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Change in Time of Bar Examination at Chicago.

On April 4, 1912, the Supreme Court adopt- go the first Tuesday next succeeding the ed the following amendment to the second fourth day in July; at Springfield the first paragraph of rule 39 of the Supreme Court, Tuesday in October, and at Mt. Vernon on relative to the times and places for holding the first Tuesday in December in each year. examinations for admission to the bar:

“Examinations shall be conducted by writ- Such examinations shall be held by the exten or printed interrogatories, in whole or in aminers as a body, a majority of whom shall part, and be as nearly as possible uniform constitute a quorum.” throughout the State; to be held at Ottawa

For rule as previously adopted, see 85 N. on the last Tuesday in February; at Chica-'E. x. 97 N.E.



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Page Abbott v. Doughan (N. Y.).... 599 Barnes, In re (N. Y.).

508 Abercrombie, Greenfield Sav. Bank

Barnett v. State (Ind.).

530 (Mass.) 897 Barney, Attorney General v. (Mass.).

750 Adam v. Manhattan Life Ins. Co. of New Barr, Verdun v. (111.)..

239 York (N. Y.)... 740 Barron v. Watertown (Mass.)

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982 Barrows, People ex rel. Johnson V. (N. Adams v. New England Maple Syrup Co. Y.)

.. 1113 (Mass.) 85 Barry, Dimick v. (Mass.).

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779 Works (N. Y.). 523 Barry v. The Players (N. Y.).

.1102 Adler v. Jung (N. Y.).,

..1101 Bartholomew v. Security Mut. Life Ins. Ætna Indemnity Co.' of Hartford, Conn., Co. (N. Y.).....

869 v. Wassall Clay Co. (Ind. App.). 562 Bartlett v. Slater (Mass.)

991 Aetna Life Ins. Co., Aldridge v. (N. Y.)... 399 Batcheller, Wheaton v. (Mass.).

924 Ahern v. Boston Elevated R. Co. (Mass.).. 72 Batt, United States Health & Accident Ins. Albany County v. Hooker (N. Y.). 403 Co. v. (Ind. App.)..

195 Albany, Schoharie & Rensselaerville Plank Battelle, In re (Mass.).

. 1004 Road Co. v. Whitehead Bros. Co. (N. Y.)1101 Bauer v. Inter-Ocean Telephone & TeleAldridge v. Ætna Life Ins. Co. (N. Y.)... 399 graph Co. (N. Y.)...

.1102 Aldridge v. Clear Creek Drainage & Levee Beach, People ex rel. Conley v. (N. Y.)... 39 Dist. (Ill.).. 385 | Bean y. Flint (N. Y.)..

490 Allen v. Bollenbacher (Ind. App.) 817 | Becker, People v. (III.).

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984 (Ind.)

327 Biggerstaff, Western Union Tel. Co. v. American Importing & Transportation Co., (Ind.)

531 Monsen v. (Mass.)...

891 | Bingham, People ex rel. Dwyer v. (N. Y.). .1113 American Stay Co. v, Delaney (Mass.). 911 Bird v. Hatch (N. Y.).

.1102 American Trust Co., Boothby v. (Mass.), . . 925 Bishop, Reed v. (Ind. App.).

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.1002 (Mass.) 88 Blake v. Rogers (Mass.).

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280 (N. Y.).......

.489, 1101 Board of Town Auditors of Town of Hori. Anderson v. Duggan (N. Y.).

. 1101 con, People ex rel. Canton Bridge Co. v. Anderson V. Evansville Brewing Ass'n (N. Y.)....

.1113 (Ind. App.)....

445 Board of Town Auditors of Town of HoriAnderson v. Fry (N. Y.).

.1101 con, People ex rel. Nichols v. (N. Y.). .1114 Anderson, Hultberg v. (Ill.).

216 Board of Com’rs of Logan County, Kiser Anderson, Schmidt v. (111.). 291 v. (Ohio)...

52 Ann Arbor R. Co. v. Amos (Ohio).

978 Board of Com'rs of St. Joseph County v. Anthony v. Newburgh (N. Y.). 1102 Tincher Motor Car Co. (Ind. App.).

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..1102 Boguhn v. Lyth Tile Co. (N. Y.)... .1102 Atkins v. Kattman (Ind. App.).

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975 v. (Ind. App.)..

