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“Death made no conquest of this man,

For now he lives in fame, though not in life.”

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Cries of London.


Milk below.
Rain, frost, or snow, or hot or


I travel up and down,

The cream and milk you buy of

me Here's round and sound,

Is best in all the town. Black and white heart cherries, For custards, puddings, or for tea, Two-pence a pound.

There's none like those you

buy of me.



Crumpling Codlings.

Come, buy my Crumpling CodHere's oranges nice !

lings, At a very small price, Buy all my Crumplings I sell them all two for a penny. Some of them you may eat raw,

Ripe, juicy, and sweet, Of the rest make dumplings,
Just fit for to eat,

Or pies, or puddings, which you So customers buy a good many. please.

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The dog he cut capers, and turned out his toes;
'Twill soon cure the vapours, he such attitude shows.
The dame made a curtsey, the dog made a bow,
The dame said, "your servant," the dog said, “ bow wow."

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Now, my friends, you have here just printed and pub—lish-ed, the Full, True, and Particular account of the Life, Trial, Character, Confession, Condemnation, and Behaviour, together with an authentic copy of the last Will and Testament; or, DYING SPEECH, of that eccentric individual “Old Jemmy Catnach,” late of the Seven Dials, printer, publisher, toy-book manufacturer, dying-speech

merchant, and ballad-monger. Here, you may read how he was bred and born the son of a printer, in the ancient Borough of Alnwick, which is in Northumberlandshire. How he came to London to seek his fortune. How he obtained it by printing and publishing children's books, the chronicling of doubtful scandals, fabulous duels between ladies of fashion, “cooked ” assassinations, and sudden deaths of eminent individuals, apocryphal elopements, real or catch-penny accounts of murders, impossible robberies, delusive suicides, dark deeds and public executions, to which was usually attached the all-important and necessary

“Sorrowful Lamentations,” or, Copy of Affectionate Verses,” which, according to the established custom, the criminal composed, in the condemned cell, the night before his execution.

Yes, my customers, in this book you 'll read how Jemmy Catnach made his fortune in Monmouth Court, which is to this day in the Seven Dials, which is in London. Not only will you read how he did make his fortune, but also what he did and what he didn't do with it after he had made it. You will also read how “Old Jemmy” set himself up as a fine gentleman

Dancer's Hill,
South Mimms,




And how he didn't like it when he had done it. And how he went back again to dear old Monmouth Court, which is in the Seven Dials aforesaid. And how he languished, and languishing, did die-leaving all his old mouldy coppers behind him—and how, being dead, he was buried in


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Editor of The Old Book Collector's Miscellany; or, a Collection of Readable Reprints of Literary Rarities,Works of John Taylorthe Water Poet,' The Roxburghe Ballads, The Catnach Press, The Curiosities of Street Literature,The Book of Ready-Made Speeches," Life and Adventures of a Cheap Jack,"

""Tavern Anecdotes & Sayings,etc.



196, STRAND, W.C.


[All Rights of Translation and Reproduction are Reserved.]

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