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life than the two-British islands, this chester, who already feel the incon. silly sacisfaction of scarving the Ame- veniences that muse auend an Ame. ricans, is swallowed with great avi, rican war. dity by the manufacturers of Man

OBITUARY OF REMARKABLE PERSONS, IN London, Feb. 9, of a broken bels, and the debauched Charles the Reck, by his horse stumbling, the Second took the associates of his faMarquis of Thomond, at 'the ad. ther's murderers into his councils, vanced age of 85 years. His lord, and through every successive reign ship inherited all che indifference to since, the Murrough O'Briens have his own couatry, that distinguished been 'highly favored. . bis ancestos, the Earls of Inchiquino A few days since, at Newmarker, since their conformity to the infant county Clare, in the g6th year of Church of England in the reign of his age, Michael O'Farrell, the wellElizabeih. This noble family since known moriarch of the mendicants that memorable reign, have been hou of Munster, over whom he reigned nored with all the rewards which for seventy years, with mildness, their fidelity merited. They not justice and muderation; heoftener only accommodated themselves to dispensed bounty to, than exacted the religion and politics of the En tribute from, his subjects, and in the glish settlers, but took very activel course of his long reign was never military, situations against the impas accessary to the dearli of one humaa tient and obstinate natives, who being.Hackball, the renowned dared to dispute with arins the king of the beggars in Dublin, sportright of sequestration insisted on by ed a vehicle which rensoved his authe armed Apostles, or by argument gust body from place to place, by seemed to doubt their divine mission. One of the tribe of Balaam'; coun. Irish History describes one Earl of sellors, ycleped a jack-ass, but king lachiquin burning three handred Farrell disdained an assistance of friars in their convent, and another this kind, and made use of what na betraying his unfortunate sovereign, core furnished him with to bear him by surrendering all his strong places abont, namely, a stout pair of legs. in Munster to Croinwell's officers, He, however, had for his support a Cork, Youghalt, Kinsale, Bandone long quarter staff, which he occasi. Bridge, Moyalla, and besides, ben onally used for his protection, hav. trayed into their hands several good: ing no body guards; this staff was harbours for the convenience of their adorned towards the head with brass shipping. During the time he held nails, &c. which gaver it very much these garrisons for the regicides, he' the appearance of a soeptre, -He did was so convinced of the attachment not wear an imperial crown like of the Irish to the interests of the fan that of Buonaparte, nor any such mily of the murdered Charles, that frippery gewgau's as that king-maker he would not suffer an Irish soldier has decorated the noddtes of his ser: into any post he commanded in. vile tribe with, but a hat resembling Like Ormond he took two sides, but that of a cardinal in shapicin size his unfortunate country · he imis indeed it was large enough for the formly rejected; fo eign honors be aforesaid ruler of France, with the courted at any hands, kings or re- four kings of his kindred to take



shelter from a shower of rain, and compleated, apd would have finished, his great coat would cover a tent for had not a serious dispute taken place them : it is therefore evident, that between him and his fellow labourer, our royal hero was of a large stature tho? trivial in the beginning it terwhich is certainly the case ; he was minated in the dissolution of the also well made, had a majestic dez' holy brotherhood. The good Alportment, with a very intelligent and derman would bave the Society dis. benign countenance.

: tinguished by the naine of Curriers, At bis house in Leeson-Street, in honor of his original profession; Alderman Hutton. This man was and his holy assistant, on the other bred a Currier, a business which he hand, notwithstanding his divine followed till his death ; in his person mission, proudly insisted they should were united all the mechanical ex. be called Cowpers, So obstinately actness, scrupulosity of forms, and did each side insist on their favou. holy severity of language, which sec. rite object, that the old women who tarian singularity is usually dressed originally subscribed towards the in, particularly in men of moderate new ternple, refused to advance any abilities and mean education, Cor. more money, One party would be poration distinctions operated con. Cowpers and the other Carriers, and siderably to give a tone of conse. as no settled arrangement had been quence and a form of countenance made, the Holy Place in York-street which he always affected, wben deal., remains unfinished. The Cowpers ing with what he considered his in- have borrowed the use of an old feriors; but when his business as a Tabernacle in Plunket-street, where magistrate introduced him to any they hear the word from their fa. interview with the higher ranks, he vourite--but the Curriers have no brought another face and language stationary place of salvation as yet, into company, instead of downright which inconvenience must be coninsolence it became downright ser, siderably prolonged by the angel of vility.

death taking off the Aldermanic His zeal to promote, what he Chieftan. termed, the light of the blessed Gros. The Alderman had a most holy pel in Ireland, was such, that at a regard to the observance of order and considerable expense he imported; decorum of the Sabbath, while he an English Saint, who had been culled served the office of Lord Mayor ; from a mechanic's workshop to be his vigilance against the ungodly a preacher of the word, and such was exemplary though he seldom was the spirit in the Currier and his chastised the profaners in their per. journeyman, that the Alderman's sons, and left ihe living untouched, drawing-rooms were fitted up with the inanimate were severely handled; pulpit, benches, and other conveni. hunter-shops were frequently emp. encies and decorations, tending to tied of their silent stock of cabbages, give as much ease and comfort to potatoes, butter and bacon, and their bis converts, as their divine niedita proprietors left to feed on their tears, tions merited. After three years ex• while the elect in Whitefriar-street, periment in this laboratory of grace, were saying long grace over the con. he contemplated a design of adding fiscated properties, and the caniicles dignity to the new explanation of of divine praise were offered up for the faith, by the erection of an ex. the Holy One who fed the poor and tensive building, which he had nearly sent the ungodly hungry away.


The most Reg D.Oliver Plunkets


Eng for the Irish Magazine,






For MARCH, 1808.


" We may see Imperious necessity drag old age, dignity, innocence and learning from their native country, before a foreign jurisdi&tion, upon a manufacliired ploi, supported by suborced profligacy; and we may see the reverend titur, fuffering by the hand of a foreign executioner, without a friend or countryman rear bim, to soften the agony of death, and imn!ming the mercy of God, not for himself, but for his persecutors, his accusers and judges.”

(O'Donoghoe's Letters.) THE illustrious martyr with whose 1669, and immediately sent over to

likeness we this month prefent Ireland, to govern she flock committed our readers, W.13 descended from a to his charge. Di. Plunket's episco. nohle family in Ireland, finding hinself pal conduct was so pure and so mild, called to an ecclefiaftical life, he left that even Burnet, " who as Dr. Mil. his country young, and wentinto Italy, ner says, amongit all his lies, never acd a: Rom: entered on the course of told one in favour of a Catholic, Aldics neceffary for the catholic mir bears testimony to his wisdom, and son 990; he lo distinguished himself du- brie y, as a man who was solely em. ting the period of his education, that ployed in the functions and duties of he was honoured with the degree of his profession, never meddling in the of Doctor and chosen profefTor of di. affairs, or engaging in the intrigues of vioiiy, which he continued to teach late ; adding, that he was condemn. for almost twenty years.--His repu. ed upon the evidence of some lewd tarica for virtue and learning being Priells whom he had censured, and very great, and the fee of Armagh fall of other brutal profligate men, who ing vacanı, he was appointed and con- finding that swearing was become a fecrazed Bihop to it, about the year profitable trade in England, wept over

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