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Mr. MATHENY: Mr. Chairman, I have received the report of the Committee on Admissions which was passed a few mo. ments ago, and I will read it:

CHICAGO, July 7, 1899. To the President and Members of the Illinois State Bar Association:

GENTLEMEN-Your Committee on Admissions respectfully report favorably upon the application for membership of the following named persons; John P. McGoorty. .Reaper Block

Chicago W. A. Wall..

Mound City W. W. Duncan

Marion Robert S. lles..

County Building

Chicago Edward T. Noonan. .175 Dearborn Street.

Chicago Victor Elting

Rookery Building

Chicago Abraham Meyer Unity Building

Chicago Albert R. Gates.. ..100 Washington Street.

..Chicago William Hartzell

.....Chester James F. Meagher. .Monadnock Building

Chicago John P. Wilson.. Borden Block

Chicago Otto C. Butz... Reaper Block

Chicago D. M. Kinsall.

Shawneetown Fred B. Silsbee....

Oregon William E. Church.

Title and Trust Building. Chicago
Respectfully submitted,



CHICAGO, July 7, 1899. To the President and Members of the Illinois State Bar Association:

GENTLEMEN—The Committee on Admissions respectfully submits a supplemental report and approves of the application for membership of the following named persons: David B Gann..... Ashland Block

Chicago Alvah S. Green..

Galesburg L. Newton Staats.

Edwardsville R. J. Grier....

Monmouth Benjamin J. Wertheimer.

National Life Building ....Chicago Frank A. Johnson.... .Bryan Block....

Respectfully submitted,




MR. MATHENY: Since the report of the committee, applications have been received from two other gentlemen whose names have not yet reached the committee, George L. Douglass and John C. Farwell.

VICE PRESIDENT Wood: The question is on the adoption of the report of the committee. Are you ready for the question? As many as are in favor of the adoption of the report of the Committee on Admissions say aye; contrary, no. The report of the committee is adopted and the gentlemen named therein are members of the Association.

MR. BALDWIN: I desire to present another name that ought to be included in that report, that of Mr. Charles P. Abbey, if the members will also permit a vote on it, I would like to have his name mentioned in the list. VICE PRESIDENT WODD: I may be in error, but it is the

: understanding of the Chair that under the constitution and by-laws it is necessary that there should be a report of the Committee on Admissions.

MR. BALDWIN: I move that those names be referred to the committee and the committee be directed to report them back.

MR. SHERMAN: I second the motion.

JUDGE GROSS: We have a by-law here in regard to this matter, and I think the general sentiment in years past has been that it has wisely provided that the application is to be made in the formal manner with the recommendation of two members, then the reference to the committee for reasonable inquiry, I believe it has not been regarded a hardship and probably would not be in any instance. The committee heretofore in the history of the Association has acted conscientiously. I must say, Mr. President, that I would regard this motion and its adoption at this time, in my judgment, as out of order, and I make that suggestion. The application, as I understand, has not been filed.


MR. BALDWIN: One has been, that of Mr. Douglass, and for the others I cannot find the chairman of the committee.

MR. Moses: I rise to a point of order and ask the Chair to declare the motion out of order under the by-laws.

VICE PRESIDENT Wood: It is the opinion of the Chair that the names of those gentlemen who have made application and which have not yet been reported upon by the Committee on Admissions, would necessarily go to that committee without any motion to refer, and it is further the opinion of the Chair that under the constitution and by-laws we are not authorized to admit members without the report of the committee. Under those circumstances the Chair is of the opinion that the motion is out of order.

MR. Riggs: Before we get too far away from it, I want to move that this Association present a vote of thanks to Mr. Snively for his interesting and able address. It is not necessary to move that a copy of it be requested for publication, because that follows under the rule.

JUDGE BRADWELL: I second that motion with a great deal of pleasure, because it shows to the people the inside workings of this Board of Pardons, or Paroles, or whatever you call it, and really it is doing a great work, I think. I second it with pleasure.

Which motion was adopted.

MR. MATHENY: Lest there be misunderstanding with regard to the names of Mr. Douglass and Mr. Farwell, I wish to say that their names have not yet been referred to the committee. The committee received and considered all applications that were made on yesterday. The applications of Mr. Douglass and Mr. Farwell came in this morning and so far I have not been able to hand them to the committee.

MR. WILLIAMS: May I ask if there was not an amendment passed at our last meeting requiring the posting for a specified time, of all applications for membership?


VICE PRESIDENT Wood: The Secretary will please read the 6th section of the by-laws for the information of the Association.

Section 6 read by the Secretary.

VICE PRESIDENT Wood: The Chair would further state that under the custom of the Association so far as I know, the report of the Committee on Admissions has always been held in order at any time before the adjournment of the Association. A supplemental report could be made and unless the Association holds otherwise, it will be entertained.

MR. MOSES: Before taking up the next order of business I ask unanimous consent and move the appointment of a special committee of three for the purpose of considering the names of some gentlemen to be elected as honorary members of this Association.

MR. SHERMAN: I second the motion.
Which motion was adopted.

VICE PRESIDENT Wood: The Chair will announce the committee as soon as possible. I am informed by Judge Blodgett that he is unable to make the report of the Committee on Legal History and Biography. I also desire to state that Mr. Edwin Burritt Smith, who was to deliver an address upon "Trusts, Their Legal Status," is unable to be here until two o'clock this afternoon and the Chair would request, if there should be an adjournment to that hour, that all members of the Association would be promptly in attendance at that time. The next order is the report of the Nominating Committee and election of officers. Report read as follows:

ILLINOIS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION, JULY 7, 1899 To the Officers and Members:

Your committee on nomination of officers for the ensuing year respectfully report:


For President. .....

Benson Wood, of Effingham. For First Vice-President.

.Jesse Holdom, of Chicago. For Second Vice-President,

John S. Stevens, of Peoria. For Third Vice-President..

Edwin Burritt Smith, of Chicago. For Secretary-Treasurer.

... James H. Matheny, of Springfield. Respectfully submitted,


JAMES M, RIGG8. JUDGE GROSS: I move you, sir, the adoption of the report. Gentlemen, are you ready for the question on the motion for the adoption of the report of the committee? As many as are in favor will say aye. The ayes have it and the gentlemen named are declared to be elected for the ensuing year. (Applause).

JUDGE BRADWELL: The next thing in order is a speech from the President-elect.

VICE PRESIDENT Wood: The Chair does not so consider, but for the expression of confidence you have my sincere thanks. The report of the Committee on Reform in the Law relating to Expert Testimony is the next order; is that com. mittee ready to report?

MR. MOSES: You skipped one.

VICE PRESIDENT Wood: Excuse me, I have omitted the report of the Committee on Legal Education; is that committee ready to report?

Mr. FULLERTON: Mr. Miller, the Chairman of that committee not being able to be present this morning, has left the report with me. VICE PRESIDENT Wood: The report will be read.

. To the President of the Illinois State Bar Association:

Your Committee on Legal Education beg leave to report its approval of the rules adopted by the Supreme Court of this State in relation to the standard for admission to the bar, and to recommend that no action be taken by the Association at this session in relation to this question,



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