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In bringing the first year of our editorial labours to an end, we take the liberty of addressing some general remarks to our readers. So far as we are allowed to judge from the steady and increasing support which has been rendered The CHRISTIAN MISCELLANY, AND FAMILY VISITER, and its widely extended circulation, we have every reason to be grateful for the almost universal approbation with which our unassuming, though sincere and wellmeant, endeavours have been received. We hope to merit this support; and although we make no high pretensions with regard to the past, nor any lofty claims with reference to the future, we do not hesitate to say, that our exertions shall be unremitting to render the periodical a MISCELLANY of really interesting, valuable, and instructive artịcles, which are adapted to improve the mind, and edify the heart.

The Editor has been anxious to maintain, as far as possible, the character of this periodical, for embodying in its pages, papers which are intrinsically excellent in value, and sufficient in respect of variety. In seeking to attain this object, he has been greatly aided by several regular and occasional contributors, with whose valuable articles the Miscellany has been enriched. He has not refrained from entering the deep and extensive mine of old English Divinity, from whence he has brought numerous jewels, rough as to their exterior, but weighty in respect of their real worth, and sparkling with truths of the highest import. The numerous departments into which the CHRISTIAN MISCELLANY is divided, each embracing a different class of subjects, is a fact that exhibits an advantage, the result of such an arrangement, so important as to deserve being mentioned. This division of our labours will enable us to direct the attention of our readers to a diversity of topics, all of which are more or less important and useful. The arrangement alluded to, embraces Scriptural Essays and Communications ; Theology, which includes a short sermon, and extracts from ancient and modern authors, on religious subjects ; Illustrations of Divine Providence; the sections entitled, “ Parental Monitor," "Our Children's Corner,” and “ Our Servants,"—intended to exhibit in their true character the various manifestations of domestic duty, including all those obligations which are of such vital importance to the welfare of the family, the church, and the world; Records of the Church, whether in primitive, or in modern days; Sketches of Natural History; Religious Correspondence, under the title of "Letter-Carrier;" Anecdotes, and Table-Talk; Religious Biography; Popery;

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