Revue de législation et de jurisprudence, Volume 2

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Lowell et Gibson, 1846 - Law

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Page 294 - And whereas the recognised rule for sailing vessels is, that those having the wind fair shall give way to those on a wind. That when both are going by the wind, the vessel on the starboard tack shall keep her wind and the one on the larboard tack bear up, thereby passing each other on the larboard hand. That when both vessels have the wind large or a-beam, and meet, they shall pass each other in the same way on the larboard...
Page 298 - That when both vessels have the wind large or a-beam, and meet, they shall pass each other in the same way on the larboard hand, to effect which two last mentioned objects the helm must be put to port.
Page 295 - VESSELS on different courses must unavoidably or necessarily cross so near that by continuing their respective courses, there would be a risk of coming in Collision, each Vessel shall put her HELM TO PORT, so as always to pass on the LARBOARD side of each other.
Page 36 - I saw a barrel falling. I don't know how, but from defendant's." The only other witness was a surgeon, who described the injury which the plaintiff had received. It was admitted that the defendant was a dealer in flour. It was submitted, on the part of the defendant, that there was no evidence of negligence for the jury. The learned Assessor was of that opinion, and nonsuited the plaintiff, reserving leave to him to move the Court of Exchequer to enter the verdict for him with 50/.
Page 385 - ... belonged to others. Yet the defendant was a creditor of the bankrupt, because the money was lent to him, and he covenanted to repay it. The payment, therefore, was emphatically a payment of the bankrupt's debt, in order to release the property of his friends, which they had mortgaged for his benefit...
Page 14 - L'hypothèque est un droit réel sur les immeubles affectés à l'acquittement d'une obligation. Elle est, de sa nature, indivisible, et subsiste en entier sur tous les immeubles affectés, sur chacun et sur chaque portion de ces immeubles.
Page 111 - The very object of the rule, therefore, was notoriety, to prevent frauds upon the lord and upon the other tenants. But in a mere uncultivated country, in wild and impenetrable woods, in the sullen and solitary haunts of beasts of prey, what notoriety could an entry, a gathering of a twig or an acorn, convey to civilized man, at the distance of hundreds of miles ? The reason of the rule could not apply to such a state of things ; and cessante ratione, cessat ipsa lex.
Page 451 - Les tribunaux de commerce connaîtront également 1° des actions contre les facteurs , commis des marchands ou leurs serviteurs, pour le fait seulement du trafic du marchand auquel ils sont attachés ; 2» des billets faits par les receveurs , payeurs , percepteurs ou autres comptables des deniers publics.
Page 478 - Appeals, and of the Puisne Judges of the Court of King's Bench for the district of...
Page 422 - Mootemen, after eight years study or thereabouts, are chosen Utterbarristers ; of these are chosen readers in inns of Chancery: Of Utterbarristers, after they have been of that degree twelve years at least, are chosen Benchers, or Ancients; of which one, that is of the puisne sort, reads yearly in summer vacation, and is called a Single Reader ; and one of the Ancients that had formerly read, reads in Lent vacation, and is called a Double Reader, and commonly it is between his first and second reading,...

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