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Professor of English Literature at University College, and Examiner in English Language, Literature, and History

to the University of London.




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Messrs. CASSELL & COMPANY beg to announce that on

JANUARY 25th, 1884, they will publish the
FIRST MONTHLY PART, price ls., of





An entirely New and Exhaustive Work of Reference to all

the Words in the English Language, with a Full Account of their Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation, and Use. WITH NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS.

"As its title shows, it is professedly both an “For fulness, accuracy of definition, excelencyclopæline and a dictionary; it explains | lence of arrangement, and a happy choice of things as well as words, and thus the autbor illustrative quotations, the 'Encyclopædic has ample scope to produce a work of im Dictionary' need not fear comparison with mense utility. The author has had the assist any rival that has yet appeared; and its ance of specialists in the technical part of the brief but comprehensive encyclopædic articles work, and the authorities he has obtained to l will often obviate the necessity of searching assist him have almost always been the best more pretentious and elaborate works." -obtainable. The illustrations are always ap. Scotsinau. propriate and clear."--Times.

"A stupendous undertaking. The labour “It is easy to see that the 'Encyclopædic which must have been bestowed upon it is Dictionary' will be without a parallel, and something astounding. Heraldry, architeccannot fail to occupy a field of extensive use ture, logic, manufactures, music, philosophy, fulness. . . . The illustrations are really very botany, chemistry, and zoology, all figure in its fine. Altogether, even in these days of cyclo pages; while the student who takes a purely pædias, this latest publication of the Messrs. literary interest in the language will find his Cassell deserves to be hailed as a magnum requirements no less carefully attended to opus."--Liverpool Mercury.

i than those of the specialist."--John Bull.

N.B.- This Work will form a complete Dictionary of the English Language, giving the etymology of each word, and its proper pronunciation, its definition, and its various significations. In addition to this, special subjects will be treated in the exhaustive form more secialiy characteristic of an Encyclopedia. The present Work will contain a large number of words not incluuled in any other English Dictionary, while the definitions given and the examples quoted are the result of original research and independent study.

*.* Full detailed Prospectuses of THE ENCYCLOPÆDIC DICTIONARY can be obtained from all Booksellers, or will be forwarded post free on application to the Publishers.

CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITEI), Ludgnte Hill, London.



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