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my glory and taken the crown from Joke from the land of his Patriotic my head. My kinsfolk have failed, kinsmen, with the glorious news and my familiar friends have for- of Dupont, the capture of Junot to gotten me. Have pity upon me, by the gallant truth-loring Sir Ar. have pity upon zne, yemy friendş, thur, and the flight of « Don Jo. for the hand of God hath touched seph Bony" from Madrid. To this me. Why do ye persecute me as sorriest of scribblers I should not God, and are not satisfied with have deigned to reply, were it not my * Flesh ? Be ye afraid of the that he has at least one open and sicord ; for wrath bringeth the pu- avowed admirer in his own vicini. nishments of the sword that ye may ty, indeed a next door neighbour know there is a judgment.

(of whom hereafter) who sees SARSFIELD, much good argument in his proAugust 1st 1808.

duction, whilst he can find nothing
of the sort in Sarsfield! This must
apologise for postponing to a fu-

ture day my promised account of a

late clerical meeting,

Mr. St. Ruth, Student Maynooth TO THE MOST REP. DR. REILLY, College, College Maynooth, tells me

that in my letters. “ He wants to Titular Primate of all Ireland, and find, but in vain, good sense and Bishop of Armagh. solid argument, instead of the round

about period stuffed with un-mean, My Lord,

ing incident,” and, after expressYesterday's Herald, favoured ing his fears of severe treatment the public with a Letter, which, from my exasperated tongue, he at from the pompous length of its length takes courage and boldly signature St. Ruth, Maynooth cries out (not indeed in the style of College, College Maynooth) a mere the country buck-Parson, for whom Irishman unacquainted with the he feels so much) but in the point · Continental and English langua- blank language of an highwayman. ges, and mindful of the long names Stand, sir, he says, I approach of his Milesian ancestors handed you under the captivating name of down by tradition, would have sup- a staunch Catholic, of which a posed to be written by one of the staunch regard for the honour, deputies lately arrived in the Black learning, piety and zeal of our fu.

ture hierarchy, the Maynootheun * One wonld imagine this had been gives us shortly after, some very written and addressed by the Genius fine specimens indeed. of Ireland to the besotten Leven of « I should think," says this wisa the sixty-eight,who after having man of Gotham, speaking of the assisted the British minister in his proposed veto to the king in the noendeavour to blast the hopes of Irish mination of our bishops, “ that it men in worldly matters, at the time is no more, than, on our side, a of the celebrated Catholic convention measure to secure the crown and now come forward again in support established religion (that is, the of the same insiduous enemy who Catholics as such are to bind thembroods over the destruction of our selves to secure the Protestant divine Hierarchy.

Faitk !) and on the other (what

other }

other ?) a convincing, unexcepti- that same learning, piety and zeal, onable' test of allegiance ! Just had been previously misrepresented God! what a despicable attempt to him by the Musgraves, and this at sophistry ! Does St. Ruth, Duigenans of the day. &c. &c. &c. mean to insinuate our But, says St. Ruth, &c. &c. &c. sovereion is not already convinced “It must be remembered that the that Irish Catholics have suffered King's power (the reto) in this more on account of their respect case would be but a negative one for the sacredness of an oath, from (this though no round-about pethe commencement of the Virgin riod is, no doubt, good sense and Queen's persecuting reign to the solid argument !) and it would be present hour, than any nation re. also understood that he should not corded in the page of history? Is make a capricious use of it, consethat an exceptionable test of allegi. quently should he ever have the inance whereby we solemnly swear tention, he could not send any that we do not believe the Pope or wolves in upon them! Let me ask an other foreign power has a right, you, Mr. Bluyno theun, who affect direcily or indirectly, to interfere in to understand Logic, do you recol. temporal matters in the dominions lect any thing of the penitio prinof his “ sacred Majesty," and that cipii, or begging the question? “he” is the only rightful sovereign How assume as first principals, we can in conscience obey ? Are from which to deduce your conse. Irish Catholies the only human be- quence, the very fundamental pre. ings on earth, to whom, by law, position concerning which the new an oath is to be administered, and herarchy-inodellers and I differ in that oath, at the same time, not to opinion from each other? Would be admitted as conclusive proof not the King, by virtue of this antiwhen there is question of allegi. Catholic compact, have at least the ance? And surely this is the case possible means of withholding from in the present instance, when, after the flock of Christ, the assistance having bound ourselves in the most and protection of the ablest pastors solemn manner, not only to abjure in the land, and that for ever ? all foreign jurisdiction in temporals, And is it not equally certain that but also to disclose to our rulers all one individual, such a man for ex. treasons and conspiracies, which ample as Dr. Milner, often stands may by any means, come to our clone the champion of the faith in knowledge, we are nevertheless a great nation ? And could not the told that, in order, “ to reconcile vetoing such a man under such the sovereign and the subject, and circumstances be tantamount to a to diffuse the spirit of brotherhood virtual introduction of the wolf to all the classes of society” it is amongst the flock for the guarding absolutely necessary to give the of which against the common eneking a power (which once given my, the most vigilant pastors could never be recalled !) of ex. i are scarcely sufficient. This is the cluding from the episcopal dignity gordian knot which I defy “ usur. any priest, though ever so distin- pers” from the head to the tail of guished for learning, piety and the association” to untie- this is zeal, whom he may please to point the argument, which the united out as unñt for that situation, and talents of all our « natural reprewho, most probable on account of sentatives” never can overturn


