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Character of Cardinal Fleury. From Character of Maria Therese. From Core's History of the llouse of dus

the same. tria, Just published.

“ Maria Theresa had not complet“FRANCE, at this period, had al- ed her (wenty-fouth year, wher, in iained an enormous preponderancy virtue of the Pragmatic Sanction, among the powers of Europe, not she succeeded to all the dominion of only from a dr ad of her strength the house of Austria. Her person and resources, but from the charac. was formed to wear a crown, and ier and system of the prinie minister. her mind to give lustre to her exaliej

“ Cardinal Fleury was in the 8th diguity ; sie possessed a commandyear of his age ; he was of a circuin- ing figure, great beality, animation, spect and cautious temper, and pos. and sweetness of countenance, a sessed the art of winning mankind pleasing one of voice, facinating by an unaffected air of candour and manners: and united teininine grace simplicity. His great prudence and with a strength of understanding, sagacity enabled him in distinguish and an intrepidiry above her sex. the precise bounds to which he could During her father's illness, the young push his intrigues, and to conceal his princess was exposed to great danger designs under the semblance of mode. in consequence of her advancing ration ; his progress was, therefore, pregnancy; but sufficiently recovered more dangerous, as it was silent and her spirits the day after his death, iu unobserved. From temper and prin- give audience to his ministers of state ciple he was anxivus to maintain his and to assume the government wuorry in peace ; but, as his great « On surveying this deplorable aim was to remove every obstruction state of affairs, the cause of Maria 50 the asendency of France, he di. Theresa appeared wholly desperate ; rected all his efforts to divide, though attacked by a forinidable league, Vi. he avoided provoking, the other pow. enna nenaced with an instant siege, ers of Europe.

abandoned by all her allies, without “ In the pursuit of his plan, he had treasure, without sufficiunt army, in perceptibly brought the Emperor without able ministers, she stemed to an entire dependence on France, to have no other alternative than to and had more reduced the house of receive the law from her most invetc Austria by luis intrigues, than his rate enemies." predecessors hy the sword. Although “ Soon after her accession she had France had guaranteed the Pragmatic conciliated the Hungari.ills, by r. Sanction, yet he looked forward to viving, with the exception of the the prospect of dividing the Austrian thirty first article, the celebrated dea dominions between the two Arch. cree of Andrew the second, which duchesses; and thus hoped to dimni. had been abolished by Leopold; and nists the weight of a power which at her coronation had received from had hitherto been the rival, and night her grateful subjects, the warmest de. again become the enerny, of the monstrations of loyalty and affection.' house of Bourbon. With this view Mr. Robinson, who was an eye-witbe filled all the courts of Europe ness of this ceremony, has well des. with his intrigues, and endeavoured cribed ile impression made on the to isolate the house of Austria, by surrounding multitude.“ The couniting her enemies, and paralising ronation on the 25th was beste mag. the efforts of hýr friends."

nificent, and well ordered: The Gg

Queen Queen was all charın ; she rede galo ju-tified by the event. She felt that Jantly up the Royal Mounty, and a people ardent for liberty, and dis; detied the four corners of the world tinguished by elevation of soul and with a diaun sabie, in a inanner so energy of character, indignantly reshew slie had no occasion for that ject the mandates of a powerful desweapon to conquer ail who saw her, pol, but would shed their blood in The antiquated croun received new support of a defence less queen, who, graces froin ber head, and the old tai. under the pressure or misfortune, apiered robe of St. Stephen became her pecled to thein for succour. as wel as her own rich habit, if dia. “ Having summoned the States of monds, pearls, and all sorts of preci- the Diet to the castle, she entered the pus stones can be called cloath.” hall, in which the members of the “ Illam quicquid agit quoquo vesti. respective orders were promiscuously

assembled, clad in deep mourning, gia vertit, Componit furtim, subsequiturque and habited in the Hungarian dress, decor."

with the crown of St. Stephen on her

head, and the scymetar at her side, “ An air of delicacy, occasioned both objects of high veneration to the by her recent confinement, increased natives, who are devoted to the methe personal attractions of this beau- mory of their anțient sovereigns. tiful princess ; but when she sat down She traversed the apartment with a to dine in public, she appeared still slow and majestic step, and ascended more engaging without her crown ; the tribune, from whence the sove. the heat of the weather, and the fa- reign is accustomed to harangue the tigues of the cereipony, diffused an states. “ After an awful silence of a animated glow over her countenance; few minutes, the chancellor detailed while her beautiful haji flowed over

the distressed situation of their sovee her shoulders and bosom. These ato reign, and requested immediate assisttractions, and the firmness of her mind, kindled the zeal and enthusi

" Maria Theresa shen came for. asm of that brave and high-spirited' ward, and addressed ihe deputies in people, and to them she turned as to

