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State taxes to apportion each year among the several counties of the State, in proportion to the whole amount of real and personal property therein, as equalized by the State Board of Equalization, a sum equal to six cents for each person who, as it shall appear by the last preceding census, was a resident of this State, which sum so apportioned shall be collected in the same manner as other State taxes, and shall constitute the State military fund. The fund herein provided for the expense of the Michigan National Guard, shall be a continuing fund available only for that purpose and shall not be diverted to any other fund or used for any other

purpose. Armories, SEC. 53. Any corporation organized under this act may, to joint use

with the consent of the State Military Board, enter into an of, by certain agreement with any athletic, literary, or Young Men's

Christian Association or Grand Army of the Republic, respecting the joint use by said military corporation and said other named corporations of any gymnasium, or other part of any armory erected or leased by said military corporation, either in connection with a building to be erected by said athletic,

literary, or Young Men's Christian Association or Grand Proviso as to Army of the Republic, or separately: Provided, however, approving

That the terms and stipulations of said agreement shall be Construction, first approved by the State Military Board. Armories may etc., of, by

also be constructed and equipped by the State, for the use of

the permanent organized militia of the State, as hereinafter Annual appro- provided. To provide a fund for this purpose, there shall be priation,

appropriated not to exceed forty thousand dollars annually until the amount raised shall be sufficient to provide each

organization of the permanent organized militia with an Armory build- armory under the terms of this act. The amounts raised ing fund.

under the provisions of this section for building armories

shall be paid into the State treasury and carried in a fund to How paid be known as the armory building fund. This money shall be

paid out by the treasurer upon the warrant of the State Military Board, approved by the Governor in the same manner as funds are paid out of the military fund upon the warrant of the Military Board, and they shall be paid out only for the purpose of erecting and equipping armories, as here.

inafter provided. The Military Board shall have general general super supervision of the preparing of plans and specifications for vision, etc. armories, of letting contracts for the erection, furnishing and

equipping the same, and of providing for the inspection of the erection thereof. And all expenses connected therewith shall

be a charge on, and be payable out of the armory building To accept and fund. The State Military Board shall have power to accept condemn sites

land for sites for armories, said sites to be without cost to the State of Michigan, and take title thereto in the name of the State of Michigan, and shall institute all necessary proceedings

for the purpose of condemning land for armory building Proviso,

sites: Provided, That such proceedings shall be instituted only when the amount to be paid upon the verdict of the jury

amount of.

out, etc.



for armories.

difference between esti

in the proceeding shall have been deposited with or adequately guaranteed to the State Military Board. The Military Board To procure

title, etc. shall have power to procure title to property and cause examination thereof to be made, and to condemn property for the purpose of using same for armories erected under authority of this act. When it is necessary to condemn lands for the Proceedings purposes of this act, the Military Board shall have power to for candemoncause proceedings therefor to be instituted by the State of sites, how Michigan for the purpose of obtaining such land and said commenced. proceedings shall be started, maintained and terminated in the same manner as is now provided by law when it becomes necessary for the State of Michigan to condemn property for public purposes. The use of lands for armory building sites is hereby declared to be a necessary public purpose. When the Preparing and State Military Board deems it advisable to erect an armory plans, etc., for any of the organizations of the National Guard, it shall of armory. cause plans, specifications and estimates to be prepared for an armory at the place it has so directed, and when the same shall have been prepared and approved by the Governor it shall proceed to erect said armory as hereinafter directed in this act. If, after the plans, specifications and estimates have Donation of been prepared in the manner herein provided, the military organization or organizations for which the proposed armory mate and

appropriation, is to be erected, or some person or persons, firm, corporation where de or municipality acting for such military organization, shall posited. deposit with the State Treasurer for the credit of such armory building fund, an amount in cash or certified check, equal to the difference between the estimated cost and the amount appropriated by the State for such armory; and when such Bids, when amount shall have been deposited as aforesaid, the State advertised Military Board shall advertise for sealed bids for the erection, for. equipping and furnishing of the same, and which advertisement shall be published in one paper in the city or county in which the armory is to be erected and also in a paper devoted to the interests of building and contractor's trade having a gen. eral circulation throughout the United States. All bids re- Where filed. ceived under said advertisement shall be filed in the office of the Adjutant General and must be accompanied by a for- Amount of feit consisting of a deposit of cash or a certified check company bids, equivalent to two per cent. of the estimate of said armory,

