Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the Indiana State Bar Association

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Cumulative lists of papers and addresses in volumes for 1910-24.

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Page 179 - The General Assembly shall provide by law for a uniform and equal rate of assessment and taxation ; and shall prescribe such regulations as shall secure a just valuation for taxation of all property, both real and personal, excepting such only for municipal, educational, literary, scientific, religious or charitable purposes, as may be specially exempted by law.
Page 109 - It may be put forth in aid of what is sanctioned by usage, or held by the prevailing morality or strong and preponderant opinion to be greatly and immediately necessary to the public welfare.
Page 62 - The General Assembly shall not pass local or special laws in any of the following enumerated cases, that is to say : Regulating the jurisdiction and duties of justices of the peace and of constables; For the punishment of crimes and misdemeanors...
Page 62 - In all the cases enumerated in the preceding section, and in all other cases where a general law can be made applicable, all laws shall be general, and of uniform operation throughout the State.
Page 97 - I move that the nominations be closed, and that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for the three men named, as members of the Board of managers of the Association, for the ensuing year.
Page 47 - Income taxes may be assessed to and collected from persons, corporations, joint-stock associations, or companies resident or doing business in this State, or any one or more of them, in such cases and amounts, and in such manner, as shall be prescribed by law.
Page 62 - The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens.
Page 125 - Nor will his task be done until, by the farthest stretch of human imagination, he has seen as with his eyes the birth and growth of society, and by the farthest stretch of reason he has understood the philosophy of its being. When I think thus of the law, I see a princess mightier than she who once wrought at Bayeux, eternally weaving into her web dim figures of the everlengthening past — figures too dim to be noticed by the idle, too symbolic to be interpreted except by her pupils, but to the...
Page 182 - SECTIoN 1. The Legislative authority of the State shall be vested in a General Assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.
Page 223 - ... in the petition as representative, heir or devisee of the decedent, In the same manner as a summons, at least ten days before the time set for the hearing or to which It may have been postponed.

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