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THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHARES and other PROPERTY, in July 1815 (to the 26th), at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London. Trent and Mersey, or Grand Trunk Canal, 12001, ex balf yearly div. of 271. 10s. clear. -Neath, 2351. ex dividend 15l. per annum.-Oxford, 5001. ex dividend.Warwick and Napton, 2601.—Grand Junction, 2001. ex dividend 41. balf year clear, 1961. 1911.Kenpet and Avon, 191.-Rochdale, 501.--Ellesmere, 80LLancaster, 191.-Severn and Wye Railway, 351.-West-India Dock, 1461.- London ditto, 781.-Royal Exchange Assurance, 2501.-Globe Insurance, 1021. 55. ex dividend 31. half year clear.-Imperial, 491.-—Rock, 10s. premium.-Commercial Sale Rooms, 291. 10s --West Middlesex Water-Works, 25. 10s.--Chelsea ditto, 121.-London Institution, 401, 195,

-Surrey ditto, 121.-Vauxhall Bridge, 511.-Strand Bridge Annuities, 91. 10s. premium.

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Stock. 3perCt. Cons.

59 87


Red. 13 per Ct. 14perCt. (5 perCtB.Long| Imp.




3 pr.
4 dis.
6 dis. 4 dis. 114 pr.



RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Bank Buildings, London.

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· Priated by NICHOLS, Son, aud BENTLBY, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London,


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Cumb.2. Doncas M.Post-M.Herald

Derb.-Dorches Morning Chronic.

Durham — Esse Times-M. Advert.

Exeter 2, Glouc P.Ledger & Oracle

Halifax-Hants Brit. Press-Day

Hereford, Hull St. James's Chron.


Huntingdon Sun-Exen. Mail

pswich 1, Kent Star-Traveller T

Lancast.-Leices Pilot-Statesman

Leeds2, Liverp. Packet-Lond.Chr.

Maidst. Manch. Albion--C. Chron.

Newc.3.-Notts. Courier-Globe

Northampton Eng. Chron.--Isq.

Norfolk, Norwic Cour d'Angleterre

N.Wales Oxford Cour. de Londres

Portsea-Potter 13atherWeekly P.

Preston-Plym. 17 Sunday Papers

Reading - Salist Hue & Cry Police

Salop-Sheffield Lit. Adv. monthly

Sherborne, Susse: Bath 3—Bristol 5

Shrewsbury Berwick Boston

Staff, -Stamf. 2 Birmingham 4

Taunton-Tyne Blackb. Brighton

Wakefi.-Warw. Burg St. Edmund's

AUGUST, 1815. Worc. 2-YORK Camb.-Chath.

IRELAND 37 Carli.2.-Chester 2 CONTAINING

SCOTLAND 24 Chelms. Cambria.

Jersey 2. Guern. 2 Meteorological Diaries for June and Aug. 98,190 Review of New Publications, viz.

Miscellaneous Correspondence, $c. The Annual Register for the Year 1805... 137 Rural Inscriptions at West-Felton, Salop 99 Picture of Paris, by Louis Tronchet........ iba Admirable Letter of Refusal to fight a Duel 100 Hebrew Melodies, by Lord Byron........... 141 Portrait of Sir William Domville, Bart..., 101 Dibdia's Bibliotheca Spenceciana, Vol. 1V.ibid. Prager-book called “Churchman's Guide"ibid. The Church in Danger, by Rev. R. Yates 143 Remark. Coincidence--Wellington & Broke102 Price'sSermon for Siourport Sunday School147 MassereeneVisc.-Ld. Roden.- Hood Family 103 Pusbrooke's Key to the New Testament... 148 Petrifying Well at Coton, co. Cambridge ibid. Monthermer, a Poem, by Edw. Quillivan.. 149 Lawrence family.- Blight.-Winchest.Palace 104 Poems and Odes on various Subjects ... Modero State of Selby Abbey, Yorkshire...105 Apparitions. - Tributes to Mr. Whitbread 153 Mr, Wathen's Deseriplion of St. Helena....106 Pearce's Treatise onkhe Abuses of the Law 154 Origia and History of the Afghans......... 108 Literary Intelligence, IndexINDICATORIUS 156 Documents respecting Queen Anne's Bounty 110 Select Poetry for August 1815....158 – 160 Payment of Tithes and Origin of Vicarages 111

