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and stating the balance of monies remaining at the bank to the account No. VIII. of the exchequer at the close of each such year, which said account 1 W. 4, c. 15. shall be accompanied by a certificate, under the hand of the principal cashier of the bank of England, which such cashier is hereby required to give, of the sum which actually remained on the books of the bank to the credit of his Majesty's exchequer on the said fifth day of April.

XXIV. That the annual account made up on each quarter day, which Surplus reveby an act passed in the tenth year of the reign of his late Majesty king nue to be asGeorge the fourth, the commissioners of the treasury are required to certained by cause to be prepared, of the actual receipt and expenditure of the united

receipts and

credits at the kingdom, according to the actual receipt and issue of monies at his Ma

bank. jesty's exchequer, shall, from and after the commencement of this act, so far as relates to Great Britain, be made out according to the actual receipt of money at the bank on the account of the exchequer and of credits granted thereout by the warrants of the comptroller; and the surplus directed by the said act to be issued and applied towards the reduction of the national debt, being thereby ascertained, shall be issued and applied accordingly in the manner directed by the said act.

XXV. And whereas the practice which has heretofore prevailed of Fees on issues taking or deducting monies, in the nature of fees, upon the issue of for the public public monies to the several departments, has been found to be attended service abowith expence and inconvenience; be it therefore further enacted, That lished. from and after the commencement of this act the fees heretofore charged and taken at the exchequer upon the issues of money to and receipts of money from the several departments of or accountants to the crown for the public service shall cease and be no longer payable; and that in all cases in which any payments made to individuals at the exchequer have been heretofore chargeable with fees or deductions it shall be lawful for the commissioners of the treasury and they are hereby required, from and after the commencement of this act, to reduce all such payments to the several and respective net amounts heretofore received from the exchequer by the several and respective parties.

XXVI. That from and after the commencement of this act all ex- As to the prechequer bills to be thereafter made out under the authority of any act of paration of exparliament shall be prepared, made out, and numbered in the office of the chequer bills. said comptroller at such times and in such form as the commissioners of the treasury shall from time to time direct; and that the several regulations in relation to the making out, issuing, and paying off exchequer bills which are established by an act passed in the forty-eighth year of the reign of his Majesty king George the third, intituled An Act for 48 G. 3, c. 1. regulating the issuing and paying of' of Exchequer Bills, or by any other act or acts with respect to the issue and application of exchequer bills under the authority of such acts, shall continue in force, except in so far as the same shall be altered by any of the provisions of this act; and that all such bills shall be signed by the said comptroller, or in his name by his assistant, and shall be issued and applied to the public service at such times and in such manner as shall be directed by the commissioners of the treasury, or in such manner and upon such authorities as shall have been specially directed with respect thereto by any act or acts now in force, the said comptroller taking care that such bills are made and issued according to law.

XXVII. That a return, setting forth all orders and regulations, and Return of regudescribing all books and forms of accounts and vouchers, which shall lations to be have been ordered and prescribed by the commissioners of the treasury, made to parshall be laid before parliament on or before the fifth day of April one liament. thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, if parliament be then sitting, and if not then sitting, within six weeks from the day of the next ensuing meeting of parliainent.

XXVIII. That if any person shall forge, counterfeit, or alter, or cause Punishing peror procure to be forged, counterfeited, or altered, or knowingly and wil- sons guilty of lingly act, aid, or assist in forging, counterfeiting, or altering, any war- forgery. rant, order for payment, or other document whatsoever by this act di

No. VIII. rected or authorized to be issued or made, or shall utter or publish as 4 W. 4, c. 15. true, or knowingly or willingly act, aid, or assist in uttering or publish

ing as true, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, or altered, any such warrant, order for payment, or other document whatsoever, with intent to defraud his Majesty, the governor and company of the bank of England, or any other person or persons, any person so offending shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall upon conviction be transported

beyond the seas for the term of his natural life. Compensation XXIX. And whereas it is just and reasonable that full compensation to two of the should be made to the several officers of the exchequer at Westminster tellers and to who now hold their offices for life or during good bebaviour ; be it the clerk of the therefore enacted, That there shall be paid to Henry Earl Bathurst and pells. to Spencer Perceval esquire, two of the present tellers of the exchequer

at Westminster, respectively, during their respective lives, by quarterly payments, the amount of the annual salaries to which they are at present respectively entitled by virtue of their respective offices; and that there shall be paid to the right honourable Henry Ellis, the present clerk of the pells of the Exchequer at Westminster, the tenure of whose office is during good behaviour, the annual sum of one thousand and four hundred pounds, being the amount of his present salary, by quarterly payments : Provided always, That a proportionate part of such several sums shall be paid to the executors or administrators of the several and respective parties in the event of the death of any of them during the

