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skirts of his coat, in imitation of the modesty and good nature. The last other, turned his back to the fire- scene took such effect upon his imagi. " Warm work in the back seulemenus, nation, that he laughed immoderately. Sir," said he ; then approaching still an's attention was attracted, and nearer, as if he had some secret to turning towards him with his most coinniunicate, whispered, though bitter look.-" What do you laugh loud enough for every one to hear, - at, Mr. Swabson? hey I why, you Pras, Sir, how is soap

greai lubber headed thief, Johnson • Soap !"

would have beat two of you ! laugh “ Yes, Sir, soap ; I understand it at me! at

come out is coming down.""

you scoundrel !" *I'am glad of it, Sir."

The coat was again pulled off and “ Indeed, Sir, you have cause if purting himself in an attitude, “this one may judge from your appear. is the arm that shall sacrifice you." ance."

* Perrins was of a mild disposition, and • Here aas a general laugh, which knowing 's character, made the stranger seemed not to regard, every allowance, and answered him but nodding his head, and hitting liis only by a smile, till, aggravated by boots with a little rattan, rang the bell language and action, the most gross, with an air of importance, and in. he very calmly took him in his arms, quired " if he could have a wcal kito as though he had“been a child, ses let, or a inutton chip ?".

hiin down in the street, and bolted • What do you think,” said , the doom. The evening was wet, and “ of a roasted puppy? because," tak. our hero, without coat or hat, un. ing up the poker, “ I'll spit you, and unprepared to cope with it ; but enroast you in a minute." in treats for admission was vain, and his

This had a visible effect on the application at the window unattended dirty b:10-he retreared tou ards the 10 -At lengto grown desperate, be door, o followlog. “ Avaunt, broke several panes, and inserting his and quit my sight, thy face is dirty, head through the fracture, bore down and thy hands unwashed ; avaunt ! all opposition, by the following wit, avauut! I say." Then replacing the ticisni :-“ Gentlemen, I have taken poker, and returning to his seal, he some pains to gain admission : pray continued, “Being gone I am a man let nie in for 1 sec through my error,"

The door was opened, dry cloibes It happened that Perrins the noted procured, and about one o'clock in pugilist, made one of the company the morning we sent him home in a this evening, he was a remarkably coach. D isinis

i lli Atrong mar, and possessed of great videos


Literary Notices and New Publications.

De. ELRINGTON, of Trinity nation of the Established Church, we College, has published an Answer to will offer no opinion, leaving it to Ward's Controversy of Ordinarion, the divines who are better qualified some time since cuited by. Coyne of for these subjects. We would not be Capelostreet. On this disputation astonished if Dr. Elrington's pamphlet concerning the validity of the ordin drew forih a reply from some one of


the Professors in the College of May. glish Government. We recommend nooth,

the perusal of this history to every Orangeman and Bigor, and toey will

in it learn how an Irish Protestant ABBE DE LA HOGUE, the pro, ought to be liberal and just. As the fessor of Dogmatical Theology at breach of the articles of Limerick Maynooth, has written a long Trea. must be always considered the spring tise on Religion, in Latin, which is from which all the disgrace, and pe. printed, but we believe is not intended nalies, and disabilities of the Catholics for publication.

have arisen, we think it will not be unacceptable to our readers to present them with those articles ex.

tracted from Mr. Parnell's work. We have to inform the public that a very interesting work, entitled, “ A THE CiyiL AND MILITARY AB. Vindication of the Remarks on the TICLES OF LIMERICK. Charges of Shute, Bishop of Dur. ham;" written by Fletcher, the re. Exactly printed from the Letters Pa. puted author of The Spirit of Con t ent; wherein they are ratified and troversy, will immediately make its exemplified by their Majesties, uo. appearance from the press of Coyne, der the Great Seal of England. Bookseller, 154, Capel-street.

GULIELMUS & Maria, Dei gratia, Angliæ, Scotia, Franciæ & Hi

berniæ Kex et Regina, Fidei Defenso. A History of the Penal Laws against rès, &c. Omnibus ad quos præcen. the Irish Catholicks, from thc Treaty tes litera nostra pervenerint salutem : of Limerick to ide Union. With an inspexiinus irrotulainent. quarund. interesting Apperidia, 'By HENRY literarum patentium de conformati. PARNELL, Ese M. P. Fitzpatrick, one, geren. dat. apud Westmonaste. Capel-street.

