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Rule of Chancery Practice. and for the sale of personal property levied It is ordered by the court that rule 4 of be restricted to Mondays. If the register

on, in granting which, registers shall not Chancery Practice be amended so as to read should not get through with the business beas follows:

fore him on any rule day, he may continue 4. WHEN REGISTER GRANTS ORDERS. his sittings from day to day until such busiDecrees and orders may be applied for be

ness is disposed of. fore the register every Monday. This rule This rule, as thus amended and adopted shall not apply to orders for the issuing of on December 9, 1890, shall go into effect writs of ne exeat and equitable attachments, on January 1, 1891.


It is hereby ordered that rule 12 of the appellant or plaintiff in error within one hunrules of this court be, and is hereby, abrogat- dred days from the first day of the January ed, and that rule 26, adopted January 28, term, 1894, or any civil cause returnable to 1874, be, and is hereby, amended so as to such or any future term shall not be submitread as follows:

ted within ninety days from the return day 26. When a cause is called for argument at of such cause, it shall be dismissed, on mothree successive terms, and upon call at the unless good cause for the failure to submit

tion of the appellee or defendant in error, third term neither party is prepared to argue be shown: provided, however, that this it, it shall be dismissed at the cost of the ap- clause of this rule shall not apply to any pellant or plaintiff in error, or the judgment of the court below affirmed, in the discretion cause in which a memorandum for oral argu

ment has been filed before the adoption of of the court. And when any civil cause re

this rule. turnable to a term prior to the January term, 1894, shall not be submitted on brief by the Adopted January 13, 1894. 14 so.


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Page Acker, Jamison v. (Miss.)...

691 Binion, Louisville & N. R. Co. V. (Ala.).. 619 Acme Lumber Co. y. Hoyt & Bros. Co. Birmingham Railway & Electric Co., Hilli(Miss.)

464 ker-Krebs Bldg. & Manuf'g Co. v. (Ala.) 200 Adams v. Creen, two cases (Ala.).

54 Birmingham Union R. Co., Hill v. (Ala.) 201 Adams v. Mills (Miss.).. 462 Black, Houston v. (Miss.)..

529 Adams v. Tonella (Miss.). 17 Blewett, Robertson v. (Miss.).

33 Adams, Kennon v. (Ala.). 15 Blumenfeld v. Seward Miss.).

442 Adams, Postal Telegraph Cable Co. v. Board of Com'rs of Fifth Louisiana Levee (Miss.) 36 District. Howcott v. (La.).

848 Adams, Suberville v. (La.).

518 | Board of Revenue of Montgomery County, Advertiser Co., Gaither v. (Ala.).

788 Commercial Fire Ins. Co. v. (Ala.). 490 Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. Collier (Ala.). 327 Board of Sup'rs of Grenada County, Pass Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. Eichofer (Ala.).. 56 v. (Miss.)

447 Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. Harris (Miss.)... 263 Board of Sup'rs of Hinds County, Osburn Alabama G. S. R. Co., South & North Ala. v. (Miss.)

457 R. Co. v. (Ala.).

747 Board of Sup'rs of Monroe County, FerguAlabama Midland R. Co. v. Martin (Ala.) 401 son v. (Miss.).

81 Alabama M. R. Co., McLaren v. (Ala)... 405 Boggan v. Bennett (Ala.).

742 Alabama Nat. Bank, Norton v. (Ala.). 872 Bohn Manuf'g Co., Robinson v. (Miss.). . 460 Alabama & V. R. Co. v. Goforth Miss.) 457 Bonifay v. Hassell (Ala.).

