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the Commissioners of Public Accounts in Ireland io the Commissioners for Au-
diting the Public Accounts of Great Britain,


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( NO. VI. ] 2 & 3 W. IV. c. 122.-An Act for making Provision for the Lord

High Chancellor of England in lieu of Fees heretofore received by him. 632

( No. VII. ] 3 & 4 W. IV. c. 84.–An Act to provide for the Performance of the

Duties of certain Offices connected with the Court of Chancery which have been


[ No. VIII.; 3 & 4 W. IV. c. 94.—An Act for the Regulation of the Prooceed-

ings and Practice of certain Offices of the High Court of Chancery in England. 641

[ No. IX. ) 4 & 5 W. IV. c. 68.–An Act to authorize an advance out of the ge-

neral Fund of Monies belonging to the Suilors of the Courts of Chancery and

Exchequer in Ireland, towards the Purchasing of Ground and Building thereon

Offices necessary to the Courts of Justice in Dublin.


( No. X. ] 4 & 5 W. IV. c. 78.—An Act for the Amendment of the Proceedings

and Practice of the High Court of Chancery in Ireland.


[ No. XI. ] 4 & 5 W. IV. c. 82. –An Act to amend and extend an Act of the

Second Year of His present Majesty, to effectuate the Service of Process issuing

from the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer in England and Ireland. 662

( No. XII. ) 5 & 6 W. IV. c. 16.–An Act for altering and amending the Law

regarding Commitments by Courts of Equity for Contemps, and the taking Bills

pro Confesso in Ireland.


[ No. XIII. ] 5 & 6 W. IV. c. 47.–An Act to repeal so much of an Act passed in

the Third and Fourth Years of His present Majesty, as relates to the Amount of

the Salary granted to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery; and to make other

Provisions in relation to the said Office.


( No. XIV. ) 5 & 6 W. IV. c. 82.–An Act to abolish certain Offices connected

with Fines and Recoveries, and the Cursitors in the Court of Chancery, and to

make Provision for the Abolition of certain Offices in the Superior Courts of Com.

mon Law in England.



Statutes relating to Religion and Ecclesiastical Authority.
[ No. I. ] 1 & 2 W. IV. c. 49.–An Act to repeal so much of an Act passed in

Ireland in the Fourth Year of King George the First, for the better regulating the
Town of Galway, and for strengthening the Protestant Interest therein, as limits
the Franchise created by the said Act to Protestants only.

[ No. 11. ] 2 W. IV. c. 7.–An Act for the Relief of His Majesty's Subjects in

Ireland being Protestants of the Established Church, and to repeal an At passed
in the Parliament of Ireland in the Thirty-third Year of the Reign of His Majesty
King George the Third, intituled “ An Act to remove some doubts respecting
Persons in Office taking the Sacramental Test.”

[ No. III. ] 3 & 4 W. IV. c. 37.–An Act to alter and amend the Laws relating to
the Temporalities of the Church in Ireland.

[ No. IV. ] 4 & 5 W. IV. c. 41.–An Act to regulate the Appointment of Ministers
to Churches in Scotland erected by voluntary Contributions.

[ No. V. ] 4 & 5 W. IV. c. 90.-An Act to amend an Act made in the Third and

Fourth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, int tuled " An Act to alter and

amend the Laws relating to the Temporalties of the Church of Ireland.”

[ No. VI. ) 5 & 6 W. IV. c. 30.-An Act for Protecting the Revenues of vacant

Ecclesiastical Dignities, Prebends, Canonries, and Benefices, without cure of

Souls, and for Preventing the lapse thereof during the pending inquiries respecting

the state of the Established Church of England and Wales.





[ There has been no recent provision on this subject. ]

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Rape, Polygamy, Forcible Marriage, Sc.

[There have been no recent enactments upon the subjects of this c.ass.]

Embezzlement of Public Stores.
( The 55 G. III. c. 127, was the last act on this subject.] (See 6 Erans's

Statutes, Part V. Class IX.)

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