not be Brenan, of the house of Idoagh, and much injured in their vast line of trader av the day concluded with best wishes, if Mr. Pole would call shem from their


naked Counting-houses, to the high key, by license through Dublin. Ge. rank of Police Magistrates ; God be neral Sims, or Suds, would have been with you General Coombe. It is appointed, from the great accuracy of now fifteen years since you fired a his beak, but, unfortunately, his freblunderbuss well loaded with balls, quent struggles with Mr. Tumbler, has into your own parlour shutters, and also injured his activity. uffered a large reward for the rebel as Mr. Judge, of the Common Couns sassins, who thus attempted to rob cil, representing the Cooks, and for. your king and country of one of their merly Close-stool Guager in the family greatest ornaments. It was you, of Lord Kingston, offered himself, Doctor Coombe that could produce but was rejected on the same princi. quires of threatening letters, written ple that precluded Sims; the fortuby your old deputy, one eyed Legate, nate person was a Mr. Finlay, a the Constable ; “ Justice is lame as Stocking. Hosier, of such nose and well as blind among us.”

legs as could not be rejected, of unELECTION FOR CLERK OF THE

questioned loyalty, and much musical MARKETS.

celebrity; it was this gentleman who

played « God Save the King," on an · The Lord Mayor about three instrument resembling a stockingweeks since, dismissed the Clerk of frame, then forming part of the band the Markets, for some misbehaviour of the Liberty-rangers, on the night in his office, and it was not until yes. of the 23d of July, 1803, when the terday a person could be obtained in attack was made on the rebel army, this large city to succeed the cashiered by General Coombe Drury, out of gentleman. The duties of the situa. his garret window. tion' are to keep the cy:arkets clean, to FATHER LARKIN, THE BARRACK adjust weights and measures, and to

BUILDER. see that no blown or putrid meat is exposed for sale. As no Papist is Barney Byrne, Pharmacopolist of allowed to fill this place, nor that of Ballinasloe, our worthy correspondent, Coal-Porter, it was rather dificult to assure us, that Father Garret is such get a loyal man, who possessed nose an advocate for civilization, on the enough, or activity, equal to the re. English plan of barrack building, that, quired skill and attention necessary. he is busily engaged, in a system so Mr. Clarendon, the most eloquent judiciously formed, as will preclude Barber that has yet appeared in our any future necessity, of resorting to City Senate, offered himself as a can. the expence, of hanging the advocates didate, on the presumption of his nose, of eating inution, in Ireland. The which like his eloquence, is of the divine architect, undertakes to exhibit most enlarged magnitude, but, was a system of economy, so wisely prorejected, as its ripeness only tended to vided, that, travelling cattle may be apprehend its immediate fall from the reared and remitted to the twelve mil. stem, which would occasion another lions of sovereigns, mentioned by vacancy, and besides, the imperfection Lord Mulgrave, in such a manner, as of this organ, so strictly required to be not put the country to the expence of sound, for the purpose of detecting a rope, or an ounce of powder. He bad meat, and concealed slaughter- proposes to form travelling barracks, houses ; there was a complaint in his so constructed as to form an ambulalegs, that, greatly impeded his course, tory chain of connexion, by a species he is apt to trip in his gait, by an im. of carts, each provided with ten men, proper intimacy with a celebrated and one howitzer, from Ballinasloe wrestler, one Fumbler, who sells wlise to any point of embarkation; so effec


tual as to be able to check the most inspected these returns frequently, and ingenious or desperate attempts on the cannot discover any diminution or inpart of the Irish savages, to interrupt crease of numbers—they are composed the emigration of food to our polished exactly of the same persons that ap. fellow subjects in Britain.

peared four inonths since. With the Barney himself 18 so terrified at the exception of a Judge, o: a Crown ab:ence of beet-steaks, wluch Father Lawyer, the entire are military offi. Garrett's system is to forward, that cers, it appears to be a transcript he intends to remove his pots and pot from the army list, omitting dates. latin to some more frierdly climate, Since the Union, the emigration of where eating is no felony, where those who formerly attended such Priests and Statesmen are not sanc. meetings have depopulated the Castle tioned to interdict eating. Barney itself, and if Dublin had not been cone very judiciously observes, the people verted into a barrack, the seat of the who are hanged for being hungry, re. Viceroy would be as deserted and dull quire no medicine, they die before they as our Custom-house and Exchange. are sick, and need no apothecaries.