his is the danger threatening our bie that, if the Lairy exercised the righe archy, and consequently our faith, of choosing their Bishops in the early from this novel experiment which days of the church, it was the Cathoevery true catholic would avoid, were lic Laity, not the enemies of their he to forfeit thereby all the treasures fait', who did so. Yet, thole pure of the East.

Catholics would have suffered a thouWhat would St. Ruth, &c. &c. fand deaths rather than allow their think of a parent who could be in Anti-Catholic rulers to h vi che mit duced to call a council of his friends diltant, indirect interferen e in he to deliberate whether he should, for election of their Bihops out like a large sum of money, which he the nominal « leading'' Catholics of wanted much, suffer bis beautiful fare the present day, who would fill their vourite daughter to keep company God and their country for a mels of with a notorious enemy, whose con- pottage-the poffeilion of vieles, penItant practice it had been to rob him fions and places for hemselves or fa. of property and character by calumny, milies. From the fame Ge oleman perjury and seduction ? Molt assur- he wil also learn, that it is not ogical edly, he would justly reprobate him for him to say, because we are now for thus expoling his child to danger, blessed with a wife and pacific Mofor, according to the divine writer, narch, who is equally attac ed to the “ He who loves danger shall perish Irish Catholic and Trilh Pr tellant, "therein." One learned quotation and with a Ministry who are the promore and I have done with the letter fessed champions of genuine, costiof St. Ruth, “ Student Maynooth tutional toleration, that it is there. " College, College Maynooth."- fore impossible a period Thou d ever Talking of the important Seminary arrive, when we are again to be cursed of Maynooth, of which the Lord with such a sanguinary madman as Lieutenant is Head, he says in his Henry the eightin, who“ never owo claflical language, “ Though « spared map in nis anger, or woman Sarsfield makes all the noise in the “ in his luit.” Or such a Parliament world about their Heads, the Col- as a lite Irish one, which refused to lege has not received the least da: investigate the infurnal business of mage from her own Head !!! Armagh, although Melis. Grattan

Surely, ofier this extraordinary and Curran, in the face of the nale&are on Heads, (whether wooden tion, offered to bring forward darn. or leaden be himself is most compe- ning facts to prove that that abominatent to determine. I have no hesita• tion wa the foul work of Adminition in advising St. Ruth, &c. &c. Itracion itfelf. to digeft his logic better, and begin To bring this leiter to a coicluto learn English before he returns lion, I will suppose a plain fimple case again to stand before the public as re- in point-a money transaction, which prelentative of his important feni. St. Ruch and his next door neighDary-and should be on any future bour will probably understand much occasion, while in college, be hur- better than niy former round-about ried on by an itch for scribbling, let periods :-Suppose two men, long in bim submit his compofitions to the in the habit of dealing with each other spection of that worthy and learned on a very extensive scale, and that Gentleman, who now frelides over one of them always deceived the his college. From him he will learn other by fallo promises, &c. when.