46 Alabama & V. R. Co. v. McAfee (Miss.). . 260 Bonner, Ex parte (Ala.)...

648 Alabama & V. R. Co. v. Town of Brandon Bonner, Louisville, N. O. & T. R. Co. v. (Miss.) 438 (Miss.)

462 Alcorn v. Sadler (Miss.).. 444 Booker v. State (Ala.).

561 Alcorn, Ladd v, Miss.). 266 Boswell, State v. (La.).

79 Alexander v. Lloyd (Miss.). 22 Bothick v. Bothick (La.).

293 Allen v. McCreary (Ala.). 320 | Bottoms v. Dykes (Ala.).

874 Allen v. Mutual Compress Co. (Ala.). 362 Bourgeois v. Jacobs (La.).

68 Allen, First Nat. Bank v. (Ala.). 335 Bourgeois, State v. (La.).

28 Allen, Lukis v. (La.)..... 186 Bowles v. State (Miss.)..

261 Allen, Smith v. (Ala.)... 760 | Boyd v. State (Fla.).

836 Allgood, Sharp v. (Ala.). 16 Boyet, Levis v. (La.)

119 American Freehold Land Mortg. Co. of Boyet, Levis v. (La.)

120 London, McLeod v. (Ala.). . 409 Bradley, Knight v. (Ala.).

406 American Mortg. Co. of Scotland v. Wright Brake v. Curd-Sinton Manuf'g Co. (Ala.).. 773 (Ala.) 399 Brothers, Judah v. (Miss.)....

45.7 Anderson v. Jones (Ala.) 871 | Browder v. State (Ala.).

895 Anniston Carriage Works v. Ward (Ala.) 417 Brown v. Castellow (Fla.).

822 Applewhite v. Nelms (Miss.). 443 Brown v. State, three cases (Ala.).

761 Ashford v. Prewitt (Ala.).

663 | Brown, Hawkins Lumber Co. v. (Ala.)., 110 Ashmead, First Nat. Bank of Florida v. Browne v. Hernsheim (Miss.). (Fla.) 886 Browne, Beatty v. (Ala.). .

368 Ashurst v. Peck (Ala.). 541 Bullington, Kellar v. (Ala.)..

466 Attalla Mining & Manuf'g Co. v. Win- Burgin v. Hawkins (Ala.).

771 chester (Ala.) 565 | Burgin v. Raplee (Ala.)..

205 Augusti y. Lawless (La.). 228 Burney v. Torrey (Ala.).

68.5 Burton, Ex parte (Ala.).

651 Baker v. Maxwell (Ala.). 468 | Bush, Marks v. (Miss.).

89 Baldwin v. McGee (Miss.). 451 Buyck v. Schwing (Ala.).

48 Balkum y. Strauss (Ala.).

53 Ballard v. Lippman (Fla.),

154 Cage, Louisiana Society for Prevention of Bamberger, Cartwright v. (Ala.). 477 Cruelty to Children v. (La.).

422 Bank of Greenville, Citizens' Bank v. Cameron, Ex parte (Ala.).

97 (Miss.) 456 Camp v. Davis (Miss.)

438 Bank of Winona v. Wofford (Miss.).. 262 Campbell, Harper v. (Ala.).

650 Banks, Preston v. (Miss.). 258 Campbell, Moore v. (Ala.).

780 Barnett, Hall y. (Miss.).

732 Canadian & A. Mortgage & Trust Co. v. Bates v. Vandiver (Ala.). 631 Fitzpatrick (Miss.)

270 Beasley v. Clark (Ala.). 744 Cannon, State v. (La.).

130 Beatty v. Browne (Ala.).

368 Capital City Water Co., State v. (Ala.). 652 Beckham v. State (Ala.). 859 | Carleton v. State (Ala.).

472 Belard v. Gebelin (La.). 813 Carney v. Hadley, two cases (Fla.).

4 Bell v. Clark (Miss.). 318 Carrau, State v. (La.).

292 Bell v. State (Ala.).

763 Carruth v. Texas & P. R. Co. (La.). 736 Benjamin, State v. (La.), 71 Carter, State v. (La.). ...

30 Bennett, Boggan v. (Ala.). 742 Cartwright v. Bamberger (Ala.).

477 Bennett, Sammis v. (Fla.). 90 Cartwright v. State (Miss.).

526 Bernard, Garnier v. (La.). 189 Caspar v. Prosdame (La.)..

317 Bernheim, Starke v.`(Ala.). 770 Castellow, Brown v. (Fla.)..

822 BerringerScheuer v. (Ala.).

610 Central Railroad & Banking Co. of GeorBerry, McMiller v. (Ala.). 6.55 gia, George v. (Ala.)....

752 Bibb v. Hall (Ala.).. 98 Chandler v. White (Miss.).

454 Biles y. Dean (Miss.).. 536 Chapoton v. Creditors (La.).

882 Bingham, State v. (La.). 905 | Chewning v. Ensley R. Co. (Ala.).

204 14 so.




Christian v. Niagara Fire Ins. Co. (Ala.).. 374 De Loach v. Robbins (Ala.).
Citizens' Bank Bank of Greenville Delta Bank, Joiner v. (Miss.).