where credited. conditioned upon the bidder entering into a contract, providing his bid is accepted, and all money forfeited shall be placed to the credit of the armory building fund. Upon the Bids, day specified in said advertisement the bids received shall be

opening of. opened by the Military Board, and the lowest bid which complies with the plans and specifications submitted may be accepted. If a bid so made is accepted the State Military Contract and Board shall cause to be prepared a contract and bond between bonid, prethemselves as representing the State of Michigan, and the etc., contractor for the completion of the armory and the protection of the State. Such contract and bond shall be prepared by the Attorney General of the State and shall pro

Final pay-

In case of

for bids.
In case of

vide for the completion of the armory and to protect the State for the pay of material, men and employes. Said contract may provide for payments from time to time in the manner there

in specified, but in no case shall the advance payment exceed Inspection of eighty-five per cent of the bid. When the armory is completed armory, and the Military Board shall inspect the same, and if satisfied port relative shall file its report to that effect with the Governor, and not

until such report is filed and approved by the Governor shall ment, when

the final payment be made upon said contract, and if upon made.

making such final payment it is shown that the full amount full amount of the deposit or donation made by any organization, person, of donation not used. firm, corporation or municipality was not used in addition

to the amount appropriated by the State for the erection of such armory, the amount remaining shall be returned by the

State Treasurer to the person or persons, firm, corporation or Board may municipality making the deposit or donation. Upon opening reject and re-advertise bids as aforesaid, the Military Board may reject any and all

bids, and may re-advertise for bids. In case of default, the default. Military Board can sue on the bond and advertise for other Represented bids for the completion of the work. In all cases where it is in legal work by attorney necessary to condemn lands, examine abstracts, sue on bonds, general.

or have other legal work done, the Attorney General shall Have power

represent the Military Board in said work or litigation. The to receive donations, etc. Military Board shall have, power to receive from counties,

cities, municipalities or other sources, donations of land or contributions of money to aid in providing or erecting armories throughout the State of Michigan, for the use of the National Guard of Michigan, and which shall be held as other property

for the use of the National Guard of the State of Michigan, Counties, etc., and counties, cities or municipalities are hereby authorized to authorized

make such contributions for the purposes of this act, and are contributions. authorized to purchase land or issue bonds for the purpose

of raising money for said contribution, if the board of supervisors of the county or the common council of a city by a

majority vote decide to do so. The maximum amount to be pended by expended by the State for any one company shall be ten

thousand dollars, which shall be exclusive of and in addition

to any gift or donation made to and for the benefit of any Board to have particular armory.

If any organization of the National purchase cer- Guard of this State shall have an armory of their own erected tain armories.

by themselves, or by any person for them, and the title thereof is in said organization, the Military Board shall have authority, if its action is approved by the Governor, to purchase said armory and take the title thereof in the State, and to alter, repair, furnish and equip said armory, but the

amount so paid for said armory, alterations, repairs, furnishPurchasing ing and equipping, shall in no case exceed an amount equal to price limited. ten thousand dollars for each company of the organization

owning and occupying such armory, and in no case shall exIn case of ceed one-half of the actual value thereof. Upon the disbanddisbandment of organiza- ment of an organization of the National Guard of Michigan, tion occupying armory.

occupying and using an armory under the provisions of this

to make

Maximum amount ex

state for company.


act, it shall be the duty of the Quartermaster General to take charge of such armory, and when so directed by the Governor When he shall sell such armory at public or private sale at such sensor. may time as directed by the Military Board, after due publication, disposition of for the highest price that can be obtained for the same, and shall deposit in the State treasury, to the credit of the armory building fund, out of the proceeds of such sale, an amount equal to the amount originally paid by the State towards the erection of such armory, refunding the balance, if any there be, to the person, firm, corporation or municipality which made the gift or donation under the provisions of this act: Provided, That if any of the bids do not equal Proviso. the amount originally paid by the State towards the erection or purchase of said armory, the Quartermaster General may reject any and all bids received. The Military Board shall Board to make a report annually of the proceedings incident to the make annual location and management of such armories, respectively; also, when filed. a detailed account of disbursements; which shall be filed in the office of the Auditor General and a copy furnished the Adjutant General for publication in the biennial report of the Adjutant General's Department. For each armory erected Board of conunder the provisions of this law, there shall be a board of trol of control, which in the case of armories occupied by one or more companies, and less than a battalion, shall consist of the three line officers highest in rank, belonging to the organization therein quartered. In case of an armory occupied by a battalion or squadron it shall consist of the battalion or squadron commander and the four highest ranking line officers of the organization quartered therein. In case the armory is occupied by a force larger than a battalion or squadron it shall consist of the seven highest ranking field or line officers in the organization quartered therein. One officer of each Disbursing board of control herein provided for shall be designated as a to be, to