353 Booth Fisheries Co., People v. (I11.)... 837 Atlas Engine Works V. First Nat. Bank Boothby v. American Trust Co. (Mass.).. 925 (Ind. App.)..

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623 Attorney General v. Barney (Mass.) 750 Boston Elevated R. Co., Craft v. (Mass.). . 610 Auburn Light, Heat & Power Co., Taylor Boston Elevated R. Co., Garland v. (N. Y.).... .1117 (Mass.)


Boston Elevated R. Co., Hotenbrink v. Bach, Fagan v. (I11.). 1087 (Mass.)

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. .1111 Boston Elevated R. Co., Lunderkin Bailey v. Wood, three cases (Mass.) 902 (Mass.)

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501 Boston Elevated R. Co., Morrissey v. Baker v. Davie (Mass.) .1094 (Mass.)

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109 Boston Elevated R. Co., Purcell v., two Baker, People ex rel. Leavy v. (N. Y.)....1113 cases (Mass.)..

626 Baker, Vandalia R. Co. v. (Ind. App.).... 16 Boston Elevated R. Co., Stone v. (Mass.) 747 Ballou, Schenck v. (Ill.)...

704 Boston Ice Co., Moore Spinning Co. v. Baltimore & O. R. Co. v. Nobil (Ohio). 374 (Mass.)

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.1104 97 N.E.


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Page Bowen, Steeves v. (Mass.)....

744 City of Bloomington, Board of Highway Bowker v. Torrey (Mass.).

770 Com'rs, Bloomington Tp., v. (I11.).. 280 Bowman v. Cook (Ind. App.).

553 City of Boston, Cochran v. (Mass.). . 1100 Bowman, People v. (I11.).. 304 City of Boston, Welch v. (Mass.).

893 Boyer v. M. Ď. Knowlton Co. (Ohio). 137 City of Buffaló v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Brady v. Gregory (Ind. App.).

Co. (N. Y.)..

1103 Braffett v. Brooklyn, Q. C. & S. R. Co. City of Chicago v. Davis (Ill.).

700 (N. Y.).. 888 City of Chicago, Kimball v. (Ill.).

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780 City of Huntington v. Kaufman (Ind. App.) 339 Brody, Greenfield v. (N. Y.).

. 1105 City of Indianapolis, Keely v. (Ind. App.) 568 Brooklyn, Q. C. & S. R. C., Braffett v. City of Indianapolis v. Ray (Ind. App.).. 795 (N. Y.)...

888 City of Lockport, Shaw v. (N. Y.). Brooks v. Boston & N. St. R. Co. (Mass.) 760 City of Newburgh, Anthony v. (Ń. Y.)....1102 Brooks, Slick v. (Ill.)..

250 City of Newburgh, Deyo v. (N. Y.). .1103 Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & City of New York, In re, three cases (N. Enginemen v. Corder (Ind. App.). 125 Y.)

..1103 Brown v. Brown (Ill.). 680 City of New York, Cohen v. (N. Y.).

866 Brown v. Crossmann (N. Y.).

526 City of New York, Haviland v. (N. Y.)...1106 Brown v. Marion Commercial Club (Ind. City of New York, Hildreth v. ÎN. Y.)...1106 App.)

958 City of New York, Long Island ContractBrown, People v. (Ill.). ..1075 ing & Supply Co. v. (N. Y.)...

483 Brown, Pittsburgh, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. City of New York, McNamara v. (N. Y.) 1108 v. (Ind.)..

145 | City of New York, McPherson v. (N. Y.) 876 Brown-Ketcham Iron Works, A. D. Gran- City of New York, Rodgers V., two cases ger Co. v._(N. Y.). 523 (N. Y.)...

. 1115 Browne v. Phelps (Mass.)

762 City of New York, United States Wood Bulkley v.. Whiting Mfg. Co. (N. Y.). .1102 Preserving Co. v., two cases (N, Y.)....1117 Bunsen Coal Co., Kulvie v. (111.).

688 City of Niagara Falls, Judson v. (N. Y.) 1107 Burgess' Estate, In re (N. Y.).

591 City of Park Ridge v. Wisner (Ill.).. 677 Burke v. Hodge (Mass.)..

920 City of Park Ridge v. Wisner (Ill.). 841 Burke v. Continental Ins. Co. of City of City of Paxton v. Fitzsimmons (ill.).