456 De Mahy v. Morgan Louisiana & T Ra Citizens Bank v. Studebaker Bros. road & Steamship, Co. (La.). Manuf'g Co. (Miss.).

733 Denegre v. Mushet (La.). City Council of Montgomery, Ex parte Depass, State v. (La.). (Ala.)

365 Dickinson v. National Bank of Republ City Council of Montgomery, Clay v. (Ala.) 646 (Ala.) City Council of Montgomery, Winter y. Dillon, State v. (Fla.). (Äla.)

659 Dobard, State v. (La.). City Council of Sheffield v. Harris (Ala.)... 357 Drake v. Lady Ensley Coal, Iron & R. C City of Birmingham, Oldham v. (Ala.). 793 (Ala.) City of Mobile, Torrent Fire-Engine Co. Dubarry, State v. (La.). No. 5 v. (Ala.)..

557 Dufossat, City of New Orleans V. (La.). City of New Orleans v. Dufossat (La.). 881 Dundee Land & Mortg. Investment Co City of New Orleans v. New Orleans Cof

Payne v. (Miss.).. fee Co. (La.).

502 Dunn, First Nat. Bank of Gadsden v. (Ala City of New Orleans, Clason v. (La.). 306 Dupré, State v. (La.)... City of New Orleans, De Blois v. (La.)... 190 Durant Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, Goodinan City of New Orleans, Kuhnholz v. (La.).. 219 (Miss.) City of New Orleans, Kuhnholz v. (La.).. 220 Dykes, Bottoms v. (Ala.). City of New Orleans, Electric Traction & Manuf'g Co. v. (La.).

231 Eckendorf, State v. (La.). . City of New Orleans, State v. (La.). 291 Eckman v. Meriam (Fla.). Clark, Beasley v. (Ala.).

744 Edinburgh American Land Mortg. Co. V Clark, Bellv. (Miss.).

318 Peoples (Ala.). Clarke, McIver v. (Miss.).

257 Egan v. Hart (La.). Clarke, Pounds v. Miss.).

22 Ehrman v. Oates (Ala.). Clarke, Western Union Tel. Co. v. (Miss.) 452 Eichofer, Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. (Ala.). Clason v. City of New Orleans (La.). 306 Electric Traction & Manuf'g Co. v. City of Clay v. City Council of Montgomery (Ala.) 646

New Orleans (La.). Clements, Johnson v. (Ala.).

14 Ellis, State v. (I.a.). Cobb v. State (Ala.).

362 Elyton Land Co. v. South & North Ala Cobb, Kansas City, M, & B. R. Co. v. bama R. Co. (Ala.).. (Ala.)

763 Engel, West v. (Ala.). Cochran, First Nat. Bank of Meridian v. Ensley R. Co., Chewning v. (Ala.). (Miss.)

439 Eufaula Nat. Bank v. Passmore (Ála.). Cochrane, Yerby v. (Ala.).

355 Excelsior Coal Co., Reynolds v. (Ala.). Coffee v. Ragsdale Miss.).

454 Eyster, Kelly v. (Ala.)... Cohea v. Hemingway (Miss.).

734 Cohn v. Stringfellow (Ala.)..

280 Farmer, Foote v. (Miss.). Coleman, Low v. (Miss.).

267 | Ferguson v. Board of Sup'rs of Monroe Collier, Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. (Ala.)... 327 County (Miss.) Collier, Stern v., two cases (Ala.).

477 Finney v. Speed (Miss.). Commercial Fire Ins. Co. v. Board of Rer

First Nat. Bank v. Allen (Ala.). enue of Montgomery County (Ala.). .... 490 First Nat. Bank of Florida v. Ashmead Common Council of Dadeville, Ham v.

(Fla.) (Ala.)

9 First Nat. Bank of Gadsden v. Dunn Conway, Opposition of (La.).

251 (Ala.) Cook, Cooke v. (Ala.)..

171 First Nat. Bank of Gadsden, Potts v. Cooke v. Cook (Àla.).

171 (Ala.) Couder, Succession of (La.).

907 First Nat. Bank of Meridian v. Cochran Craft v. Wilcox (Ala.).

053 (Miss.) Crawford, Payne v. (Ala.)

854 First Nat. Bank of Montgomery v. SlaughCreditors, Chapoton v. (La.).


ter (Ala.) Creditors, Lacaze v. (La.).