M The Wig Judges are the prescribing physicians, and the hangman is the

On Saturday, William Hall, Esq. apothecary.

of St. Andrew.street, Law Agent,

to bis unfortunate namesake, attend. POLICE LOYALTY.

ed his loyal client in his cell in NewIt is astonishing, but it is certainly gate. The attorney appeared in excel. a fact. that althouch there are six lent spirits, but nothing could rouse Police Offices in Dublin, with eigh- the yeoman. A couple of hymns teen Magistrates attending them, at a were sung by a religious friend, and yearly salary of five hundred pounds at half past two, by Crawley's watch, each, not a single affidavit will they

the lawyer, convict, and divine sepaswear for the unfortunate pensioners. rated. Among them are the aged, the lame, « One murder makes a villain, millions a and the blind; men who have spent hero." the best part of their lives in the ser

The murderer Hall, who has been vice, and fought and bled in defence

pardoned, at the demand of the hu. of their country ; they apply but

mane Major Sirr, is a person of too twice a year, and two or three hours high consideration to he sacrificed to get apart for a few days, would finish

gratify popish vengeance. He is the the business for those poor men - very identical Walter Hall, whose The pensioners were never charged Orange Certificate, signed by the offi. heretofore for swearing their affidavits,

cers of his Lodge, Homan and Peter nor even the half-pay officers, and Walsh, Counsellor O'Conuell produce olhicers' widows, who could afford it ed at the Catholic meeting 27th May better. What a shame to see those last. The Certificate stated that men sent from office to office, rambo Walter Hall, had arrived to the disa hing about the streets, without, per- tinction of a purple marksman. Now, haps, one penny in their pockets.

the public are to understand the qua“ So much for Loyalty.”

lification to be a candidate for this THE PATRIOT.

high rank, must pro luce unquestion..

able proofs, that he had shed popish The Patriot newspaper, occasional. blood, either by hanging, shooting, Ty spares a columu, to give an account stabbing or burning. Mr. Hall's of the persons who attend the Duke Lodge is No, 526, held at Peter of Richmond's' Levees. We bave Daly's, in Dublin. FOR March, 1812, VOL. V.



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LIFE OF BONAPARTE, had the power to withdraw him, paro From a new French work, recently Published

. ticularly distinguished his early years.

He had made himself a garden, inclosed at Paris.

with palisades, in a deserted spot of We shall continue to give memoirs of ground, and it was there that be gave

the most celebrated characters that himself up to his taste for meditation. appeared in the Revolution, from He came to froish his studies at the the same work, in our future nom- military academy of Paris, in 1785. bers, until the inrire is before the At the time when the assembly of the public.

chief men gave occasion for presages

of the great events which were not NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, long in unfolding themselves, he was emperor of the French, king of scarcely nineteen years old, and his Italy, &c. was born at Ajaccio in Cor. mind was not behind these political sica, on the 15th of August, 1769, circumstances. He defended the privof Charles Bonaparte and Letitia ciples of the revolution against the Raniolini. His father is supposed to opinion of his companions, with so have been a native of Tuscany; and much ardour, that in the heat of 1 was intimate with General Paoli, who discussion he was pcar being the viccould not however persuade him io tim of his zeal. After the usual ex. quit his country with him. The aminations, which he went through advice of an uncle, who was a canon, with distinction, he was admitted into detained him in Corsica ; and it was the artillery regiment of La Fere, and afterwards owing to his intimacy with he lived there till the age of twenty. M. de Marbeuf, commander of that three, occupied with his favourite island, that he was appointed king's studies and meditations. He sam attorney at Ajaccio, and that he re. Pacli in France in 1790, when that presented the noblesse in the deputa. general went to receive the cirk tion of the three orders sent, in 1778, crown there; and this old friend of to Louis XV. Charles Bonaparte died his father became the more dear to at Montpellier, whether he had gone him, as he was an enthusiastic admirer for the re-establishment of his health. of the noble efforts which he had After his death, M. de Marbeuf, the made for the independence of his counfriend and protector of this family, try. He saw him again in Corsica, placed the second son, (Napoleon) at and with the rank of lieutenant-colonel the college of Autun, and afterwards of the national guard, took part in at the military academy of Brienne : the second expedition against Sardinia, the education which was given there and in taking possession of the island was of a nadire to form superior men of La Magdelaine. Being dissatisfied in more than one department, and it with the national troops, he retired to was especially a preparation for the Ajaccio. His friendship for Paoli did profession of arms. From the begin. not involve him in the intrigue which ning of his studies, Napoleon directed tended at that time to subject Corent his whole attention to the military to the English, but faithful at the science. It had been remarked, that same time to his country, and 10 in his childhood he joined with his friendship, he joined in the remona Companions only in the games which strapces of the municipality of Ajaccio resembled warlike exercises. The against the decree which declared study of the abstruse sciences, at Paschal Paoli a traitor to the repubwhich he bad an extreme readiness, lic. This step made him suspected by and the choice of his reading, from the commissioners of the convention which pothing but bio martial sports and Lacombe St. Michael, one of


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