Latin, a language in common use her principal recourse. The grey among the Hungarians, and in which headed politicians of the court of Vio

as if emolous, of antient Rome, they enna in vain urged, that the Hunga- preserved the deliberations of diet and rians, who, wien Charles first pro- ine records of the kingdom. “ The posed the Praginatic Sanction, had disastrous situation of our affairs," declared trey were accustoired to be she said, “ has moved us to lay be. governed by men, and would not fore our dear and faithful States of consent to a female succession, 'rould Hungary the recent invasion of Ausseize this opportunity' of withdraw. tria, the danger now impending over ing from the Austrian domination. this kingdom, and a proposal for the But Maria Theresa formed a differe consideration of a remedy. The very ent judgnient, and her opinion was

existence of the kingdoin of Hun

gary, of our own person, of our chil. * * Near Presburgh is a barrow dren, and our crown, are ' now at or tumulus, called the Royal Mouni, stake. Forsaken by all, we place which the new Sovereign «sceru's on cur sole resource in the fidelity, arms horseback, and wires a drawn suoride and long tried valour of the Hunga. towards the four cardinal points." sians ; exitosting you, the Sta:es and



Orders, to deliborate without delay beg leave to call vihophobia, a disore in this extreme danger, on the most der with which physicians are pereffectual measures for the security of fecily well acquainted, though it may our person, of our children, of our not yet have been catalogued in the crown, and to carry them into im. nomenclature of nosology. mediate execution. In regard to our- " In old times, that is to say, two self, the faithful States and Oriers of generations aro, mineral springs were Hungary, shall experience out bearty the only places of resort.

Now the co-operation in all things, which Nereids have as many votaries as the may promote the pristilie happiness Naiads, and the tribes of wealth and of inis antient kingdom and the hu- fashion sıvarm down to the sea coast nour of the people.

as punctually as the land crabs in the “ The youth, beauty, and extreme West Indies march the same way. distress of Maria Theresa, who was These people, who have unquestionthen pregnant, niade an instantaneous ably the best houses of any people in impression on the whole assembly. Europe, and more conveniencies All the deputies direw their sabres about to render loine comfortable, half out of the scabbard, and then crowd themselves into the narrow throwing them back as far as the bili, apartmenis and dark streets of a little exclained,

6 We will consecrate country town, just at that time of the our lives and arms; we will die for year when in stinct seems to loke our queen, Maria Theresa !” Af us, like the lark, desirous of as much fected with this effusion of zeal and sky-roon as possible. The price loyalty, the Queen, who had hither they pay for these lodgings is exo: vito preserved a calm and dignified des taut; the more sxpensive the place, portment, burst into tears of joy and the more numerous are the visitors ; gratitude; the members of the States, for the pride of wealth is as ostentayoused almost to frenzy by this proof tions in this country as ever the pride of her sensibility, testified, by their of birth has been elsewhere. In their gestures and acclamations, the most haunts, however these visitors are ca. heartfelt admiration, and, repairing pricious; they frequent a coast soine to the diei, voted a literal supply of seasons in succession, like herrings, men and money."

and then desert it for some other, In a noic Mr. Coxe gives the ori. with as little apparent motive as the ginal Latin speech, which he trane fish have for varying their track. It scribed from the Archives of Han, is fashion which influences them not gary.

the beanty of the place, not the desireableness of the accomodations,

not the convenience of the shore for Letters from England, by Don Ma. their ostensible purpose, bathing. nuel Alvarez Espriella.

Wherever one of the queen bees of

fashion alights, a whole swarm folON WATERING PLACES. lows her. They go into ihe coun).

try for the sake of seeing company, “The English migrate as regularly not for retirement; and in all this *s rooks. Home-sickness is a disease there is more reason than you pere which has no existence in a certain haps have yet imagined. state of civilization or of luxury, and • The fact is, itrat in these hereti. instead of it these islanders are sub- cal countries parents have birt ove ject to periodical fils of what I shall way of disposing of their daughters,


