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*. We have a tender concern and regard for our parents, our children, our
kindred, and our acquaintance; but the love we have för oár 'native land,
swallows up all other loves whatsoever. There is no honest, man but would
die for his country, if by his death he could do it any necessary service.

“How detestable then, must the wickedness and barbarity of those people
be, who have mangled and rent this, their native country, by all manner of
villanies; and who have made it their business, nay, still make it their business,
to bring it to ruin and utter desolation."'- Tully's offices.

“Capital taken in rent, from the land, should be returned again to the in-
dustry from whence it came."


Dublin :
Printed by 'T'. O'FLANAGAN, 26, BACHELOR's-Walk,
And Sold by R. Grace and Son, 45, Capel-street, and all the


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To that Practical, Patriotic, Independent, and

Incorruptible Body,

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NATIONAL TRADĖS POLITICAL' UNION, This work is dedicated, by: its sińcere friend,

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In the earnest hope, that by its continued adherence to Truth, Peace, Union, and Firmness, the regeneration of Ireland will soon be effected.

2/6 - 2061 lymfel mms

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