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Lord Harrowby Lord Eldon... Lord Westmoreland Lord Clancarty Lord Liverpool Right Hon. N. Vansittart Right Hon. Charles Bathurst. Lord Viscount Melville Lord Mulgrave Lord Sidmouth Lord Castlereagh Lord Bathurst...

Lord President of the Council. Lord High Chancellor. Lord Privy Seal. President of the Board of Trade. First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister). SChancellor and Under-Treasurer of the Ex.

chequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. First Lord of the Admiralty. Master General of the Ordnance. Secretary of State for the Home Department. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Secretary of State for the Department of ? War and Colonies. SPresident of the Board of Control for the

Affairs in India,

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Lord Buckinghamshire

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Maritime Rights, 523.

Kirkcaldy Address, 569,

Mr, Cochrane Johnstonė, 1.

Colonel Quintin, 635.

Denmark, 8.

Desperate Nayal Engagement, 698.

Lord Cochrane, 83, 88, 199, 210, 257, 584, 419.

Address to the Electors of Westminster in behalf Property Tax, Westminster Meeting, 858.

of Lord Cochrane, 65.


Lord Dundonald's Letter, 7%.

American War, 78, 321, 353, 992, 417, 449, 545, War in Disguise, 315,
677, 660, 673.


The Emperor Napoleon, 99, 995.

The Grand Jubilce, 167.

A Friend to Sincerity, respecting Mr. Wilberforce,

Liberty of the Press, 193.


Balance of Power, 289.

J. Brown, respecting Lord Cochrane, 76.

The Inquisition, 291.



Re-establishment of the Jesuits, 900.

on the National Debt, 446, 475, 526.

Joanna Southcott, 326.

on the State of the Nation, 680.

Poland, 369.

X. Y. on the Law of Conspiracy, 104,

Corn Bill, 385, 513.

Revisal of the Laws, 108.

Naples, 425.

G, K. on America, 110.

Colonel Quintin, 433,

Benevolus on Capital Punishments, 945, 264.

Spain, 459.

J. B. on the Innocence of Lord Cochrane, 261.

Waysand Means, 481.

j. D. on the Liberty of the Press, 268.

Ritaliation, 560.

An Observer, on the Inquisition, 271,

To the Prince Regent, on the American War, 609.

on the Rise of the Jesuits, 911,

Letter A, to a Correspondent in America, on the

on the Pope, 269.

Expences, Taxes, &c. of Great Britain, com- A Detester of Tyranny, on Lord Cochrane, 337.

pared with those of America, 641.

Veritas, on the American War, 399.

Letter 1. to the Earl of Liverpool on the American Nauticus, on the American Navy, 408.

War, 680.

Dion, on Corruption, 414.

Letter II.

705 G. K. on America, 436.

Letter 111,

754 R. F. on Public Rejoicing, 475.

771 | A Reformer, on " The Reckoning," 478.

Letter V.

801 Picture of France, 489.

Letter VI.

839 A, B. on Tythes, 193, 604,

To the Cossack Priesthood of the State of Massa: A North Britain, on National Defence, 520.

chussetts, 787, 812.

Sabbatti Sevi, 528.

Spain in her State of Deliverance, 78%.

A Constant Rcader, on Peace and the Congresso

France, 849.


Minatus, on the Emperor Napoleon, 608.

Comparative Force on Lake Erie, 604.
Corn Laws, 16, 278, 599, 435.

Varro, on the Installation of the American Presi,
Spanish Affairs, 19, 4160

dént, 699.
Norway, 245.

o on the Liberty of the Press and Free Elle

The Congress, 317, 571.

quiry, 792, 818.

Erasmus Perkins, on Religious Persecution, 780,

America, 390, 691.

797, 869.

Hortator, on American Bravery, 76).

Defence of Corruption by an'Ami Reformier, 765,

Destrustini of Washington, 470

University of Oxford, 767, 843;"85).


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