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Lord Liverpool wants us to give that men of another country began security, and Lord Liverpool puts to make law for us ; it must appear the convention act into force, to pre- impossible to even hear of them. He vent our deliberations. Five millions trusted there was hardly an intelligent of men, women and children, are too person who did not detest and abhar numerous a body to meet together for intolence, but he could not see, what the purpose of agreeing on the kind Catholic Emancipation ineant, as Caof security most convenient, and if tholies were not in a state of slavery, they did meet, perhaps they would dis- or subject to a state of persecution." pense with forms, and instead of If Sir John Nicholl would consolt giving security, might try the cause, the Marquis of Abercorn, the noble by bringing the two nations to issue. Marquis, who is the head of the We are not allowed to meet by dele Orangemen in the County of Down, gation, and are too many to appear he would be informed in part, of the together, and yet, Lord Liverpool history of persecution carried on makes it an excuse, for refusing our against the Catholics. If he were to claims, because, we cannot do that read the modern history of Engi-kilwhich is declared impossible by law len, or of Mountrach, Sir John would and reason.

see the pages written in the blood of Whatever absurdity, philosophy, our Priests and Peasantry; if he and patriotism, appeared among the would read the resolutions of the ma. Lords, the Commons were as good gistrates of the County of Armaga, matches as could be produced in point the 28th of December, 1795 ; be of senatorial disputation, Lord Mor- will find in a statement made lig peth, who appears to be a very sound Lord Gosford, governor of the Coupand political orator, (though we do ty, the following words, tolerably ex. not know him,) in an excellent course pressive of a system, of connived at of reasoning, shewed that Catholics persecution, “ It is no secret, that a had as just a notion of civil and poli- persecution accompanied with all the cir. tical liberty, as any other descrip. cumstances of ferocious cruelty, whick rions of people, and insisted, that, have in all ages distinguished that human nature was not so far degraded dreadful calamity, is now raging in in the person of an Irish popish sol. this country; neither age nor sex, as dier, but, a person of that description, even acknowleged innocence, as to cry might have ambition and acquirements guilt in the late disturbances, is sufficient in his own mind, which would qualify, to excite mercy, much less to afford prohim to be an officer. To the credit tection. of the assembly, they seemed to admit The only crime which the wretched the possibility by their silence ; he also objects of this ruthless persecuti-a are put so liberal a construction on our charged with, is a crime inderd af easy disquietudes, as to assure the house, proof, is is a simple profession of the that he had no doubt, Popish Irish Roman Catholics' faith, or an intimate Lawyers would not disgrace the connexion with a person professing Benchi, some of them might rival that faith.Tolers in humanity, or Dalys in learn. It appears to us, from whạt Siri ing, and indeed to the credit of a John Nicholl asserted, that he is a listening senate, they appeared to stranger to our history and manners, believe it. So far our emancipation is and it appears an absurdity, tbat, advanced, as our capacities were not bürangers should be our law makers. · qu'stioned.

Sir John could not see we were in a Sir John Nicholl: this gentleman state of slavery; we believe he does not we never heard of before, it is so latley see it, nor doth the kitchen-maid of


