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He has been careful to urge such topics, (suggested generally by the Epistle or the Gospel for the Day,) as appeared most obviously to tend to edification : avoiding everything of a controversial, or a party character. He is not conscious of having either intentionally borrowed his thoughts from others, or of having gone out of his way in order to be original. To be practically useful has really been throughout the chief object of his concern. -Two of these short Addresses, (the fifty-ninth and the sixtieth,) are the kind contribution of an abler hand,

It may not be improper to point out, that although Discourses written for a mixed congregation are generally not suitable for domestic reading, short Sermons like these, expanded and rendered somewhat more hortatory in their character, may easily be rendered available for the pulpit. Their usefulness, (if they are found useful,) need not be confined to the domestic circle.

October 15th, 1855.

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