The ocean wave: narratives of some of the greatest voyages, seamen [&c.].

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Page 177 - I have only one eye — I have a right to be blind sometimes...
Page 177 - One hundred and ten days," said he, " I have been actually engaged, at sea and on shore, against the enemy, — three actions against ships, two against Bastia in my ship, four boat actions, and two villages taken, and twelve sail of vessels burnt. I do not know that any one has done more. I have had the comfort to be always applauded by my...
Page 125 - ... in their power to save him. The Indians got him under again, but in deeper water : he was, however, able to get his head up once more, and being almost spent in the struggle, he naturally turned to the rock, and was endeavouring to support himself by it, when a savage gave him a blow with a club, and he was seen alive no more. They hauled him up lifeless on the rocks, where they seemed to take a savage pleasure in using every barbarity to his dead body, snatching the daggers out of each other's...
Page 333 - The work shows very plainly that much care and judgment has been used in its compilation ..... The intrinsic worth of its contents and their lasting usefulness admirably adapt it for a present. The eight engravings have been chosen so as to give examples of the highest samples of sacred art.
Page 252 - It is more easy to imagine than to describe the almost breathless anxiety which was now visible in every countenance, while, as the breeze increased to a fresh gale, we ran quickly up the sound. The mastheads were crowded by the officers and men during the whole afternoon ; and an unconcerned observer, if any could have been unconcerned on such an occasion, would have been amused by the eagerness with which the various reports from the crow's-nest were received, all, however, hitherto favorable to...
Page 45 - Here die I, Richard Grenville, ' were his last words, "with a joyful and a quiet mind, for that I have ended my life as a good soldier ought to do, who has fought for his country and his queen, for honor and religion.
Page 335 - Crown 8vo., cloth extra, bevelled boards, price 7s. 6d. The Manuale Clericorum : A Guide for the Reverent and Decent Celebration of Divine Service, the Holy Sacraments, and other Offices, according to the Rites, Ceremonies, and Ancient Use of the United Church of England and Ireland. Abridged from the
Page 241 - ... ship under a full head of steam, and to prevent our passing each other too speedily, and to keep our respective broadsides bearing, it became necessary to fight in a circle; the two ships steaming around a common centre, and preserving a distance from each other of from three quarters to half a mile.
Page 27 - Behold, my friends," said he, * that glorious sight which we have so much desired. Let us give thanks to God that he has granted us this great...
Page 34 - God, who worketh all things for the best, would not have it so, and by Him we escaped without danger. His name be praised for it ! The 29.

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