Historical Thronicle.
Donesday illustrated--leugа & quarentena,ibid. Proceedings in late Session of Parliament 161
Brief Sketch of the Swiss History........ 112 Interestinglotelligence from Lond. Gazettes 165
History of the Malorussian Kosacs ......... 114 Abstract of principal Foreign Occurrences 169
Nap. Buonaparte. Legend of Napoleon...19 Country News 175.--Domestic Occurrences 176
Topographical Account of Sawston, Cambr.120 Theat. Register -- Promotions.-Preferments 1977
Bp. St. David's Third Address to Unitarians 124 Births, and Marriages of eminent Persons 178
Inaccuracies, &c. of Mr. Belsham ......... ibid. Memorials of the Heroes of Waterloo, &c. 179
Character of the late Rev.Timothy Priestley 128 Biographical Memoir of the late Mr. Luna 181
Dr. Abauzit's Objections to the Bible Society 129 Obituary, with Anec.of remarkable Persons 184
Faalty French Version of Exodus xii. 34... 132 Bill of Mortality.-Prices of Markets, &c. 191
Amended Translation of Eccl. chap. xi. 1. 135 Canal, &c. Shares.--Prices or Stocks..... 192

Embellished with a beautiful Perspective View of Selby ABBEY, Yorkshire;
and a Represeаtation of a singular Cluster of Columns in the Nare

of that magoificent ABBBY.


...... 152


Priated by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-str. London:

where all Letters to the Editor are particularly desired to be addressed, Post-PAID

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For AUGUST, 1815.

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Mr. URBAN, Shrewsbury, Aug. 5. The Rustic quits his Tully's page,
TE enclosed inseriptions adora To turn the tedded bay..

the rural retreat of John F. M. From luxury and state-affairs Dovaston, esq.

« THE NURSER Y," Sagacious he retires; West-Felton, dear Oswestry, in the Each tranquil bliss serene he shares county of Salop.

That Solitude inspires. The late John Dovaston, esq. (see In quest of TRUTH we only tread your Vol. LXXVIII. pp. 563, 564), The path by Reason made: by whom this Villa was erected and By no delusive guides misled, embellished, was the intimate friend Of no false lights afraid, of the Poet Shenstone, and from him

In the same Temple. East. be probably first imbibed a foudness O fortunatos nimium, sua si bona norint før rural elegance ; be bas certainly Agricolas ! quibus ipsa, proeul discordievinced much Shepstonian laste ju bus armis, ornamenting his grounds, and some Fundit humo facilem victum justissima scenes are truly Leasowish.


VIRGIL. Yours, &c.

D. PARKES. Over the entrance of Pan's TEMPLE.

In a Convivial Alcove. Supported on Six Kustic Pillars. 'Εχθρός μέν μοι κείνος όμως Aίδαο σύλησιν Sacred to Pan.

"Ος έτερον μεν κευθει ένι Φρεσίν, άλλο Si Deus nobiscum, quis contra nos ?

δε βαζει.

HOMER. On the Inside. North. Weleome, peaceful, calm retreat!

On the Hermitage Door. Far from common ills of Fate,

Solitudo quam dilecta! Welcome joys before unknown ;

Hinc in cælum via recta, Ev'ry pleasure, ev'ry blessing,

Procul est insanitatis Ev'ry bliss that's worth possessing,

Et theatrum vanitatis. Here delights, and here alone.

Plebs si sævit, bic sedebo, Let aspiriog minds pursue

Et quæ supra sunt videho. Dangerous greatness, gilded woe,

Mecum angeli cantabunt Tortur'd with ambitious care.

Cæli Dominum laudabunt. Here, such empty dreams despising,

O si semper sie sederem,

Mundi turbas nec viderem ; Far from falling as from rising,

Me dum tollent angelorum I avoid the tempting snare.

Grex ad Paradisi chorum, Heaps of wealth amass'd in vain

Et, ut sanctus eremita
Give the sordid Miser pain,

Dulei requiescam vita.
Waking, dread his bosom rends :
But Content my wishes bounding,

On the Inside.
And soft Peace my bed surrounding,

O lost to Virtue, lost to manly thought, Balmy sleep my call attends.