the Cham of Tartary see it, because however, that Parliament would in the knight and the cook are both time remove the disqualifications strangers, but, if they could read En The reader will observe, how even glish Irish they would see, that an the most violent of the former antago. Irish Papist is so far in slavery, that nists of Catholic rights, have uvani. he is not allowed to be a Juryman, Coal- mously agreed in their manner of creatPorter, a Gaoler, or even a Hangman, ing the question. No man has in any where an Anglo Irishman does not ma:ner insinuated any of those arrogant refuse the office; Sir John also says, terms, formerly used towards the Ca. we are too subinissive to our priezt. thoics; but they as implicitly agree hood: granted, we are submissive, the time, is not come. They no because our priesthood have instructed longer insist that our deands are not us, when education was a capital of. founded on justice, and nothing but fence, both in the teacher and the the choice of season, is now to be pupil; this is almost tahtainount to agreed on, and we are desired to wait persecution. Under that priesthood, patiently the issue. This condescenour population has been improved in sion, appears to us to grow out of the morals and letters, beyond any other present undecided condition of Eu. nation in modern times ; and to the rope if things take a serious turn virtues, sufferings and industry, of against Britain, the season may be that priesthood, we owe the pruud the one favorable to our Petition, and eminence of character which every na. if circunstances are in her favor, she tion in the world but ONE allow us, will be so busy managing her triumphs, Sir John bid us state what we want that we may be forgotten in the splene? and what conditions, and when we dour of victory, and the season which will stop in our demands. This is we are indulged to expect, inay be tantamount to asking a dead man, ac. postponed, to other days of adversity. cused of murder, wliat has he to say Mr. Canoing was particularly happy in his defence : the convention act, in the ready talent he disp'ayen, in and the liberal interpretation of it by the new Parliamentary tactic, “ I sorted Juries, and pensioned Lawyers, woul. rather admit all the Catholic have killed us in the meaning of the Claims,” says Mr. Canning. “ than law, and Mr. Nicholl demands our give my assent to perpetual and eter. answer.

'nal exclusion.” O! blind ignorance There is a certain tone of politeness of human nature ? Who does not and liberality lately introduced into the know that, by aiming at loftier things senate, that impresses on us a consci. men discharge better the duties of ous acknowledgment of growing re- inferior? Can any man expect co opefinement. But, we are not warranted rarion or support, froin a nation conto say, that prejudice, or the spirit demned to external degradation, fom of.conquest have much diminished. a brave and generous ve sple, who had

Mr. Canning, after going over a no hope of obtainsug confidence, or great quantity of matter, froin which prospects of being treated like their we defy any man to draw any conclu. fellow subjects.Any person not sion, it was so finely drawn up and acquainted with the stratagems of 80 tesselated with liberality and policy, 6 season," and the length of time and restrictions, and seasons, that all disposed of, since statesmen condeany man could make of it, is that the scended to allow there would be a sea. Catholics were not at present prepared son in our favor, would be seduced for their reception into the constitu. by this poetic rhapsody ; but, Mr. tion. He entertained great hopes, Canning is candid enouga' to destroy

1 . Part

part of the illusion, conjured up by lowed, he was not one of those who his poetry, by the conclusion of his thougut the remaining concession, speech, he said he thought the agi- should never be granted. And to tation of the question at PRESENT, shew he was not directed by intcler. extremely impolitic.

ance, he. read a letter to the House, Sir Arthur Pigot, agreed also on dated August, 1810, from Doctor the season business, tut could not Delany, Titular Bishop of Litrim, point out the exact period. He said in which that Prelate highly compli. * it was impossible until the Irish. mented him, for allowing the Rep. People were , educated, when they Mr. O'Neill, 20!. a year, for at tend. should be conducted from ignorance ing the goal of Maryborough. If to knowledge, and from turbulence to this transaction was ever so liberal, it quiet.”

does not relate to the business, but tbe Were a stranger to the penal laws, fact is, Mr O'Neil, had made hin. and to the vandal industry of former self so distingui hed for his obsequivusBritish legislatures, to extinguish edu- ness to Mr. Pole's interest in the couscation in Ireland, to read this part of try, and shewed so much zeal and in. Mr. Pigot's speech, he would very dustry in electioneering, that he was naturally conjecture our ignorance was appointed to the office of Chaplain to vo untary, or that we were a nation of the goal of Maryboroughi, and his two Bavages, and would interpret the opi. Nephews the sons of Peter O'Neill, nion of Mr. Pigot, against us.