rium vicesimo quarto die Februarii, No young public man, no young ultimi præteriti in cancellar. nostr. candidate for the world's applause irrotulat. ac ibidem de recordo rema. ever appeared in our country with nem, in hæc verba. William and more promise and more hopes than' Mary, by the grace of God, &c. the author of the work before us. To all to whom these presents shall In this book we see his political prin come, greeting. Whercas certain ar. ciples, and we may in truth say, that, ticles, bearing date the third day of though there may not be in the senate October last påst, made and agreed another real friend to the cause of the on between our justices of our king. Catholics, Mr. Parnell is one in his dom of Ireland, and our general of heart and aiind..He advocates the our forces there on the one part ; and cause, if we may say so, on its initial juso several officers there commanding lice. From the breach of the articles of within the city of Limerick, in our Liinerick, that never to be forgotien act said kingdom, on the other part, of English treachery (as Dr. Milner calls Whereby our said justices and gene. it,) he iraces all the sufferings of the ral did undertake that we should ra. Irish and he well considers all the tify those articles, within the space or concessions have been made to the Ca. eight months, or sooner; and use tholics as merely an atonement for the their utmost'endeavours that the same want of Gdelity on the part of the En. should be ratified and confirmed in

parliament parliament. The tenor of which said II. All the inbabitants or residents articles is as follows, viz. .

of Limerick, or any other garrison,

now in the possession of the Irish Articles agreed upon the third day of and all officers and Soldiers, now

October, one thousand six hun Ired in arıns, under any commission of und ninely one

King James, or those authorized by Berween the Right Honourable Sir him, to grant the saine in the several

Charles Porter, Knight, and Tho. counties of Limerick, Clare, Kerry, mas Coningsby, Esq. Lords Jus. Cork, and Mayo, or any of them; tices of Ireland; and his Excellency and all the commissioned officers in the Baron de Ginckle, Lieutenant their Majesties quarters, that belong General, and Commander in Chief to the Irish regiments, now in being, of the English Army ; on the one that are treated with, and who are not Part ;

prisoners of war, or have taken pro. And the Right Honourable Patrick tection, and who slall return and

Earl of Lucan, Piercy, Viscount subinit to their Majesties obedience ; Galmoy, Colonel Nicholas Purcel, and their and every of their heirs, Colonel Nicholas Cuiack, Sir shall hold, possess,' and enjny, all Toby Butler, Colonel Garret Dil. and every their estates of freehold and lon, and Colonel John Brown ; inheritance; and all the rights tiles on the other Part;

and interest, privileges and immuni. In the behalf of the Irish Inbabitants ties, wbich they, and every or any

in the City and County of Lime of them held, enjoyed, or were righi. rick, the Counties of Clare, Kerry, fully and lawfully entitled to in the Cork, Sligo, and Mayo.

reign of King Charles II. or at any In consideration of the Surrender of time since, by the laws and statutes

the City of Limerick, and other that were in force in the said reign of Agreements made between the said King Charles II. and shall be put in Lieutenant General Ginckle, the possession, by order of the govern. Governor of the City of Limerick, ment, of such of them as are in the and the Generals of the Irish Army King's hands, or the hands of his te. bearing date with these Presents, nanis, without being put to any suit for the Surrender of the City, and or trouble therein ; and all such es. Submission of the said Army ; it is rates shall be freed and discharged agreed, That,

from all arrears of crown-rents qui:.

rents, and other public charges, in. 1. THE Roman Catholics of this curred and become due since Mi. kingcom shall enjoy such privileges in chaelmas 1888, to the day of the the exercise of their religion, as are date hereof; and all persons compre. consistent with the laws of Ireland; hended in this article, shall have hvid, or as they did enjoy in the reign of and enjoy all their goods and charcles, King Charles the Second ; and their real and personal, to them, or any of Majestics, as soon as their affairs will them belonging, and remaining ei. permit them to sumcn a Parliament ther in their own hands, or in the in this kingdom, will endeavour to hands of any person whaisoever, in procure the said Roman Catholics trust for, or for the use of them, or such farther security in that particu- any of thein : and all, and every the lar, as may preserve them from any said persons, of what profession, trade disturbance upon the account of their or calling soever they, be, shall and said religion.

may use, exercise and practise their

• several several and respective professions, space of eight months froni the date trades and callings, as freely as they of these presents, and submit to their did use, exercise, and enjoy the same Majesties goverument, and take the in the reign of King Charles II. pro. above-mentioned oath. vided the nothing in this article con- V. That all and singular the said mained be construed to extend to, or persons comprised in the secon! and restore anv for feiring person now out of third articles, shall have a general kingdom, except what are hereafter pardon of all atrainders, outlawries, comprised; provided also, that no treasons, misprisons of treason, preperson whatsoever shall have or enjoy munires, felonies, trespasses, and owner the benefit of this article, that shall crimes and misdeincanours whatso. neglect or refuse to take the oath of ever, by them, or any of them, com. allegiance, • made by act of parlia. mitted since the beginning of the ment in England, in the first year of reign of King James Il. and if any of the reign of their present majesties, them are aitained by parliament, the when thereunto required. by him or them committed in any Brown stood indebted to several Prosuch lands, tenements, or houses : testants, by judgment of record, and it is also agreed, that this article which appearing to the late govern. shall be mutual and reciprocal on ment, the Lord Tyrconnel, and Lord bora sides,