601 Fitzpatrick v. Gaster (La.). Creditors, Searcy v. (La.).

910 Fitzpatrick, Canadian & A. Mortgage & Creed v. Şun Fire Office of London (Ala.) 323 Trust Co. v. (Miss.). Creen, Adams v., two cases (Ala.).

54 Florida Land & Mortg. Co., Graham v. Croom, Ricketts v. (Ala.).

637 (Fla.) Crow v. Manning (La.).

122 | Florsheim Bros. Dry Goods Co. v. WilCryer v. State (Miss.)..


liams (La.).. Cunningham, Western Union Tel. Co. v. Fly v. King (Miss.). (Ala.)...

579 Fonda, Scharff v. (Miss.). Curd-Sinton Manuf'g Co., Brake v. (Ala.) 773 Font v. McConnell (La.). Curran v. Olmstead (Ala.).

398 Foote v. Farmer (Miss.). Curtis v. Howard (Fla.).

812 Ford's Heirs v. Mills (La.).

Foster, State v. (La.).. Dantzler v. De Bardeleben Coal & Iron Fowler v. State (Ala.). Co. (Ala.).

10 Fox v. Miller (Miss.).. Daret, Peuch v. (La.).

71 Fragiacomo, State v. (Miss.). Dave' v. Morgan's L. & T. Railroad & French Piano & Organ Co., Griggs v. Steamship Co. (La.)

911 (Miss.) Davis, Camp v. (Miss.).

438 Friedman, Sellers v. (Ala.). Davis, Memphis & C. R. Co. v. (Ala.). 613 Frier, State v. (La). Dean v. State (Ala.)..

762 Frisch, State v. (La.). Dean, Biles v. (Miss.).

536 Fulton, Yazoo & M. V. R. Co, v. (Miss.).. De Bardeleben Coal & Iron Co., Dantzler v. Funderberg v. State (Ala.). (Ala.)

De Blois v. City of New Orleans (La.).. 190 Gaines, Succession of (La.).
Decatur Land, Improvement & Furnace Gaines, Succession of (La.).
Co., Joseph v. (Ala.).

739 Gaines, Succession of (La.). Dees, Lyon v. (Ala.).

564 Gaither v. Advertiser Co. (Ala.). Deeson, Smith v. (Miss.).

10 Garnier v. Bernard (La.).... Dejan, Mallard v. (La.). 238 Garrett v. State (Ala.).

3 De Lesdernier v. De Lesdernier (La.). ... 191 Gaster, Fitzpatrick v. (La.).

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Gaston, Tyson v. (Miss.)......
458 | Hirsh, Schoolfield v. Diss.).


Gebelin, Belard v. (La.).

813 Hocker, State v. (Fla.).


Geismar, Gugliemi v. (La.).

501 Holburg, Levy v. (Miss.).


Genella, In re (La.).

302 Holmes v. Preston (Miss.).


George v. Central Railroad & Banking Co. Holmes v. State (Ala.).


of Georgia (Ala.).

752 Holmes v. State (Ala.).


George v. Solomon Miss.).

531 Home Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, Moses v. (Ala.) 412

George v. Young (La.).

137 Honea, McAllister v. (Miss.)..


Georgia Pac, R. Co. v. Ross (Ala.).

282 Hood v. League (Ala.).


Gerson, Louisville & N. R. Co. v. (Ala.). . 873 Hooker, Lowenstein v. (Miss.)


Giddens, Morris v. (Ala.)..

406 Houston v. Black (Miss.).


Goetter, Scheuer v. (Ala.).

774 Howard, Curtis v. (Fla.).


Goforth, Alabama & V. R. Co. v. (Miss.) 457 Howcott v. Board of Com’rs of Fifth

Golden y. Golden (Ala.).


Louisiana Levee District (La.)...


Good, Succession of (La.).

252 Hoyt & Bros. Co., Acme Lumber Co. v.

Goodman v. Durant Bldg. & Loan Ass'n (Miss.)



146 Hubbard, Young v. (Ala.).


Graham v. Florida Land & Mortg. Co. Hull Coal & Coke Co., Sheffield Furnace


796 Co. v. (Ala.)..


Grant v. State (Fla.).

