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[ No. VII. ] 2 W. IV. c. 5.–An Act to provide for carrying on the Business of the

Court of Session in Scotland when interrupted by the Death or necessary Absence

of any of the Judges thereof.


No. VIII. ] An Act for the Erection of a Nisi Prius Court House in Dublin. 403

No. IX. ] 2 W. IV. c. 48.-An Act to regulate the Office of Clerk of the Crown

in the Court of King's Bench in Ireland.


[ No. X. ] 2 W. IV. c. 54.-An Act for making Provision for the Dispatch of the

Business now done by the Court of Exchequer in Scotland.


[ No. XI. ] 2 & 3 W. IV.c. 110.–An Act for the better Regulation of the Duties

to be performed by the Officers on the Plea or Common Law Side of the Court of



[ No. XII.) 2 & 3 W. IV. c. 116.-An Act to provide for the Salaries of certain

High and Judicial Officers, and of Payments heretofore made out of the Civil List



[ No. XIII. ] 3 & 4 W. IV. c. 42.-An Act for the further Amendment of the

Law, and the better Advancement of Justice


( No. XIV. ] 4 & 5 W. IV. c. 68.–An Act to authorize an Advance out of the

General Funds of Monies belonging to the Suitors of the Courts of Chancery and

Exchequer in Ireland, towards the purchasing of Ground, and Building thereon

Offices necessary to the Courts of Justice in Dublin.


[ No. XV. ] 5&6 W. c. 46.–An Act to amend, until the end of the next Session

of Parliament, an Act of the Second Year of his present Majesty, for makiag Pro-

vision for the Dispatch of the Business now done by the Court of Exchequer in



[ No. XVI. ) 5 & 6 W. IV. c. 82.–An Act to abolish certain Offices connected

with Fines and Recoveries and the Cursitors in the Court of Chancery, and to

make Provision for the Abolition of certain Offices in the Superior Courts of Com-

mon Law in England.


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