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We close our year's labour with a devout expression of gratitude to Him who has been our help, and has not left as without some tokens of His blessing. Sixty-four years ago the Christian Observer came into existence. It was projected neither with the desire of gain, nor to serve the mere purpose of a party. Its aim was a lofty one. Its originators determined, God being their helper, " to advocate the essential doctrines of the Gospel and of the Church of England;" and when the first generation had nearly passed away, their immediate successors (on issuing the first of a New Series, in January, 1838) still “resolved to pursue the same course, and to advocate those essential doctrines of Christianity and of our revered Church, for which our Reformers struggled, and our martyrs died,-such as the fall and ruin of mankind by nature ; recovery by Divine grace, through the atonement of Jesus Christ; justification by faith ; the need of regeneration and turning to God; the sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit, and the duties and the blessedness of the Christian ;-to support the cause of religious and charitable institutions; to uphold the powerful claims of our national establishment; and to endeavour to present a wholesome monthly repast of useful and interesting facts and discussion connected with matters of literature, science, and the affairs of nations, under the guidance of Christian principles.”

In these words we still recite our editorial confession of faith. Our principles are still the same, our mode of action is

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