757 Hutto, Richmond & D. R. Co. v. (Ala.). . 875
Green y. Jones (Ala.).

630 Hyer, Pensacola & A. R. Co. v. (Fla.).... 381

Greenleaf, Singer Manuf'g Co. v. (Ala.).. 109

Greenwood, Richmond & D. R. Co. v. Illinois Cent. R. Co. v. Langdon (Miss.).. 452


495 Illinois Cent. R, Co. v. State (Miss.). 459

Griggs v. Jesse French Piano & Organ Co. Illinois Cent. R. Co. v. Turner (Miss.).. 450


24 Illinois Cent. R. Co., Jackson v. (La.).... 514

Groves, Terry v. (Miss.)...

451 International Ocean Tel. Co. v. Saunders

Gugliemi v. Geismar (La.).

501 (Fla.) ...


Habbeler, Janney v. (Ala.).

624 Jackson v. Illinois Cent. R. Co. (La.)..... 514

Hadley, Carney y., two cases (Fla.). 4 Jackson v. Millspaugh (Ala.).


Hagler v. Jones (Ala.).

487 Jacksonville, T. & K. W. R.' Co. v. Harris

Hall y. Barnett (Miss.).

732 (Fla.)


Hall v. State (Ala.).

867 Jacobs, Bourgeois v. (La.).


Hall, Bibby. (Ala.).

98 Jacques, State v. (La.).


Hall, Kahn v. (Ala.).

105 Jamison v. Acker (Miss.).


Ham v. Common Council of Dadeville Jamison, Mosely v. (Miss.).



9 Janney v. Habbeler (Ala.).


Hamilton, Randall v. (La.).

73 Janney, Waller v. (Ala.)....


Hamilton, Tennessee Coal, Iron & R. Co. Jasper Trust Co. v. Kansas City, M. & B.

V. (Ala.)

167 R. Co. (Ala.)


Hamilton, Wimbish v. (La.)

77 Jasper Trust Co., Southern Exp. Co. v.

Hamilton, Youree v. (La.).

77 (Ala.)...


Hannah v. Long (Miss.). .
530 Jefferson v. State (Ala.).


Hannon, Wharton v. (Ala.)

630 Jefferson County, Martin v. (Ala.).


Harper v. Campbell (Ala.).

630 Jenifer Iron Co., Talladega Mercantile Co.

Harris v. State (Ala.),


v. (Ala.)..


Harris v. State (Miss.).
260 Jennings v. Pearce (Ala.).


Harris, Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. (Miss.).. 263 Jennings v. Wilson (Miss.).


Harris, City Council of Sheffield v. (Ala.).. 357 Jesse French Piano & Organ Co., Griggs

Harris, Jacksonville, T. & K. W. R. Co. v. v. (Miss.)..



726 Jochams v. Ong (La.).


Harrison v. Yerby (Ala.).

321 Johnson v. Clements (Ala.).


Hart, Egan v. (La.).

244 Johnson v. State (Ala.)..


Hart, State v. (La.).

430 Johnson, Martin v. (Fla.).


Hart, State v. (La.).

507 Johnson, State v. (La.).


Harwell v. Lehman (Ala.)

622 Johnston v. Standard Oil Co. (Miss.). 533

Hassell, Bonifay v. (Ala.).

46 Johnston v. State (Ala.). .


Hastings, Parrish v. (Ala.).

783 Johnston v. Stone (Miss.).


Hawkins y. Ross (Ala.)..
278 Joiner v. Delta Bank (Miss.).


Hawkins, Burgin v. (Ála.).

771 Jones v. McQueen (Miss.).


Hawkins Lumber Co. v. Brown (Ala.).. 110 Jones v. Millsaps (Miss.).


Hawkins Lumber Co., Webb v. (Ala.). 407 | Jones v. State (Ala.).


Hawthorn v. State (Ala.):

768 Jones y. State (Ala.).


Heard, McDonald v. (Ala.).

359 Jones v. State (Ala.).


Heard, Stanton v. (Ala.),

359 Jones v. Warren (Miss.).


Hemingway, Cohea v. (Miss.).

734 Jones, Anderson v. (Ala.).


Hempel, Scott v. (Fla.).,

810 Jones, Green v. (Ala.).


Hendren, Morgan v. (Ala.).
510 Jones, Hagler v. (Ala.).

Herber v. Thompson (La.).