officers, who disbursing officer, by said board of control, and shall give give bonds. a bond to the Quartermaster General for the proper disbursement of funds coming into his hands for the maintenance of the armory to which he is attached. For the purpose of pro- Armory viding for the expense necessary for the maintaining, heating maintenance and lighting of the armories of the permanent organized militia herein provided, or such portion thereof in each as is used or occupied by an organization of the permanent organized militia, the board of control of such armories shall receive from the Quartermaster General of the State out of the military fund the following armory allowances which shall constitute an armory maintenance fund in the hands of the disbursing officer of said board of control: Single companies Amount of. occupying an armory, or a portion thereof, five hundred dollars per annum; two or more companies occupying the same armory, or a portion thereof, an annual amount equivalent to five hundred dollars for each company occupying said armory; said annual armory allowance shall be paid by the How and

when paid. Quartermaster General to the said disbursing officer in equal

Armories owned by state to be for use of militia

in armory

Rent of armory to outside parties.

rived from

Board of control to

quartered with national guard.

semi-annual payments, on January first and July first of each Proviso as to year: Provided, That amounts paid to organizations of the naval brigade. Michigan Naval Brigade or to disbursing officers, for the

maintenance of armories wherein divisions of the Naval Brigade are quartered, shall be paid out of the funds provided for the maintenance of the Michigan Naval Brigade. The armories erected, constructed and owned by the State of

Michigan, by virtue of this act, shall be for the use and benequartered fit of the permanent organized militia quartered therein. therein.

They shall be used for no other purpose except as hereinafter Intoxicating provided. The sale to, or use by the National Guard of insale or use of, toxicating liquors therein is absolutely prohibited, and any prohibited.

officer or enlisted man guilty of violating this portion of the law shall be punished as a court martial may direct. The board of control may rent the armory to outside parties for

temporary purposes, subject to regulations to be prescribed Money de- by the State Military Board. The money derived from rental rental, where of said armory shall be paid into the armory maintenance paid.

fund of the board of control of said armory. The board of con

trol of armories shall make such reports of the receipts and make reports, expenditures of funds coming into their hands under this

act for the maintenance of armories, as the State Military Units of

Board shall, from time to time, prescribe in regulations. The maaval berigade State Military Board may quarter units of the Michigan Naval

Brigade in the same armory as the Michigan National Guard and in such case for the purpose of those parts of this act

for the use of the armory the use of the word company shall “Company,"

include a division. The designation "company," as used in this act, shall be understood and construed to mean a company of infantry, artillery, engineers, or signal corps, a battery of field artillery, a troop of cavalry, or any detachment of the aforesaid organizations or a permanent detachment of the

hospital corps assigned to a line or staff organization, a field “ Battalion,” hospital or a band. The designation "battalion,” applies in how applied. like manner to a squadron of cavalry. Compensation,

SEC. 58. All officers and enlisted men shall receive for each cers and men, day actually spent by them on duty in the encampments authin case of orized by this act, on actual service, or on any duty under encampments.

orders of the Governor, and for the time necessarily spent by them in traveling from their homes to the place of rendezvous, and in returning to their homes, the following compensation, together with the necessary transportation, to wit: To each enlisted man below the rank of corporal, one dollar and twenty-five cents per day; to each corporal, one dollar and thirty-five cents per day; to each non-commissioned officer, above the rank of corporal and below the rank of first sergeant, and to each cook, one dollar and forty-five cents per day; to first sergeants and all non-commissioned officers above the grade of first sergeant and below regimental sergeant-major, one dollar and fifty-five cents per day; and to regimental sergeants-major, one dollar and sixty-five cents per day; and to each enlisted man, subsistence, the cost of the same not to

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how construed.

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