ever 3 E

ever he could take any advantage. of your honor, place it not in his i Nay, after having, by perjury swin: hands--if you do, it is gone for dled him out of his property which ever! he had honestly laid up for his chil. In like manner, my Lord, when dren he, a few years back, norwith the English Minister and his imps standing his former villainy, again so now make an insidious proposal, af. far imposed upon this unsuspecting, fecting not only the honor, but, insolc-hearted neighbour, that he acłu• dire&tly at least, the very faith of our ally prevailed on him to surrender the country, I would exclaim, Avaunt ! light of managing all his earthly af. Traitors—for 700 years you never fairs, under a new promise on oath, 1 adhered faithfully to word or eath of a friendly communication of Capi- with Ireland, except in executing tal, Connection, Civilization, &c. your bloody penal code.—Your King in return. Even this last promise he and Parliament, uny years ago, fo. insultingly broke !. And whilst this emoly swore to observe the Articles transaction is frelh in the memory of sof Limerick, which are violated to the poor dupe, the importer again in this day --- and within the last ten Solently comes forward with a pro- years, Pitt, of detested memory, posal affecting the very honour of his persuaded the Catholic “ Leaders” family. What would be the advice and many of the Bishops to aslift in of St. Ruth and his next door neigh- carrying the faral Union, under a probout in this case? Would it not be mise of immediate emancipation, exactly this? Injured man, you have which he never intended to fulfl. already placed too much confidence in 7 herefore, previous to any new conyour deligning neighbour-in all his pad, discharge the immense balance' transactions with you, he has not which appears against you on the only played the knave, to the ruin of ledger of the nation. But above all your poor family, but has given you in religious matters, I shall hold no a bad name amongst all his acquaint- sort of intercourse whatsoever with ance. Open no new account with you - for evil communications cor hin, until he has first cleared off the rupts good manners. old balance, which is very great.

SARSFIELD. but above all, when there is question August 16, 1808.


AT the grea: Dinner lately given “ of the English and Irish catho. at Cork to our prelates, who attended “ lics." at the Confecration of the new Cha- The Doctor's with in this case we pel in that City, the Rt. Rev. En suspect in the manner it was given, Clifhman's coast was. “ The Union and the nature of the subject that en

grosses his particular solicitude, apo


pears to involve a political as well as We have had one Union already, a religious relation, between the per- and our miserable country verges to secuted and proscribed catholics, and rapid decay. Our Cities, are wasting to tend more to fawn on the Govern into ruins. Our men of property and ment, than to the happiness of the every man who can bear the expences Irish or even English catholics, so of ei. ration, rejects the mercantile much do we value the suspicious fioce- dulnets and the disgusting milicary sity of any Eoglishman that we pro- activity that have succeeded our indemile nothing to our suffering country: pendence. men by such an Union, proposed Should the base conspiracy which from such a quarter, but an abject this Missionary and our upstart gestry, Surrender of our Hierarchy and our have entered into succeed, we would church to English projectors, whose foon behold our people disgraced by passion to domineer and subje&t us, is fanatical variety lo universal in EnDot to be restrained by any system of gland Gnce its fall from the church. religion, catholic or protestant. An The people abandoned by their pre| Englishman is the same invariable lates, and the enemies of our faith creature. After seven centuries exo empowered with the nomination of perience with the English nation, our instructors would creat. such a History informs us, and Statutes reasonable dillike to a corrupt and written in blood, that we have had no new modelled priesthood : that Heremilbon of pains or peaalties from reley itself would be an Asylum, to an English catholic, no more than which an Irishman would impatiently from an English protestant. Catholic relort, to vindicate his sense of honor, legislatures decreed that killing an and his abhorrence of servitude. Trilhman was not murder. They An Union with English Catholics, enacted strong laws against our beards, or with any profeslion of good men, when they admired our religion, no. we must admire, but we know that an thing was relaxed of persecution, Englishman of any description, has while our properties, or industry re: no other sense of an Union with us, mained unalienated or our people be only a tame submission to his ideas of trayed any symptoms of independence monopoly, to his misgovernment, 10 for retaliation !!!

his mercantile aridity.

On British Prowess.

The victories of the British Ar. guished point of view. Though self mies in Portugal, have very justly complacency and national pride may communicated to the English people claim the honour as his, in the a proud and animating spirit from opinion of an Englishman, it wil apthose brave men who though not ens pear that his countrymen with being larging the British territory, nor fe. the smallest part of the Army in PorCuring a permanent military position cugal, are the least qualified of the on the Continent, have placed their two Nations who co npose it for the military character in a very diftia arduous and hardy life of a Soldier.


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