675 New York (N. Y.)....

.1102 City of Rome, Pendorf v. (N. Y.). .1111 Burnett, People v. (N. Y.).

.1111 City of Springfield v. Postal TelegraphBurns, Kimber v. (ìll.).

Cable Co. (111.).

672 Butchers' Slaughtering & Melting Ass'n, City of Syracuse, Weeks-Thorne Paper Co. Brighton Packing Co. v. (Mass.). 780 v. (N. Y.)...

1118 Byrd, People v. (111.).....

293 City of Troy, Vaughan v. (N. Y.). .1117 City of Waukegan v. Lyon (111.).

848 Cahill v. Standard Marine Ins. Co. of Liv. City of Worcester, Powers v. (Mass.). 95 erpool (N. Y.)..

486 Clark, Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Campbell v. First's Estate (Ind. App.). 954 (Ind. App.)...

822 Campbell v... Haven (Mass.). 611 Clark, Norton v. (III.).

.1079 Campbell .v. Maryland Casualty Co. (Ind. Clark v. Zaleski (111.).

272 App.) ..1026 Clarke v. Koeppel (N. Y.)

1103 Canada, A. & P. S. S. Co., Young v. Clary v. Schaack (Ill.).

. 1070 (Mass.)

.1098 Clear Creek Drainage and Levee Dist., AlCanal Board, Lehigh Val. R. Co. v. (N. Y.) 964 dridge v. (Ill.)...

385 Cantwell, People v. (111.).

287 | Cleveland v. Boston Elevated Co. Card v. Groesbeck (N. Y.). 728 (Mass.)

623 Carlin Const. Co. v. New York & Brook- Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Clark lyn Brewing Co. (N. Y.). .1105 (Ind. App.).

822 Carnrick v. Liguozone Co. (Mass.).

76 Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. GrisCarpenter v. Hawes (N. Y.). 1102 wold (Ind. App.).

.1030 Caruso, People v., two cases (N. Y.).. .1111 Cleveland, O., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Smith Casey, Bar Ass'n of City of Boston v.


164 (Mass.)

751 Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Van Casey v. May (Mass.).. 913 Laningham (Ind. App.).

573 Cataldo v. Ostiuso (111.).

286 | Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co., Village Caughell v. Indianapolis Traction & Ter

of Rockport v. (Ohio).

133 minal Co. (Ind. App.)...

. 1028 Cleveland Terminal & V. R. Co. v. State Central States Bridge Co., State v. (Ind. (Ohio)

967 App.) 803 Clifton, Trippeer v. (Ind.).

791 Chamberlain, In re (N. Y.)..

.1103 Cline, City of Huntington v. (Ind. App.)... 365 Chandler, Malden & Melrose Gaslight Co. Close, Baker v. (N. Y.).

501 V., two cases (Mass.).. 906 Cochran v. Boston (Mass.).

1100 Chaney, Chicago & E. R. Co. v. (Ind. App.) 181 Codman, Old South Ass'n v. (Mass.). 766 Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co., David M. Swain Cohen, Gilfeather v. (Mass.).

625 & Son v. (Ill.).. 247 Cohen, Hirth-Krause Co. v. (Ind.).

1 Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co., People v. (I11.)... 245 Cohen v. New York (N. Y.).

866 Chicago, L. S. & S. B. R. Co., Postal Tel- Cohen v. Segal (Ill.).

222 egraph & Cable Co. of Indiana v. (Ind. Cohn, Timmermann v. (N. Y.)..

589 App.) 20 Cole v. Searfoss (Ind. App.)..

345 Chicago, L. S. & S. B. R. Co., Western Commercial Life Ins. Co. v. McGinnis (Ind. Union Tel, Co. v. (Ind. App.). 21 App.)

. 1018 Chicago & A. R. Co., People v. (Ill.). 310 Commissioners of Moredock and Ivy LandChicago & E. R. Co. v. Chaney (Ind. App.) 181 ing Drainage Dist. No. 1 v. Meyer (Ill.) 657 Chicago & E. R. Co. v. Hamerick (Ind. Commissioners on Fisheries & Gap, LyApp.) 546 man v. (Mass.)...

66 Chicago & Southern Traction Co., Schlaud- Commonwealth v. Drohan (Mass.).

89 er v. (III.)..

233 Commonwealth, Greenfield Sav. Bank v.


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