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ness of the law the blaze marks left by these pioneers; and that few, indeed, are the paths that we can safely project without their guidance. And with this realization of our obligations, is it not fitting that at this time, when trade and commerce and vast enterprises have subordinated all human energies and ambitions to their demands, that our brethren of the cities, which have been called into existence by this larger commerce, should join with us from the rural districts in a tribute to these pioneers for principle, whose wisdom, and whose love of right and truth have illumined for us the paths along which must be guided the important operations of later growth and larger commerce-to these guides and mentors of our courts, these molders of our modern life—the old-time country lawyers. (Applause.)

PRESIDENT WOOD: I now have the very great pleasure of presenting to you the President-elect of this Association, Judge Jesse Holdom. (Applause.)

JUDGE HOLDOM: Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen: The hour is late and I would not unduly prolong a good thing even for the members of this Association and its guests. It is simply the function of the President-elect to give the sign which shall ring down the curtain upon the action of the Association for the year, and close it. The election to the Presi. dency of this Association is an honor for which I thank the gentlemen of this Association, and I assure them that I appreciate it very deeply. We are now in the quarter century of the Association's existence; during that time we have been served by twenty-two Presidents, from Judge Thornton, of the Supreme Court, to Gen. Wood, an illustrious lawyer of this State, who has served his clients well and his country well on the field of battle and in the halls of Congress. He has given an air of prosperity to this Association during the past year which I may truthfully say has been one of the banner years of its existence.


We are proud to count among the men who have led this Association in the good work which it has accomplished, Senators of the United States, Judges of the United States Supreme Court and other men eminent at the bar and on the bench; and among them the present Chief Justice of the United States at one time honored and dignified the presidency of this Association. The ladies, tonight, after having heard all of these grand speeches,-and I am sure we are all very grateful to the gentlemen who have honored and entertained us tonight so handsomely,-are anxious to retire to the dining room to dance, and I would consider it inopportune for me now to make any extended remarks. Before I close I want to say that this is a business meeting of the Association and that the annual meeting has not yet adjourned, and as my first act as President of this Association, I appoint as delegates to the next annual meeting of the American Bar Association to be held at Saratoga on the 29th, 30th and 31st days of August, Gen. Benson Wood, of Effingham, the retiring President; Mr. George R. Peck, of Chicago; and Mr. George T. Page, of Peoria. (Applause.)

PRESIDENT Wood: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Presi. dent of the Association is about to lay down the duties which he has tried to perform to the best of his ability during the past year. Under the constitution, the President-elect assumes his duties on the adjournment of this meeting. I know that my friend, Judge Holdom, is anxious, like all officers. elect, to enter at once upon the discharge of his duties, and at the earliest possible moment, the Chair will, therefore, recognize any one who will make a motion to adjourn.

MR. STEVENS: I move that we now adjourn sine die.

PRESIDENT Wood: It is moved by Mr. Stevens that the Association do now adjourn.

The motion was carried and the annual meeting of 1900 closed.



For the first time in many years in the affairs of the Association an attempt was made to secure a registry of those in attendance. A handsome book—the gift of Judge Holdom -was provided and the members were invited to register therein; many, but not all, did so. This will be continued as a feature of subsequent meetings and will be an interesting and valuable addition to the records of the Association.

Those registered were:
Benson Wood
Jesse Holdom
Alfred Orendorff
John S. Stevens
James H. Matheny
Adolph Moses
C. E. Kremer.
S. S. Gregory.
E. W. Adkinson..
Julian W. Mack.
James M. Sheean.
F. A. McConaughy..
Julius Rosenthal
George T. Page...
Martin M. Gridley.
Sigmund Zeisler
Francis T. Colby...
Lessing Rosenthal
William L. Gross.
Martin W. Schaefer.
Benjamin Olin
William Zimmerman
W. M. Warnock..
David McCulloch

Effingham ..Chicago Springfield

.Peoria Springfield

Chicago .Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago .. Galena Belleville Chicago

Peoria .Chicago

Chicago ..Chicago ..Chicago Springfield Belleville


..Chicago Edwardsville


Arthur Keithley
C. S. Cutting.
A. L. Anderson
Alexander Sullivan
G. Van Hoorebeke
James M. Taylor...
W. M. Provine
Lester H. Strawn.
Horace Hull ..
William Hartzell
C. B. Chapman
B. R. Burroughs
Robert Rae
C. N. Travous
L. V. Staats
W. P. Early .
Josiah Cratty
James L. Barbour
William Jack
Blewett Lee
John J. Glenn
Robert McNurdy
Isaac N. Bassett
W. E. Brown
J. M. Riggs
L. L. Bond
E. B. Sherman
('atherine Waugh McCulloch
Charles Blanchard
Albert V. Eastman
Thomas Dent
James B. Bradwell
Charles L. Capen.
Edward E. Gray
Conrad H. Poppenhusen

.Peoria Chicago . Lincoln Chicago

Carlyle . Taylorville Taylorville

.Ottawa .Ottawa .Chester

..Ottawa Edwardsville

...Chicago Edwardsville Edwardsville Edwardsville

Chicago .Chicago

Peoria Chicago Monmouth

.Chicago ... Aledo




.Chicago Bloomington

Chicago .Chicago


Frederic Ullman
William D. Fullerton
Augustus N. Gage
Norman P. Willard
Henry B. Willis
Howard L. Smith.
Victor Elting
Samuel Alschuler
Philip Stein ..
H. W. Wolseley
Winslow Evans
James H. Longden
A. R. Gates ..
E. A. Otis
Elmer E. Rogers
H. B. Hurd ..
A. J. Pickrell
F. A. Helmer
M. F. Tuley
T. A. Moran
Levy Mayer
E. H. Smalley
Alfred E. Ennis
James D. Andrews
James H. Cartwright
Charles Arnd
Julius Stern
C. P. Abbey
R. R. Baldwin
0. A. Harker
John C. Farwell
H. S. Mecartney
George P. Merrick
Raymond W. Beach
John P. McGoorty

Chicago .Ottawa .Chicago .Chicago

..Elgin .Chicago ..Chicago

Aurora ..Chicago .. Chicago

.Peoria .Chicago .Chicago .Chicago .Chicago .Evanston

. Anna .Chicago

Chicago ... Chicago

.Chicago Chicago . Chicago

Chicago ..Oregon Chicago Chicago . Chicago

. Chicago .Carbondale

.Chicago .Chicago ..Chicago

Chicago ..Chicago

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