course of any quarter. Compensation XXX. And whereas the most noble John Jeffries Marquis Camden, to Marquis one other of the present tellers of the Exchequer, hath, in pursuance of Camden. a proposition made by him, and in consideration of the state of the

country, paid in aid of the public revenue towards the exigencies of the state the surplus of the fees, perquisites, and emoluments of his office, after abating thereout the necessary charges and expences of the establishment thereof, reserving to himself only the annual salary of a teller authorized by an act passed in the twenty-third year of the reign of his late Majesty king George the third, for establishing certain regulations in the receipt of his Majesty's exchequer; which contribution has to the present time amounted to the sum of two hundred and forty-four thousand four hundred and seven pounds ten shillings and eleven-pence: And whereas, in consideration of the said contribution so made to the public service, and of the voluntary surrender of the profits and emoluments accruing to him by law in right of his office, it is just and proper that the full rights and interests of the said Marquis Camden should not be impaired or altered by any thing in this act contained ; be it therefore enacted, That from and after the passing of this act it shall be lawful for the commissioners of his Majesty's treasury to direct the payment to the said Marquis Camden, out of the consolidated fund, of such amount or sum of money quarterly and every quarter as shall be equal to the amount of the fees on the several quarterly issues made from the exchequer for the public service, on which, prior to the passing of this act, such fees would have attached and become payable to the said Marquis

Camden. Treasury may

XXXI. That it shall be lawful for the commissioners of his Majesty's grant compen- treasury to grant to the several other persons in the several offices of the sation to the present establishment of the exchequer such annual allowances, by way other officers. of compensation for the suppression of their respective offices, as to the

said commissioners shall seem just. As to officers XXXII. Provided always, That no such compensation shall be paid to who shall be the present clerk of the pells or to any person holding an office on the continued in present establishment of his Majesty's exchequer, save and except the employment on two present tellers of the exchequer, who shall be appointed to an office the establish

of equal or greater emolument under the crown; and that such comment.

pensation shall be reduced if any such officer, save and except as aforesaid, shall be appointed to an office of smaller emolument than that of the office he previously held, so as that the salary or emolument attached to the office to which he shall be so appointed, together with the com- No. VIII. pensation granted him, shall not exceed the salary of the office pre- 4 W. 4, c. 15. viously held by him.

XXXIII. That the compensations hereby granted or authorized to be Compensations, granted, and those which are at present charged on the fee fund of the salary, &c. exchequer, amounting to the annual sum of eight thousand three hun-charged on the dred and twenty-three pounds, and the salary and allowance to the said consolidated comptroller, shall be charged on the consolidated fund of the united fund. kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and that it shall be lawful for the commissioners of the treasury from time to time, by their warrant for that purpose, to direct the requisite sums of money to be credited by the said comptroller to the paymaster or other officer to be appointed for payment of such compensations and salary.

XXXIV. That all powers given to or vested in the commissioners of Powers hereby the treasury by this act may be executed by any three of such commis- given to the sioners for the time being; and that all enactments, matters, and things treasury may be herein contained relating to public monies shall extend and be construed executed by to extend to all bills, drafts, and notes as securities for money received any three comto the use of the public.

missioners. XXXV. That nothing in this act contained or authorized to be done Deeds, powers shall extend to destroy or affect the validity of any deeds, powers of of attorney, &c. attorney, or other instruments which at the commencement of this act not to be af. shall be in force with respect to any monies theretofore receivable at the fected. exchequer under the authority of the same, but that all such deeds, powers of attorney, and other instruments shall continue of like validity with respect to any such payments to be thereafter made by the paymaster to be appointed under the authority of this act.