Lords Justices, and General, will III. All merchants, or reputed use their best endeavours to get the merchants of the city of Limerick, or same repealed by parliament, and the of any other garrison now possessed outlawries to be reversed gratis, all but by the Irish, or of any town or place writing clerks fees, in the couoties of Clare or Kerry, VI. And whereas these present wars who are absent beyond the seas, that have drawn on great violence on both have not borne arms since their Ma. parts; and that if leave were given jesty's declaration in February 1683, to the bringing of all sorts of private shall have the benefit of the second actions, the anomosities would prue article, in the same manner as if they bably continue that have been too were present; provided such mer. long on foo', and the public distur. chants, and reputed nierchants, do bances last : for the quietting and setrepair into this kingdom within the tling therefore of this kingdom, and space of eight months from the date avoiding those inconveniencies which hereof.

would be the necessary consequence IV. The following officers, viz. of the contrary, no person or persons Colonel Simon Lut:erel, Captain whatsoever, comprised in the forego. Rowland White, Maurice Eustace of ing articles, shall be sued, molested, or Yeriman,town, Chieves of Mavstowo, inipleaded a: the suit of any party or commonly called Mount Leinster, parties whatsoever, for any trespasses now belonging to the regiments in by thein comunitied, or for any armas, the aforesaid garrisons and quarters of borses, money, goods, chatties, merthe Irish ariny, who were beyond the chandizes, or provisions whatsoever, seas, and sent thither upon affairs of by them seized or taken during the their respective regiinents, or the army time of the war. And no person or in general, shall bave the benefit and persons whatsoever, in the second advantage of the second article, pro. or third article comprised, shall be vided they return hither within the sued, impleaded, or inade accountable

for the rents or mean raies of any * I A. B. do sincerely promise and lands, tevenients, or house3 by him swear, that I will be faithful, and or them ieceived, or enjoyed in this bear true Allegiance to their Majesties kingdom, since the beginning of the King William and Queen Mary, So present war, to the day of the date kslp me GOD.

hereof, vor for any waste of irispass

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Lucan, took away the effects the said Vil. Every nobleinan and gentle. Johh Brown had to answer the said man compri.ed in the said second and debts, and promised to clear the said third articles, shall have liberty to ride John Brown of the said debis ; which with a sword and case of pistols, if effects were taken for the public use they think fit ; and keep a gun in of the Irish, and their army : for their houses, for the defence of the freeing the said Lord Lucan of his same, or for 'fowling.

his engagement, past on their public VIII. The inhabitants and resi. account, for payment of the said dents in the city of Limerick, and Protestants, and for preventing the other garrisons, shall be permitted to ruin of ihe said John Brown, and for remove their goods, chattles and pro. satisfaction of his creditors, at the irvisions out of the same, without being stance of the Lord Lucan, and the rest viewed and searched, or paying any of the persons aforesaid, it is agreed, manner of duties, and shall not be the said Lords Justices, and the said compelled to leave the houses or Baron De Ginckle, shall intercede lodgings they now have, for the space with the King and Parliament, to of six weeks next ensuing the date bave the estates secured to Roman hereof.

Catholics, by articles and capitulation IX. The oath to be administered in this kingdom, charged with, and to such Roman Catholias as submit equally liable to the payment of so to their Majesties Government, shall much of the said debts, as the said be the oath above, and no other. Lord Lucan, upon stating accounts

X. No person or persons who shall with the said John Brown, shall cerat any time hereafter break these arti. tify under his hand, that the effects cles, or any of them, shall thereby taken from the said Brown amount make, or cause any other persons to unto; which accompt is to be stated forfeit or lose the benefit of the same. and the balance to be certified by the

XI. The Lords Justices and Gene. said Lord Lucan in one and cwenty rai do promise to use their uimost en- days after the date hereof: deavours, that all the persons com. prehended in the above mentioned For the true performance hereof, we articles, shall be protected and defend have hereunto set our hands. ed from all arrests and executions for debt or damage, for the space of eight

Present. months next ensuing the date hereof.

SCRAVENMORE. XI. Lastly the Lords Justices and

H. MACCAY. General do undertake, that their Ma.

T. TALMASH: jesties will ratify these article within

CHAR. PORTER. the space of eight months, or sooner,

Thos. CONNINGSBY. and use their utmost endeavours that

BAR. DE GINCKLE. the same shall be ratified and confirmed in Parliament.

(To be Continued.) XIII. And whereas Colonel John

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