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Committee on Local Historical Societies.

RICHARD V. CARPENTER, Belvidere, Chairman. J. H. Burnham

Bloomington E. M. Bowman

. St. Louis W. H. Fay

DeKalb J. Seymour Currey

Evanston George W. Smith

Carbondale Elliot Callender

Peoria J. 0. Cunningham

Urbana Mrs. Charles A. Webster

Galesburg J. Nick Perrin

Belleville Horace Hull

Ottawa Mrs. Mary Turner Carriel

Jacksonville L. J. Freese

Eureka Gen. John I. Rinaker

Carlinville Miss Anna B. Silver

Philo Miss Louise Maertz

Quincy Judson D. Metzgar

Moline J. W. Clinton...,

... Polo Clark E. Carr, ex officio


Committee on Membership.
JUDGE J OTIS HUMPHREY, Springfield, Chairman.
Charles L. Capen

Bloomington Dr. Daniel Berry

Carmi John M. Rapp

Fairfield Mrs. I. G. Miller

Springfield Mrs. C. C. Brown

Springfield Dr. William Jayne

Springfield George E. Dawson

Chicago A. W. Crawford

Hillsboro Mrs. E. M. Bacon

Decatur William M. Fowler

Aurora Andrew L. Anderson

Lincoln Smith D. Atkins

Freeport Sumner S. Anderson

Charleston S. W. Baxter ..

East St. Louis Mrs. Inez J. Bender

Decatur Charles Bent

Morrison Mrs. George D. Tunnicliff

Macomb Clark E. Carr, ex officio


Committee on Marking Historic Spots in Illinois.

FRANCIS G. BLAIR, Springfield, Chairman. Mrs. Matthew T. Scott

Bloomington Harry Ainsworth

Moline John E. Miller

East St. Louis

John S. Little
Charles B. Campbell
Miss Lottie E. Jones
Terry Simmons
H. S. Hicks
Miss Sarah M. Gough
Lewis M. Gross
Mrs. Lee J. Hubble
Mrs. Leroy Bacchus
Mrs. G. H. Huntoon
John H. Hauberg
J. W. Houston
Clark E. Carr, ex officio

Rushville Kankakee

Danville Marseilles Rockford

El Paso Sycamore Monmouth Springfield

Moline Moline Berwick Galesburg

Committee on Genealogy and Genealogical Publications.

Miss GEORGIA L. OSBORNE, Springfield, Chairman. John C. Foote

Belvidere Mrs. E. S. Walker

Springfield Mrs. Thomas Worthington

Jacksonville Mrs. John C. Ames

Streator Miss May Latham

Lincoln Mrs. George K .Hall

Springfield Mrs. E. G. Crabbe

Corpus Christi, Texas Norman G. Flagg

Moro Richard V. Carpenter

Belvidere Oliver. R. Williamson

Chicago Dwight E. Frink

Bloomington Clark E. Carr, ex officio


Committee on Archaeology.

PROF. FREDERICK STARR, Chicago, Chairman. J. H. Burnham

Bloomington J. V. N. Standish

Galesburg Dr. Wm. Jayne

Springfield W. T. Norton

Alton Clark E. Carr, ex officio


Special Committee to Confer with the Commission Appointed by the Last General Assembly on the Construction of the New Build

ing for the Historical Society and Library.

WM. A. MEESE, Moline, Chairman. Charles H. Rammelkamp

Jacksonville Otto L. Schmidt ..

Chicago Richard V. Carpenter

Belvidere PART I.

Record of Official Proceedings, 1911.




EVANSTON-CHICAGO, May 17, 18, 1911. The Illinois State Historical Society, in connection with the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, the Evanston Historical Society, the Chicago Historical Society and the North Central History Teachers' Association, held its annual meeting in Evanston and Chicago, on May 17 and 18, 1911. The meetings of the joint associations were held from the 17th to the 20th, but Wednesday and Thursday, the 17th and 18th, were the days specially devoted to the Illinois State Historical Society.

The first session was held in the rooms of the Evanston Historical Society in the public library building in Evanston, at 2:00 o'clock on the afternoon of the 17th. The address of welcome was delivered by the mayor of Evanston, Hon. Joseph E. Paden. The program as printed was practically carried out.

The meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society on Thursday May 18, 1911, was held in the rooms of the Chicago Historical Society.

Address of welcome in behalf of the Chicago Historical Society to the Illinois State Historical Society was made by Mr. Thomas Dent, president of the Chicago Historical Society.

Mr. Dent's address was in part as follows:

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN—There is to be on this occasion a joining of hands to advance a common cause. The Illinois State Historical Society meets in the rooms of the Chicago Historical Society in pursuit of the object in which both are concerned, the gathering, preservation and dissemination of facts of the past, especially of our country and its people.

In behalf of the Chicago Historical Society a cordial welcome is due, and is extended.

May I mention that much credit should be accorded to the Librarian and Secretary of the Chicago Historical Society for the care and skill shown in giving us views of some of the treasures of the building as we pass through the corridor and rooms. The handiwork of those ladies is shown.

Extending a renewed and very cordial welcome, I take pleasure in presenting Col. Clark E. Carr, president of the Illinois State Historical Society.

Colonel Carr then took the chair.

The business meeting was held in the morning, at which the reports of officers and committees were heard, and the annual election of officers

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