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Published under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Association.

JAMES H. MATHE NY, Sept. 9, 1900.


Single copies of this report are always sent postage or express fully prepaid, and if any charge for carriage is made, members and others will please notify the Secretary.

For the sake of promptness in printing, it has been deemed advisable to print this report in two parts, of independent paging, Part I, containing the preliminary matter and the proceedings of the annual meeting, and Part II, containing the full report of the special addresses. Under this arrangement the special addresses can be handed to the printer immediately upon the adjournment of the annual meeting.

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President's Annual Address-Delivered

(For Copy of Address see Part II.)
Report of Secretary and Treasurer...
Report of Committee on Law Reform
Report of Committee on Grievances
Address-Lester H. Strawn
Report of Committee on Legal History and Biography.

(For Copy of Report see Part II.) Address-S. S. Gregory-Delivered

(For Copy of Address see Part II.) Resolution-Alfred M. Craig Report of Committee on Legal Education.. "The Founders of the Association". Address-Harvey B. Hurd-Delivered

(For Copy of Address see Part II.)
Meeting at same time with County Judges and States Attorneys-

Motion for Committee
Action thereon

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