Lost to the noblest sallies of the soul,

Who think it solitude to be alone,
Fraud and envy, grief and fear,
Breed no dire coufusion here;

Communion sweet!
Exil'd from the guilty town,
Cheerful studies time beguiling,

In a Natural Bower.
Wing the moments ever smiling,

Written in Old English Characters, "Till my latest sand falls down.

O come not to these peacefulle howres In the same Temple. West.

Chagrin'd at humane follie ; Here flowery hills o'er fertile dales Nor censure here my harmlesse boures In gay confusion rise ;

Of blissefulle melancholie. Here smiling Health anoid the gales For if ye spurne the ioyes serene On purple pinions'flies.

From Solitude aceruinge, Here rural sports the mind engage,

Mixe with the busie worlde againe, To pass the pleasing day,

Or wealthe or fame pursuinge.



But quarrelle not with humane-kinde

In a Bower of Box, For little faultes offendinge ;

Better to beare with what ye finde, I love my little boxen bower,

Than marre it in the mendinge. Fringed with April's early flower ;
Soe shalle ye walke eche crowded courte, On its leaves of glossy green
And smile at bumane follie ;

The climbing sunbeams shed their sheen: Or pleas'd, like mee, to bowres resorte,

Cool its shade, its shelter warm,
And feaste on melancholie,

In Summer's beat, or Winter's storm.
The social and the lonely hour

Endear my little boxen bow'r.
Under a large spreading Tree in the Wood.
And this our life, exempt from public Within my little boxen bower

(ning brooks, With friends I fill the social hour; Finds tongues in trees, books by the run

Or, wanting them, the feats unfold Sermons in stones, and Good in ev'ry That Bards of Greece and Rome bave thing.


Or prove no meaner magic reigns On the Pedestal of SHENSTONE's Urn.

In Britain's more-endearing strains. O blind to Truth, to Virtue blind,

Contentment sheds ber sunny shower Who slight the sweetly-pensive mind!

Around my little boxen bower. On whose fair birth the Graces mild, Should I leave my boxen bower And ev'ry Muse prophetic smil'd. Panting up the paths of Power, And sure there seem of human kind, Puff*d with empty pomp of Pride,

Some born to shun the solemn strife ; Blind Ambition for my guide, Some for amusive tasks design'd, Even in Splendour's gaudy glare

To soothe the certain ills of life ; Cushion'd on the couch of Care, Grace its lone vales with many a bud- Might I pot bewail the hour ding rose,

I left my little boxen bow'r?
New founts of bliss disclose,
Call forth refreshing shades, and deco-

On the Cyder-mill.
rate repose.

Nee Pomona ferax nobiscum habitare

recusat. On a Sun-dial.

Cæcubam, et prælo domitam Caleno, Sic fugit interea, fugit irreparabile Tu bibes uvam.-Mea nec Falerni tempus,

Temperant vites; neque Formiani
Singula dum capti circumvectamur

Pocula colles.

On another Sun-dial.
About your business.


August 9.

"He following Letter, which, after On a Mossy Root Seat.

seeing and admiring it, as the In Old English Characters. O Solitude diuine, where Reason dwelles, I had ever met with, was lost to me

best production against Duelling that Ne pryde prouokech thee, ne passion for several years, at leogth was swelles,

found in a book which bas become Let mee repose on thie serene embrace,

scarce. I therefore transcribe it for Fra humane euils far, fra humane race. Let me entraunc'd on thie softe bosome you, that others may enjoy an adlie,

[defie. vantage for which I long wished in And all the ynsultinge stormes of lyfe vain that of possessing so powerful There to itselfe restore the injur'd mynde, a performance. It is said to be writAnd be what Nature and what Godde de- ten by Alexander Robinson, Esq. signed,

a man who had been much distin.

guisbed for courage in military ser. On a Root-seat under a large Purple- vice, to a friend of his, who e Dame beech, inscribed to Thos. Yates.

was Walter Smyth, in consequence of AMICITIAE ET T. Y.

a challenge received froni him. SELLVLAM HANC,

Yours, &c.



“ Sir, -I must absolutely decline the VOLUIT

Challenge you sent me yesterday by 1, F. M.D.

Robin, and frankly acknowledge I dare

not fight you. I am very sensible the On a very broad spreading Beech,

world in general will call this cowardice, inscribed to VIRGIL.

and that the odious appellation of FAGYS TITYRAEA, Scoundrel will be given me in every


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