of Doonane Colliery, were compi. It is notorious, that education was mented with commissions in the considered a kind of treason, and in army. fact, men of letters were hupted, ac Mr. Pole stated, he recommended cording to law, like wild beasts, and the Goal Act, his humanity to the hung on the gibbet, as men in other wretches in Goals, we adinit, bat are countries are treated for murder, and we to understand, that we must be not withstanding all those dreadful per. thieves, before we are intitled to his secutions, our people are better in high consideration. structed than any other in Europe, We shail close our remarks at pre. and exhibit more taste and talents than sent with Mr. Grattan. The Rr. all the united Island of Great Bri. Hon. Ge::leman went over the same tain! The hostility to our education ground without any remarkable variahas not expired, it lives in restless ani- tion, with the other polite gentleman mation. Maynooth College is an ex. on both sides. He was particularly ample. It has been thought sufficient happy in having an opportunity of to allow that establishment but 8,000l. doing a piece of justice, to two Judges a year to educate Five Millions of of the King's Bench in Ireland. He people, a sum not equivalent to the would say, when he mentioned the support of a Dublin Police Magis. names of his friends, Judges Downes trate, to a royal Courtesán, or to a Pro. and Day, there was not a person in testant Trap establishment for catching that house would say to the contrary, our children ; and we are told, we that there never were two men who ought to be educated, and our sup had sounder heads or better bearts, pused ignorance, is an excuse to insult than they had. Hear, hear, hear, us, and deprive us of those rights our hear, hear, hear, hear, hear, hear, services and importance demand hear, hear, hear, was echoed for more

Mr. Wellesly Pole. This gentleman than two hours and twenty-four mipersisted in his notions of exclusion, nutes from both sides. but on the plan of the improved man. Judge Downes signed the proclama, rer of speaking to the question, al ţion against the Catholic meetings,


and issued the warrants for the arrest ty, to be housekeeper to the Board of Doctor Sheridan ; Mr. Taaffe, of Grace in Wood-street, vice Mare Mr. Scurlog, and Mr. Kirwan, and tha Dugdale, deceased. we believe Doctor Breen, of whom Laurence Tighe, late of Thomas-st. the informers said and unsaid, on their and Blue Bell, has been appointed by oaths, that the Doctor was present in Major Sirr, to be keeper of Bridewell, Liffey-street Chapel; we say, that, vice Warren, deceased. It must be this high and venerable character gratifying to every liberal mind, to given by Mr. Grattan, is giving a see by this promotion, that a more character also, though roundabout, of enlarged notion of principle has ex. the people of Ireland, for said people, extended to every department of the must be most perversely the converse state. Mr. Tighe is a Catholic, and of the twoJudges, who issued warrancs to the credit of Major-Sırr, the genagainst them, and tried them in the tleman's religious belief was no inter. King's Bench, that is, they, the peo- ruption to his appointment. The ple of Ireland, must be possessed of Major, like his Royal master, has sur. unsound heads and corrupt hearts. , mounted the prejudices of education,

If Mr. Grattan were present when and very properly considers a man, Major Sirr was bearding the Court not by his religious belief, but by his of King's Bench, and the Crown utility. Mr. Tighe has been valued Lawyers, on the trial of Doctor She. for his civism, as Mrs Ffrench was ridan ; he would see the Towır Major, for the like virtue. Mr. Tighe has been with his paper and pencil, directing rewarded by the Majo: by being inthe arrangement of the pannell, or in trusted with the care of the untractaplain words, selecting Jurors, agreea ble inhabitants of Bridewell, as Mrs. ble to his taste, and Major Sirr was Ffrench was with a Peerage by her not interrupted.

sovereign. These two steps to Ca.

tholic emancipation, are two good PROMOTIONS

auswers, to any impatient demagogue

who may doubt its completion. Who Firethatch has been promoted to the knows, if things go on in this way, Dagger, vice Triggerfist appointed but we may see, before we die, Ned to the place of Deputy Caravat-ma. O'Conor a grave-digger in Christker, in Co. Kilkenny.

church, or Tom Fagan the postillion, Biblemouth to be inspector of Bag. driving my Lord Mayor to dinner, in pipe Music, in the North-west dis. Mr. Pole's charitable asylum Chaanel. trict, which includes the country be. row. tween Cardiff's Bridge and Howth, The Wrestling Doctor, and his and as far Northward as Balbriggan companion in state affairs, Captain included, vice Serjeant Whiskey lips Huddlestone, have been elected Hopromoted to Mulhuddard and Dun- norary Fellows of the Bible Society, shaughlin district.

and of the society for discountenance Corporal Hammerhand one of the 39 ing Vice. Civilizers, to be Chaplain to the board Walter Hall, the yeoman, Member of Testimony, in the place of Smith, of Lodge 471, of which Hawtry one of Lord Carhampton's man-sor. White was Master, has been appointters, who is to succeed Trigger-fist, ed to try the City Trap, lately imas Master of Arms to the caravat proved by Mr. Dickenson, Gallowa hunters in Tipperary.