504 | Jones, Louisville & N. R. Co. v. (Ala.). 114
Hermitage Planting & Manuf'g Co. v. Hig- Jones, Richmond & D. R. Co. v. (Ala.). 786
gason (La.)
919 Jones, State v. (La.).


Herndon, Tennessee Coal, Iron & R. Co. v. Jones, Turnipseed v. (Ala.)..



287 Joseph y. Decatur Land, Improvement &

Hernsheim, Browne v. (Miss.).

36 Furnace Co. (Ala.).


Herring v. Moses (Miss.)..

437 Judah v. Brothers (Miss.)..


Hervey Plow Co., Merchants' & Farmers' Judge Civil District Court, Lamouraine v.

Bank v. (La.)..

139 (La.)


Hiern, Quarles' v. (Miss.).

23 Judge of Civil District Court, State v.

Higgason, Hermitage Planting & Manuf'g (La.)


Co. v. (La.). :

919 Judge of Division B of Civil District Court

Hill v. Birmingham Union R. Co. (Ala.). . 201 for Parish of Orleans, Koehl v. (La.)... 352

Hill, State v. (La.).

294 Judge of Eighteenth Judicial District Court

Hiller, Wilkinson v. (Miss.).

412 for La Fourche Parish, Williams v. (La.) 57

Hilliker-Krebs Bid'g & Manuf'g Co. v. Judge of First City Court, State v. (Là.). : 906

Birmingham Railway & Electric Co. Judge of Nineteenth Judicial District


200 Court, State v. (La.).....


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Judge of Third Judicial District Court for Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Richardson (Ala.) 209

Parish of Union, State v. (La.)..

57 Louisville & N. R. Co., McCarthy v. (Ala.) 370

Judge of Twenty-First Judicial District Louisville & N. R. Co., Perdue v. (Ala.)... 366

Court for Parish of Jefferson, State v. Louisville & N. R. Co., Schlaff v. (Ala.).. 105


427 Louque v. Succession of Saloy (La.). 235

Judges of Court of Appeals, State v. (La.) 118 Lovett v. State (Fla.)...


Judges of Court of Appeals, State v. (La.) 419 Low v. Coleman (Miss.).


Lowenstein v. Hooker (Miss.)


Kahn v. Hall (Ala.).

105 Lucas v. State (Miss.).


Kansas City, M. & B. R. Co. v. Cobb Luker v. State (Miss.)



763 Lukis v. Allen (La.l..


Kansas City, M. & B. R. Co., Jasper Trust Lyon v. Dees (Ala.).


Co. v. (Ala.).


Karr v. State (Ala.).

851 Mabry v. State (Miss.)..


Kaufman, Smith v. (Ala.)

111 McAfee, Alabama & V. R. Co. v. (Miss.).. 260

Kellar v. Bullington Ala.).

466 McAllister v. Honea (Miss.).


Kelly v. Eyster (Ala.).

657 McCarthy v. Louisville & V. R. Co. (Ala.) 370

Kelly v. Smith (Ala.). .

764 McConnell v. Worns (Ala.).


Kennon v. Adams (Ala.).

15 McConnell, Font V. (La.).


Kennon, State v. (La.)...

187 | McConnell, May & Thomas Hardware Co.

Kent v. Mansel (Ala.).

489 v. (Ala.)


Kent v. Marks (Ala.).

472 McCreary, Allen v. (Ala.).


King, Fly v. (Miss.).

465 McDonald v. Heard (Ala.).


King v. State (Ala.).

878 McGee, Baldwin v. (Miss.).


King, State v. (La.).

423 McIver v. Clarke (Miss.).


King, State v. (La.).

615 Mack, State v. (La.).


King, State v. (La.).

902 McKie, Lagerfelt v. (Ala.). .


King, State v. (La.).

904 McLaren v. Alabama M. R. Co. (Ala.).. 405

King, State v. (La.).

905 | McLeod V. American Freehold Line

Kuight v. Bradley (Ala.).

406 Mortg. Co. of London (Ala.)..


'Knight v. Towles (Fla.)..

91 McMiller v. Berry (Ala.).


Knight, Suddeth v. (Ala.).
475 | McNamara v. Logan (Ala.).


Koehl v. Judge of Division B of Civil Dis- McQueen, Jones v. (Miss.).


trict Court for Parish of Orleans (La.).. 352 McVay v. State (Ala.).


Kuhnholz v. City of New Orleans (La.).. 219 | Mallard v. Dejan (La.).