and in that way it becomes less and mon and uninstructed eye shall imless easy to dispose of them every mediately perceive it ; and nothing year, because the modes of living scems so likely to effect this as a plan become continually more expensive, which they are said to have rejected, the number of adventurers in every - that in every bill there should be profession yearly increases, and of two engravings, the one in copper, course every adventurer's chance of the other in wood, each execuied by success is proportionately diminished. The be-t artist in their respective They who have daighters take them branch. It is obvious that few perto these public places to look for sons would be able to imitate either, husbands; and there is no indelicacy and highly improbable that any sinin this, because others who have no gle one could execute both, or that siich motive for frequenting them go two persons sufficiently skilful should likewise in consequence of the fashi- combine together. As it now is, the 01),---or of habits which they have engraving is such as may be copied acquired in their younger days. This by the clumsiest apprentice to the is so general, that health has almost trade. The additional expence which ceased to be the pretext. Physicians, this plan would cost the Bank would indeed, still send those who have be considerably less than what is now more complaints than they can cure, expends in hanging nen for an of. or so few that they cau di cover nore fence, which could not be so frequent lo some of the fashionable spas, if it was not so easy. The Bank Die which are supposed to he medicinal rectors say the Pater noster in their because they are nauseous; they still own language, but they seem 10 for. send the paralytic to find relief at get that one of the petitions which Bath or to look for it, and the con. He who best knew the beart of man sumptive to die at the Hotwells ; yet enjoined us to make is, that we may even to these places more persons go not be led into temptation." in quest of pleasure than of relief, and the parades and pump-rooms

ON LONDON. there exhibit something more like the Dance of Death than has ever per. " It was a sigit that awed me and haps been represented elsewhere in made me melancholy. I was looks real life.''

ing down upon the habitations of a

million of human beings ; upon the ON THE BANK.

single spot whereon were crowded

together more wealth, more splendor, “ Surely, it is the duty of the Bank more ingenuity, more worldly wis. Directors w reuder the cominission dom, and alas ! more worldly blind.

forgery as difficult as possible. ness, poverty, depravity, dishonesty This is not effected by adopting pri. and wretchedness, than upon any vate marks in their bills, which as other spot in the whole habitable they are meant to be private, can ne- carth.” ver enableibe public to be upon their

ON BIRMINGHAM. guard. Such means may render it impossible that a faise bill shall pass • I cannot pretend to say, what is undiscovered at the Bank, but do the consumption here of the two-legnot in the slightest degree impede its ged beasts of labour; commerce sends circulation. What is required is in no return of its killed and wounded. something so obvious that a com. Neither can I say that the people


look sickly, having seen no other Parnam ran to hiin from the head of complexion in the place than what his detachinent; but, having no car. is composed of oil and dust smoke- riage with them, his men were ar a dried. Every man whom I meet loss in wh tmanner to convey iile of. stinks of train oil and emery., Sone ficer to a distant village. The general I have seen with red eyes and green perceived their disticulties; and, takhair ; the eyes affected by the fires to ing a harcnet from one of thein, cut which they are exposed, and the hair down some branches of trees, and in turned green by the brass worki. an instane se himself to work, ant You would not, however, discover made an excellent litter, on which the any other resemblance to a Triton in poor officer was supported as easily as them, for water is an element wiila bis case would adinit. Now,' said the use of which, except to supply the general to one of his men, Tree s'eam engines, they set in to be un. joice more in having been bred a caracquainted.

peuter than if I had been born a i The noise of Birmingham is prince.' beyond description ; the hammers seem never to be at rest. The filth Mihematical Question. is sickening: filthy as some of our Question about nothing, which no body own old lo vos may be, their dirt is cun comprehend, but those illathea innffensive ; ii lies in idie heaps, maricians, who see furthest into a which annoy none but those who Mill-Stone. walk within the little reach of their NOTHING divided by nothing, effluvia. But here it is active and is equal to one: nothing in the moving, a living principle of mise power of nothing is equal to one ; chief, which fills the whole atinas. so say very great, and deep, and phere and penetrates every where, learner, mathematicians. If hest spotting and staining every thing, propositions are true, then 12° and getting into the pores and nostril. =jo=4°=50=60=;°=8o=yo. I feel as if my throat wanted sweep- Take the nothing root on each side ing like an English chimney. Think of these equations. Then i not, however, that I am insensible to the wonders of ihe place ;min no 30: ==6=;=80=9 other age or country was there ever Bins

Therefore 1'32'=3" 50 astonishing a display of human in. =4'=s'=6'='=3159!. genuity : but watch-chains, neck

Tat is 1=2=3====== laces, and bracelets, buttons, buckles, 8=). That is, all numbers are and snuff boxes, are dearly purchased equal. The sublime mathematicians at the expense of health and morality; are requested to point out the fallacy. and if it be considered how large a if there is any, in the above mode of proportion of that ingenuity is em- reasojing; and thence to determine, ployed in making what is hurtful as that the principles laid darn about well as what is w‘eless, it must be nothing are trie: but if there is no confessed that human reason bas fallacy in the above reasoning, then more cause at present for humiliation from ihe evilen nonsense of the con. than for triumph at Birmingham." clusion, it is certain, that the three

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propositions on the division of no. Anecdote of General Putnam. thing by nothing, nothing in the IN the American war, a British of power of nothing, and a number inz ficer was found lying on the ground, the power of nothing, are all wone and desperately wounded. General


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