Engineer to thecorporation of Dublin. Deborah Wheelband, one of the wo. Mr. Finlay to be Clerk of the Mar. men who sold their petticoats to buy ket, vice Wickam, of the Duolavia bibles, as eulogized by the bible socis. Rangers, cashiered.


Pulley Gallagher, Almoner to Mr. Judge of the High Court of Admi. Latouche, has been nominated Chá- ralty in Ireland, is appointed His10 sitover to Mr. Latouche's travelling riographer and Genealogist, to the pulpit, in the room of Bottleverse, 'new and Royal House of Fitz-Claschoaked with a new hymn, at the ence, and Prize masier to all vessels last Love-feast, at the Board of taken in any illicit trade on the Grace.

Jordan. Conmbe Drury, has accepted the James Bingham, Esq. of the Co. place of Hen-hunter in Artane, Ra. of Mayo, has been appointed Cape beny, Donneycarney and Coolock, in tain of the Erris Yeomen Cavully, the place of Justice Axletree, super. in the place of his brother the Major, seded, under the Statute, which in- assigned a place in Kilnainham Goal, terdicts any one person of uniting the by “the unspotted Ermine."

two offices of Hen Magistrate, and Monaghan Tom, of Newgate, and 'man Magistrate.

the large Key he has the care of, • Justice Lowe, Woman.catcher to have both been converted to a sense the Crown-office in Green-street, is of Grace, in less than sixteen ser. nominated Guardian of the Pewier mons, preached in the Prison Chapel, Quarts, to the new Establishment by Mr. Burgh, to the only hearers de of Pleasure gardens, at Mount-Ho had the Key and the Turn-key. rish, Drumcondra.

Father Larkin and Barney Byrne, Mr. Clarendon, représentative of of Ballinasloe, Apothecary, base the Barbers, in the Common Council, been selected by the Farming Socie. having signified to the Board of Al. ty, to superintend the health, and derinen, that his Nose is of no use provide lodging for travelling Cattle, to him, since he left off House-keep visiting the Fair. -Barney is to cure ing. The Board was pleased to allow Cows of the Pock, by transferring a salary to kilchen bis Potatoes, for it to Children, and Father Garret, applying his Red Nasal Organ, to has undertaken to furnish healthy the detection of concealed Slaughtere apartments during their indisposition. houses, in the District of the Metro. General, Sir Charles Ascill, forpolis, under the direction of an Act merly of America, and lauterly with of the 35th of the King, for dis- John Hevey, in the City of Kilken countenancing Stinks.

ny, has been nominated to the comMiles Duigenan's Alderman, to mand of the Troops, to serve in the be Chief Engineer to the new Corps Stocking Campaign, against General of Rackers, lately embodied, under Ludd, and the hungry army of How the virtue of Keegan’s rebellion. siers in Nottinghan."

Mark Magrath, one of the Police Matthews of Julian's-town, County Magietrates, has appointed Chief Louth, has been promoted to the Constable Manning, to the care of Sylvan post of Warden of invisible a new Surtout, made by Leet, the Forests, by the Right. Hon. Lord Grand Jury-man.

Baron Louth. Joe Saints, the marker in the Solicitor General Bushe, has been Racket.court, Moore.street, has been apelled to the office of Frieud to the informed by Major Bruce,' that the Catholics by Judge Day, and is to said Joe, is to have the care of the be distinguished, by some “ Unspotted Chalk, in the place of Barney, who Ermine," as soon as Mr. Perceval is to be the Duke's partner, and the Haberdasher, opens his new pack. Ball-alley Counsellor, during the ages. Richmond Administration.

Counsellor Mac Mahon, who ex. Sir Jonah Barrington, Kus. and changed the Beads for the Gown, has


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