Kuhnholz v. City of New Orleans (La.). . 220 Manning, Crow v. (La.).


Kye, State v. (La.)....

883 Mansel, Kent v. (Àla.).


Marbury, Vann v. (Ala.).


Lacaze v. Creditors (La.).
601 | Marks v. Bush (Miss.).


Ladd v. Alcorn (Miss.).

266 Marks v. State (Miss.).


Lady Ensley Coal, Iron & R. Co., Drake Marks, Kent v. (Ala.).


v. (Ala.)..

749 Marks, Russell v. (Fla.).


Lagerfelt v. McKie (Ala.)

281 Marlowe v. Rogers (Ala.).


Lake, State v. (La.)..

126 Marshall v. Reams (Fla.).

Lamouraine y. Judge Civil District Court Marshall v. State (Fla.)...



232 Martin v. Jefferson County (Ala.).


Lanaux, Tete v. (La.).
241 Martin v. Johnson (Fla.)..


Langdon, Illinois Cent. R. Co. v. (Miss.l.. 452 Martin v. State Miss.).


Langford v. State (Fla.).

815 Martin, Alabama Midland R. Co. v. (Ala.) 401

Langford, State v. (La.)...

181 Matthews v. State (Ala.)...


Langston, State v. (La.)...
137 Maxwell, Baker v. (Ala.).


La Penotiere, Williams v. (Fla.)..

157 | Mayer, Lemonius v. (Miss.).


Laucheimer, Planters' & Merchants' Bank Mayfield v. Spiva (Ala.).


v. (Ala.)

776 May & Thomas Hardware Co. v. McCon-

Lawless, Augusti v. (La.).
228 nell (Ala.)


Lawson v. State (Ala.).

870 Memphis & C. R. Co. v. Davis (Ala.). 613

League, Hood v. (Ala.).

572 Merchants' & Farmers' Bank v. Hervey
Lehman, Harwell y. (Ala.).
622 Plow Co. (La.)..


Leipf, Strouse v. (Ala.).

667 Meriam, Eckman v. (Fla.).


Lemonius_v. Mayer (Miss.).

33 Meridian Land & Industrial Co., Ragsdale

Levis v. Boyet (La.).

119 v. (Miss.).


Levis v. Boyet (La.).

120 Merlette v. State (Ala.).


Levy v. Holburg (Miss.).

537 Miller, Fox v. (Miss.).


Lewis v. Robertson (Ala.).

166 Miller, Pearson v. (Miss.).


Lewis v. Simon (Ala.)...
331 Miller, State v. (La.).


Lewis, Smith v. (La.).

221 Mills, Adams v. (Miss.).


Lippman, Ballard v. (Fla.).
154 Mills, Ford's Heirs v. (La.).


Livingston, Spratt v. (Fla.).

160 Millsaps, Jones v. (Miss.).


Lloyd, Alexander v. (Miss.).

22 Millspaugh, Jackson v. (Ala.).


Lochte, State v. (La.).
215 Milner v. Milner (Ala.).


Logan, McNamara v. (Ala.).

175 Milner v. Stanford (Ala.).


Long, Hannah v. (Miss.).
530 Mitchell, Noble v. (Ala.).


Louisiana Society for Prevention of Cruel- Mobile & O. R. Co., State Board of Educa-

ty to Children v. Cage (La.)..

422 tion v. (Miss.)


Louisville, N. 0. & T. R. Co. v. Bonner Moll, Scott v. (La.).



462 | Monroe, State v. (La.)..


Louisville, N. 0. & T. R. Co. v. Van Montgomery, Redfield v. (Miss.).


Eaton (Miss.)
267 Moore v. Campbell (Ala.). ..


Louisville, N. O. & T. R. Co., Sinai v. Moore v. Tate (Ala.).



87 Moore, Scharf v. (Ala.).


Louisville Underwriters, Natchez & N. 0. Morgan v. Hendren (Ala.).


Packet & Nav. Co. v. (La.).

256 Morgan Louisiana & T. Railroad & Steam-

Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Binion (Ala.). 619 ship Co., De Mahy v. (La.). .


Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Gerson (Ala.). 873 Morgan's L. & T. Railroad & Steamship

Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Jones (Ala.).


Co., Dave v. (La.),


Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Rice (Ala.)...... 639 Morris v. Giddens (Ala.).


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