XXXVI. That this act shall commence and take effect on and from Commencethe eleventh day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four ; ment of act. and that from and after the commencement thereof an act of the eighth Repeal of and ninth years of the reign of king William the third, for the better 8 & 9 W.3, observation of the course anciently used in the receipt of the exchequer; c. 28. and also an act passed in the sixth year of the reign of king George the 6 G.2, c. 6. second, for obviating a doubt which might arise upon an act made in the fourth year of his said Majesty's reign as therein recited; and so much of an act passed in the twenty-third year of the reign of his late Majesty Part of 23 G.3, king George the Third, for establishing certain regulations in the receipt c. 82. of his Majesty's exchequer, as relates to the use of an indented cheque receipt to be made out by the auditor, and as requires the custody of one of the keys to the teller's chests, the standard weights and measures, and the standard pieces of gold and silver, to be committed to the auditor; and so much of an act of the thirty-ninth and fortieth years of his part of 39 & 40 said Majesty king George the third, for more effectually charging G.3, c.54. public accountants with the payment of interest, and for other purposes therein mentioned, as requires the commissioners for auditing the public accounts to transmit a certain account to the auditor of the exchequer, and requires the auditor to transmit to the said commissioners quarterly accounts of monies paid into the exchequer; and an act passed in the forty-sixth year of the reign of his said Majesty king George the third, 46 G. 3, c. 1. to empower the auditor of the exchequer to constitute a trustee for the execution of the said office in the case therein mentioned; and so much of an act of the first and second years of the reign of his late Majesty Part of 1 & 2 king the fourth, for altering and abolishing certain forms of proceedings G. 4, c. 121. in the exchequer and audit office relative to public accounts, and for other purposes therein mentioned, as requires the transmission of general imprest rolls to the office of his Majesty's remembrancer, and as relates to imprest certificates; and so much of the provisions of any act or acts of parliament relating to the office of the receipt of his Majesty's exchequer as are altered by this act; shall be and the same are hereby repealed.

[No. IX.] 5 & 6 W. IV. c. 55.--An Act for facilitating the

Appointment of Sheriffs in Ireland, and the more effectual Audit and passing of their Accounts, and for the more speedy Return and Recovery of Fines, Fees, Forfeitures, Recognizances, Penalties, and Deodands; and to abolish certain Offices in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland; and to amend the Laws relating to Grants in Custodiam and Recovery of Debts in Ireland; and to amend an Act of the Second and Third Years of his present Majesty, for transferring the Powers and Duties of the Commissioners of Public Accounts in Ireland to the Commissioners for Auditing the Public Accounts of Great Britain.



ECCLESIASTICAL AND MARITIME COURTS. [No. I.] 2 W. IV. c. 51.--An Act to regulate the Practice

and the Fees in the Vice-Admiralty Courts abroad, and to

obviate Doubts as to their Jurisdiction. [23rd June 1832.] WHEREAS it is expedient that provision should be made for the re

gulation of the practice to be observed in the suits and proceedings in the courts of vice admiralty in his Majesty's possessions abroad, and for the establishment of fees to be allowed and taken in the said courts by the respective judges, officers, and practitioners therein : be it therefore enacted, &c., That it shall be lawful for his Majesty, with the

His Majesty advice of his privy council, from time to time to make and ordain such empowere to rules and regulations as shall be deemed expedient touching the practions and estatice to be observed in suits and proceedings in the several courts of blish fees in the vice admiralty at present or hereafter to be established in any of his vice-admiralty Majesty's possessions abroad, and likewise from time to time to make, courts abroad. ordain, and establish tables of fees to be taken or received by the judges, officers, and practitioners in the said courts, for all acts to be done therein, and also from time to time, as shall be found expedient, to alter any such rules, regulations, and fees, and to make any new re

Regulations gulations and table or tables of fees; and that all such rules, regula- and fees to be tions, and fees, after the same shall have been so made and established inrolled in the or altered, from time to time be entered or inrolled in the public books respective or records of the said courts, so far as such practice and fees shall relate courts. or apply to each of such courts respectively.

11. That a copy of every table of fees so to be from time to time The tables of made and established or altered shall be laid before the house of com- fees to be laid mons within three calendar months next after the making and estab- before thehouse lishment or alteration thereof respectively, if parliament shall be then of commons. sitting, and if not, then within one calendar month next after the subsequent meeting of parliament.

III. That the several fees so to be established, and no other, shall, Fees so estabfrom and after the making and establishment thereof, and the entry and lished to be the inrolment thereof as aforesaid, be deemed and taken to be the lawful only lawful fees of the several judges, officers, ministers, and practitioners of the fees. said respective courts; and such fees only shall and may be demanded, received, and taken accordingly.

IV. And to the intent that all such regulations and fees may be pro- Copies of the mulgated and publicly made known, be it further enacted, That the regulations and judge and registrar of every such court shall cause to be kept constantly tables of fees to hung up and preserved in some conspicuous part of every such court, be hung up in and in the office of the registrar, a copy of the table of fees so to be each court. from time to time ordained and established in such courts respectively, so that the said table may be seen and read by all persons having any business in any such court and office respectively; and that the books or records containing the entries of the said regulations and tables of fees, as the same shall be in force, shall be at all seasonable times open to the inspection of the practitioners and suitors in every such court. V. That in all cases in which proceedings may be had in any

of the

Appeal to the said vice admiralty courts, if any person shall feel himself aggrieved by high court of the charges made by any of the officers or practitioners therein, and the admiralty in allowance thereof by such vice admiralty court, by reason that such cases of costs. charges are not warranted by the tables herein-before mentioned, it

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